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Pot Honey

Author: Patricia Vit
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 146144960X
Size: 27.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The stingless bees are one of the most diverse, attractive, fascinating, conspicuous and useful of all the insect groups of the tropical world. This is a formidable and contentious claim but I believe it can be backed up. They are fifty times more species rich than the honey bees, the other tribe of highly eusocial bees. They are ubiquitous in the tropics and thrive in tropical cities. In rural areas, they nest in a diversity of sites and are found on the flowers of a broad diversity of crop plants. Their role in natural systems is barely studied but they almost certainly deserve that hallowed title of keystone species. They are popular with the general public and are greatly appreciated in zoos and gardens. The chapters of this book provide abundant further evidence of the ecological and economic importance of stingless bees.

Pot Pollen In Stingless Bee Melittology

Author: Patricia Vit
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319618393
Size: 69.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3214
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This book covers pot-pollen—the other product, besides honey, stored in cerumen pots by Meliponini. Critical assessment is given of stingless bee and pot-pollen biodiversity in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Topics addressed include historical biogeography, cultural knowledge, bee foraging behavior, pollination, ecological interactions, health applications, microbiology, the natural history of bee nests, and chemical, bioactive and individual plant components in stored pollen. Pot-pollen maintains the livelihoods of stingless bees and provides many interesting biological products that are just now beginning to be understood. The Meliponini have developed particular nesting biologies, uses of building materials, and an architecture for pollen storage. Environmental windows provide optimal temperature and availability of pollen sources for success in plant pollination and pollen storage. Palynological composition and pollen taxonomy are used to assess stingless honey bee pollination services. Pollen processing with microorganisms in the nest modifies chemical composition and bioactivity, and confers nutraceutical benefits to the honey and pollen widely relished by native people. Humans have always used stingless bees. Yet, sustainable meliponiculture (stingless bee-keeping) projects have so far lacked a treatise on pot-pollen, which experts provide in this transdisciplinary, groundbreaking volume.

Salz Fett S Ure Hitze

Author: Samin Nosrat
Publisher: Antje Kunstmann
ISBN: 3956142829
Size: 79.76 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3259
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Samin Nosrat verdichtet ihre reiche Erfahrung als Köchin und Kochlehrerin zu einem so einfachen wie revolutionären Ansatz. Es geht dabei um die vier zentralen Grundlagen guten Kochens: Salz, Fett, Säure und Hitze. Salz – das die Aromen vertieft. Fett – das sie trägt und attraktive Konsistenzen ermöglicht. Säure – die alle Aromen ausbalanciert. Und Hitze – die die Konsistenz eines Gerichts letztendlich bestimmt. Wer mit diesen vier Elementen souverän umgeht, kann exzellent kochen, ohne sich an Rezepte klammern zu müssen. Voller profundem Wissen, aber mit leichter Hand und gewinnendem Ton führt Nosrat in alle theoretischen und praktischen Aspekte guten Kochens ein, vermittelt Grundlagen und Küchenchemie und verrät jede Menge inspirierender Tipps und Tricks. In über 100 unkomplizierten Rezepten wird das Wissen vertieft und erprobt: frische Salate, perfekt gewürzte Saucen, intensiv schmeckende Gemüsegerichte, die besten Pastas, 13 Huhn-Varianten, zartes Fleisch, köstliche Kuchen und Desserts. Samin Nosrats Rezepte ermuntern zum Ausprobieren und zum Improvisieren. Angereichert mit appetitanregenden Illustrationen und informativen Grafiken ist dieses Buch ein unverzichtbarer Küchenkompass, der Anfänger genauso glücklich macht wie geübte Köche.

Wiedersehen Mit Brideshead

Author: Evelyn Waugh
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 3257603436
Size: 68.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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›Wiedersehen mit Brideshead‹ ist das englische Gegenstück zum amerikanischen ›Großen Gatsby‹: das Porträt der Schönen und Reichen in den Jahren zwischen den Weltkriegen, die Chronik einer Vertreibung aus dem Paradies bei Anbruch der modernen Zeit – und die Geschichte einer unmöglichen Liebe.

Australian Native Bees

Author: Danielle Lloyd-Prichard
Publisher: NSW Agriculture
ISBN: 1760582239
Size: 50.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5944
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Combining the expertise of many of Australia’s leading native bee researchers, this book is a guide to observing and keeping Australia’s broad range of native bee species. Australian native bees, a brand new AgGuide, provides a wealth of advice on how you can support and enjoy our native bees, whether you grow broad-acre crops or have an urban backyard. You can learn about: • how bees build nests, forage and provide crucial pollination services • how you can examine and recognise our solitary and semi-social bees: blue banded bees, teddy bear bees, carpenter bees, leafcutters, resin bees, cuckoo bees and more • urban bee ecology • how to build a bee hotel • how to keep the popular stingless bees in specialised hives • the importance of native bees and other crop pollinators, and how managed native bees can be used to pollinate crops • bee biosecurity.

Beescape For Meliponines

Author: Abu Hassan Jalil
Publisher: Partridge Singapore
ISBN: 1482823616
Size: 59.12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 166
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A practical guide for Stingless Bee Keepers and culturists with detailed description of common Stingless Bees in Malaysia and other regions globally. Complete list of names of Meliponine Genera and species in the Indo-Malayan clade. Lists flowers visited by Meliponines worldwide and Bee plants suitable for Apiaries and Meliponaries. This book provides helpful hints for Landscape planners to accommodate bees in everyday landscaping. Also serves as a guide for bee conservationists and advocates of sustainable future for Bees in general.

Asian Beekeeping In The 21st Century

Author: Panuwan Chantawannakul
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811082227
Size: 53.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From the perspective of local scientists, this book provides insight into bees and bee management of Asia, with a special focus on honey bees. Asia is home to at least nine honey bee species, including the introduced European honey bee, Apis mellifera. Although A. mellifera and the native Asian honey bee, Apis cerana, are the most commonly employed species for commercial beekeeping, the remaining non-managed native honey bee species have important ecological and economic roles on the continent. Species distributions of most honey bee species overlap in Southeast Asia, thus promoting the potential for interspecies transmission of pests and parasites, as well as their spread to other parts of the world by human translocation. Losses of managed A. mellifera colonies is of great concern around the world, including in Asia. Such global colony losses are believed to be caused, in part, by pests and parasites originating from Asia such as the mite Varroa destructor, the microsporidian Nosema ceranae, and several bee viruses. Taking advantage of the experience of leading regional bee researchers, this book provides insight into the current situation of bees and bee management in Asia. Recent introductions of honey bee parasites of Asian origin to other parts of the world ensures that the contents of this book are broadly relevant to bee scientists, researchers, government offi cials, and the general public around the world.


Author: Peter Kappeler
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662531453
Size: 67.54 MB
Format: PDF
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Fressen und Nicht-gefressen-Werden, Paarungspartner finden und Junge erfolgreich aufziehen – diese grundlegenden Prinzipien der Verhaltensbiologie werden in dem Lehrbuch übersichtlich und anhand aktueller Beispiele dargestellt. Neben dem Thema Verhaltensbiologie als integrative Disziplin liegt der inhaltliche Schwerpunkt bei Fragen der Evolution des Verhaltens, der Anpassung, der Verhaltensökologie, Soziobiologie und Evolutionsbiologie. Die Neuauflage wurde um einige eindrucksvolle Fotos ergänzt, das Kapitel zum Sozialverhalten erweitert.

Die Biene

Author: Noah Wilson-Rich
ISBN: 9783258078694
Size: 77.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1151
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