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Project Management For Mining

Author: Robin J. Hickson
Publisher: SME
ISBN: 0873354036
Size: 54.82 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Before You Ever Put the First Shovel in the Ground—This Book Could Be the Difference Between a Successful Mining Operation and a Money Pit Opening a successful new mine is a vastly complex undertaking entailing several years and millions to billions of dollars. In today’s world, when environmental and labor policies, regulatory compliance, and impact on the community must be factored in, you cannot afford to make a mistake. So the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration has created this road map for you. Written by two hands-on, in-the-trenches mining project managers with decades of experience who bring some of the world’s most successful, profitable mines into operation on time, within budget, and ethically, Project Management for Mining gives you step-by-step instructions in every process you are likely to encounter. Beginning with a discussion of mining ethics and governance, this clearly written handbook walks you through all the project management steps—defining the scope, performing prefeasibility and feasibility studies, gaining societal acceptance, minimizing the impact and risks, creating workable schedules and budgets, setting in place the project execution plan, assembling the human resources, hiring the contractors, and establishing project controls—and then on into the delivery of the engineering and design, construction, progress reviews, pre-launch commissioning, and ramping up for operation. Each chapter includes several useful aids such as figures, checklists, and flowcharts to guide you through every step, from conception through successful opening.

Project Management For Mining Handbook For Delivering Project Success Hickson Owe 2015

Author: SME Publishing
Publisher: Bukupedia
Size: 29.60 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Objective of This Book The book has been written to help miners succeed in the exceedingly challenging world of project management. Mining projects are complex. The path to successful project completion is imbedded with situational uncertainties and strewn with obstacles. These pages offer practical solutions to remove the obstacles and provide sound insight to cope with the uncertainties. The goal is to bring the project management world into better focus, to place project managers in positions where they can anticipate rather than respond, and to lay out the project execution path in straightforward patterns with understandable success strategies that will achieve the desired outcome. More specifically, Project Management for Mining provides the originator of a mining idea or mineral opportunity with the necessary guidance to develop that idea or opportunity into a well-defined project that will successfully meet the corporation’s business objectives. This book presents a best practice process for steering development of the project through senior management approval and on-site execution. The intent is for this book to serve as a handy reference of proven techniques and winning approaches for effective project management within the mining industry, and to impart knowledge to all those who seek to manage mining project work, not just the project manager. The reason this book is titled Project Management for Mining rather than something like A Project Manager’s Manual is because it is a manifestation of the authors’ goal to create a go-to handbook that will be drawn from on a regular basis, rather than a little-used textbook lying on a dusty library shelf. The book identifies the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities of the individuals involved in the development and execution of the project. It provides a skeleton for, and reference to, the various documents that compose the mining industry’s soundest practices, and it identifies the interrelationships between the parties and disciplines in a typical project. By following the procedures contained within this book, a mining organization can be assured that the project is properly characterized, project viability has been adequately challenged, the correct questions are being answered, and the appropriate process is being implemented. 3 Copyright © 2015 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. All rights reserved. 4 Chapter 1 Book Scope The book provides a standardized approach to the project management process for mining projects, regardless of magnitude or location. The practices described here address international and domestic projects, grassroots and brownfield, with capital costs ranging from a few million dollars to multibillions. Although the emphasis in this book and the examples drawn are mostly from metal mining, the intent is that the information herein will be similarly valuable to mining personnel serving the energy, industrial, and agricultural mineral worlds. The book clarifies what should be done regardless of who does it. Using the practices presented in this book, the project manager can control and coordinate the project activities. In addition to acting as a reference text for the participants involved in a project, the book also provides a basis for training project personnel in setting up and managing mining projects. Thus, this book serves as a one-stop guide to the project team with these questions: ■■ Why do it? ■■ Which path should be chosen? ■■ What has to be done? ■■ Where? ■■ When? ■■ In what sequence? ■■ How? ■■ By whom? The book is a tool for the project team to draw from when facing unfamiliar problems, and to provide project staff with a fuller understanding of how to achieve project effectiveness. When applied with creative thinking and good judgment, the procedures described herein are—together with experience, leadership, and dedicated people—the necessary ingredients for quality project performance. Target Audience The target audience of this book includes not only the project manager but also all those mining personnel with an interest in or responsibility for successful project execution, for example, ■■ Corporate leaders who have to approve the project; ■■ Project sponsors who have to keep stakeholders satisfied with project progress; ■■ Geologic discoverers, developers, and entrepreneurs who want “their baby” built; ■■ Project team members who have to execute the project; and ■■ Mine operators who have to take delivery of the completed project. While the prime target audience of this book consists of mining company project personnel (i.e., the Owner’s project management team), this book should also provide assistance to project management personnel from within the engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) community who serve the minerals industry. This book can be a source of understanding for these EPCM organizations about what their client organization is typically seeking. Whenever knowledge within this book is applied, the guiding axiom is to keep it as simple as possible and do not overcomplicate the project. Keep the fun in the journey. Copyright © 2015 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. All rights reserved. Introduction 5 Definition of a Project A project is a time-limited, goal-directed undertaking that requires a combination of human, mechanical, technical, and financial resources brought together in a temporary organization to achieve a specified purpose. A project has a single set of objectives that takes the status quo and changes it into something better. When these goals are reached, the project is complete. The ultimate goal is to bring economic benefit to the corporation, that is, to reduce cost, expand production, add revenue, and/or extend property life. Mining projects are mostly unique and fall outside of the normal course of business routine or operational services. To successfully achieve project completion, a series of nonrecurring but connected events have to be properly managed within a finite and well-defined life span. In other words, to create a successful outcome for a project, a definite path with a defined strategy has to be organized within a formal framework. For most mining corporations, this formal framework means a development program under an assigned leader, backed by an approved Authorization for Expenditure (AFE), and accompanied by supporting documents, a feasibility study, and a Project Execution Plan (PEP). The defined life span has an identifiable start point, a fixed boundary, and an equally identifiable end point. What Is Project Management? Project management is the process by which a team of people successfully guide a project using the elements of planning, analyzing, directing, monitoring, problem solving, and communicating. They take an idea from the opportunity stage through development to the achievement of specific, established corporate objectives within set cost, schedule, and quality constraints. Figure 1.1 illustrates, in a flowchart format, how these various project management activities all tie together. The preceding paragraph defines project management within the North American and U.K. cultural contexts, in which the two authors have been nurtured. As Crawford, Pollack, and England (2007) point out in their examination of global project management standards and terminologies, there are variations in the understanding of the term project management even though it is an extremely common, profession-specific term. The influence of various cultures places different emphases on the practice of project management within the countries of the world, along with different bases of knowledge and diverse understandings by practitioners. So while it is recognized that there are subtle variants within the global community about what project management should entail, the authors have found that there are far more similarities than differences. Hence this book should be capable of usefully serving the mining community both within and beyond the American shores. Purpose of Project Management Project management is not a complex process. There are four basic steps to a successful project outcome: 1. Develop a definitive project scope and a project-specific execution plan. 2. Use qualified management personnel. 3. Create the project control mechanisms up-front (documents, tools, and procedures). 4. Control engineering, construction, and start-up activities during project execution. Copyright © 2015 Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Inc. All rights reserved.

Projektmanagement F R Dummies

Author: Stanley E. Portny
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527699570
Size: 35.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Vor einem liegt nicht nur ein bislang unüberschaubares Projekt, sondern schon eine Ahnung hinsichtlich all der Probleme, die mit ihm einhergehen könnten: Wer kennt das nicht? Stanley Portny zeigt, wie Projektmanagement richtig funktioniert, wenn man weiß, worauf zu achten ist. Er erklärt, wie man Projekte richtig plant, durchführt und kontrolliert, damit man die Ziele nicht aus den Augen verliert und den Überblick behält. Dazu gehört natürlich auch zu wissen, was ein gutes Projektteam ausmacht und wie man die Leute bei der Stange hält. Dabei geht der Autor auf die neuesten Projektmanagement-Techniken ein und stellt verschiedene Computerprogramme vor, die das Projektmanagement unterstützen und wesentlich erleichtern. Mit diesem Buch wird jeder zu einem routinierten Projektmanager, der seine Projekte mit Bravour meistert.

Mineral Property Evaluation

Author: Richard L. Bullock
Publisher: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
ISBN: 0873354451
Size: 32.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“Everything” sums up what must be considered for a properly documented property evaluation. Less than 30% of the projects that are developed in the minerals industry yield the return on investment that was projected from the project feasibility studies. The tools described in this handbook will greatly improve the probability of meeting your projections and minimizing project execution capital cost blowout that has become so prevalent in this industry in recent years. Mineral Property Evaluation provides guidelines to follow in performing mineral property feasibility and evaluation studies and due diligence, and in preparing proper documents for bankable presentations. It highlights the need for a consistent, systematic methodology in performing evaluation and feasibility work. The objective of a feasibility and evaluation study should be to assess the value of the undeveloped or developed mineral property and to convey these findings to the company that is considering applying technical and physical changes to bring the property into production of a mineral product. The analysis needs to determine the net present worth returned to the company for investing in these changes and to reach that decision point as early as possible and with the least amount of money spent on the evaluation study. All resources are not reserves, nor are all minerals an ore. The successful conclusion of any property evaluation depends on the development, work, and conclusions of the project team. The handbook has a diverse audience: • Professionals in the minerals industry that perform mineral property evaluations. • Companies that have mineral properties and perform mineral property feasibility studies and evaluations or are buying properties based on property evaluation. • Financial institutions, both domestic and overseas, that finance or raise capital for the minerals industry. • Consulting firms and architectural and engineering contractors that utilize mineral property feasibility studies and need standards to follow. • And probably the most important, the mining and geological engineering students and geology and economic geology students that need to learn the standards that they should follow throughout their careers.

Agiles Projektmanagement F R Dummies

Author: Mark C. Layton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 352781440X
Size: 70.42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Agiles Projektmanagement ist ein schneller und flexibler Ansatz zur Entwicklung und Verwaltung von Projekten aller Art, nicht nur im Softwarebereich. Dieses Buch erklärt Ihnen zunächst die agilen Prinzipien und Techniken - auch im Vergleich zum klassischen Projektmanagement. Anschließend sind Sie in der Lage, eine Produkt-Roadmap oder einen Zeitplan für Ihr Projekt nach agilen Prinzipien zu erstellen. Bereiten Sie sich auf Produkteinführungen mit der Leichtigkeit agiler Softwareentwickler vor. Behalten Sie Zeit und Kosten sowie Gruppendynamik, Qualität und Risiko Ihres Projekts im Blick, aber nutzen Sie auch die vorhandenen Freiräume.

Gower Handbook Of People In Project Management

Author: Lindsay Scott
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317125193
Size: 69.33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6168
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Modern projects are all about one group of people delivering benefits to others, so it's no surprise that the human element is fundamental to project management. The Gower Handbook of People in Project Management is a complete guide to the human dimensions involved in projects. The book is a unique and rich compilation of over 60 chapters about project management roles and the people who sponsor, manage, deliver, work in or are otherwise important to project success. It looks at the people-issues that are specific to different sectors of organization (public, private and third sector); the organization of people in projects, both real and virtual; the relationship between people, their roles and the project environment; and the human behaviours and skills associated with working collaboratively. Thus this comprehensive and innovative handbook discusses all the important topics associated with employing, developing and managing people for successful projects. The contributors have been drawn from around the world and include experts ranging from practising managers to academics and advanced researchers. The Handbook is divided into six parts, which begin with management and project organization and progress through to more advanced and emerging practices. It benefits hugely from Lindsay Scott’s expert knowledge and experience in this field and from Dennis Lock’s contributions and meticulous editing to ensure that the text and illustrations are always lucid and informative.

Die Kunst Des It Projektmanagements 2nd Edition

Author: Scott Berkun
Publisher: O'Reilly Germany
ISBN: 3897219220
Size: 60.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Weshalb verschieben sich Release-Termine ständig? Warum funktioniert die Team-Kommunikation zwischen Designern, Entwicklern und Marketing nicht? Wie kommt man auf wirklich kreative Ideen? Und was tun, wenn etwas schief geht? Wenn Sie sich Fragen wie diese schon oft gestellt haben – Scott Berkun hat die Antworten für Sie. Mit Humor und scharfem Blick beleuchtet der erfahrene Autor und Projektmanager die klassischen Aufgaben, Herausforderungen und Mechanismen des IT-Projektmanagements. Von der fachkundigen Planung über die zielgerichtete Team-Kommunikation bis hin zum erfolgreichen Projektabschluss – hier erhalten Sie kompetente Einblicke in die Realität der Projektleitung. Projekte realistisch planen Entdecken Sie, welche ersten Schritte das Projekt erfolgreich starten, wie man solide Zeitpläne entwickelt und gute Visionsdokumente und Spezifikationen schreibt, wie neue Ideen entstehen und was man aus ihnen machen kann. Teams effektiv führen Erhalten Sie Einblicke in die erfolgreiche Teamleitung: Lernen Sie, wie man die Team-Moral kultiviert, konfliktfrei kommuniziert, Meetings optimal gestaltet und den Spaß am Projekt steigert. Neu in der überarbeiteten Auflage Die zweite, komplett überarbeitete Auflage wurde um Übungsteile am Ende jeden Kapitels erweitert. Dadurch kann der Leser durch über 120 Übungen die Kapitelinhalte praxisnah erschließen und vertiefen.