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Psychology Of Liberation

Author: Maritza Montero
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387857848
Size: 75.31 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Since the mid-1980s, the psychology of liberation movement has been a catalyst for collective and individual change in communities throughout Latin America, and beyond; and recent political developments are making its powerful, transformative ideas more relevant than ever before. Psychology of Liberation: Theory and Applications updates the activist frameworks developed by Ignacio Martin-Baro and Paulo Freire with compelling stories from the frontlines of conflict in the developing and developed worlds, as social science and psychological practice are allied with struggles for peace, justice, and equality. In these chapters, liberation is presented as both an ongoing process and a core dimension of wellbeing, entailing the reconstruction of social identity and the transformation of all parties involved, both oppressed and oppressors. It also expands the social consciousness of professionals, bringing more profound meaning to practice and enhancing related areas such as peace psychology, as shown in articles such as these: Philippines: the role of liberation movements in the transition to democracy. Venezuela: liberation psychology as a therapeutic intervention with street youth. South Africa: the movement for representational knowledge. Muslim world: religion, the state, and the gendering of human rights. Ireland: linking personal and political development. Australia: addressing issues of racism, identity, and immigration. Colombia: building cultures of peace from the devastation of war. Psychology of Liberation demonstrates the commitment to overcome social injustices and oppression. The book is a critical resource for social and community psychologists as well as policy analysts. It can also be used as a text for graduate courses in psychology, sociology, social work and community studies.

Rebels And Devils

Author: Christopher S. Hyatt
Publisher: Hukilau
Size: 66.85 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The second revised edition of this remarkable book brings together some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious people of our time. The essence of independence has been to think and act according to standards from within, not without. Inevitably anyone with an independent mind must become "one who resists or opposes authority or established conventions": a rebel. If enough people come to agree with, and follow, the Rebel, we now have a Devil. Until, of course, still more people agree. And then, finally, we have -- Greatness.

Consciousness In Action Toward An Integral Psychology Of Liberation Transformation

Author: Raúl Quiñones Rosado
ISBN: 0615145078
Size: 54.80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Drawing from psychology, sociology, social theory, integral theory, and years of work in communities-of-struggle, this book proposes a unique approach to personal change and social transformation. With implications for helping professionals, educators, community organizers, activists and others committed to social change, Consciousness-in-Action offers an integral view of well-being and development in the context of institutional and internalized oppression. Consciousness-in-action as a personal and group process is presented as a practice to liberate people from emotional and behavioral reactivity of learned superiority and inferiority based on race, gender, culture, class and other social identities, a process central to social transformation and the evolution of human consciousness.

Writings For A Liberation Psychology

Author: Ignacio Martín-Baró
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674962460
Size: 32.48 MB
Format: PDF
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"In your country," Ignacio Martín-Baró remarked to a North American colleague, "it's publish or perish. In ours, it's publish and perish." In November 1989 a Salvadoran death squad extinguished his eloquent voice, raised so often and so passionately against oppression in his adopted country. A Spanish-born Jesuit priest trained in psychology at the University of Chicago, Martín-Baró devoted much of his career to making psychology speak to the community as well as to the individual. This collection of his writings, the first in English translation, clarifies Martín-Baró's importance in Latin American psychology and reveals a major force in the field of social theory. Gathering essays from an array of professional journals, this volume introduces readers to the questions and concerns that shaped Martín-Baró's thinking over several decades: the psychological dimensions of political repression, the impact of violence and trauma on child development and mental health, the use of psychology for political ends, religion as a tool of ideology, and defining the "real" and the "normal" under conditions of state-sponsored violence and oppression, among others. Though grounded in the harsh realities of civil conflict in Central America, these essays have broad relevance in a world where political and social turmoil determines the conditions of daily life for so many. In them we encounter Martín-Baró's humane, impassioned voice, reaffirming the essential connections among mental health, human rights, and the struggle against injustice. His analysis of contemporary social problems, and of the failure of the social sciences to address those problems, permits us to understand not only the substance of his contribution to social thought but also his lifelong commitment to the campesinos of El Salvador.

Depth Psychology Meditations In The Field

Author: Dennis Patrick Slattery
Publisher: Daimon
ISBN: 3856309136
Size: 19.64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Developed in the spirit of C.G. Jung, and extended by the work of James Hillman, Depth Psychology: Meditations in the Field grows directly from the soil of the Romantic Movement of the 19th century, itself a rebellion against the legacy of Enlightenment fundamentalism, which emphasized the literal reality of the world, and feasted on Measurement and the quantification of all knowledge. These essays build on the observation outlined by Jung in his provocative introduction to The Spirit in Man, Art, and Literature: "Since it is a characteristic of the psyche not only to be the source of all productivity but, more especially, to express itself in all the activities and achievements of the human mind, we can nowhere grasp the nature of the psyche per se but can meet it only in its various manifestations". (p 85) We believe the essays in this volume honor the spirit of Jung’s regard for the psyche’s diverse expressions. (Pacifica Institute) Contents Introduction: Pacifica Graduate Institute – Unfolding a Dream A Note from the Editors Chapter 1: The Contemplative Self – The Spiritual Journey and Therapeutic Work by Charles Asher Chapter 2: Creativity as an Archetypal Calling by Dianne Skafte Chapter 3: Psyche’s Silent Muse – Desert and Wilderness by Dennis Patrick Slattery Chapter 4: Sigmund Freud’s Mythology of Soul – The Body As Dwelling Place of Soul by Christine Downing Chapter 5: A Depth Psychological Approach to the Sacred by Lionel Corbett Chapter 6: Religious Pluralism in the Service of the Psyche by Patrick J. Mahaffey Chapter 7: The Challenge to Stay Open – Buber and Bion by Avedis Panajian Chapter 8: Dreams are Alive by Stephen Aizenstat Chapter 9: Telling Our Stories – Making Meaning from Myth and Memoir by Maureen Murdock Chapter 10: Divinities of Marriage by Ginette Paris Chapter 11: The Chrysalis Experience – A Mythology for Times of Transition by Hendrika de Vries Chapter 12: Look Out – Three Occasions of Public Excitation by James Hillman Chapter 13: ‘A Myth is as Good as a Smile!’ – The Mythology of a Consumerist Culture by David L. Miller Chapter 14: Yes, Indeed! Do Call the World The Vale of Soul Making – Reveries Toward an Archetypal Presence by Robert Romanyshyn Chapter 15: Seeding Liberation – A Dialogue Between Depth Psychology and Liberation Psychology by Mary Watkins Chapter 16: The Presence of Absence: Mapping Postcolonial Spaces by Helene Shulman Lorenz Chapter 17: Prisoners of our Imagination – The Boys Inside the American Gulag by Aaron Kipnis

Handbook Of Critical Psychology

Author: Ian Parker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317537181
Size: 73.88 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Choice Recommended Read Critical psychology has developed over time from different standpoints, and in different cultural contexts, embracing a variety of perspectives. This cutting-edge and comprehensive handbook values and reflects this diversity of approaches to critical psychology today, providing a definitive state-of-the-art account of the field and an opening to the lines of argument that will take it forward in the years to come. The individual chapters by leading and emerging scholars plot the development of a critical perspective on different elements of the host discipline of psychology. The book begins by systematically addressing each separate specialist area of psychology, before going on to consider how aspects of critical psychology transcend the divisions that mark the discipline. The final part of the volume explores the variety of cultural and political standpoints that have made critical psychology such a vibrant contested terrain of debate. The Handbook of Critical Psychology represents a key resource for researchers and practitioners across all relevant disciplines. It will be of particular interest to students and researchers in psychology, psychosocial studies, sociology, social anthropology and cultural studies, and to discourse analysts of different traditions, including those in critical linguistics and political theory.

Sharing The Pain Of The Bitter Hearts

Author: Simone Lindorfer
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 3825890384
Size: 53.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book reflects the fruitful dialogue between two regional contexts, including the encounter of different methodologies, namely the context of Latin American liberation psychology as inspired by liberation theology and specifically developed in El Salvador by the Jesuit Ignacio Martin-Baro, and the context of Eastern African women. The book evaluates in four case studies the contribution of liberation psychology in overcoming various forms of gender-related violence in Eastern Africa where the author has worked since 1998 as consultant in trauma work. The book encourages the critical reflection of current trauma psychology as well as the conceptualisation of a globally oriented practical theology.

Community Psychology

Author: Geoffrey Nelson
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 0230370098
Size: 66.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 726
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The second edition of this introductory textbook, Community Psychology, has been updated and expanded to reflect how changes within society have led to developments across the field. The authors offer a fascinating introduction for students, setting out the principles of community psychology as they consider how its roots have helped to shape the goals of liberation and well-being. Following this, the authors look closely at the conceptual, interventional and research tools of community psychology and how they can be applied in different contexts, the difficulties faced and practical ways to help achieve social justice. Featuring a wide range of critical perspectives, international examples, exercises and additional online resources, this textbook will encourage students to think more critically about the role of psychology in society and about how community psychology can aid in the liberation of oppressed groups to promote social justice and well-being.

Growing Older

Author: James T. Sears
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317992156
Size: 66.47 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6410
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LGBT older adults experience issues and challenges that are unique, including institutional heteronormativity, heterosexism in organizations, and homophobia among caregivers and social service providers. This book presents a diverse group of scholars, activists, social service providers, and researchers from around the globe examining current research, practices, and policies on aging among LGBT individuals. This revealing source lays out the significant challenges faced not only by this aging sexual minority population, but also for their social service providers—and those who train them. The chapters explore the Greater London area Polari Project, the adjustments made in the long-running HIV support group at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, and the Liberation Psychology workshops in Ireland for lesbian and transgendered persons. This volume can serve as an excellent teacher resource for engaging undergraduate and graduate students in various professions who will be working with older LGBT adults. This text is extensively referenced and includes tables to clearly present research. This book is a valuable source for program administrators and supervisors, human behavior researchers, psychologists and psychotherapists, social planners and policy specialists, community developers and organizers, case managers, direct service practitioners involved with LGBT communities, educators, and students. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services.