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Relativistic Density Functional For Nuclear Structure

Author: Jie Meng
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 981473327X
Size: 23.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book aims to provide a detailed introduction to the state-of-the-art covariant density functional theory, which follows the Lorentz invariance from the very beginning and is able to describe nuclear many-body quantum systems microscopically and self-consistently. Covariant density functional theory was introduced in nuclear physics in the 1970s and has since been developed and used to describe the diversity of nuclear properties and phenomena with great success. In order to provide an advanced and updated textbook of covariant density functional theory for graduate students and nuclear physics researchers, this book summarizes the enormous amount of material that has accumulated in the field of covariant density functional theory over the last few decades as well as the latest developments in this area. Moreover, the book contains enough details for readers to follow the formalism and theoretical results, and provides exhaustive references to explore the research literature. Contents:Concept of Covariant Density Functional Theory (P Ring)Relativistic Mean-Field Theory (J Meng, P Ring and P W Zhao)Relativistic Mean Field Description of Exotic Nuclei (J Meng, P Ring, P W Zhao and S G Zhou)Relativistic Hartree–Fock–Bogoliubov Theory: Ground States and Excitations (W H Long, J Meng and N Van Giai)Superheavy Nuclei and Fission Barriers (B N Lu, J Zhao, E G Zhao and S G Zhou)Relativistic Symmetries in Nuclear Single-Particle Spectra (J Y Guo, H Z Liang, J Meng and S-G Zhou)Structure of Hypernuclei in Relativistic Approaches (K Hagino and J M Yao)Rotating Nuclei: From Ground State to the Extremes of Spin and Deformation (A V Afanasjev)Novel Rotational Excitations (J Meng, S Q Zhang and P W Zhao)Small Amplitude Motion (N Paar and Y Niu)Nuclear Shell Structure and Response with Quasiparticle-Vibration Coupling (E Litvinova and P Ring)Beyond the Relativistic Mean-Field Approximation — Collective Correlations (Z P Li, T Nikšić, D Vretenar and J M Yao)Heavy Element in Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis (B H Sun and Z M Niu)Relativistic Density Functional Theory for Finite Nuclei and Neutron Stars (J Piekarewicz)Relativistic Versus Non-Relativistic Mean Field (P-G Reinhard) Readership: Graduate students in nuclear physics, nuclear physicists; theoretical physicists interested in the study of quantum many body problems. Key Features:This book focuses on the covariant version of density functional theory, summarizes the latest developments as well as the enormous amount of material that has accumulated over the last few decades, and provides a comprehensive overview of its development and applications for nuclear structureThis book contains enough details for a beginner in nuclear physics to follow the formalism and theoretical results, and provides exhaustive references to explore the research literatureThe authors include all the experts in this field including many world-leading scientists from China, Europe, Japan, and United StatesKeywords:Covariant Density Functional Theory;Relativistic Mean-Field;Pairing Correlations;Exotic Nucleus;Hartree(–Fock)–Bogoliubov Theory;Relativistic Symmetries;Superheavy Nuclei;Fission;Hypernuclei;Well-Deformed and Superdeformed Rotational Excitation;Electric and Magnetic Rotation;Collective Excitations;Small Amplitude Motion;Quasiparticle-Vibration Coupling;Beyond Mean-Field Approximation;Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis;Neutron Star

Quarks Nuclei And Stars Memorial Volume Dedicated For Gerald E Brown

Author: Holt Jeremy W
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813220678
Size: 47.77 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This memorial volume is dedicated to physicist Gerald E Brown (1926–2013) or 'Gerry' as he was known to his many students, postdocs, colleagues and friends. As written by one of the contributors to this book, "Gerry was an inspiring father figure for generations of theoretical nuclear physicists and a great human being". This book covers a wide range of topics in nuclear physics, including nuclear structure, two- and three-body nuclear forces, strangeness nuclear physics, chiral symmetry, hadrons in dense medium, hidden local symmetry, heavy quark symmetry, cosmic neutrinos, nuclear double-beta decay, neutron stars, gravitational waves, renormalization group methods, exotic nuclei, electron ion collider (EIC), and much more. Most of the authors are Gerry's former students and collaborators. We hope readers will find this book very interesting not only for its physics content but also for the window it gives into Gerry's personal legacy and humanity. This book has vivid recollections of Gerry at Stony Brook, Princeton and Copenhagen, together with his humor and his very special intuitive way of thinking.

Structure Of Vacuum And Elementary Matter Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Nuclear Physics At The Turn Of The Millennium

Author: Stocker Horst
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814547433
Size: 29.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This volume is a collection of lectures given at the two colloquia on atmospheric flows over complex terrain with applications to wind energy and air pollution, organized and sponsored by ICTP in Trieste, Italy. The colloquia were the result of the recognition of the importance of renewable energy sources, an important aspect which grows yearly as the environmental problems become more pronounced and their effects more direct and intense, while at the same time, the wise management of the Earth's evidently limited resources becomes imperative.It is divided into two main parts. The first, which comprises Chaps. 1 to 4, presents the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer with emphasis in the region adjacent to the ground. The second, Chaps. 5 to 10, discusses methods for the numerical computation of the wind field on an arbitrary terrain. The unique feature of this book is that it does not stop at the theoretical exposition of the analytical and numerical techniques but includes a number of codes, in a diskette, where the mechanisms and techniques presented in the main part are implemented and can be run by the reader. Some of the codes are of instructional value while others can be utilized for simple operational work.Some of the lecturers are: D N Asimakopoulos, C I Aspliden, V R Barros, A K Blackadar, G A Dalu, A de Baas, D Etling, G Furlan, D P Lalas, P J Mason, C F Ratto and F B Smith.

Exciting Interdisciplinary Physics

Author: Walter Greiner
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3319000470
Size: 22.73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Nuclear physics is an exciting, broadly faceted field. It spans a wide range of topics, reaching from nuclear structure physics to high-energy physics, astrophysics and medical physics (heavy ion tumor therapy). New developments are presented in this volume and the status of research is reviewed. A major focus is put on nuclear structure physics, dealing with superheavy elements and with various forms of exotic nuclei: strange nuclei, very neutron rich nuclei, nuclei of antimatter. Also quantum electrodynamics of strong fields is addressed, which is linked to the occurrence of giant nuclear systems in, e.g., U+U collisions. At high energies nuclear physics joins with elementary particle physics. Various chapters address the theory of elementary matter at high densities and temperature, in particular the quark gluon plasma which is predicted by quantum chromodynamics (QCD) to occur in high-energy heavy ion collisions. In the field of nuclear astrophysics, the properties of neutron stars and quark stars are discussed. A topic which transcends nuclear physics is discussed in two chapters: The proposed pseudo-complex extension of Einstein's General Relativity leads to the prediction that there are no black holes and that big bang cosmology has to be revised. Finally, the interdisciplinary nature of this volume is further accentuated by chapters on protein folding and on magnetoreception in birds and many other animals.

150 Years Of Quantum Many Body Theory

Author: Raymond F. Bishop
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789812799760
Size: 52.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In July 2000 a conference was held to honour the 65th birthdays of four of the leading international figures in the field of quantum many-body theory. The joint research careers of John Clark, Alpo Kallio, Manfred Ristig and Sergio Rosati total some 150 years, and this festschrift celebrated their achievements. These cover a remarkably wide spectrum. The topics in this book reflect that diversity, ranging from formal aspects to real systems, including nuclear and subnuclear systems, quantum fluids and solids, quantum spin systems and strongly correlated electron systems. The book collects more than 30 invited contributions from eminent scientists, chosen both from among the participants at the conference and from colleagues who were unable to attend but nevertheless wished to contribute. To match the high standing of the honourees, the articles are of an exceptionally high quality. Together they provide a vivid overview of current work across the spectrum of quantum many-body theory. Contents: A Historical Perspective; Formal Aspects of Many-Body Theory; Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics; Spin Systems; Quantum Fluids and Solids OCo Bose Condensation; Strongly Correlated Electrons; Related Subjects. Readership: Postdocs, researchers and academics in condensed matter and theoretical physics."

High Energy Physics And Nuclear Structure

Author: P. Catillon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483265293
Size: 59.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure covers the proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on High Energy Physics and Nuclear Structure, held in Versailles on July 6-10, 1981. The book focuses on the processes, reactions, and methodologies involved in high energy physics and nuclear structure. The selection first offers information on experiments on antinucleon-nucleon, baryonium, nucleon-nucleon, and dibaryons and the quark model pion and the goldstone pion. Discussions focus on antinucleon-nucleon and baryonium, nucleon-nucleon and dibaryon, and spontaneous breaking of chiral symmetry. The text also ponders on quarks and nuclei, multiquark resonant states, and electron scattering from complex nuclei. The publication elaborates on electromagnetic interactions on light nuclei, electromagnetic interactions with nuclei at high momentum transfer, and inelastic electron scattering at low energy. The book also touches on the dynamics of hadron nucleus interactions, hypernuclei and interactions of kaons with nuclei, and pion-nucleus scattering theory. The selection is a dependable reference for readers interested in high energy structure and nuclear physics.

Moderne Physik

Author: Paul Allen Tipler
Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag
ISBN: 9783486582758
Size: 39.90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Immer mehr deutsche Hochschulen folgen dem amerikanischen Vorbild und bieten Einführungskurse zur Modernen Physik an. Diese Kurse vermitteln die spannenden Erkenntnisse der Physik der letzten 100 Jahre, die zu bahnbrechenden Veränderungen geführt haben. Das Standardwerk zu diesen Kursen ist "Modern Physics" von Paul A. Tipler, Autor des berühmten Werkes "Physik", und Ralph A. Llewellyn. Die Autoren zeigen, dass man ein tief gehendes Verständnis der Modernen Physik vermitteln kann, ohne einen schwerfälligen mathematischen Apparat bemühen zu müssen. Mit über 500 Abbildungen, Zitaten berühmter Physiker sowie mit ca. 700 sorgfältig ausgewählten Übungsaufgaben und über das Internet zugänglichen Ergänzungen wurde "Modern Physics" in den USA zu einem der beliebtesten Lehrbücher zu diesem Thema.

Spezielle Relativit Tstheorie F R Studienanf Nger

Author: Jürgen Freund
Publisher: vdf Hochschulverlag AG
ISBN: 3825228843
Size: 27.47 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3727
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Die Spezielle Relativitätstheorie ist nichts Schwieriges und Geheimnisvolles! Studienanfänger der Natur- und Technikwissenschaften können sie mit ihren Kenntnissen der Mathematik und der Physik in vollem Umfang und bis ins Detail verstehen, wenn sie sich die Mühe machen, sich durch dieses Lehrbuch durchzuarbeiten. Zahlreiche, z.T. auch kompliziertere Problemstellungen, bis hin zum Energie-Impuls-Vierervektor und zum elektromagnetischen Feld, werden ausführlich behandelt und zeigen dem Anfänger, wie relativistische Rechnungen anzupacken sind. Auch die bekannten Paradoxa und Paradoxien werden umfassend erklärt. Für den Wissenschaftler, der mit diesem Gebiet schon vertraut ist, ist dieses Lehrbuch wegen seiner umfangreichen Formelauflistungen nicht minder wertvoll. Kurz nach dem einhundertsten Jahrestag der Speziellen Relativitätstheorie liegt hiermit ein Kompendium vor, das dieses Teilgebiet der Physik entzaubert und in die elementare Grundlagenphysik einreiht.