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Relativistic Density Functional For Nuclear Structure

Author: Jie Meng
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 981473327X
Size: 76.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book aims to provide a detailed introduction to the state-of-the-art covariant density functional theory, which follows the Lorentz invariance from the very beginning and is able to describe nuclear many-body quantum systems microscopically and self-consistently. Covariant density functional theory was introduced in nuclear physics in the 1970s and has since been developed and used to describe the diversity of nuclear properties and phenomena with great success. In order to provide an advanced and updated textbook of covariant density functional theory for graduate students and nuclear physics researchers, this book summarizes the enormous amount of material that has accumulated in the field of covariant density functional theory over the last few decades as well as the latest developments in this area. Moreover, the book contains enough details for readers to follow the formalism and theoretical results, and provides exhaustive references to explore the research literature. Contents:Concept of Covariant Density Functional Theory (P Ring)Relativistic Mean-Field Theory (J Meng, P Ring and P W Zhao)Relativistic Mean Field Description of Exotic Nuclei (J Meng, P Ring, P W Zhao and S G Zhou)Relativistic Hartree–Fock–Bogoliubov Theory: Ground States and Excitations (W H Long, J Meng and N Van Giai)Superheavy Nuclei and Fission Barriers (B N Lu, J Zhao, E G Zhao and S G Zhou)Relativistic Symmetries in Nuclear Single-Particle Spectra (J Y Guo, H Z Liang, J Meng and S-G Zhou)Structure of Hypernuclei in Relativistic Approaches (K Hagino and J M Yao)Rotating Nuclei: From Ground State to the Extremes of Spin and Deformation (A V Afanasjev)Novel Rotational Excitations (J Meng, S Q Zhang and P W Zhao)Small Amplitude Motion (N Paar and Y Niu)Nuclear Shell Structure and Response with Quasiparticle-Vibration Coupling (E Litvinova and P Ring)Beyond the Relativistic Mean-Field Approximation — Collective Correlations (Z P Li, T Nikšić, D Vretenar and J M Yao)Heavy Element in Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis (B H Sun and Z M Niu)Relativistic Density Functional Theory for Finite Nuclei and Neutron Stars (J Piekarewicz)Relativistic Versus Non-Relativistic Mean Field (P-G Reinhard) Readership: Graduate students in nuclear physics, nuclear physicists; theoretical physicists interested in the study of quantum many body problems. Key Features:This book focuses on the covariant version of density functional theory, summarizes the latest developments as well as the enormous amount of material that has accumulated over the last few decades, and provides a comprehensive overview of its development and applications for nuclear structureThis book contains enough details for a beginner in nuclear physics to follow the formalism and theoretical results, and provides exhaustive references to explore the research literatureThe authors include all the experts in this field including many world-leading scientists from China, Europe, Japan, and United StatesKeywords:Covariant Density Functional Theory;Relativistic Mean-Field;Pairing Correlations;Exotic Nucleus;Hartree(–Fock)–Bogoliubov Theory;Relativistic Symmetries;Superheavy Nuclei;Fission;Hypernuclei;Well-Deformed and Superdeformed Rotational Excitation;Electric and Magnetic Rotation;Collective Excitations;Small Amplitude Motion;Quasiparticle-Vibration Coupling;Beyond Mean-Field Approximation;Astrophysical Nucleosynthesis;Neutron Star

Quarks Nuclei And Stars Memorial Volume Dedicated For Gerald E Brown

Author: Holt Jeremy W
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813220678
Size: 11.59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This memorial volume is dedicated to physicist Gerald E Brown (1926–2013) or 'Gerry' as he was known to his many students, postdocs, colleagues and friends. As written by one of the contributors to this book, "Gerry was an inspiring father figure for generations of theoretical nuclear physicists and a great human being". This book covers a wide range of topics in nuclear physics, including nuclear structure, two- and three-body nuclear forces, strangeness nuclear physics, chiral symmetry, hadrons in dense medium, hidden local symmetry, heavy quark symmetry, cosmic neutrinos, nuclear double-beta decay, neutron stars, gravitational waves, renormalization group methods, exotic nuclei, electron ion collider (EIC), and much more. Most of the authors are Gerry's former students and collaborators. We hope readers will find this book very interesting not only for its physics content but also for the window it gives into Gerry's personal legacy and humanity. This book has vivid recollections of Gerry at Stony Brook, Princeton and Copenhagen, together with his humor and his very special intuitive way of thinking.

Nuclear Methods And The Nuclear Equation Of State

Author: Marcello Baldo
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814500852
Size: 55.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The theoretical study of the nuclear equation of state (EOS) is a field of research which deals with most of the fundamental problems of nuclear physics. This book gives an overview of the present status of the microscopic theory of the nuclear EOS. Its aim is essentially twofold: first, to serve as a textbook for students entering the field, by covering the different subjects as exhaustively and didactically as possible; second, to be a reference book for all researchers active in the theory of nuclear matter, by providing a report on the latest developments. Special emphasis is given to the numerous open problems existing at present and the prospects for their possible solutions. The general framework of the different approaches presented in the book is the meson theory of nuclear forces — where no free parameter is introduced — and the many-body treatment of nucleon-nucleon correlations. The ultimate hope of this world-wide effort is the understanding of the structure of nuclear matter, both in the ground state and at finite temperature. The main audience addressed is the community of theoretical nuclear physicists, but nuclear experimentalists and astrophysicists will also find in the book an extensive amount of material of direct interest for their everyday work, particularly for those studying heavy-ion collisions, where the nuclear EOS is of special relevance. Finally, theoretical physicists working on elementary particle theory could find in the book some stimulating ideas and problems directly related to their field. Contents:The Many-Body Theory of the Nuclear Equation of State (M Baldo)The Dirac-Brueckner Approach (R Brockmann & R Machleidt)The Dirac-Brueckner Approach for Finite Nuclei (H Müther)Non-Nucleonic Degrees of Freedom (L S Ferreira)Long-Range Correlations in Nuclear Matter (T T S Kuo et al.)The Mass Operator and the Brueckner-Bethe-Goldstone Method (R Sartor)The Nucleon Propagator in Nuclear Medium (W H Dickhoff)Neutron Stars' Structure and Nuclear Equation of State (I Bombaci)Superfluidity in Nuclear Matter (U Lombardo). Readership: Students and researchers in (theoretical) nuclear physics and astrophysics. keywords:Nuclear Matter;Nuclear Equation of State;Many-Body Theory;Nuclear Saturation;Relativistic Effects;Nuclear Matter at Finite Temperature;Relativistic Effects;Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction;Meson-Nucleon Theory;Three-Body Forces;Bethe-Brueckner-Goldstone Expansion;Dirac-Brueckner Theory;Short range Correlations;Long range Correlations;Ring Diagrams;Nuclear Structure;Single Particle States;Depletion of Single Particle States;Nucleon Propagator;Strength Function;Neutron Stars;Strange Stars;Superfluidity of Nuclear Matter;Fermi Liquid Theory

A Primer In Density Functional Theory

Author: Carlos Fiolhais
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540370722
Size: 50.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Density functional theory (DFT) is by now a well-established method for tackling the quantum mechanics of many-body systems. Originally applied to compute properties of atoms and simple molecules, DFT has quickly become a work horse for more complex applications in the chemical and materials sciences. The present set of lectures, spanning the whole range from basic principles to relativistic and time-dependent extensions of the theory, is the ideal introduction for graduate students or nonspecialist researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with both the basic and most advanced techniques in this field.

Density Functional Theory

Author: Eberhard Engel
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642140907
Size: 62.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1916
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Density Functional Theory (DFT) has firmly established itself as the workhorse for atomic-level simulations of condensed phases, pure or composite materials and quantum chemical systems. This work offers a rigorous and detailed introduction to the foundations of this theory, up to and including such advanced topics as orbital-dependent functionals as well as both time-dependent and relativistic DFT. Given the many ramifications of contemporary DFT, the text concentrates on the self-contained presentation of the basics of the most widely used DFT variants: this implies a thorough discussion of the corresponding existence theorems and effective single particle equations, as well as of key approximations utilized in implementations. The formal results are complemented by selected quantitative results, which primarily aim at illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of particular approaches or functionals. The structure and content of this book allow a tutorial and modular self-study approach: the reader will find that all concepts of many-body theory which are indispensable for the discussion of DFT - such as the single-particle Green's function or response functions - are introduced step by step, along with the actual DFT material. The same applies to basic notions of solid state theory, such as the Fermi surface of inhomogeneous, interacting systems. In fact, even the language of second quantization is introduced systematically in an Appendix for readers without formal training in many-body theory.

Hadron And Nuclear Physics With Electromagnetic Probes

Author: K. Maruyama
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080524788
Size: 14.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In recent years, the main research areas were photonuclear reactions and meson productions by using the first high-duty tagged photon beam and the TAGX spectrometer. Although this field is developing quite rapidly, the synchrotron was closed in 1999 after 37 years of operation, and these activities continue at new facilities. It was therfore a good time to discuss the present status and future directions of this field at this occasion. The Symposium was attended by 85 physicists and 35 talks were presented. This book contains the papers presented in the scientific program of the Symposium. aspects of kaon photoproduc

Hadronic Physics From Lattice Qcd

Author: Anthony M. Green
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 981256022X
Size: 68.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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- Several of the authors give elementary introductions that lead to some duplication. This we believe is a positive feature since each author presents a different viewpoint emphasizing the particular topic of that chapter - The topics chosen are the closest Lattice QCD comes to more conventional particle and nuclear physics - The numerical results presented in the various chapters are most up-to-date

Electric And Magnetic Giant Resonances In Nuclei

Author: J. Speth
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810237981
Size: 10.29 MB
Format: PDF
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This is the most recent and complete review on giant resonances in nuclei. It includes electric as well as magnetic collective states and a detailed discussion on the excitation mechanisms and the decay properties is given.

Structure Of Vacuum And Elementary Matter Proceedings Of The International Symposium On Nuclear Physics At The Turn Of The Millennium

Author: Stocker Horst
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814547433
Size: 79.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume is a collection of lectures given at the two colloquia on atmospheric flows over complex terrain with applications to wind energy and air pollution, organized and sponsored by ICTP in Trieste, Italy. The colloquia were the result of the recognition of the importance of renewable energy sources, an important aspect which grows yearly as the environmental problems become more pronounced and their effects more direct and intense, while at the same time, the wise management of the Earth's evidently limited resources becomes imperative.It is divided into two main parts. The first, which comprises Chaps. 1 to 4, presents the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer with emphasis in the region adjacent to the ground. The second, Chaps. 5 to 10, discusses methods for the numerical computation of the wind field on an arbitrary terrain. The unique feature of this book is that it does not stop at the theoretical exposition of the analytical and numerical techniques but includes a number of codes, in a diskette, where the mechanisms and techniques presented in the main part are implemented and can be run by the reader. Some of the codes are of instructional value while others can be utilized for simple operational work.Some of the lecturers are: D N Asimakopoulos, C I Aspliden, V R Barros, A K Blackadar, G A Dalu, A de Baas, D Etling, G Furlan, D P Lalas, P J Mason, C F Ratto and F B Smith.

Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics

Author: L P Csernai
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814513954
Size: 20.43 MB
Format: PDF
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This book gives an overview of relativistic heavy ion physics with particular emphasis on those theoretical approaches which seek an understanding and explanation of the measurements. These approaches try to build a bridge between more basic theories, such as lattice QCD or nucleon-nucleon interactions, and complicated experimental observables involving a large number of particles. Thus, mainly theoretical approaches are discussed here which are strongly and directly related to experiments, and in turn they are phenomenological to some extent. These models use the available information from more complete reaction model describing the whole collision and the observables. It is suitable as a text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students — both experimentalists and theorists — for studies in the field of relativistic heavy ion physics. It may also serve as a handbook where basic concepts of reaction models can be found and the most important references for further reading are provided. Contents: Vol. 5: Introduction to Relativistic Kinetic Theory (L P Csernai & D Strottman)The Intranuclear Cascade and the Collision Dynamics (D L' Hôte & J Cugnon)The Hydrodynamical Model of Heavy Ion Collisions (J A Maruhn)Relativistic Fluid-Dynamical Approach for Nuclear Collisions at Energies from 1 to 100 GeV per Nucleon (I N Mishustin et al.) Vol. 6: Landau Hydrodynamical Model as a Basis for Treating Relativisitic Heavy Ion Collisions (E L Feinberg)Models of Nuclear Fragmentation in Heavy Ion Collisions (A R Deangelis & A Z Mekjian)Relativistic Mean-Field Kinetics and Dynamical Instabilities in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions (Yu B Ivanov)Quantum Kinetic Equations in Intermediate Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions (W Botermans & R Malfliet)Microscopic Dynamics of Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions — Probing Extreme States of Nuclear Matter (H Sorge et al.) keywords:Heavy Ions;Kinetic Theory;Boltzmann Equation;Relativistic Fluid Dynamics;Intranuclear Cascade;Many-Body Theory;Shock Waves;Phase Transitions;Meson Field Interactions;Two-fluid Model;Three-fluid Model;Landau Model;Bjorken Model;Nuclear Fragmentation;Percolation Theory;Nucleation Theory;Mean-Field Kinetics;Dynamical Instabilities;Filamentation Instability;Quatum Kinetic Equations;Microscopic Dynamics;Nuclear Stopping;Collective Flow