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Author: D. M. Mortier
ISBN: 9781980866640
Size: 45.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Thorne...I thought my life was all mapped out: inherit the throne, bring more advanced technologies to the realm, further the interests of my people, and marry the girl my father chose for me; pretty simple, right? Sadly, my life wasn't simple at all. The chaos started when a rival king from another realm brutally murdered my father, held my mother and sisters hostage, and then blackmailed me into marrying his spoilt witch of a daughter to save their lives. Did I tell you that I'd already signed a contract to marry the daughter of my father's best friend? Of course, the bastards tried to kill her, but I was able to foil that act and hide her away. Who knew that my child bride would become this beautiful, brilliant, and fierce woman, determined to retake her place in my life? Finally, after years of being trapped in an existence I never wanted, I can see a glimmer of light at the end of this dark tunnel of my life.Saina...My future was set, my husband selected, and my career path determined. I trained all my life to be his wife, his queen. It seemed that our journey into the happily ever after would never come. When he stumbled into my apartment after yet another vicious attack on his life, I'd had enough! If I didn't do something now, our future would ever be lost. I knew I was supposed to wait for him to lead the way, but how can I ignore the constant threats on his life, the paralysis of our lives together, and standby and do nothing? Sometimes a woman has got to save her man even when he doesn't realize he needs saving.

One Way Or Another

Author: Mary J Williams
Publisher: Brook Publications
ISBN: 9780999131435
Size: 65.79 MB
Format: PDF
View: 6456
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From the outside, the world of the ultra-rich might seem exciting and glamorous. But Andi, Calder, Bryce and Destry Benedict know the truth. Deception and deceit have them followed since birth. Their parents are emotional train wrecks. Men care about nothing but their money. The Benedict sisters learned early on-the only people they can count on are each other. One by one, four sexy, determined men will do their best to prove them wrong. Calder Benedict worked hard to earn her place in the New York City charity community. At first, she was labeled nothing more than a rich girl with too much time on her hands. From the ground up, she built Erica's Angels into a successful multi-million dollar organization. Her only goal-to help as many people as humanly possible. Unlike Calder, Adam Stone wasn't born rich. Everything he had, he earned. While over the years, he'd acquired a certain amount of polish, his blood would always be working class red-not high society blue like Calder's. What starts out as fun and games-an undeniable attraction neither wants to ignore-quickly turns into something more. Calder wants to believe Adam cares about her-not her money-but she's been burned before. Can she trust her heart? Can she trust Adam? When a dangerous force comes after everything Calder holds dear, she'll have to decide if Adam is part of the threat, or someone she never thought she'd find-the love of her life. Grab this emotionally charged novel today.

Relentless Pursuit

Author: Sara Orwig
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 0373731728
Size: 50.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A cool million to help a withdrawn child in time for kindergarten? Widowed teacher Ava Barton is touched that the girl's guardian, Texas billionaire Will Delaney, cares so deeply. But the job includes moving into Will's mansion for the summer. And suddenly, Ava is working nights and weekends trying--unsuccessfully--to resist the gorgeous tycoon down the hall. Will wants her in his bed for June, July and August. But come fall, he'll move on. Unless she can teach him a thing or two about opening his guarded heart to love.

Losing Control

Author: Nina Croft
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
ISBN: 1622662369
Size: 37.79 MB
Format: PDF
View: 810
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Losing Control (A Babysitting a Billionaire Novel) by Nina Croft Four years after escaping her abusive ex-husband, Kim finally believes she's in control of her life and her emotions and she's determined to never risk either again with a man. She has a great home, a job as a security specialist which she loves, and Jake for a best friend. But things are a tad lonely in the sex department, so she decides to embark on a no-strings-affair with one of her hot co-workers. And who better to help her remember how to lure a man than her best friend? Jake has wanted Kim from the moment he first saw her, but four years ago, she was too young and too damaged. So he kept her close and he kept her safe, offering her a job in his security company and the training to feel safe again, and he bided his time. But now, after the long wait, if she imagines he's going to stand by while she seduces some other guy... Never going to happen.

The Pursuit Of Power

Author: Richard J. Evans
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241295777
Size: 39.96 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2452
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ECONOMIST BOOKS OF THE YEAR 2016 'A scintillating, encyclopaedic history, rich in detail from the arcane to the familiar... a veritable tour de force' Richard Overy, New Statesman 'Transnational history at its finest ... .. social, political and cultural themes swirl together in one great canvas of immense detail and beauty' Gerard DeGroot, The Times 'Dazzlingly erudite and entertaining' Dominic Sandbrook, The Sunday Times A masterpiece which brings to life an extraordinarly turbulent and dramatic era of revolutionary change. The Pursuit of Power draws on a lifetime of thinking about nineteenth-century Europe to create an extraordinarily rich, surprising and entertaining panorama of a continent undergoing drastic transformation. The book aims to reignite the sense of wonder that permeated this remarkable era, as rulers and ruled navigated overwhelming cultural, political and technological changes. It was a time where what was seen as modern with amazing speed appeared old-fashioned, where huge cities sprang up in a generation, new European countries were created and where, for the first time, humans could communicate almost instantly over thousands of miles. In the period bounded by the Battle of Waterloo and the outbreak of World War I, Europe dominated the rest of the world as never before or since: this book breaks new ground by showing how the continent shaped, and was shaped by, its interactions with other parts of the globe. Richard Evans explores fully the revolutions, empire-building and wars that marked the nineteenth century, but the book is about so much more, whether it is illness, serfdom, religion or philosophy. The Pursuit of Power is a work by a historian at the height of his powers: essential for anyone trying to understand Europe, then or now.

Deadly Justice

Author: Kathy Ivan
Publisher: Kathy Ivan
Size: 40.93 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A quest for justice… After a devastating betrayal, ex-DEA agent Samuel "The Ghost" Carpenter devotes his life to searching for the person who cost him not only his job but nearly his life. When he discovers a link between the man he's hunting and a beautiful executive assistant, he realizes the path to his target is seduction—a task he's all too eager to undertake, since he can't seem to resist the alluring beauty. …turns into a dangerous seduction. Andrea Kirkland can't fathom the sudden interest rich and powerful Samuel Carpenter's showing, but she's not stupid. He's got a deeply-hidden agenda and she's a means to an end. Except, she has secrets of her own, and despite their instantaneous chemistry, she's not above using Carpenter to further her own vendetta. On a whirlwind journey from Dallas to New Orleans, passion explodes between them. But when a murderer strikes, Carpenter must choose between his mission of vengeance or face losing the woman he loves to a vindictive madman hellbent on revenge.

Tom Benson

Author: Kathy Finn
Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781455622320
Size: 67.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6089
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From the boardroom to the headlines! From salesman to dealership owner, New Orleans-born billionaire Tom Benson started in business with cars, which paved the way for his other profitable enterprises that include banks, real estate, and the New Orleans Saints. Kathy Finn's biography of this self-made tycoon reveals some of the mystery behind the legend. Beginning with his working-class childhood in New Orleans, Finn delves into the contention surrounding Benson, from the controversial near-relocation of the Saints to the dramatic legal battle with his daughter. Including interviews with friends, family, and acquaintances, this extensive compilation sheds light on the man behind the empire--his successes and his tragedies.

Bodyguard Pursuit

Author: Joanne Wadsworth
Publisher: Lyrical Press
ISBN: 1616507462
Size: 68.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1753
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Alone at sea. On the run from a killer . . . It’s been a year since Saria Sands entered The Program, her last chance to stay one step ahead of a relentless killer. When bodyguard and weapons expert Ben Hammers sends her to a private yacht in the South Pacific, Saria agrees. But confined in close quarters together on the yacht, Saria can’t help desiring more with her mysterious protector. Ben Hammers will do anything to protect Saria. She’s more than just a job. Protecting the innocent is Ben’s only way to right a wrong he’s kept hidden his whole life, a secret that has kept him from forming a connection with any woman, let alone the one he wants more than anything. Ben knows he can’t let his guard down. But the more time he spends with Saria, the further he finds himself slipping...

Relentless Strike

Author: Sean Naylor
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1466876220
Size: 17.63 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2823
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The New York Times Bestseller and Winner of the 2015 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award for Unit History Since the attacks of September 11, one organization has been at the forefront of America's military response. Its efforts turned the tide against al-Qaida in Iraq, killed Bin Laden and Zarqawi, rescued Captain Phillips and captured Saddam Hussein. Its commander can direct cruise missile strikes from nuclear submarines and conduct special operations raids anywhere in the world. Relentless Strike tells the inside story of Joint Special Operations Command, the secret military organization that during the past decade has revolutionized counterterrorism, seamlessly fusing intelligence and operational skills to conduct missions that hit the headlines, and those that have remained in the shadows-until now. Because JSOC includes the military's most storied special operations units-Delta Force, SEAL Team 6, the 75th Ranger Regiment-as well as America's most secret aviation and intelligence units, this is their story, too. Relentless Strike reveals tension-drenched meetings in war rooms from the Pentagon to Iraq and special operations battles from the cabin of an MH-60 Black Hawk to the driver's seat of Delta Force's Pinzgauer vehicles as they approach their targets. Through exclusive interviews, reporter Sean Naylor uses his unique access to reveal how an organization designed in the 1980s for a very limited mission set transformed itself after 9/11 to become the military's premier weapon in the war against terrorism and how it continues to evolve today.