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Scottish Migration Since 1750

Author: James C. Docherty
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0761867953
Size: 52.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Scottish Migration since 1750: Reasons and Results begins a fresh chapter in migration studies using new methods and unpublished sources to map the course of Scottish migration between 1750 and 1990. It explains why the Scottish population grew after 1650, why most Scots continued to be female, and the underlying economic reasons for Scottish emigration after 1820. It surveys migration to England, Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It explores their names, marriages, family structures, and religions, and assesses how well they really fared compared to other British migrants. Far from being just another Celtic sob story, this book offers a model about how the histories of other migrant groups might be reappraised.

Ulster To America

Author: Warren R. Hofstra
Publisher: Univ. of Tennessee Press
ISBN: 1572338326
Size: 51.93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In Ulster to America: The Scots-Irish Migration Experience, 1680–1830, editor Warren R. Hofstra has gathered contributions from pioneering scholars who are rewriting the history of the Scots-Irish. In addition to presenting fresh information based on thorough and detailed research, they offer cutting-edge interpretations that help explain the Scots-Irish experience in the United States. In place of implacable Scots-Irish individualism, the writers stress the urge to build communities among Ulster immigrants. In place of rootlessness and isolation, the authors point to the trans-Atlantic continuity of Scots-Irish settlement and the presence of Germans and Anglo-Americans in so-called Scots-Irish areas. In a variety of ways, the book asserts, the Scots-Irish actually modified or abandoned some of their own cultural traits as a result of interacting with people of other backgrounds and in response to many of the main themes defining American history. While the Scots-Irish myth has proved useful over time to various groups with their own agendas—including modern-day conservatives and fundamentalist Christians—this book, by clearing away long-standing but erroneous ideas about the Scots-Irish, represents a major advance in our understanding of these immigrants. It also places Scots-Irish migration within the broader context of the historiographical construct of the Atlantic world. Organized in chronological and migratory order, this volume includes contributions on specific U.S. centers for Ulster immigrants: New Castle, Delaware; Donegal Springs, Pennsylvania; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Opequon, Virginia; the Virginia frontier; the Carolina backcountry; southwestern Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Ulster to America is essential reading for scholars and students of American history, immigration history, local history, and the colonial era, as well as all those who seek a fuller understanding of the Scots-Irish immigrant story.

The Oxford Handbook Of Modern Scottish History

Author: T. M. Devine
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199563691
Size: 12.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A landmark study which reconsiders in fresh and illuminating ways the classic themes of the nation's history since the sixteenth century, as well as a number of new topics which are only now receiving detailed attention. Places the Scottish experience firmly in an international historical experience.

Migration And Empire

Author: Marjory Harper
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 9780198703365
Size: 51.66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A unique comparative overview of the motives, means, and experiences of three main flows of empire migrants from the nineteenth century to the post-colonial period: UK migrants to white settler societies; non-white entrepreneurs and workers, relocating within Britain's empire; and empire immigrants coming into the UK, especially after 1945.

The Development Of The West Of Scotland 1750 1960

Author: Anthony Slaven
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136588671
Size: 65.30 MB
Format: PDF
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The economic and social problems of modern Scotland are at the centre of current debate about regional economic growth, social improvement and environmental rehabilitation. In this book, as relevant today as when it was first published in 1975, Anthony Slaven argues that the extent and causes of these problems are frequently underestimated, thus making development policies less than fully effective. The major economic and social weaknesses of the west of Scotland are shown to be rooted in the regions former strengths. The author demonstrates how, although the region and its people have resisted change, a thriving and self reliant nineteenth-century economy , based on local resources and manpower, has given way in the present century to vanishing skills and products, unemployment and social deprivation. Since 1945 economic and social planning has helped to improve the situation, although many difficulties remain. Seen in the historical perspective provided by this revealing study, the present industrial problems of the west of Scotland, and their remedies, become clearer. Mr Slaven argues that the older industries deserve more help, for without this, he believes, the ineffectiveness of development policies is likely to be perpetuated. This book was first published in 1975.


Author: Magnus Magnusson
Publisher: Grove Press
ISBN: 9780802139320
Size: 21.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A vivid, comprehensive history of Scotland ranges from its earliest Stone Age settlers, through the influence of the many invaders--Romans, Picts, Vikings, and the English--on the country, to recent movements to promote Scottish independence from Britain, documenting the political, cultural, economic, and other forces that have shaped the nation. Reprint.

To The Ends Of The Earth

Author: T. M. Devine
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution
ISBN: 1588343189
Size: 35.28 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Scots are one of the world's greatest nations of emigrants. For centuries, untold numbers of men, women, and children have sought their fortunes in every conceivable walk of life and in every imaginable climate. All over the British Empire, the United States, and elsewhere, the Scottish contribution to the development of the modern world has been a formidable one, from finance to industry, philosophy to politics. To the Ends of the Earth puts this extraordinary epic center stage, taking many famous stories--from the Highland Clearances and emigration to the Scottish Enlightenment and empire--and removing layers of myth and sentiment to reveal the no-less-startling truth. Whether in the creation of great cities or prairie farms, the Scottish element always left a distinctive trace, and Devine pays particular attention to the exceptional Scottish role as traders, missionaries, and soldiers. This major new book is also a study of the impact of the global world on Scotland itself and the degree to which the Scottish economy was for many years an imperial economy, with intimate, important links through shipping, engineering, jute, and banking to the most remote of settlements. Filled with fascinating stories and an acute awareness of the poverty and social inequality that provoked so much emigration, To the Ends of the Earth will make its readers think about the world in a quite different way. From the Hardcover edition.

Orderic Vitalis

Author: Charles C. Rozier
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer
ISBN: 1783271256
Size: 46.72 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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First full-length collection on one of the most significant and influential historians of the medieval period.

The Source

Author: Loretto Dennis Szucs
Publisher: Ancestry Publishing
ISBN: 9781593312770
Size: 50.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Genealogists and other historical researchers have valued the first two editions of this work, often referred to as the genealogist's bible."" The new edition continues that tradition. Intended as a handbook and a guide to selecting, locating, and using appropriate primary and secondary resources, The Source also functions as an instructional tool for novice genealogists and a refresher course for experienced researchers. More than 30 experts in this field--genealogists, historians, librarians, and archivists--prepared the 20 signed chapters, which are well written, easy to read, and include many helpful hints for getting the most out of whatever information is acquired. Each chapter ends with an extensive bibliography and is further enriched by tables, black-and-white illustrations, and examples of documents. Eight appendixes include the expected contact information for groups and institutions that persons studying genealogy and history need to find.""