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Speaking As A Leader

Author: Judith Humphrey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118141016
Size: 36.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Outlines a four-step speaking model as demonstrated by a leading communications coach, providing coverage of such topics as structuring thoughts and messages clearly, listening effectively and avoiding practices that cannot retain an audience's attention.

Summary Speaking As A Leader

Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Publisher: Primento
ISBN: 2511024241
Size: 75.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The must-read summary of Judith Humphrey's book: "Speaking as a Leader: How to Lead Every Time You Speak". This complete summary of the ideas from Judith Humphrey's book "Speaking as a Leader" shows how you can think, act and speak like a leader in everything that you do. In her book, the author reveals four steps that you can follow to evaluate and improve your leadership skills: think like a leader, follow the leader's script, use leadership language and project a leader's presence. This summary is a must-read for any leader who wants to improve their skills and become a source of inspiration. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "Speaking as a Leader" and find out how you can act like a leader in every way and motivate others.

Speak As A Leader

Author: Herman Cain
Publisher: Lebhar-Friedman
ISBN: 9780867307825
Size: 23.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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While not all of us possess the passion of Martin Luther King, Jr., the insight of John F. Kennedy, the sacrifice of Mohandas Gandhi, or the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln, we can all use our innate talent to develop good leadership skills. One of the most important ways to enhance your leadership effectiveness is being able to "speak as a leader." Good leaders inform, engage, and captivate their audience with the spoken word. In Speak as a Leader, renowned speaker and businessman Herman Cain provides the blueprint for developing the better speaker in you. Book jacket.

How Leaders Speak

Author: Jim Gray
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1554887011
Size: 52.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Senior executives, professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs, and educators are increasingly being evaluated by how well they speak - how credibly, how naturally, and how enthusiastically. They're being judged on their presentation skills. In today's communication-saturated age, the ability to address others effectively has become the essential mark of a leader. How Leaders Speak covers the seven keys to speaking like a leader: preparation, certainty, passion, engagement, and commitment. It's a personal handbook for planning and conveying presentations that will engage and inspire others, from overcoming nervousness to handling difficult questions from listeners. How Leaders Speak: Getting Ready to Present: Know Your Audience Find and Create ?The Nugget' (something your audience doesn't know) Make a Video Rehearsing your Presentation Be Prepared for Anything Don't Rely on PowerPoint (have a print out as well ) Test your Technology Have a Checklist of Materials Before You Leave the Office Pre-Presentation Jitters are a Good Thing! Know Your Environment Beforehand (schedule a run through the day before) Eat and Drink Lightly Just Before Your Presentation How Leaders Speak: During Your Speech Have Water Handy Keep Language Short and Simple Have Your Speech Printed at the Top of Your Page To Keep Eye Contact Connected Most Nervousness Doesn't Show Draw in Your Audience Via Names and Anecdotal Info Ask Questions to Involve Your Audience (and to Relieve Pressure) Speak with Passion!

Taking The Stage

Author: Judith Humphrey
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111895839X
Size: 63.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Many women today wonder: what will it take to get that seat atthe boardroom table? Earn that coveted promotion? Or simply havetheir voices heard? Taking the Stage provides acomprehensive, proven approach that enables women to come forwardinto the spotlight and speak up, stand out, and succeed. Based on a program from the Humphrey Group that has beendelivered to over 400,000 women worldwide, Taking the Stageshows women—no matter their age, rank, orprofession—how to communicate with courage and confidence inevery situation, from formal speeches to brief hallwayconversations. Judith Humphrey provides the inspiration andpractical advice for women to “take the stage”mentally, verbally, vocally, and physically. Women can make themost of every opportunity by understanding how best to: Speak up confidently, even when others don’t agree; Convey their accomplishments without self-doubt; Be assertive but not aggressive; Deliver clear and convincing messages; Move beyond “minimizing” language and apology; Find their own powerful and authentic voice; Achieve confident body language and a leadership presence. By applying these techniques and others to everycommunication— whether making a presentation, speaking atmeetings, conducting an elevator conversation, or sellingthemselves in job interviews—women will be recognized as theleaders they are and attain positions of influence. For women at all stages of their career, and for managers andexecutives committed to supporting and guiding women on theirleadership journeys, Taking the Stage is the practical,broad-based solution that will allow women to speak up confidently,gain respect, earn the promotions they deserve, and secure theirplaces at the boardroom table.

The Leader S Guide To Speaking With Presence

Author: John Baldoni
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814433804
Size: 68.29 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 7598
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A leader's most important job is to communicate. Every day, whether in a meeting or a presentation, a water-cooler conversation or a formal speech, his or her ability to craft and deliver a clear message, one the audience will believe, is the tipping point between forgettable and transformational. The Leader's Guide to Speaking with Presence is a concise tool kit containing more than 100 practical tips for creating and communicating meaningful messages with presence and authority. Readers will discover how to: * Present their ideas clearly and provide context * Radiate confidence and put the audience at ease * Refine their delivery * Use stories to inform, involve, and inspire * Leverage the energy of any room * Convey optimism tempered with reality to gain buy-in * Turn PowerPoint presentations into performances * And more To be truly effective, a leader's words need to ring true, and his or her delivery needs to be authentic. This handy little guide helps readers achieve the kind of genuine presence that leads to lasting trust and quantifiable influence.

Wie Man Freunde Gewinnt

Author: Dale Carnegie
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104031479
Size: 69.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 4870
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Dieses Buch zeigt Ihnen: - wie man Freunde gewinnt - wie man auf neuen Wegen zu neuen Zielen gelangt - wie man beliebt wird - wie man seine Umwelt beeinflußt - wie man mehr Ansehen erlangt - wie man im Beruf erfolgreicher wird - wie man Streit vermeidet - wie man ein guter Redner und brillanter Gesellschafter wird - wie man den Charakter seiner Mitmenschen erkennt - wie man seine Mitarbeiter anspornt und vieles mehr...

Becoming An Invitational Leader

Author: William Purkey
Publisher: Humanix Books
ISBN: 0893347507
Size: 23.88 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2158
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William Purkey and Betty Siegel have written much more than a guidebook to becoming a healthier and more effective leader. The book is radical and profound in its compelling argument that it is time for people in positions of authority to forge a new kind of relationship with others based on dialogue, respect and collaboration. What separates this text from others in its field and makes for such interesting and enjoyable reading are the countless quotes, metaphors and specific examples of highly successful leaders who have practiced invitational leadership. John Dewey, Thomas Jefferson, F.W. Woolworth are just a few leaders mentioned who held a strong belief in the importance of respect in all human interaction as well as faith in the self-directing powers of the individual. This insightful text is long overdue in an age of "might makes right" and contains great wisdom in promoting solid values found in various democratic and spiritual organizations. Supervisors and coaches, CEO's and shop stewards, managers and parents, anyone and everyone who deals with others, take notice. This is a truly inspirational book in its invitation for all people to join together in a shared vision of promise and greatness.

Speaking Our Faith Leader Guide

Author: Kit Carlson
Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 164065030X
Size: 20.26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This Leader Guide offers five session plans designed to bring the process described in Kit Carlson’s book, Speaking Our Faith, to small groups of adults (including millennials) in a congregational or school chaplaincy setting, in order to help them learn how to speak and share their faith. Guidance for the leader in how to facilitate each conversation is given, noting issues that tend to arise in each of the sessions. Homework assignments continue the work from week to week and are provided as well. The time to speak, to share our faith, is now. Through the sessions provided, participants will learn how to put words to their own experiences of God, create their own statements of belief, and begin to have compassionate, caring conversations with other people about spirituality, belief, and Jesus Christ.