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Author: Gerhard Falk
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What is it in human nature that leads us to label some as insiders and stigmatize others as outsiders? Sociologist Gerhard Falk examines the social psychology that motivates this process of exclusion, focusing on the outcasts in contemporary American society and comparing current experience with examples from the past. Referring to the work of Emile Durkheim and Erving Goffman, Falk reviews the whole range of stigmatized people from the mentally ill to ordinary people with unpopular occupations, like undertakers and trash collectors. Amid the wide diversity of stigmatized persons, he finds two basic types of outsiders: the "existential" and the "achieved." The first group comprises those who are stigmatized because of their very existence, regardless of their specific actions: the mentally handicapped, for example. The second group describes those whose actions or life conditions have resulted in stigma: from high achievers (often subject to resentment) to criminals. Falk also looks at the ways in which writers past and present have dramatized stigmatized characters in literature. This fascinating overview of a long-standing and widespread social problem will be of interest to all those concerned about creating a more fair-minded society.

Jesus And The Stigmatized

Author: Elia Shabani Mligo
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1630876119
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Biblical scholars often read the Bible with their own interpretive interests in mind, without associating the Bible with the concerns of laypeople. This largely undermines the contributions laypeople can offer from reading the Bible in their own contexts and from their own life experiences. Moreover, such exclusively scholarly reading conceals the role of biblical texts in dealing with current social problems, such as HIV/AIDS-related stigmatization. Hence, the lack of lay participation in the process of Bible reading makes the Bible less visible in various common life situations. In this volume Elia Shabani Mligo draws on his fieldwork among people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Tanzania, selects stigmatization as his perspective, and chooses participant-centered contextual Bible study as his method to argue that the reading of texts from the Gospel of John by PLWHA (given their lived experiences of stigmatization) empowers them to reject stigmatization as unjust. Mligo's study shows that Christian PLWHA reject stigmatization because it does not comply with the attitude of Jesus toward stigmatized groups in his own time. The theology emerging from the readings by stigmatized PLWHA, through their evaluation of Jesus' attitudes and acts toward stigmatized people in the texts, challenges churches in their obligatory mission as disciples of Jesus. Churches are challenged to reconsider healing, hospitality and caring, prophetic voices against stigmatization, and the way they teach about HIV and AIDS in relation to sexuality. Churches must revisit their practices toward stigmatized groups and listen to their voices. Mligo argues that participant-centered Bible-study methods similar to the one used in this book (whereby stigmatized people are the primary interlocutors in the process) can be useful tools in listening to the voices of stigmatized groups.

Hijacked Brains

Author: Henrietta Robin Barnes, MD
Publisher: Dartmouth College Press
ISBN: 1611686768
Size: 36.59 MB
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This book, written from the perspective of a practicing primary care physician, interweaves patientsÕ stories with fascinating new brain research to show how addictive drugs overtake basic brain functions and transform them to create a chronic illness that is very difficult to treat. The idea that drug and alcohol addiction are chronic illnesses and not character flaws is not newsÑthis notion has been around for many years. What Hijacked Brains offers is context and personal stories that demonstrate this point in a very accessible package. Dr. Barnes explores how the healthy brain works, how addictive drugs flood basic reward pathways, and what it feels like to grapple with addiction. She discusses how, for individuals, the combination of genetic and environmental factors determines both vulnerability for addiction and the resilience necessary for recovery. Finally, she shows how American culture, with its emphasis on freewill and individualism, tends to blame the addict for bad choices and personal weakness, thereby impeding political and/or health-related efforts to get the addict what she needs to recover.


Author: Ursula A. Falk
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What image comes to mind when we hear the term grandparents? Too often it is the Norman Rockwell view of innocuous, kindly white-haired folk or, conversely, the negative stereotype of doddering dim-witted burdens confined to nursing homes. Unfortunately, such notions shortchange not only older people but younger generations as well, who may never realize how much grandparents have to offer. This informative, well-researched book aims to add some perspective and depth to the stick-figure images of grandparents promulgated by contemporary culture. Psychotherapist Ursula Falk and sociologist Gerhard Falk provide an illuminating overview of the many facets of being a grandparent in todayÆs society. Among the topics discussed are the history of the grandparent role and its evolution, social forces that have affected the American family including grandparents, the distinctly different roles of grandmother and grandfather, the parental responsibilities that grandparents today are often forced to assume for their grandchildren in the absence of the childrenÆs parents, the ways in which other cultures treat grandparents, the usually negative and stereotypical depiction of grandparents in the media and in literature, and finally the supporting role that grandparents play with authentic examples. Also included is an appendix outlining the legal rights of grandparents. The authors stress that grandparents must be seen as individuals with their own lives to lead and that society needs to reassess the value of the elderly.

Encyclopedia Of Trauma

Author: Charles R. Figley
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412978793
Size: 13.20 MB
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This timely and authoritative two-volume set includes hundreds of signed entries by experts in the field of traumatology, exploring traditional subjects as well as emerging ideas, as well as providing further resources for study and exploration.

Rationality Democracy And Justice

Author: Claudio López-Guerra
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316123731
Size: 71.33 MB
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This volume advances the research agenda of one of the most remarkable political thinkers of our time: Jon Elster. With an impressive list of contributors, it features studies in five topics in political and social theory: rationality and collective action, political and social norms, democracy and constitution making, transitional justice, and the explanation of social behavior. Additionally, this volume includes chapters on the development of Elster's thinking over the past decades. Like Elster's own writings, the essays in this collection are problem-driven, non-ideal inquiries of practical relevance. This volume closes with lucid comments by Jon Elster.

The Ring Of Representation

Author: Stephen David Ross
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791411094
Size: 60.63 MB
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This book asks how we may undertake to represent representation.