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I Don T Give A Shit

Publisher: Green Cow Coloring
ISBN: 9781945362149
Size: 24.23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Best seller! Limited Time Pricing Get Yours now! This swear word adult coloring book is perfect for parents! It give you the relaxation you deserve! Want a book full of shitty sayings? This book will have you laughing off your chair! This fucking coloring book is ONLY for adults! 30 single sided pages to color A mix between simple and detailed pages. ** BONUS** Minis at the back of the book. 30 Swear word sayings and funny quotes Use markers, Gel pens, Colored pencils! Make these awesome pages shine with color! This swear word adult coloring book is perfect for Men or women. Full of swearing! Swear work adult coloring books * Gorgeous original artwork! * What sweary quotes and sayings are featured in this stress relieving book? I don't give a shit That Mother Fucker Needs Jesus I'm not attractive anyways so FUCK OFF How Did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open? Call Me A Bitch One more time... And I'll show you what a real bitch looks like. Bite Me I bet your brain feels brand new... You NEVER use it! Break the fucking Rules! I hope you get hit by a fucking bus! Your family tree must be a cactus, Because everyone on it, Is a prick. Bitch Please, Fuck yourself with a cactus Bitch You're like a Monday, Nobody likes you. The Only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chickens ass and wait. Cry me a river bitch. You bring everyone a lot of joy. When you leave the fucking room. I hope you choke on the shit you talk. I would unplug your life support to charge my phone. He already ruined your mascara. Don't let him ruin your life. My middle finger salutes you! Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people don't care. I'd slap you, but that would be animal abuse I'm not rude... I'm honest. I love to shop, But I'm not buying any of your bullshit! Don't keep calm, Slap that bitch hard If I throw a stick will you go away? Stress is caused by giving a fuck I don't have a short temper, Just a quick reaction to bullshit. I have no time for stupid people, But they have time for me. What sexual position produces the ugliest children? Ask your mother.... You hate me? Aren't you cute?

Notes To The Asshole Boyfriend

Author: Alex O'Connell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533356413
Size: 51.81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5981
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A Sweary, Coloring Book for Adults Featuring 30 Outrageous Phrases Insults and Curses This book is not only a perfect gift to your ex or asshole boyfriend, but also to your boss, friends, family, annoying guy on the street, crazy cat person, random strangers, co-workers, lazy employees and anyone who might cross your path. There's nothing that says Fuck you, Asshole! better than a well-illustrated and colored page from this book. Take a look why: Each Coloring Page is Printed on a Separate Sheet to Avoid Bleed Through Each Swear word and phrase look funny and cute, but then you can see the real anger behind them Coloring Pages in this book is Designed for Fun, Relaxation, and Anti-Stress Therapy Take a look and some irreverent phrases you will find within this book: Roses are red, Violets are blue. Garbage is dumped, now so are you. Is it hot in here or is this relationship suffocating me? It's not your's your taste in music Sorry Dick, but I think I'm in love with your mom. My cat doesn't like you. I'm not lesbian, but after this relationship, I'm working on it. My car headlights are brighter than your future. Remember God loves you. But I don't. Whatever. You are about as useful as a vibrator with no batteries. Your village called, they're missing an idiot. Calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people. Why don't you slip into something more a coma. Do me a favor. Drop dead. Acting like a dick won't make yours any bigger. You're the dick you'll never have. Damn not you again... Look! You've grew a pube... Oh wait, that's just your dick. Maybe if you water it, it will grow! I just can't take the bad sex anymore And much more! This is an adult coloring book. We recommend you keep it away from children, no matter how much they want to pet the cute drawings on the cover. I think you already thought of some asshole who would enjoy this art of yours. Even if you just want to relax, swearing is one of the best ways, along with coloring, so go ahead, get one or two copies and calm yourself the fuck down. TAGS: adult coloring book, sweary coloring book, swear word coloring book, swear words adult coloring book, bullshit book, bullshit coloring book, james alexander, memos to shitty people, calm the fuck down, chill the fuck out, sasha o'hara, johanna basford, leafy animals coloring book, james alexander, alex o'connell"

Flowers Shit

Author: Immature Coloring
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530752911
Size: 19.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 655
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BUY NOW PRICE WILL GO UP! Want some inappropriate, Sassy, Sweary shit? This book is a stress reliever with fancy sweary words This book will deliver lots of swear words and sas ! 28 Pages to color 6 Bonus Mandalas 2 Extra pages from my other book AssJabber which is another Swear word coloring book 36 Total coloring pages! Some with swear words Single sided 60lbs Paper suitable for most mediums! Including markers and gel pens Perfect for all the swears Pages do not go to the edges of the page making it easier to color them. Pages avoid Gutter area.For optimal Swearyness for your Colouring Portrait style pages What is included in the book? Alcohol references, Insults, and swears, Swear, Swear, dirty and sassy sayings Along with flowers of course! McNasty Do not ever doubt my ability to find shit out. Netflix and Chill? I look pretty and play dirty! LameAss Don't marry rich, Be rich Love Fucking Hurts Strong women Get shit done! I got heels higher than your standards Sometimes Life is too fucking complicated! If someone hates you for no reason, Give that motherfucker a reason Anus Sexy Bitch Spank me Fucking fancy I own you You're mine motherfucker I'm not a princess, I don't need saving. I'm a queen and I got this shit handled. Flowers & Shit I tried to say no to the vodka, But it's 40% stronger than me. Badassy I can't adult today Blow jobs are flowers for men! You are an asshole Just let Karma take care of that bitch for you I'm allergic to bullshit and negativity. Classy, Sassy and a bit Smart assy, Swearing is fun! Get this book and Enjoy these Swear words and funny sas words Adult swear word coloring book swear word coloring book for adults sweary words swear word color book Stress Relieving fancy sweary words Coloring flowers for adults

Schloss Aus Glas

Author: Jeannette Walls
Publisher: Hoffmann und Campe
ISBN: 3455810519
Size: 21.21 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4629
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Jeannette Walls ist ein glückliches Kind: Sie hat einen Vater, der mit ihr auf Dämonenjagd geht, ihr die Physik erklärt und die Sterne vom Himmel holt. Da nimmt sie gerne in Kauf, immer mal wieder mit leerem Bauch ins Bett zu gehen, ihre egomanische Künstlermutter zu ertragen oder in Nacht-und-Nebel-Aktionen den Wohnort zu wechseln. Mit den Jahren allerdings werden die sozialen Verhältnisse schlimmer, die Sprüche des Vaters schaler und das Lügengebäude der Eltern so zerbrechlich wie das Schloss aus Glas, das der Vater jahrelang zu bauen versprochen hatte.

Fuck That Stress Midnight Edition

Author: Alex O'Connell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533416865
Size: 67.42 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3547
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Sometimes no matter what you do to calm down, regular shit just doesn't cut it. You feel stressed, tired and just want to destroy everything that's in your path. You want to relax, but coloring some cute rabbits or cats just doesn't do the trick. That's when it's time to take this book and say "FUCK THAT STRESS"! Whether you want to relax in style, unleash your inner artist, or give an amazing sweary gift to you friends and relatives, your boss or random weirdos on the street, this coloring book is a perfect choice. Here's a little info about this sweary coloring book: Each Coloring Page is Printed on a Separate black Sheet to Avoid Bleed Through Each Coloring Page is Designed for Fun, Relaxation, and Anti-Stress Therapy The Variety of Pages Ensure There is Something for Every Skill Level Receive Free Coloring Pages at Take a look at some of the phrases you'll be coloring inside this midnight swear word coloring book: When I get older than you I'll beat you up! I'll hit you so hard it'll make your grandma hurt. I'm going to go grab some switches and beat your britches If I wanted to kill myself, I would climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ level. I hope you have bad sex I fart in your general direction Life isn't easy, but your mom is. The zoo called. They are wondering how you got out of your cage. I will dress you as a lettuce and feed you to the snails; it will be a very slow death. I will shit on everything you love. The reason I swear so much is because fuck you. I will punch you in the dick with a cactus. I hope you get hit by a UFO. I will shove a shark up your uterus! I'm going to stick my foot so far up your ass I'll be running marathons out of your mouth! I'll hit your shit. Fuck you with a rock. I'll spit on your toothbrush while you sleep! I will tie you down and make you do acid. I hope you step on a lego. Time I'm done with you, you're gonna wish your father pulled out early. You are about as useful as a knitted condom. You should eat some of your make up so you can be pretty on the inside. Take a big step back and literally fuck your own face! Eat a hobo's dick cheese In total, you will find 30 swear word coloring pages that would allow you to calm down and have fun doing it. Order now and start coloring your stress away! This is an adult coloring book. We recommend you keep it away from children, no matter how much they want to see what's hiding inside TAGS: black coloring book, midnight coloring book, black adult coloring book, midnight adult coloring book, sweary coloring book, swear word coloring book, swear words adult coloring book, bullshit book, bullshit coloring book, james alexander, memos to shitty people, calm the fuck down, chill the fuck out, sasha o'hara, johanna basford, leafy animals coloring book, james alexander, alex o'connell

Drachenl Ufer

Author: Khaled Hosseini
Publisher: ebook Berlin Verlag
ISBN: 3827070236
Size: 76.69 MB
Format: PDF
View: 250
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Drachenläufer erzählt vom Schicksal der beiden Jungen Amir und Hassan und ihrer ungücklichen Freundschaft. Eine dramatische Geschichte von Liebe und Verrat, Trennung und Wiedergutmachung vor dem Hintergrund der jüngsten Vergangenheit Afghanistans.

Don T Be A Horse S Ass Color Sweary Mandalas

Author: Kim A. Flodin
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530155941
Size: 25.62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3023
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Reg. price: $11.99 SEE WHAT'S INSIDE: https: // "Don't Be a Horse's Ass! Color Sweary Mandalas" is my fourth mandala coloring book for adults and my second Sweary Mandala book. It follows the popular bestselling, "Oh Shit! Let's Color Sweary Mandalas," which was an Adult Coloring Worldwide Top Sweary Coloring Book Pick, and my answer to the many, many requests I received to create a sweary adult coloring book and jump into the best-selling sweary adult coloring book niche'! After that first book, my family jumped on the bandwagon and said you must do one for our almost 90-year-old Grandma, whose prolific swearing has become a hallmark in our family. If grandma's NOT saying "Don't be a horse's ass!," then you should be worried! I get that swearing isn't for everyone and certainly not for everyone to color and I have no intention of offending anyone and apologize in advance if I do. However, having grown up around the creative cussing of my grandmother, I was inspired to create these books. I also confess to being quite sweary myself at times and find swearing to be both cathartic and empowering. I respect swearing and I love these sweary word mandala books just make sense. I love creating them. I sincerely hope, like I hope for all my books, that it becomes a bestseller because that would mean there's a whole lot of people feeling the joy of the sweary word mandala. The fact that this is my forth mandala book is actually ironic. I don't really like mandalas - yes, they are beautiful and amazing, but I've never truly enjoyed coloring them...too stiff, too perfect somehow for my taste and I've stayed away from them in my art. Then I discovered a way to create my own version filled with my flowy and whimsical art - and in the case of this fun adult coloring book, a few choice sweary words and phrases - and it turned out awesome and was super fun to color! Fun & Sweary Phrases Included: Asshat, Bitch, Blow Me, Cocksucker, Dick Face, Dick Pickle, Dickwad, Douche Bag, Eat Me, Far Fucking Out, Fuckface, Fuckity Fuck Fuck, Fuck This, Fuckwit Central, Don't Be A Horses Ass, LO-Fucking-L, Lube It UpPeckerhead, Pinch A LoafPink Wrinkle, Piss Shit Fuck.Potty Mouth, Rat Bastard, Shit Head.Twat Waffle Book Highlights: 26 All Original Designs, Designs for Assorted Skill Levels, Single Side Printing on White Paper, Stress-Relieving Patterns, Extra Blank Pages for Bleed through Side Effects: Lots of Joy, Endless Laughter, Relaxation, Lightheartedness, Way Too Much Fun Highly recommended for PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic stress and anger issues. Visit for fun freebies and more.

It S Too Early For This Shit

Author: The Irreverent The Irreverent Iguana
ISBN: 9781983766053
Size: 60.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6975
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Work sucks, but your day doesn't have to. The stress of working Monday-Friday can be debilitating. Whether you work 2 days a week or 7, this coloring book is here to give you some much needed relief. Idiot co-workers? A piece of sh*t boss? No worries. We understand. What's Inside 40 snarky pages to release work anger Single sided for framing and to prevent bleed through Large sized 8.5 x 11 inch pages Variance in difficulty levels Sweary quotes and sassy sayings to help you get through the week Perfect gift for co-workers, bosses, or fellow job haters Take a moment to sit, stop working, relax and lift your spirits. This hilarious adult coloring book is filled with positively shrewd affirmations to help you stay strong through the worst days of the week. Remember, you are not alone. We all think work sucks.

Vier Farben Der Magie

Author: V. E. Schwab
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104901686
Size: 52.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6343
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›Vier Farben der Magie‹ ist der erste Band von V. E. Schwabs großer Fantasy-Trilogie um den Magier und Weltenwanderer Kell und um Delilah Bard, ihres Zeichens Diebin und Trickbetrügerin. Es gibt vier Farben der Magie: Im roten London befindet sie sich im Gleichgewicht mit dem Leben. Im weißen London wird die Magie versklavt, kontrolliert, unterdrückt. Dem grauen London ist sie fast abhandengekommen. Und im schwarzen London hat sie das Leben selbst vertilgt. Als einer der wenigen Antari springt Kell zwischen den verschiedenen Welten hin und her. Doch er führt ein Doppelleben: Er ist Botschafter der Könige, aber auch ein Schmuggler. Eines Tages wird ihm als Bezahlung für einen außergewöhnlichen Botengang ein schwarzer Stein zugesteckt. Dass es sich um ein mächtiges magisches Artefakt handelt, merkt er erst, als er sich von einem gefährlichen Feind verfolgt sieht, der ihm das gute Stück abjagen möchte und dabei vor keinem Mittel zurückschreckt. Auf der Flucht trifft der Magier die gewitzte Diebin Delilah Bard, die Kell zunächst ausraubt, ihm dann aber hilft. Allerdings erwartet sie eine Gegenleistung von ihm ... »›Vier Farben der Magie‹ hat alle Merkmale eines absoluten Fantasy-Klassikers: eine packende Geschichte, denkwürdige Figuren und eine phantastische, aber glaubhafte Welt. Das Buch ist ein Schatz.« (Deborah Harkness)

Bartim Us Das Auge Des Golem

Author: Jonathan Stroud
Publisher: cbj Verlag
ISBN: 3894801670
Size: 13.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6758
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Bartimäus ist wieder da! „Klar habe ich damit gerechnet, dass mich eines Tages wieder irgendein Schwachkopf mit spitzem Hut beschwört, aber doch nicht derselbe wie beim letzten Mal!“ Zwei Jahre und acht Monate ist es her, seit sich die Wege von Bartimäus und Nathanel zuletzt gekreuzt haben. Der ehrgeizige Nathanel hat inzwischen Karriere im Zaubereiministerium gemacht und soll Informationen über den »Widerstand« beschaffen: Eine Gruppe nichtmagischer Gewöhnlicher stiehlt immer wieder magische Gegenstände und setzt sie für Anschläge gegen die Zauberer ein. Zur Widerstandsbewegung gehört auch die 15-jährige Kitty, die mit einer seltenen Gabe geboren wurde: außergewöhnlicher Abwehrkraft gegen Magie! Als eines Nachts eine ganze Reihe Luxusgeschäfte für Magier bei einem Anschlag zerstört wird, erhält Nathanael den Auftrag, die Widerständler dingfest zu machen. Er weiß, dass dies seine große Bewährungsprobe sein wird ... Und er setzt alles daran, Kitty und ihre Verbündeten aufzuspüren. Als diese entkommen, weiß sich Nathanael keinen anderen Rat mehr. Bartimäus muss wieder her – doch wie nicht anders zu erwarten, ist der nicht gerade beglückt, als er schon wieder in die Dienste dieses grässlichen Ehrgeizlings treten muss. • Atemberaubend spannend, umwerfend komisch und einfach unwiderstehlich: die Fortsetzung des brillanten Fantasy-Abenteuers