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Teaching And Learning

Author: Charles Desforges
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470779780
Size: 78.81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This is the first collection of key articles on the psychology behind educational attainment. It brings together in one volume for students a set of accessible but influential papers, representing the best classic and cutting edge work in the field.

Essential Readings In Psychology First Edition

Author: Robin Kowalski
Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781516506224
Size: 68.95 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The anthology Readings in Psychology: From Foundation to Application features a selection of carefully curated readings that introduce students to foundational topics in the discipline. The book opens with an exploration of subjects such as physiological or biological psychology, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, learning, and memory. Later chapters are devoted to thought, language, and intelligence, consciousness, motivation and emotion, and health, stress, and coping. The final chapters address specialized topics including social psychology, psychological disorders and their treatment, and applications of psychology in forensics, sports, and more. Designed to serve as a stand-alone text or a supplemental reader, Readings in Psychology includes guidelines for use in standard introductory psychology courses as well as honors courses. With its accessible and high-interest content, the book is well-suited to undergraduates, whether majors or non-majors in the field. Robin Kowalski, who earned her Ph.D. in social psychology at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro, is a Trevillian professor of psychology at Clemson University. Dr. Kowalski is a past recipient of Clemson's Award of Distinction, the university's College of Business and Behavior Science Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, and the Phil Prince Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Classroom. Her research focuses on aversive behaviors such as teasing and bullying, and she is the author of several books in the field including Complaining, Teasing, and Other Annoying Behaviors, Behaving Badly, and Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age.

International Review Of Industrial And Organizational Psychology 2006

Author: Gerard P. Hodgkinson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470033584
Size: 66.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5857
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This is the twenty-first in the most prestigious series of annual volumes in the field of industrial and organizational psychology. The series provides authoritative and integrative reviews of the key literature of industrial psychology and organizational behaviour. The chapters are written by established experts and topics are carefully chosen to reflect the major concerns in both the research literature and in current practice. Reflecting the ethos of the series as a whole, this twenty-first volume provides scholarly, state-of-the-art overviews of developments across a diverse range of areas, including: attribution theory, performance appraisal, women at work, international management, task analysis, and qualitative research methods. Each chapter offers a comprehensive and critical survey of the chosen topic, and each is supported by a valuable bibliography. For advanced students, academics and researchers, as well as professional psychologists and managers, this remains the most authoritative and current guide to new developments and established knowledge in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.

Essential Readings In Problem Based Learning

Author: Andrew Elbert Walker
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 1557536821
Size: 76.92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This book surveys the state of problem-based learning and assesses the impact of this innovative educational methodology on teaching and research effectiveness across a range of disciplines and in a variety of organizational contexts.

Learning And Leading With Habits Of Mind

Author: Arthur L. Costa
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN: 1416607412
Size: 26.67 MB
Format: PDF
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In Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind, noted educators Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick present a comprehensive guide to shaping schools around Habits of Mind. The habits are a repertoire of behaviors that help both students and teachers successfully navigate the various challenges and problems they encounter in the classroom and in everyday life. The Habits of Mind include * Persisting * Managing impulsivity * Listening with understanding and empathy * Thinking flexibly * Thinking about thinking (metacognition) * Striving for accuracy * Questioning and posing problems * Applying past knowledge to new situations * Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision * Gathering data through all senses * Creating, imagining, innovating * Responding with wonderment and awe * Taking responsible risks * Finding humor * Thinking interdependently * Remaining open to continuous learning This volume brings together--in a revised and expanded format--concepts from the four books in Costa and Kallick's earlier work Habits of Mind: A Developmental Series. Along with other highly respected scholars and practitioners, the authors explain how the 16 Habits of Mind dovetail with up-to-date concepts of what constitutes intelligence; present instructional strategies for activating the habits and creating a "thought-full" classroom environment; offer assessment and reporting strategies that incorporate the habits; and provide real-life examples of how communities, school districts, building administrators, and teachers can integrate the habits into their school culture. Drawing upon their research and work over many years, in many countries, Costa and Kallick present a compelling rationale for using the Habits of Mind as a foundation for leading, teaching, learning, and living well in a complex world.

Essential Readings In Health Behavior Theory And Practice

Author: Mark Edberg
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1449653812
Size: 76.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Essential Readings in Health Behavior: Theory and Practice is ideal as a companion to the textbook Essentials of Health Behavior. It complements the text in several ways: First, it offers selections from readings referred to and outlined in the text. Second, the annotations introducing the readings provide guidance and tie them to themes outlined in the basic text. Third, the readings provides students and the instructor with options for exploring issues in more depth. Finally, the reader includes case-related articles concerning ways in which the theoretical approaches to behavior have been applied in real-world settings – both successfully and unsuccessfully.

Essential Readings In Management Learning

Author: Christopher Grey
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412932270
Size: 64.40 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume brings together some of the best writing published in the journal Management Learning since its re-launch under this title in 1994. The selection very much reflects the mission of the journal to act as a showcase for innovative, international and interdisciplinary work which covers a wide gamut of issues connected to management, organizations, learning and knowledge. The field of management learning, widely drawn in this way, brings together some of the key preoccupations within several areas of management, organization studies and social science more generally. Learning and knowledge have become central themes within thee areas for several reasons, both practical and theoretical. These include the way that organizational learning is seen as a key source of competitive advantage, and the wider analysis that individuals and organizations now inhabit a `knowledge economy'. Theoretically, recent years have seen emerging understandings of the social significance of `communities of practice', whilst learning in its many manifestations is increasingly seen as being imbricated in issues of power. This latter points to one of the particular areas which has been a focus for the journal, namely more critically orientated approaches to management learning. This collection provides readings grouped under six key headings which reflect where some of the most influential and provocative work in the field has been done over recent years, namely: - Organizational Learning and Learning Organizations - Individual Learning - Critical Approaches to Management Education and Learning - Pedagogical Practice - Globalization and Management Learning - Beyond Management Learning Along with an editorial introduction, this volume will provide a unique and invaluable resource for anyone studying or researching management learning and cognate areas, by bringing together some of the best peer-reviewed work in the field.

The Nature Nurture Debate

Author: Stephen J. Ceci
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9780631217398
Size: 46.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Nature/Nurture Debate: The Essential Readings provides students with a selection of some of the key articles by key researchers in this core area of developmental psychology.

Readings In Educational Psychology

Author: E. Stones
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415678455
Size: 47.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The papers in this volume relate to the nature and conditions of classroom learning, with particular emphasis on the cognitive aspects. They are concerned with the question of concept formation and stress the importance of the teacher's function in ensuring that the child really has assimilated the ideas and not merely the words for the concepts. The role of language is fundamental to this theme, and the interaction of language, thinking and learning is dealt with in the first section of the book. This section also provides a context within which subsequent discussions of classroom learning problems can be viewed. Some problems concerning the elaboration of a general theory of teaching are then examined with particular reference to possible methods of bridging the gap between research and implementation.

Teaching And Learning

Author: Richard Fox
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
ISBN: 9781405114875
Size: 49.49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Drawing on educational and psychological research and adhering closely to QTS standards, trainee teachers will find this easy-to-read book an invaluable guide to child psychology and the psychology of teaching. a realistic and in-depth account of different kinds of learning; summarises reliable knowledge about how teaching can aid learning in schools; addresses issues of interest to all teachers – including the repertoire of teaching, the main phases of learning, the classroom environment, keeping order, and lesson planning – in a practical and accessible manner; also covers more complex topics such as intelligence, special educational needs, bullying, child abuse, gender, ethnicity, teacher expectations and assessment; gives examples of practice across all four key stages and different school subjects; would form a suitable part of the government-led continuing professional development project: Excellence and Enjoyment - A Strategy for Primary Schools.