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Technische Rheologie In Beispielen Und Berechnungen

Author: Rüdiger Worthoff
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527675566
Size: 59.30 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In der chemisch-technischen Industrie werden zunehmend Stoffe verarbeitet, die besondere viskoelastische Eigenschaften aufweisen und sich gegenuber "normalen" Newtonschen Flussigkeiten au?ergewohnlich verhalten. Hierzu gehoren u.a. Losungen und Schmelzen polymerer Medien, hochmolekulare Ole und verschiedene Suspensionen. Diese Substanzen stellen oft eine Herausforderung fur die Forderung und Verarbeitung in Apparaten und Anlagen dar. Mit diesem Praktikerbuch gibt Rudiger Worthoff dem Leser ein Werkzeug an die Hand, das es ihm ermoglicht, das Stoffverhalten in der Praxis mittels mathematischer Berechnungen einzuschatzen. Nach einer kurzen Einfuhrung der theoretischen Grundlagen werden anhand von konkreten Fragen und Antworten die Probleme der modernen technischen Rheologie und deren Berechenbarkeit erortert. Das Kapitel Rheometrie behandelt die Messtechniken und Bestimmung rheologischer Parameter. Die anderen Kapitel widmen sich den Stromungen in verschiedenen Geometrien. Die Vorstellung thermischer Effekte und Warmeubertragungsprozesse in der Rheologie runden den Inhalt ab. Ein Glossar am Buchende sowie Verstandnisfragen und Losungen zu jedem Kapitel helfen das Gelernte zu vertiefen. Unentbehrlich fur jeden Chemieingenieur, Verfahrenstechniker und Kunststofftechnologen in Studium und Beruf.

Dating Torrential Processes On Fans And Cones

Author: Michelle Schneuwly-Bollschweiler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940074336X
Size: 74.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a detailed overview on methods used for the dating of past torrential activity on fans and cones and fosters the discussion on the impact of past and potential future climate change on torrential processes. The book has a clear focus on the practical applications of these methods, complemented by case studies. The limits of each dating method in case of excessive natural and human interventions on fans and cones are shown.

Bentonite Handbook

Author: Steffen Praetorius
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3433031371
Size: 68.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Pipe jacking is a construction process for the no-dig laying of pipes. Successful pipe jacking demands low skin friction between the ground and the jacked pipe. This is achieved with bentonite lubrication. The bentonite slurry fed into the annular gap fulfils several purposes. It stabilises the annular gap by supporting the surrounding ground and reduces friction contact between ground and jacked pipe. The Bentonite Handbook deals comprehensibly with the relevant aspects of annular gap lubrication: starting with the ground conditions, which are of decisive importance for lubrication, through the rheological properties of the bentonite slurry to the technical components of lubrication technology and lubrication strategy. The use of standardised measuring apparatus is described as well as mixing equipment and the automatic lubrication system. Overview tables with calculations and suggested values for bentonite consumption quantities depending on the prevailing ground conditions and the pipe jacking parameters complete the recommendations.

Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Author: Klemens Kohlgrüber
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446433414
Size: 27.64 MB
Format: PDF
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Co-rotating screws and/or extruders are used in many branches of industry for producing, preparing and/or processing highly viscous materials. They find a wide variety of applications especially in the plastics, rubber and food industries. Co-rotating twin-screw machines usually have modular configurations and are thus quite flexible for adapting to changing tasks and material properties. Well-founded knowledge of machines, processes and material behavior are required in order to design twin-screw extruder for economically successful operations. This book provides basic engineering knowledge regarding twin-screw machines; it lists the most important machine-technical requirements and provides examples based on actual practice. Better understanding of the processes is emphasized as this is a prerequisite for optimizing twin-screw designs and operating them efficiently. Besides basic functions, such as compounding, the book focuses on: - the historical development of twin-screws - the geometry of the screw elements (fundamentals, basic patents, patents overview) - material properties and material behavior in the machine - fundamentals of feed behavior, pressure build-up and power input - examples of applications for various processing tasks - compounding: tasks, applications, processing zones - potential and limits of modeling - scaling-up various processes - machine design incl. drives and materials

Dynamic Response Of Granular And Porous Materials Under Large And Catastrophic Deformations

Author: Kolumban Hutter
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540008491
Size: 15.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A "Sonderforschungsbereich" (SFB) is a programme of the "Deutsche For schungsgemeinschaft" to financially support a concentrated research effort of a number of scientists located principally at one University, Research La boratory or a number of these situated in close proximity to one another so that active interaction among individual scientists is easily possible. Such SFB are devoted to a topic, in our case "Deformation and Failure in Metallic and Granular M aterialK' , and financing is based on a peer reviewed proposal for three (now four) years with the intention of several prolongations after evaluation of intermediate progress and continuation reports. An SFB is terminated in general by a formal workshop, in which the state of the art of the achieved results is presented in oral or I and poster communications to which also guests are invited with whom the individual project investigators may have collaborated. Moreover, a research report in book form is produced in which a number of articles from these lectures are selected and collected, which present those research results that withstood a rigorous reviewing pro cess (with generally two or three referees). The theme deformation and failure of materials is presented here in two volumes of the Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics by Springer Verlag, and the present volume is devoted to granular and porous continua. The complementary volume (Lecture Notes in Applied and Com putational Mechanics, vol. 10, Eds. K. HUTTER & H.

Avian Ancestors

Author: Federico Agnolin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400756372
Size: 14.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Although consensus exists among researchers that birds evolved from coelurosaurian theropods, paleontologists still debate the identification of the group of coelurosaurians that most closely approaches the common ancestor of birds. The last 20 years witnessed the discovery of a wide array of avian-like theropods that has considerably amplified the anatomical disparity among deinonychosaurians, some of which resemble Archaeopteryx more than Deinonychus. Among these newly discovered theropods that show remarkable bird-like characteristics are the four-winged theropods Microraptor and Anchiornis, and the unenlagiids Unenlagia, Buitreraptor, and Rahonavis. A bizarre group of minute-sized coelurosaurs, the Scansoriopterygidae, also exhibits some avian similarities that lead some authors to interpret them as more closely related to birds than other dinosaurs. With the aim to explore the phylogenetic relationships of these coelurosaurians and birds, we merged recently published integrative databases, resulting in significant changes in the topological distribution of taxa within Paraves. We present evidence that Dromaeosauridae, Microraptoria, Unenlagiidae, and Anchiornis + Xiaotingia form successive sister taxa of Aves, and that the Scansoriopterygidae are basal coelurosaurians not closely related to birds. The implications in the evolutionary sequence of anatomical characters leading to birds, including the origin of flight, are also considered in light of this new phylogenetic hypothesis.