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The Girl Next Door Mills Boon Intrigue Shadow Agents Guts And Glory Book 2

Author: Cynthia Eden
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 1472050045
Size: 11.95 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1608
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When Gabrielle Harper’s gutsy investigative reporting attracts a serial killer, her new neighbour begins keeping an eye on her. Cooper Marshall, an Elite Operations Division specialist, knows when the time comes he’ll protect Gabrielle – even if it means breaking his cover...

The Doppelganger Protocol The Remnants Of War Series Book 2

Author: Patrick Astre
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
ISBN: 161417508X
Size: 63.33 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 811
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Post 9-11, the CIA began developing "Chupacabra"—genetically engineered animals—to track and kill insurgents in Afghanistan. Now the program is complete... and in Russian hands. The first mission: eliminate an undercover agent before he can hand-off secret information. But now every person who came in contact with the body is dying, and the virus is spreading. When ex-Special Forces operator Richard Daniels is asked by the victim's sister to investigate her brother's gruesome death, she hands Richard an encrypted CD that arrived shortly after her brother's death. Daniels turns to Chantal Latour, a member of his old army squad in Afghanistan, for help. While Daniels and Chantal investigate, and the CDC chases after a weaponized strain of the Ebola virus with no known cure, the Russians find and kidnap Chantal's daughter. The ransom: return the CD or witness first-hand what a "Chupacabra" can do. THE REMNANTS OF WAR, in series order The Last Operation The Doppelganger Protocol The Devil's Eye Twilight of Demons

The Life And Times Of Charles Book Ii

Author: Dryfuss W. Driftwood
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493156411
Size: 26.52 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2783
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CHARLESSPY EXTRAORDINAIRE Awaiting the reader is humorous adventure; satire and surprise are rampant Each chapter finds our spy extraordinaire overcoming bad guy spies who are endangering world peace. With headquarters in The Hague, Holland, the International Good-guy Spy Agency enlists our noble Charles and his companions. Enjoy the bizarre as Charles comes upon the unforeseen and cleverly thwarts his adversaries: In search of the Egyptian Kids Mummy: Charles and companions visit ancestral tombs of the Kids ancient grand mummies. They must find his present day mummys lost inheritance. The Kids present day mummy really needs the dough. The Piccadilly Murders: Murderwas the cry that night at Londons famous Piccadilly Circus. Charles discovers the dark and devious plans that have been consuming members of the renowned Piccadilly family. In Banana Farewell: the Islands vast banana harvest has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. The authorities have gone bananas searching. Charles and Schultz must act quickly before the whole world is overcome by banana based powerful laughing gas. Charles has gained much experience in international intrigue and also in just plain fooling around. . . . You, Dear Reader, are invited to accompany him; follow right alongside and enjoy. Boy! How can you even think of staying home!

Minder Rising

Author: Carol Van Natta
Publisher: Chavanch Press, LLC
ISBN: 0983174121
Size: 27.95 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 7179
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A covert agent asked to train a prodigy telepath discovers he must first keep the boy and his mother alive in a gleaming city full of danger. A millennium into the future, the Citizen Protection Service tests all children for minder talents, and recruits the best. Injured agent Lièrén Sòng is recovering from a near-fatal crash in Spires, the gleaming capital city of the galaxy. He should be preparing to return to interrogating criminals for the Citizen Protection Service, but he's made unexpected friends with a woman and her son. The boy has strong telepathic talents similar to Lièrén's, and his attractive mother makes Lièrén long for the stability of family. Imara Sesay works hard as a road crew chief in Spires and part-time bartender to provide for her son Derrit. For him, she even breaks her ironclad rule never to get close to a customer, when she trusts Lièrén to teach her son how to control his growing telepathic talents. However, new fatalities in his covert unit make Lièrén suspect he isn't a lucky survivor, he's a loose end. He should pull away from Imara and Derrit to keep them safe. But when the local CPS Testing Center shows a more than usual interest in the boy, Lièrén must make an impossible choice—protect the boy, or run for his own life. Can he stay alive long enough to save Imara and her prodigy son? ** 2015 SFR Galaxy Award winner ** Hang on for another action-packed ride through a futuristic galaxy—get your copy of Minder Rising today! The Central Galactic Concordance series: • Overload Flux (Book 1) • Minder Rising (Book 2) • Zero Flux (Novella 2.5) • Pico's Crush (Book 3) • Jumper’s Hope (Book 4) - - - - - - - - - - - Keywords: science fiction romance, space opera, action, adventure, telepathy, paranormal, galactic government, republic, corporations, romantic suspense, psychic, love, international, thriller, mystery, interracial, multi-cultural, LGBT

Daniel And Job Book Ii The Nograv

Author: William Rich
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 168222709X
Size: 27.14 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2793
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"Daniel and Job, Book II: The Nograv" is a true sequel to "Daniel and Job." It is a science-fiction romantic comedy which continues the adventures of Daniel Johnstone, his amazing dog Job, Daniel's new bride Jessie, Captain Kandar of Ionus and General Jerome Bascombe. The story slightly overlaps the end of the first book by beginning with Mr. Benjamin's attempt to assassinate Daniel at the Vatican so that Mr. Jacobs and his team could commandeer the spaceship Dorius, but it does so this time from the vantage point of the would-be assassins. After this fiasco, Benjamin is forced to flee across Europe and to develop a plan to finish his "project" with new recruits. The story then focuses on Daniel and his friends and their attempts to reclaim their lives in America. As each new adventure unfolds, Daniel's box of leather-bound booklets continues to add interesting asides as he recounts his interactions with legends from the past while many of the characters from "Daniel and Job" return to play key roles in this tale of an extraordinary couple's search for peace, love and happiness.

The Epic Forgotten Book Two Through A Watery Veil

Author: J Christopher Wickham
ISBN: 130460411X
Size: 29.25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2344
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Professor James Campbell and Gwenn Chapel thought they'd found their answers, but the sudden discovery of a mysterious artifact renews their search for the truth. While Gwenn turns to Campbell's oldest rival to unravel the mystery surrounding a 12th century knight and a German mercenary, Campbell enlists the aid of an unlikely ally to prove that someone is deliberately trying to lead them away from the truth. They soon discover that it could be the same truth that John Chapel died trying to expose. Will they succeed where he failed, or meet a similar fate before they find the last pieces of the puzzle? This sequel to The Girl in the Rain follows the continuing saga of John Chapel and promises to deliver more of the same intrigue, surprise twists and intense, character-driven storyline as the first book.

Element Princess Book Two

Author: Jenaia Williams
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1493104594
Size: 52.85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3059
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As the journey continues for the brave and beautiful Element Princesses, they learn that their enemies numbers dont diminish they evolve. New members of the Docks take matters into their own hands and intend to ruin the princesses and their allies at all cost. Some members team up while other simply follow their instincts. Each princess experiences her own turmoil as the days pass. They must fight these battles on their own. Their powers will not always assist them. Will they be able to come to terms with more Demon Lords, the news of their titans waking up, and the introduction of their weapons - the Zygotes? With the Docks on the move and more obstacles to overcome, the princesses must conquer all and face their inner turmoil or else it will be the end. Book Two: Evolution

Humor In Contemporary Junior Literature

Author: Julie Cross
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136839879
Size: 20.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3094
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In this new book, Julie Cross examines the intricacies of textual humor in contemporary junior literature, using the tools of literary criticism and humor theory. Cross investigates the dialectical paradoxes of humor and debunks the common belief in oppositional binaries of ‘simple’ versus ‘complex’ humor. The varied combinations of so-called high and low forms of humor within junior texts for young readers, who are at such a crucial stage of their reading and social development, provide a valuable commentary upon the culture and values of contemporary western society, making the book of considerable interest to scholars of both children’s literature and childhood studies. Cross explores the ways in which the changing content, forms and functions of the many varied combinations of humor in junior texts, including the Lemony Snickett series, reveal societal attitudes towards young children and childhood. The new compounds of seemingly paradoxical high and low forms of humor, in texts for developing readers from the 1960s onwards, reflect and contribute to contemporary society’s hesitant and uneven acceptance of the emergent paradigm of children’s rights, abilities, participation and empowerment. Cross identifies four types of potentially subversive/transgressive humor which have emerged since the 1960s which, coupled with the three main theories of humor – relief, superiority and incongruity theories – enables a long-overdue charting of developments in humor within junior texts. Cross also argues that the gradual increase in the compounding of the simple and the complex provide opportunities for young readers to play with ambiguous, complicated ideas, helping them embrace the complexities and contradictions of contemporary life.

The Boss Next Door

Author: Roz Denny Fox
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460307372
Size: 27.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4160
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Love, family, success. Can you really have it all? Garrett Lock wants it all. He's a single father with a child he adores. He has a successful career. And now he wants a second chance at marriage, another shot at love—with Sherry Campbell. Despite her desire for a family, Sherry doesn't believe that love and independence are compatible. But when Garrett becomes her boss—and her neighbor—she starts to question her assumptions, falling first for his eight-year-old son…and then for him. Maybe with a bit of compromise and a lot of trust... you can have it all?

The Mammoth Book Of Prison Breaks

Author: Paul Simpson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472100247
Size: 65.58 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 102
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True stories of prison breaks including those of Frank Abagnale, whose story is told in Catch Me If You Can; Henri Charrière who claimed to have escaped from the supposedly inescapable Devil's Island - the true story as opposed to his questionable memoir, Papillon; Bud Day, said to be the only US serviceman ever to have escaped to South Vietnam; the six prisoners who escaped from Death Row in Mecklenburg Correctional Center; and Pascal Payeret, the French armed robber who escaped not once, but twice from French prisons with the help of a helicopter.