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The Art Of Making Good Decisions

Author: Philip Kimble
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781542404075
Size: 66.49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2390
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Whether you have been unable to narrow down a new career path or are simply frozen in front of the refrigerator trying to decide what to make for dinner, this book can help you learn how to bring sense and clarity to the choices, and will help you move from inaction to decisiveness. This book takes proven strategic models found in business and organizational settings, and adapts them to the personal level in a simple and easy to apply format. If you have ever felt that stifling feeling of helplessness, when you can't seem to move forward because you don't know which way to go; when you can't see through the forest of multiple possibilities; when you don't trust yourself enough to make these sorts of decisions, this might just be useful for you.

The Art Of Discernment

Author: Stefan Kiechle
ISBN: 9781594710353
Size: 59.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4006
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A way to make important decisions--look at the pros and cons, consider the decision, listen to your heart, and seek the freedom to do what's best.

The Art Of Decision Making

Author: Morton Davis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461210747
Size: 68.75 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 7412
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Suppose you had the chance to invest in a venture that succeeds half the time. When you fail you lose your in vestment; when you succeed you make a profit of$1.60 for every $1.00 you invest. The odds are 8 to 5 in your favor and you should do well-casinos and insurance companies thrive under less favorable conditions. If you can invest as much as you like, as often as you like, using a betting system that guarantees you can't go broke, common sense suggests you will almost certainly make aprofitafteryou make a large numberofinvestments. In response to yourrequest for a hot stock yourastrologer tells you ABC Inc. will triple in a year (she's really a fraud and picked the stock at random). But since such stocks are rare (one in athousand) you consultan expert and, strangely enough, he confirms the astrologer. From experience you know that the expert diagnoses all stocks, good and bad, correctly, 90% of the time. Common sense suggests you have an excellent chance of tripling your money. You are chairman of acommittee ofthree. Decisions are made by majority rule but if there is no majority your vote as chairman breaks ties. Common sense suggests you will inevitably have more power to determine the outcome than the other members.

The Art Of Decisions

Author: Chris Blake
Publisher: Pearson UK
ISBN: 0273741225
Size: 18.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 2734
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When you think about it, being a manager means constantly having to make decisions. Who should you hire? What should your budget be? How should you handle this project? And even more critically, what should you do today? Decision making is one of those core skills that is assumed but rarely taught. Yet it is a complex behaviour and understanding more about how we do it and how we can use more effective decision making techniques, will pay dividends in any manager's day-to-day life. The Art of Decisions will ensure you have the skills to make better decisions every time. The book combines business case studies, lessons from poker, the learning from 500 years of probability and game theory, and decades of psychological research to convey powerful messages about decision making in business. It distils the meaning of good business judgement and highlights the subjective influences that haunt all decision makers, showing you how to recognise them and deal with them. Written for the time-starved business manager, The Art of Decisions will have a universal appeal as it applies to all business sectors and any manager, from the newly promoted team leader to the experienced international CEO. No other book on the market addresses the fundamental issues of business decision making. The Art of Decisions plugs that gap.

A Field Guide To Good Decisions

Author: Mark D. Bennett
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275989378
Size: 56.19 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2907
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How individuals, groups, and organizations can learn to make better decisions--driven by their values, informed by dialogue, and communicated with clarity

Why Flip A Coin

Author: H. W. Lewis
Publisher: Wiley
Size: 63.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 5249
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"It is rare to come across a book that can truly be called fascinating, but here is one."-New Scientist Why Flip a Coin? What's the best way to choose the right spouse? . . . How can I increase my chances of winning the office football pool? . . . By what process should I choose a candidate in the Senate race? . . . Could I possibly make more money playing poker instead of the stock market? Using examples gleaned from everyday life, noted physicist H. W. Lewis explains what science has discovered about the rules that govern good-and not-so-good-decision making. Full of provocative insights into human psychology and behavior, Why Flip a Coin? will leave you laughing-even as you're learning. "Should you read this book or not? If you don't read it you will surely miss out on Lewis's flinty wit and sharp sense of irony. The choice is clear. You needn't even flip a coin."-The Sciences "Lighthearted but far from flippant." (Science Editor's Recommended Book)

Decisions Decisions

Author: David A. Welch
Publisher: Pyr Books
Size: 48.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7610
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You're tempted to accept a promising job offer in another city, but moving would entail considerable sacrifice on the part of your family. What should you do? Your elderly mother can no longer take care of herself but she doesn't get along with your husband and dreads the prospect of moving into a nursing home. What is the solution? Whether you are faced with decisions momentous or trivial, how you go about resolving everyday dilemmas will definitely affect your level of satisfaction in life. In this engrossing and entertaining guide, David Welch, who has studied the decision-making process at the highest levels, shows how both the science and the art of decision-making are essential to us all. Welch lays out nine steps to effective decision-making and then demonstrates how to apply these steps to real-world situations. He gives readers the intellectual tools to assess their strengths and weaknesses and stresses that self-knowledge is critical for making the right decisions. This enjoyable, clearly written guide will enable decision-makers at every level to find the best possible solution for dilemmas both big and small.

Decision Master

Author: Pearl Zhu
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1483593053
Size: 70.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 902
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“Decision Master” is the guidebook to perceive digital mindsets with multidimensional decision intelligence, define a set of decision-making principles, articulate potential pitfalls in decision-making scenario, describe digital decision-making styles, summarize the important elements in building the decision-making capability and taking stepwise steps to achieve decision maturity. Chapter 1 Decision Intelligence: Intelligence has been defined in several ways. First, intelligence is a cognitive process involving rational and abstract thinking. Second, it is goal-directed and purposeful, and it means that all intelligent activities such as decision-making, are planned to reach a self-determined goal. Finally, it involves social competence to help individuals adjust to their environmental surroundings. It is important to make sound decisions via leveraging multidimensional intelligence. Chapter 2 Decision-Making Principles: One significant effect of digitization is increased velocity, complexity, ambiguity, unpredictability, and a need for a faster response to changes in businesses and industries based on effective and efficient decision making. It’s important to set well-defined principles for guiding decision-making on a day to day basis. The principles as a digital compass will guide all levels of the organization to be able to make decisions in a very organic relationship with its environment. Chapter 3 Digital Decision-Making Styles: Decision making is both the art and science. Having all the facts to make the best decision is a utopia we would all like. But in practice, each person has his or her own cognitive strength, knowledge expertise, capability, experience, or the tailored style to become a decision master. At group setting, in order to make the best decisions, it is better having a mix of complementing mindsets, skills and decision-making styles for achieving decision maturity. Chapter 4 Decision-Making Pitfalls: Making decision is one of the significant tasks for digital leaders and professionals today. However, the high ratio of strategic decisions has been made poorly and causes catastrophic effects. What are key factors contributing to poor quality decision-making? How to avoid potential decision-making pitfalls for improving decisions effectiveness and maturity. Chapter 5 Decision Maturity: The reason decision making is often a difficult task because it is contextual and situational, it takes a unique individual to understand a situation and relate it to the present. There are many variables in complex decision making, there are tradeoffs you have to leverage, and there is no magic formula to follow. At the Digital Era, making wise decisions means to leverage multidimensional thought processes, advanced analytic tools, the human intuition, and efficient processes to improve the overall effectiveness and maturity of decision making. Decision making is an art only until the person understands the science (process, analytics, tool, etc.). It takes the multidisciplinary approach, to frame the right questions before answering them. It has to leverage multidimensional decision intelligence with a combination of both creative thinking and critical thinking, divergent thinking and convergent thinking, strategic thinking and systems thinking, holistic thinking and paradoxical thinking. Ensure you are both information savvy and be flexible to select the optimal solutions with decision wisdom.