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The Art Of Mesoamerica

Author: Mary Ellen Miller
ISBN: 9780500204146
Size: 41.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Offers a survey of Mesoamerican art and architecture that includes color reproductions of the antiquities discovered throughout the region and background information about each item.

Maya Art And Architecture

Author: Mary Ellen Miller
ISBN: 9780500204221
Size: 48.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Presents a survey of Mayan art and architecture, focusing on the classical period from 100 B.C. to 909 A.D., covering tombs, palaces, temples, and shrines, and including such art forms as ceramics, sculptures, stone reliefs, and paintings.

Art And Architecture In Mexico

Author: James Oles
ISBN: 9780500204061
Size: 17.11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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“A lucid—at times, even poetic—summary of five hundred years of Mexican art. The illustrated works of art are well-chosen and beautifully integrated into Oles's text. Indeed, it feels as if his words emanate from the art itself.” –Donna Pierce, Denver Art Museum

The Art Of Urbanism

Author: William Leonard Fash
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780884023449
Size: 56.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Art of Urbanism explores how the royal courts of powerful Mesoamerican centers represented their kingdoms in architectural, iconographic, and cosmological terms. Through an investigation of the ecological contexts and environmental opportunities of urban centers, the contributors consider how ancient Mesoamerican cities defined themselves and reflected upon their physicalâe"and metaphysicalâe"place via their built environment. Themes in the volume include the ways in which a kingdomâe(tm)s public monuments were fashioned to reflect geographic space, patron gods, and mythology, and how the Olmec, Maya, Mexica, Zapotecs, and others sought to center their world through architectural monuments and public art. This collection of papers addresses how communities leveraged their environment and built upon their cultural and historical roots as well as the ways that the performance of calendrical rituals and other public events tied individuals and communities to both urban centers and hinterlands. Twenty-three scholars from archaeology, anthropology, art history, and religious studies contribute new data and new perspectives to the understanding of ancient Mesoamericansâe(tm) own view of their spectacular urban and ritual centers.

American Art And Architecture

Author: Michael J. Lewis
Publisher: World of Art
Size: 75.35 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A historical survey of American art and architecture from 1600 to the present is chronologically organized to discuss the characteristics of different periods, in a volume that charts the ways in which American artists and designers adopted and diverged from earlier European models. Original.

Art Of The Andes

Author: Rebecca Stone
ISBN: 9780500204153
Size: 33.95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This wide-ranging survey, now established as the best single-volume introduction to Andean art and architecture on the market today, describes the strikingly varied artistic achievements of the Chavín, Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Chimú and Inca cultures, among others. For this fully revised third edition, Rebecca Stone has rewritten and expanded the text throughout, touching on many of the recent discoveries and advances in the field. These include new work on the huge stone pyramids and other structures at Caral; continued excavations of Inca child sacrifices perched on mountaintops throughout the empire, with their perfectly preserved clothing and miniature offerings of metal, ceramics and shell; spectacular murals and the remarkable burial of a tattooed female warrior-leader at the Moche site of Huaca Cao Viejo; and many new finds of high-status textiles, along with fresh analyses of weaving technology and new interpretations of designs and motifs.

Oceanic Art

Author: Nicholas Thomas
ISBN: 9780500204405
Size: 46.50 MB
Format: PDF
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The dazzling colours and patterns of the art of the Pacific Islands have long entranced Western audiences, not least artists such as Gauguin and Picasso. The tendency has been to regard Oceanic art as _primitive_, mysterious and shrouded in taboo, but Nicholas Thomas, in looking at and beyond the familiar, stunning surfaces of masks and shields, carved canoe prows and feathered gods, discovers the significance of such objects, past and present, for the peoples of the Pacific. In this revised edition with a completely new chapter on globalization and contemporary art, he shows how each region is characterized by certain art forms and practices _ among them Maori ancestral carvings, rituals of exchange and warfare in the Solomon Islands, the production of barkcloth by women in Polynesia _ while also being shaped by influences from within the Pacific and beyond. The dynamism and diversity of this compelling art are highlighted by the works accompanying this revelatory text _ from those that evoke deep-rooted customs to ones that address contemporary political issues, now illustrated in colour throughout.

Art And Myth Of The Ancient Maya

Author: Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300224672
Size: 25.78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This nuanced account explores Maya mythology through the lens of art, text, and culture. It offers an important reexamination of the mid-16th-century Popol Vuh, long considered an authoritative text, which is better understood as one among many crucial sources for the interpretation of ancient Maya art and myth. Using materials gathered across Mesoamerica, Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos bridges the gap between written texts and artistic representations, identifying key mythical subjects and uncovering their variations in narratives and visual depictions. Central characters—including a secluded young goddess, a malevolent grandmother, a dead father, and the young gods who became the sun and the moon—are identified in pottery, sculpture, mural painting, and hieroglyphic inscriptions. Highlighting such previously overlooked topics as sexuality and generational struggles, this beautifully illustrated book paves the way for a new understanding of Maya myths and their lavish expression in ancient art.

North American Indian Art

Author: David W. Penney
Publisher: London : Thames & Hudson
ISBN: 9780500203774
Size: 35.27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Artistic traditions of indigenous North America are explored in a study that draws on the testimonies of oral tradition, Native American history, and North American archaeology, focusing on the artists themselves and their cultural identities. Original.