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The Ashgate Research Companion To Contemporary Religion And Sexuality

Author: Andrew K.T. Yip
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317043839
Size: 54.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality provides academics and students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of current research in the area of sexuality and religion, broadly defined. This collection of expert essays offers an inter-disciplinary study of the important aspects of sexuality and religion, calling upon sociological, cultural, historical and theological contributions to an under-researched subject. The Companion focuses on the exploration of diverse religious faiths, spiritualities, and sexualities with contributions that embrace many contrasting approaches related to the contemporary context. By adopting a truly inter-disciplinary and multi-dimensional perspective, the Companion embraces the complexities of both sexuality and religion. Aimed primarily at a readership with specialist interest in both, The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality offers an innovative and refreshing analysis of key theoretical and empirical issues in an increasingly relevant and expanding area of academic interest. The Companion comprises five main thematic sections, each with chapters ranging across a variety of crucial topics traversing various faith traditions. The principal themes are: epistemological and methodological issues; the significance of religious text; institutional religious settings; stability transformation and change; contesting hegemonic structures and discourses. Each section includes four chapters contributed by leading international experts in their respective fields and who are at the cutting-edge of current research. Collectively, they offer an inter-disciplinary and comprehensive survey of sexuality and religion.

The Making Of A Gay Muslim

Author: Shanon Shah
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319631306
Size: 23.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book highlights the lived experiences of gay Muslims in Malaysia, where Islam is the majority and official religion, and in Britain, where Muslims form a religious minority. By exploring how they negotiate their religious and sexual identities, Shah challenges the notion that Islam is inherently homophobic and that there is an unbridgeable divide between ‘Islam’ and the ‘West’. Shah also gained access to gay Muslim networks and individuals for his in-depth research in both countries, and the book investigates the different ways that they respond to everyday anti-homosexual or anti-Muslim sentiments. Amid the many challenges they confront, the gay Muslims whom Shah encountered find innovative and meaningful ways to integrate Islam and gay identity into their lives. The Making of a Gay Muslim will appeal to students and scholars with an interest in contemporary Islam, religion, gender and sexuality.

The Ashgate Research Companion To Feminist Legal Theory

Author: Professor Margaret Davies
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 147240405X
Size: 73.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As a distinct scholarly contribution to law, feminist legal theory is now well over three decades old. Those three decades have seen consolidation and renewal of its central concerns as well as remarkable growth, dynamism and change. This Companion celebrates the strength of feminist legal thought, which is manifested in this dynamic combination of stability and change, as well as in the diversity of perspectives and methodologies, and the extensive range of subject-matters, which are now included within its ambit. Bringing together contributors from across a range of jurisdictions and legal traditions, the book provides a concise but critical review of existing theory in relation to the core issues or concepts that have animated, and continue to animate, feminism. It provides an authoritative and scholarly review of contemporary feminist legal thought, and seeks to contribute to the ongoing development of some of its new approaches, perspectives, and subject-matters. The Companion is divided into three parts, dealing with 'Theory', 'Concepts' and 'Issues'. The first part addresses theoretical questions which are of significance to law, but which also connect to feminist theory at the broadest and most interdisciplinary level. The second part also draws on general feminist theory, but with a more specific focus on debates about equality and difference, race, culture, religion, and sexuality. The 'Issues' section considers in detail more specific areas of substantive legal controversy.

The Ashgate Research Companion To Modern Imperial Histories

Author: John Marriott
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317042522
Size: 15.29 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6786
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Written by leading scholars, this collection provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of modern empires. Spanning the era of modern imperial history from the early sixteenth century to the present, it challenges both the rather insular focuses on specific experiences, and gives due attention to imperial formations outside the West including the Russian, Japanese, Mughal, Ottoman and Chinese. The companion is divided into three broad sections. Part I - Times - surveys the three main eras of modern imperialism. The first was that dominated by the settlement impulse, with migrants - many voluntarily and many more by force - making new lives in the colonies. This impulse gave way, most especially in the nineteenth century, to a period of busy and rapid expansion which was less likely to promote new settlement, and in which colonists more frequently saw their sojourn in colonial lands as temporary and related to the business mostly of governance and trade. Lastly, in the twentieth century in particular, empires began to fail and to fall. Part II - Spaces - studies the principal imperial formations of the modern world. Each chapter charts the experience of a specific empire while at the same time placing it within the complex patterns of wider imperial constellations. The individual chapters thus survey the broad dynamics of change within the empires themselves and their relationships with other imperial formations, and reflect critically on the ways in which these topics have been approached in the literature. In Part III - Themes - scholars think critically about some of the key features of imperial expansion and decline. These chapters are brief and many are provocative. They reflect the current state of the field, and suggest new lines of inquiry which may follow from more comparative perspectives on empire. The broad range of themes captures the vitality and diversity of contemporary scholarship on questions of empire and colonialism, encompassing political, economic and cultural processes central to the formation and maintenance of empires as well as institutions, ideologies and social categories that shaped the lives both of those implementing and those experiencing the force of empire. In these pages the reader will find the slave and the criminal, the merchant and the maid, the scientist and the artist alongside the structures which sustained their lives and their livelihoods. Overall, the companion emphasises the diversity of imperial experience and process. Comprehensive in its scope, it draws attention to the particularities of individual empires, rather than over-generalising as if all empires, at all times, and in all places, behaved in a similar manner. It is this contingent and historical specificity that enables us to explore in expansive ways precisely what constituted the modern empire.

The Ashgate Research Companion To Memory Studies

Author: Dr Siobhan Kattago
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472405331
Size: 16.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 3231
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Memory has long been a subject of fascination for poets, artists, philosophers and historians. This timely volume, edited by Siobhan Kattago, examines how past events are remembered, contested, forgotten, learned from and shared with others. Featuring contributions from key thinkers in the field, this comprehensive volume will be a valuable resource for all academics and students working within this area of study.


Author: Ingolf U. Dalferth
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161494475
Size: 29.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 374
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English summary: The break-in of evil in their life has always caused persons to turn to the divine, to gods or to a god in order to reorientate their life. Ingolf U. Dalferth studies the complexity of this procedure in three thought processes which deal with the central concepts in the Christian understanding of malum as privation (a lack of good), as evil-doing and as a lack of faith. In doing so, he provides a detailed discussion of theodicy theories, the argument from freedom and the religious turn to God, in which the author explores the traces of the discovery of God's goodness, justness and love in connection with the malum experiences in ancient mythology and biblical traditions. German description: Die Wirklichkeit von Bosem und Ubeln ist eine unbestreitbare Tatsache. Doch wie ist sie zu verstehen? Wie wird religios auf sie reagiert? Und welche theologischen Probleme wirft das auf? Ingolf U. Dalferth argumentiert, dass die klassische Theodizeeproblematik nur eine Spatform des denkenden Umgangs mit dem malum in all seinen Versionen ist. Sachlich fruher und kulturell folgenreicher sind die Weisen, in denen sich Menschen angesichts des Einbruchs von Bosem in ihr Leben an Gottliches, Gotter oder Gott wenden, um zu klagen, um Trost und Hilfe zu erflehen und um sich in ihrem Leben existentiell und hermeneutisch neu zu orientieren. Indem sie beginnen, Gott zu denken, Boses in bestimmter Weise zu verstehen und ein Bild ihrer selbst und ihrer Welt zu entwerfen, arbeiten sie an der Suche nach einer Lebensform, die ihnen ermoglicht, mit ihren malum -Erfahrungen zu leben. Die Vielschichtigkeit dieser Vorgange wird in drei Gedankengangen entfaltet, die sich mit den zentralen Strangen im christlichen Verstandnis des malum als Mangel an Gutem, als Ubeltat und als Unglaube auseinandersetzen, und zwar jeweils sowohl in antiken als auch in neuzeitlichen Problemkontexten. Dabei kommen das Theodizeeprojekt, das Freiheitsprojekt und das Gottesprojekt ausfuhrlich zur Sprache, wobei insbesondere den Spuren der Entdeckung der Gute, der Gerechtigkeit und der Liebe Gottes im Zusammenhang der malum -Erfahrungen in der antiken Mythologie und den biblischen Traditionen nachgegangen wird.

Lonely Planet Reisef Hrer Mauritius Reunion Seychellen

Author: Anthony Ham
Publisher: Mair Dumont DE
ISBN: 3575445044
Size: 66.22 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 354
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Lonely Planet E-Books für dein Smartphone, Tablet oder E-Book Reader! Spare Gewicht im Gepäck und nutze viele praktische Feature auf deiner nächsten Reise. Das E-Book basiert auf: 2. deutsche Auflage 2017, Mit dem Lonely Planet Mauritius, Réunion & Seychellen auf eigene Faust durch das Paradies. Etliche Monate Recherche stecken im Kultreiseführer für Individualreisende. Auf über 300 Seiten geben die Autoren Hintergrundinfos zum Reiseland, liefern Tipps für die Planung der Reise, beschreiben alle interessanten Sehenswürdigkeiten mit aktuellen Öffnungszeiten und Preisen und präsentieren ihre persönlichen Entdeckungen. Auch Globetrotter, die abseits der ausgetretenen Touristenpfade unterwegs sein möchten, kommen auf ihre Kosten. Erleben Sie die Inseln, die in ihrer Schönheit schwerlich zu übertreffen sind: Spektakuläre Landschaften, Tierbeobachtung und traumhafte Strände. Fünf Tage Glück in den Bergen? Die "Tour des Cirques" auf Réunion ist eine der schönsten Trekkingtouren der Welt. Erholen können Sie sich an einem der malerischen Strände, die überall zu finden sind. Vielleicht möchten Sie Curieuse besuchen, eine Insel der Seychellen, die für die Aldabra- Riesenschildkröten als Brutstation dient oder doch lieber schwimmen gehen mit Walhaien vor Mahé? Wo übernachten und essen? Für jedes Reiseziel gibt es eine Auswahl an Unterkünften und Restaurants für jeden Geschmack und Geldbeutel. Abgerundet wird der Guide mit einem Farbkapitel zu den 17 Top- Highlights, Specials zu den Themen, Reiserouten sowie fundierte Hintergrundinformationen und - damit Sie gut verständlich ankommen - einem Sprachführer. Der Lonely-Planet-Reiseführer Mauritius, Réunion & Seychellen ist ehrlich, praktisch, witzig geschrieben und liefert inspirierende Eindrücke und Erfahrungen. Unser Special-Tipp: Erstellen Sie Ihren persönlichen Reiseplan durch das Setzen von Lesezeichen und Ergänzen von Notizen. # und durchsuchen Sie das E-Book in sekundenschnelle mit der praktischen Volltextsuche!