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The Books Of Enoch

Author: Joseph Lumpkin
Publisher: Fifth Estate Incorporated
ISBN: 9781936533077
Size: 71.81 MB
Format: PDF
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The well known and acclaimed work of Dr. Joseph Lumpkin has been enlarged to include new research on the Books of Enoch, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, and the Nephilim. After presenting extensive historical backgrounds and brilliant translations of The First, Second, and Third Books of Enoch, Lumpkin takes time to piece together a historical narrative of Fallen Angels, the Watcher, and the Nephilim, using his extensive knowledge of ancient texts. The history of the Fallen Angels is sewn tightly together using such books as Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, The Book of Giants, The War Scrolls, and many others. The story will astonish you. - - - New information on the First Book of Enoch is greatly expanded. Lumpkin describes the Calendar of Enoch and its pivotal place in the prophecy of Daniel. He takes First Enoch apart, section-by-section to describe its history, the time frame of authorship, and its contents. Copious notes are included throughout. - - - This volume, containing The First Book of Enoch (The Ethiopic Book of Enoch), The Second Book of Enoch (The Slavonic Secrets of Enoch), The Third Book of Enoch (The Hebrew Book of Enoch), and The Book of Fallen Angels, The Watchers, and the Origins of Evil. Expanded Commentary is included for the three books of Enoch, as well as the sections on Angels, Prophecies and the Enochian Calendar. These sources are found here, all in a single source. - - - Dr. Joseph Lumpkin is the CEO of Fifth Estate Publishers and the author of over twenty books. He appears regularly of L.A. Talk Radio and the show, "Rain Making Time" as an expert guest on the subjects of religion, theology, and church history.

Complete Books Of Enoch All Three New Translation With Extensive Commentary

Author: Dr. A. Nyland
Publisher: Ancient Mysteries Publishing
Size: 77.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This is a NEW Translation of ALL THREE Books of Enoch, with extensive commentary. Many of the Book of Enoch books available are in fact public domain (the R. H. Charles version of 1917) which means that they can be given away to anyone for free, by anyone. This book is NOT one of those. What is the problem with public domain versions? They are full of errors, as they are around 100 years old and out-dated scholarship. Sure, they might be cheap, but most of the information is wrong. World renowned scholar Dr. A. Nyland has a doctorate in ancient languages and word meaning. She was a college professor at the University of New England, Australia, lecturing in ancient languages. She has appeared on television and radio numerous times speaking about ancient languages and ancient peoples. These days, many non-translators (some of whom actually claim to be translators) sell the public domain version of 1917 by R.H. Charles (both as is, and also disguised by slight rewording) as a commercial venture. This version reflects the knowledge of The Book of Enoch as it was back in 1917. Great advances have been made since then. This (all 3 Books of Enoch) is a NEW (2010) and easy-to-read translation by ancient languages scholar Dr. A. Nyland and is NOT the 1917 R.H. Charles Public Domain translation of The Book of Enoch. The Book of Enoch is of importance to theosophy and mysticism. This book is an easy to read translation with cross references, copious background notes, and notes. This new translation by Dr. A. Nyland contains all 3 Books of Enoch: 1) 1 Book of Enoch (Also called The Ethiopic Book of Enoch) 2) 2 Book of Enoch (Also called The Slavonic Book of Enoch, The Secrets of Enoch). Also contains the extended version of 2 The Book of Enoch, The Exaltation of Melchizedek. 3) 3 Book of Enoch (Also called The Hebrew Book of Enoch) The Books of Enoch are of interest to a wide audience: theosophy, mysticism. 1 Book of Enoch tells of the Watchers, a class of angel, who taught humans weapons, spell potions, root cuttings, astrology, astronomy, and alchemy. The Watchers also had sex with human women and produced the Nephilim. For this, they were imprisoned and cast into Tartarus. This is also mentioned in the New Testament. In 2 Book of Enoch, two angels take Enoch through the 7 heavens. This volume contains the extended version of 2 Book of Enoch, The Exaltation of Melchizedek. In 3 Book of Enoch, Enoch ascends to heaven and is transformed into the angel Metatron. This is about the Merkabah and is of interest to those who study mysticism and magic, and to Kabbalists. People interested in theosophy or mysticism will find this book invaluable, as will Rosicrucians.

The Science Of Planetary Signatures In Medicine

Author: Jennifer T. Gehl
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620554992
Size: 32.75 MB
Format: PDF
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A comprehensive guide to the cosmic influences that underlie health and how to apply them for profound health and healing • Examines how ancient and modern traditions of healing interconnect through the doctrine of signatures, “As above, so below” • Reveals how one’s astrological chart has implications for personal health and healing • Explains how each sign of the zodiac corresponds not only to parts of the body and its chakras but also to specific plants, herbs, colors, and emotions • Explores how to use sound healing to harmonize astrological imbalances When we look at the vast and intricate cosmos--galaxies, planets, organisms, organs, cells, molecules, atoms--there is a fundamental order, a music or harmony of the spheres. Our cells reflect the images of galaxies seen through our telescopes. We are the microcosm, reflecting the macrocosm of the heavens. Our ancestors understood these patterns and connections between humanity and the universe and developed spiritual and healing traditions in line with these cosmic truths. Yet in the 19th century, knowledge of these connections was set aside as medical science sought to create the “one size fits all” approaches to healing that dominate modern medicine today. In this comprehensive exploration of the celestial influences that underlie health and healing, Jennifer Gehl, with Marc Micozzi, examines how ancient and modern traditions of healing interconnect through the doctrine of signatures, “As above, so below”. She reveals how one’s celestial nature--the arrangement of the cosmos at the moment of birth--has implications for personal health and how each sign of the zodiac corresponds to parts of the body, the chakras, and specific plants, herbs, colors, and emotions. She explains how sound re-arranges forms according to the principles of harmony, leveraging not only the human self-regulating capacity to restore health but also that of the Earth to restore balance and harmony. Also explored are the recurrence of geometric forms in nature and how to apply this knowledge in sound healing and medical astrology. Weaving together the threads of ancient science and spirit that formed the original tapestry of medicine, Gehl explains how to restore the cosmic foundations of healing for personal, planetary, and universal health and wellbeing.

Apocalyptic Chic

Author: Barbara Brodman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1683930517
Size: 73.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book focuses on legends and images of the apocalypse and post-apocalypse in film and graphic arts, literature and lore from early to modern times and from cultures around the world. It reflects an increasingly popular leitmotif in literature and visual arts of the modern century: humanity’s fear of extinction and quest for survival.

The Book Of Genesis

Author: Craig A. Evans
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004226532
Size: 56.19 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Drawing on the latest in Genesis scholarship, this volume offers twenty-nine essays on a wide range of topics related to Genesis, written by leading experts in the field. Topics include its formation, reception, textual history and translation, themes, theologies, and place within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Zeitmaschinen Gehen Anders

Author: David Gerrold
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641209927
Size: 76.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Das Geheimnis der Zeit Daniel Eakins, ein Collegestudent im Jahr 1974, bekommt eines Tages Besuch von seinem Onkel Jim. Doch dieser stirbt schon bald und hinterlässt Daniel ein einzigartiges Erbstück – einen Zeitgürtel. Damit ist Daniel in der Lage, in der Zeit hin und her zu reisen. Schon bald begegnet er in der Zukunft einer weiteren Version seiner selbst, gewinnt Geld bei Pferdewetten und wird reich. Aber das wahre Geheimnis der Zeit kennt er noch nicht, und es wird ihn alles kosten ...

Kabbala F R Anf Nger

Author: Michael Laitman, PhD, Rav
Publisher: Laitman Kabbalah Publishers
ISBN: 189744835X
Size: 35.26 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Woher komme ich und wohin gehe ich? War ich schon einmal hier? Warum bin ich hier? Kann ich die gesamte Wirklichkeit und den Sinn des Lebens verstehen? Wie kann ich nicht nur Leid vermeiden, sondern auch wahrhaft glucklich und zufrieden werden? Die groten Kabbalisten unserer Zeit, Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Autor des Sulam Kommentars zum Buch Sohar und sein Sohn und Nachfolger, Rav Baruch Ashlag bieten wertvolle und verstandliche Antworten auf diese Fragen. Sie basieren auf den Schriften des Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Autor des Buches Sohar, und des Heiligen Ari (Rav Izchak Luria), Autor des Buches Baum des Lebens - durch sie lernen wir, wie wir von der Kabbala profitieren, wenn wir sie in unseren Alltag integrieren und umsetzen. Zusatzlich zu den authentischen Texten der erwahnten und anderer groer Kabbalisten bietet das Buch "Kabbala fur Anfanger" Skizzen, die den Aufbau der Hoheren Welten demonstrieren, so wie sie die Kabbalisten wahrnehmen. Das Buch enthalt ebenso einige erklarende Essays, die uns dabei helfen, die authentischen Texte besser zu verstehen. Rav Michael Laitman, PhD, Rav Baruchs personlicher Assistent und Schuler fasste alle Texte, die ein Kabbala Student benotigt, um die spirituellen Welten zu erreichen, zu diesem Buch zusammen. In seinen taglichen Unterrichten grundet Laitman seinen Lehrstoff auf diese inspirierenden Texte und hilft so sowohl Neulingen als auch Fortgeschrittenen auf ihrer Reise zu den Hoheren Welten. Wenn Sie wahrhaft den Sinn Ihres Lebens suchen, wird Ihr Herz Sie durch die Texte der groen Kabbalisten fuhren, die direkt aus ihrem Herzen zu Ihnen sprechen. Durch ihre Worte werden Sie die Essenz und die Kraft des Lebens enthullen und einen Zugang zu Ihrer eigenen ewigen Existenz finden.