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The Chemistry Of Ruthenium

Author: E.A. Seddon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483289907
Size: 35.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Chemistry of Ruthenium is concerned with the chemistry of ruthenium, with emphasis on synthesis and structure. The discussion spans a wide range of fields, from coordination chemistry and organometallic chemistry to structural chemistry (of both molecular and extended lattices), electrochemistry and photochemistry, as well as kinetics and spectroscopy. Comprised of 15 chapters, this book begins with an introduction to the discovery and early history of ruthenium, along with its extraction and purification, isotopes, physical and chemical properties, and applications. The discussion then turns to the concept of oxidation state and a scheme for systematizing descriptive inorganic chemistry together with its applicability to ruthenium chemistry. Subsequent chapters focus on the chemistry of ruthenium(VIII), ruthenium(VII), ruthenium(VI), ruthenium(V), ruthenium(IV), ruthenium(III), ruthenium(II), ruthenium(I), and ruthenium(0). The book also considers ruthenium carbonyl clusters and nitrosyls before concluding with a review of the photophysics and photochemistry of tris(diimine)ruthenium(II) complexes. This monograph will be useful to students, practitioners, and researchers in the field of inorganic chemistry, as well as those who are interested in the chemistry of ruthenium.


Author: T.A. Ryan
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080538808
Size: 39.79 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Phosgene, COCl2 is a C1 chemical of major industrial importance. The annual production, worldwide, is more than 1 million tons; 90% of which is used in the manufacture of isocyanates and of polyurethane and polycarbonate resins. Phosgene is also extensively used as a synthetic reagent in organic chemistry, in particular in the preparation of acyl chlorides, chloroformate esters, organic carbonates and carbamoyl chlorides. Although more than 7000 papers have appeared on phosgene and some 1000 papers on its analogues, this is the first book on these interesting chemicals. It presents a critical treatise of phosgene, ranging from its discovery and subsequent use as a war gas to some potential applications of the material into the 21st century. It includes chapters on biological effects and industrial hygiene; on synthesis, formation and manufacture; analysis, uses, environmental effects, and physical and thermodynamic properties. Reactions with organic and inorganic materials are described. Four of the seventeen chapters are devoted to a description of the carbonyl halides (especially carbonyl difluoride) related to phosgene, and a special section deals collectively with the electronic structures of carbonyl halide molecules. Featuring the first-ever comprehensive discussion of the medical effects of phosgene poisoning and the most modern methods of treating exposure victims, the book will be of interest to historians and militarists and those working in the chemical industries (heavy chemicals, agricultural and pharmaceutical), university libraries, hospitals, medical research centres, museums, environmental research centres, poison units and health and safety institutions world-wide.

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Author: Narayan S. Hosmane
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 012801993X
Size: 10.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Applications in Everyday Life connects key topics on the subject with actual experiences in nature and everyday life. Differing from other foundational texts with this emphasis on applications and examples, the text uniquely begins with a focus on the shapes (geometry) dictating intermolecular forces of attractions, leading to reactivity between molecules of different shapes. From this foundation, the text explores more advanced topics, such as: Ligands and Ligand Substitution Processes with an emphasis on Square-Planar Substitution and Octahedral Substitution Reactions in Inorganic Chemistry and Transition Metal Complexes, with a particular focus on Crystal-Field and Ligand-Field Theories, Electronic States and Spectra and Organometallic, Bioinorganic Compounds, including Carboranes and Metallacarboranes and their applications in Catalysis, Medicine and Pollution Control. Throughout the book, illustrative examples bring inorganic chemistry to life. For instance, biochemists and students will be interested in how coordination chemistry between the transition metals and the ligands has a direct correlation with cyanide or carbon monoxide poisoning (strong-field Cyanide or CO ligand versus weak-field Oxygen molecule). Engaging discussion of key concepts with examples from the real world Valuable coverage from the foundations of chemical bonds and stereochemistry to advanced topics, such as organometallic, bioinorganic, carboranes and environmental chemistry Uniquely begins with a focus on the shapes (geometry) dictating intermolecular forces of attractions, leading to reactivity between molecules of different shapes

Nox Related Chemistry

Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128018372
Size: 50.85 MB
Format: PDF
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NOx Related Chemistry is a volume of a series that presents timely and informative summaries of the current progress in a variety of subject areas within inorganic chemistry, ranging from bio-inorganic to solid state studies. This acclaimed serial features reviews written by experts in the field and serves as an indispensable reference to advanced researchers. Each volume contains an index, and each chapter is fully referenced. Best-qualified scientists write on their own recent results dealing with basic fundamentals of NO-chemistry, with an eye into biological and environmental issues Editors and authors are recognized scientists in the field Features comprehensive reviews on the latest developments An indispensable reference to advanced researchers

Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry

Author: Geoff Rayner-Canham
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429224347
Size: 70.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This bestselling text introduces descriptive inorganic chemistry in a less rigorous, less mathematical way. The book uses the periodic table as basis for understanding chemical properties and uncovering relationships between elements in different groups. Rayner-Canham and Overton’s text also familiarizes students with the historical background of inorganic chemistry as well as with its crucial applications (especially in regard to industrial processes and environmental issues), resulting in a comprehensive appreciation and understanding of the field and the role it will play in their fields of further study