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The Dominance Factor

Author: Carla Hannaford
ISBN: 9780915556441
Size: 30.75 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Explores an area that has long intrigued scientists and educators: the linkages between the side of the body we favor for seeing, hearing, touching, and moving and the way we think, learn, play, and relate to others. Your Dominance Profile is actually a key factor in shaping the way you think and act. Carla Hannaford shows why, and reveals how knowing your Profile will help you, and your children, to l earn in the way that suits you best, and perform at your highest level. The Dominance Factor clearly explains methods for discovering your Profile that are so simple, non-invasive and easy to learn that even a child can do them. This is a book that parents, teachers, and all of us who need to understand what makes ourselves and others tick, will use and enjoy.

How To End Exam Anxiety

Author: Fran Burke
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1772770914
Size: 67.73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6459
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Fran Burke, M.Ed. has developed a system to do away with Exam Anxiety of all kinds. Whether you tend to blank out when faced with a particularly tough exam or you simply suffer from butterflies, Fran's program can give you proven tools to put an end to your worries. First she teaches you about the various kinds of Exam Anxiety, then Fran explains how to identify them by the symptoms you feel. Are you alone in your situation? Definitely not. The problem is that parents and teachers have not been taught what to look for or what to do for students in your situation. This book will give you the tools to take matters into your own hands, putting your worries to rest once and for all. Short-term strategies will be presented so that you can start feeling better right away - even during an exam! Longer term solutions will follow, giving you power over stress in a global way, in a way that will allow you to care for yourself in a comprehensive manner. This is powerful stuff, and you'll be glad you invested the time to learn How To End Exam Anxiety.

The Creative Training Idea Book

Author: Robert W. LUCAS
Publisher: AMACOM
ISBN: 0814426999
Size: 18.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4930
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Trainers have to be creative if they want their participants to feel excited, challenged, and involved. The Creative Training Idea Book is packed with instructions for using activities, games, puzzles, toys, and props to increase energy and active participation in the classroom, and reveals how to think creatively about training in any situation. Based on the author’s nearly three decades of training experience, this invaluable resource gives trainers the tools to adopt a fun, energetic approach that will make for a stimulating learning environment. Readers will learn new methods for: * setting the right tone * uncovering participant needs * grouping participants and selecting leaders * avoiding and reclaiming turned-off learners * encouraging and rewarding participation * and much more! Filled with checklists, forms, resources, and dozens of ""Bright Idea"" blurbs, The Creative Training Idea Book will help trainers and their learners achieve maximum learning results.

Power Of Diversity

Author: Barbara Prashnig
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9781855391185
Size: 58.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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'The Power of Diversity' is written to help people to discover their preferred way of learning and, in turn, to help them and their children succeed at school.

Learning Styles And Inclusion

Author: Gavin Reid
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446231240
Size: 78.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1674
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'[Gavin Reid] provides some useful links to websites devoted to different approaches. Some of the ideas relating to specific areas of the curriculum, for example, the suggested approaches to the teaching of modern languages, are likely to be particularly valuable. Reid also outlines strategies using learning styles for pupils with learning differences, including attention disorders, dyslexia, developmental co-ordination difficulties, number difficulties, and those on the autistic spectrum' - Times Educational Supplement Extra for Special Needs `We have been lucky enough to hear Gavin speak twice in the last year and those of you who have also heard him will know that he is at the cutting edge of his field. This book really encompasses those areas that are particularly topical and the "buzz" words on everyone's lips! This book clearly sets out "who" is involved in inclusion and "what" is actually meant by learning styles. Gavin not only offers practical strategies but also suggests how "old hands" could vary their teaching styles to appeal to all types of learners. Therefore we feel this book is for the main stream teacher as well as the specialist and, if this is a target area for your school, this book might be a valuable addition to your bookshelf' - SATIPS `In this book, Gavin Reid has grasped the nettle (of inclusion) with both hands and provided a text that is full of common sense and practical suggestions as to how the mainstream teacher can draw upon recent psychological theory and research to enhance the learning of all children. He jumps on no bandwagons but draws judiciously from a wide range of approaches to assessing learning styles and links what can be learned about groups and individuals from such techniques to helpful classroom practice' - Professor Bob Burden, School of Education and Lifelong Learning, University of Exeter `Gavin Reid is that rare professional who not only explains how and why children learn best, but also suggests a myriad of practical strategies to help them. I highly recommend this book for everyone from undergraduates to "old hands" working toward successful inclusion. Parents, too, will profit from Dr. Reid's wise and comprehensive experience' - Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., Educational Psychologist and Author of "Your Child's Growing Mind: Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence." 3rd Edition. NY: Broadway Books, 2004. Drawing on his considerable experience as a teacher, educational psychologist, lecturer and author, Gavin Reid illustrates how to assess pupils' different learning styles and how to vary your teaching style to appeal to all types of learners, including disaffected students and those with special educational needs. This book provides an overview of the different stages in the learning cycle; describes the differences between learners; and emphasizes the role the classroom environment and different teaching styles play in children's ability to learn. Readers will see how an understanding of learning styles can be used to encourage and promote good inclusive practice. Ideas for assessment of learning styles and examples of different teaching styles will prove invaluable to class teachers, trainee teachers, SENCOs, LEA advisers; NQTs and NQT advisers and school management

The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual

Author: Elaine Biech
Publisher: Pfeiffer
ISBN: 9780787984724
Size: 40.20 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4362
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Shifting work patterns, constant organizational change, and a continually increasing demand for new knowledge, challenges even the most experienced training professional. Under these conditions, proven, ready-to-use resources are immensely useful. None more so than The 2007 Pfeiffer Annual: Training which provides instant access to a wealth of knowledge about training and development, and proven tools that can be put to use with a minimum of preparation.

Eyes For Learning

Author: Antonia Orfield
Publisher: R & L Education
ISBN: 9781578865963
Size: 54.77 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7351
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Poor vision, if unnoticed and untreated, can dramatically reduce a childOs school achievement. While it is easy to blame underachievement on a variety of causes, the real cause may be directly related to vision development. Strong vision is much more than being able to see the blackboard from the back row. Solid visual skills that underlie brain learning are developed through a variety of activities that are less and less a part of childrenOs lives thanks to TV and video games. Eyes for Learning explains how parents and teachers can spot a vision-related learning problem and how to treat it. Dr. Antonia Orfield provides answers about referrals, required vision tests, and vision-improvement techniques. The bottom line is that good vision is a learned skill that is best developed by the practices explained in this book. Understanding these explanations can go a long way in saving a child from failure in school.

S Cool Moves For Learning

Author: Debra Wilson Heiberger
Size: 24.90 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A reading specialist and occupational therapist come together to discuss why children struggle with academics and behavior challenges. This book is packed with powerful learning theory and practical application. The authors solidly explain why optimal learning occurs when connecting body, mind, and emotions. The theory is based on Margot Heiniger White's Learning Pyramid, developed from over 30 years working with children experiencing behavior and developmental challenges. Integration of eight pyramid levels lead to academic, emotional, and social success. The book is divided into chapters for each pyramid level. Strategies for success, student profiles, integrative movements and activities are included in each chapter. Interviews with specialists in the fields of autism, developmental optometry, and listening therapy bring together perspectives from related fields. Five years of statistical data showing the effectiveness of the program is found in the appendix. Poster PE, Minute Moves, and Focus Plans also available by the authors. "As soon as teachers recognize that movement helps children learn, they search for safe and appropriate activities to incorporate into their school day. Thank you, Debra and Margot, for a book chock-full of imaginative, stimulating, and effective movement ideas!" --Carol Stock Kranowitz, author, The Out-of-Sync Child.

Joy As A Metaphor Of Convergence

Author: Delores D. Liston
Publisher: Hampton Press (NJ)
ISBN: 9781572732841
Size: 68.86 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Discusses a major purpose of education - the development of the capacity to interpret experience within a moral and spiritual framework. The metaphor of Joy enables the author to integrate themes of preciousness and meaning of life with processes that facilitate the quest for personal meaning.