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The Empire Of Shadows

Author: Richard E. Crabbe
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312336103
Size: 56.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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When his son is falsely accused of a murder that he believes was actually committed by a fleeing serial killer, Tom Braddock endeavors to clear his son's name by capturing the killer and launches a desperate chase through the Adirondack wilderness. Reprint. 10,000 first printing.

Hell S Gate

Author: Richard E. Crabbe
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1466862017
Size: 60.38 MB
Format: PDF
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A riveting tale of river piracy, gang wars, and the worst catastrophe to hit New York City before September 11, 2001 In 1904 the Hudson and East Rivers were vital to the people of Manhattan. They offered families an escape from the squalor of the tenements, politicians a means of catering to their constituents, and criminals a means to make a fortune in black-market goods. When Detective Mike Braddock foils a midnight heist led by the gangland thug Smiling Jack, the city honors him as a hero. But Mike can't forget Jack's final revelation: the identity of a new mobster jockeying for position in the cutthroat world of New York's gangs. Mike is committed to bringing down this new criminal powerhouse before he takes power, no matter where his investigation takes him. He finds out quickly that he's not the only one who wants to take down this new gangster. A host of other mob heavies have their eyes on the same target, and they're more than willing to knock Mike out of the way to get there first. Full of action, double-crossing, and high-stakes mob warfare, Richard E. Crabbe's Hell's Gate brings readers to the rough-and-tumble streets of historic Manhattan, all set against the vivid backdrop of the greatest tragedy to strike New York until 9/11: the General Slocum disaster.

Braddock S Defeat

Author: David L. Preston
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199845328
Size: 26.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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On July 9, 1755, British and colonial troops under the command of General Edward Braddock suffered a crushing defeat to French and Native American enemy forces in Ohio Country. Known as the Battle of the Monongahela, the loss altered the trajectory of the Seven Years' War in America, escalating the fighting and shifting the balance of power. An unprecedented rout of a modern and powerful British army by a predominantly Indian force, Monongahela shocked the colonial world--and also planted the first seeds of an independent American consciousness. The culmination of a failed attempt to capture Fort Duquesne from the French, Braddock's Defeat was a pivotal moment in American and world history. While the defeat is often blamed on blundering and arrogance on the part of General Braddock--who was wounded in battle and died the next day--David Preston's gripping new work argues that such a claim diminishes the victory that Indian and French forces won by their superior discipline and leadership. In fact, the French Canadian officer Captain Beaujeu had greater tactical skill, reconnaissance, and execution, and his Indian allies were the most effective and disciplined troops on the field. Preston also explores the long shadow cast by Braddock's Defeat over the 18th century and the American Revolution two decades later. The campaign had been an awakening to empire for many British Americans, spawning ideas of American identity and anticipating many of the political and social divisions that would erupt with the outbreak of the Revolution. Braddock's Defeat was the defining generational experience for many British and American officers, including Thomas Gage, Horatio Gates, and perhaps most significantly, George Washington. A rich battle history driven by a gripping narrative and an abundance of new evidence,Braddock's Defeat presents the fullest account yet of this defining moment in early American history.

The Empire S Ghost

Author: Isabelle Steiger
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250088496
Size: 14.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The empire of Elesthene once spanned a continent, but its rise heralded the death of magic. It tore itself apart from within, leaving behind a patchwork of kingdoms struggling to rebuild. But when a new dictator, the ambitious and enigmatic Imperator Elgar, seizes power in the old capital and seeks to recreate the lost empire anew, the other kingdoms have little hope of stopping him. Prince Kelken of Reglay finds himself at odds with his father at his country’s darkest hour; the marquise of Esthrades is unmatched in politics and strategy, but she sits at a staggering military disadvantage. And Issamira, the most powerful of the free countries, has shut itself off from the conflict, thrown into confusion by the disappearance of its crown prince and the ensuing struggle for succession. Everything seems aligned in Elgar’s favor, but when he presses a band of insignificant but skilled alley-dwellers into his service for a mission of the greatest secrecy, they find an unexpected opportunity to alter the balance of power in the war. Through their actions and those of the remaining royals, they may uncover not just a way to defeat Elgar, but also a deeper truth about their world’s lost history. Set in a fantastical world that is both welcomingly familiar and excitingly unique, The Empire's Ghost shows nobles and commoners alike struggling to survive and maintain power in an ever changing, chaotic world.

A Long And Terrible Shadow

Author: Thomas.
Publisher: D & M Publishers
ISBN: 1926706544
Size: 72.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this compelling book, respected lawyer and Native rights advocate Thomas Berger surveys the history of the Americas since their "discovery" by Christopher Columbus in 1492. His accounts of the slaughter and disenfranchisement of indigenous people throughout North, Central and South American reveal a searing pattern of almost unimaginable duplicity and inhumanity. But as A Long and Terrible Shadow makes clear, Native peoples have defied the odds, waging a tenacious struggle to survive and to re-emerge as distinct cultures. As Native Voices demand action and Native land claims take their rightful place on the political agenda, this book provides a focus for crucial debate.


Author: Richard E. Crabbe
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9781429972567
Size: 21.71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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May 31, 1883, 3:55 p.m. Twenty thousand men, women, and children, their faces shining in the late afternoon sun, are strolling the Eighth Wonder of the World. The Brooklyn Bridge is open just a week, its promenade a magnet for the teeming masses of New York and Brooklyn. Anxious to escape the heat, overcrowding, and disease of the tenements, thousands stream onto the soaring span. To breathe free, high above the choking confines of the city is an experience like no other. An engineering marvel of transcending beauty, the bridge is simply breathtaking. In precisely five minutes, it will fall. Seven desperate men, former Confederate soldiers turned saboteurs, have labored for years to destroy the bridge. A symbol of hated Yankee supremacy, the bridge is the creation of Chief Engineer, Washington Roebling. They have stalked him down through the years, with hatred born of bitter loss. His actions at Gettysburg have earned him terrible retribution. It is his bridge, his life's work that will pay the price. The river will run red but for one man. Sergeant Detective Tom Braddock is one step behind the conspirators. Working through a series of murderous dead-ends, Braddock has dogged the seven men from the cables of the bridge to the shadowy alleys of the Lower East Side and the back streets of Richmond, Virginia. With the help of an eager roundsman, new to the force, he has slowly drawn closer to the unthinkable truth, a truth that none can accept. Braddock's adversaries are many. Enemies within the police department seek to draw him deeper into a cesspool of corruption from which there seems no escape. To lose that battle is to surrender all hope, for his hands are far from clean already. Braddock must prevail against the enemy within if the bridge is to be saved. It is the love of Mary, the captivating Madame of a mid-town brothel that helps him find the way. Their fates are bound together, as surely as they are bound to the bridge. But it is Mike, a boy of the tenements, who literally holds the key to all their futures. Suspension is a riveting historical thriller filled with fascinating details of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Author: Joseph Finder
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698158482
Size: 55.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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One bad choice gets a father caught up in a deadly situation in this electrifying thriller from New York Times bestselling author Joseph Finder. Single father Danny Goodman suddenly finds himself unable to afford the private school his daughter adores. Then Danny meets Thomas Galvin, the father of his daughter's new best friend and one of the wealthiest men in Boston. Out of the blue Galvin offers a loan to help Danny out. Desperate, he takes the money, promising to pay it back. But the moment the money is wired into his account, the DEA comes knocking. Danny’s impossible choice: an indictment for accepting drug money, or a treacherous assignment to help the government get close to his new best friend. As Danny begins to lie to everyone in his life, including those he loves most, he must decide once and for all who the real enemy is or risk losing everything—and everyone—that matters to him.


Author: William Serrin
Publisher: Crown
Size: 23.25 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A chronicle of the rise and fall of the town of Homestead, Pennsylvania, describes how the town went from being the emblem of America's industrial might and the heart of the U.S. Steel Corporation to being a run-down relic. 25,000 first printing.