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The Environment In Asia Pacific Harbours

Author: Eric Wolanski
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402036545
Size: 34.18 MB
Format: PDF
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Urbanization has reached unprecedented levels in the estuarine and coastal zone, particularly in the Asia Pacific region where mega-cities and mega-harbours are still growing. This book demonstrates the different solutions and pitfalls, successes and failures in a large number of ports and harbours in the Asia Pacific Region, and shows how science can provide ecologically sustainable solutions that apply wherever the growth of mega-harbours occurs.

Sustainability Matters

Author: Lin-Heng Lye
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814719161
Size: 10.65 MB
Format: PDF
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Sustainability Matters is a compilation of some of the best research papers by students from the National University of Singapore's multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary graduate programme in environmental studies, the M.Sc. in Environmental Management [MEM]. This collection is for the period 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. Entitled Sustainability Matters: Environmental and Climate Changes in the Asia-Pacific, this is the fifth compilation by the programme, and comprises 18 of the best research papers completed during this period. The papers have been edited for brevity. They analyse the many challenges to effective environmental management covering countries including Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and the US. Issues examined include biodiversity conservation, environmental impact assessments, energy, food security, sustainable business practices, public housing, environmental education, and climate change. The first compilation, Sustainability Matters: Environmental Management in Asia was published in 2010 (World Scientific) and comprised the best papers from 2001/2002 to 2006/2007. The second, Sustainability Matters: Challenges and Opportunities in Environmental Management in Asia was published in 2011 (Pearson), and comprised the best papers from 2007/2008 and 2008/2009. The third and fourth compilations (World Scientific) comprised the best papers from the period 2009/2010 to 2011/2012. The papers are edited by five staff members from different disciplines in the MEM programme: Lye Lin-Heng, Victor R Savage, Kua Harn-Wei, Chou Loke-Ming and Tan Puay-Yok. Contents:Preface and Acknowledgements, Lye Lin-Heng, Chair, MEMMessage from Goh Swee-Chen, Chairperson, Shell Companies in SingaporeMessage from Tommy Koh, Chairman, MEM Advisory Committee, NUSMessage from Heng Chye-Kiang, Dean, School of Design and Environment, NUSAbout the AuthorsAbout the Supervisors and EditorsIntroduction: Environmental and Climate Changes in Asia: Lessons in history and game changers in economics, politics and scientific research (Victor R Savage, Lye Lin-Heng, Kua Harn-Wei, Chou Loke-Ming & Tan Puay-Yok)Biodiversity:Understanding Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Occurrences in Manila Bay, Philippines (Rosa Celia Poquita-Du & Peter Alan Todd)CITES Legislative Implementation: Lessons from and for ASEAN Member States (Denise Cheong & Lye Lin-Heng)Environmental Management:Assessment of Protection against Sea Level Rise: A Case Study of a Coastal Area in Singapore (Efstathios Giannoustas and Jesuthason Thampapillai)Water Scarcity to Water Security: How Can Asian Cities Achieve a Sustainable Transition? (Maitreyee Mukherjee, Dennis Wichelns & Namrata Ravindra Chindarkar)Plastic Bags in Singapore: A Critical Examination of Issues in Sustainability (Marra Lin Teasdale-Hensby & Lye Lin-Heng)Environmental Impact Assessment Laws of Malaysia and Hong Kong: Lessons for Singapore (Nidhi Mehra & Lye Lin-Heng)Singapore's Fresh Pork Supply: Food Security and Environmental Impacts (Lim Chien-Fang & Victor R Savage)Green Business:Sustainable & Responsible: The New Face of Indian Businesses (Himadri Mahajan & Audrey Chia)Effectiveness of Sustainable Business Practices: Case Studies of Ready-Made Garment Companies of Bangladesh (Tayef Quader & Audrey Chia)Integrated Policy Design Through Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: A Case Study of Cotton Garments (LCSA Of Cotton T-Shirt) (Thida Tun & Kua Harn-Wei)Sustainability Issues and Strategies of Biofuel Development in Southeast Asia (Mallika d/o Naguran)Urban Studies:Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing: Can It Work for Independent Rental Owners (Julia Emerson & George Ofori)The Potential and Benefits of an Incentive System to Promote Environmentally Friendly Behaviour in Residents of HDB Flats (Koh Kai-Jie & Grace K M Wong)A Review of Environmental Education in Singapore — Towards a Change in Approach (Ang Guorong Albert & Audrey Chia)Environmental Literacy among Secondary Three Students in a Singapore Secondary School (Loo Hui-Min & Harvey Neo)Climate Change:Possible Market Mechanisms for the Post-Kyoto Regime (Ellen May Zanoria Reynes)Past and Contemporary Proposals on Differentiation and Equity: Shaping the 2015 Climate Agreement (Melissa Low & Lim Lei-Theng)Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Aircraft Emissions through an Economic Theory — The Endowment Effect (Zhang Qiang) Readership: Graduate students, academics and researchers in environmental management/science. Keywords:Environment;Management;Sustainability;Asia;Corporate Environmental Management;Biodiversity and Planning;Marine Environment;Environment and Economic Development;Energy Sustainability;Renewable Energy;Urban Pollution and Waste Management;Sustainable Infrastructure;Transportation;Recycling;Urban Studies;Green Business

Global Change Mankind Marine Environment Interactions

Author: Hubert-Jean Ceccaldi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9789048186303
Size: 70.58 MB
Format: PDF
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Based on the material presented at a conference organized by the Centre d’Océanologie of Marseille, held in 2008, this text covers a wealth of hot topics related to the way mankind interacts with the marine environment. With the state of our oceans and seas becoming an increasing source of concern worldwide, this timely addition to the debate features the latest research in both France and Japan. The book’s chapters present work on many of the key areas of oceanographic study. The concept of marine biodiversity is treated, in particular how it is affected by human agency and invasive species, many of which have been introduced anthropogenically. Coastal zones are analyzed in detail, with a focus on the interaction between ports and natural environments, and the ecological and economical consequences of this relationship. A chapter on aquaculture looks at ecologically sound management as well as the preservation of resources. New and emerging technologies that aid our observation of the marine environment are covered, as is the physical, chemical, biological and biogeochemical functioning of natural and man-made environments. Featuring work by some of the leading researchers in the field from both France and Japan, this work demonstrates the strength of the links between the two scientific communities, and is an important contribution to the ongoing discussion on the effects of global warming as well as mankind’s impact on the marine environment we depend on for so much.

Asia Pacific Conference On Science And Management Of Coastal Environment

Author: Yuk-Shan Wong
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792348818
Size: 28.59 MB
Format: PDF
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Human beings have a long historical relationship with the coast. Initially it provided food and security, later forming important locations for industrial and commercial development. Now the emphasis has shifted towards leisure and conservation, although the former functions remain crucial. However, it is only very recently that people have started viewing the coast as a common and valuable resource that requires rational utilisation and scientific management in order to sustain its attractiveness. Of course, enlightened management comes only through understanding of the complicated coastal regions, which enables coastal managers to balance pressures from different sectors and to minimize risks. Scientific knowledge will continue to be the most important basis for resolving the conflicts between coastal users and interest groups such as developers and ecologists. Coastal management has also shifted from traditional restorative or remedial actions towards planned avoidance of other conflicts. Despite rapid advancement in coastal sciences over recent decades, most of the major coastal issues have remained outstanding in the agenda. Control of shoreline erosion and protecting sea level rise continue to be crucial problems facing coastal scientists. Destructive coastal storms still cause tremendous damage, particularly in low altitudes. Wetland and estuary reclamation have led to the loss of the most valuable estuary wetlands which are required to sustain biological productivity and biodiversity. This volume includes papers on marine and coastal pollution, eutrophication, aquaculture, conservation and utilization, coastal wetlands, and coastal zone management.

Estuarine Ecohydrology

Author: Eric Wolanski
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080550355
Size: 46.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Estuarine Ecohydrology focuses on the principal components of an estuary. The book demonstrates how one can quantify an estuarine ecosystem's ability to cope with human stresses. The theories, models, and real-world solutions covered will serve as a toolkit for designing a management plan for the ecologically sustainable development of an estuary. This book is organized into seven chapters dealing with topics such as estuarine water circulation; estuarine sediment dynamics; tidal wetlands; estuarine food webs; and ecohydrology models and solutions. Although each chapter contains rigorous specialist knowledge, it is presented in an accessible way that encourages multi-disciplinary collaboration between such fields as hydrology, ecology and mathematical modeling. Estuarine Ecohydrology is appropriate for use as a textbook and as a reference for researchers; advanced undergraduate and graduate students in marine biology, oceanography, coastal management, and coastal engineering; coastal developers; resources managers, shipping operators; and those involved in estuarine fisheries and sustainable development communities. * Appropriate for use as a textbook and as a reference * Focuses on the principal components of an estuary * Presents theories, models, and real-world solutions to serve as a toolkit for designing a management plan for the ecologically sustainable development of an estuary

Asia Pacific Coasts And Their Management

Author: Nobuo Mimura
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402036256
Size: 48.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Asia and Pacific region is home to the world’s largest concentration of coral reefs and mangroves. It accommodates two-thirds of the world’s human population and its economic activities have the highest growth rate in the world. This book gives an overview of the state-of-the-art understanding on the drivers, state, and responses to the coastal environmental changes in the Asia and Pacific region. It provides important perspectives on the subject for researchers.

Environmental Taxation In China And Asia Pacific

Author: Hope Ashiabor
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 0857937766
Size: 10.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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'Environmental Taxation in China and Asia-Pacific contains a rich collection of papers addressing issues of vital importance to policy formulation in a spectrum of environmental areas. While not everyone would agree to all that is said in each of the papers, the book will certainly trigger fruitful debates. It is also a great source of information on environmental policy developments in major economies that will need to play an increasing role in addressing major issues such as climate change mitigation.' Nils Axel Braathen, Principal Administrator OECD, Environment Directorate 'Another outstanding volume on environmental taxation, this time with focus on China and the Asia-Pacific. Legal, economic and policy contributions offer great insight in the present situation and future developments in this fascinating part of the world.' Kurt Deketelaere, K.U. Leuven, Belgium, University of Dundee, UK and University of Qatar Environmental Taxation in China and Asia-Pacific contains an integrated set of detailed chapters providing insights and analysis on how fiscal policy can be used to achieve environmental sustainability. Highly topical chapters include energy tax policy in China, environmental fiscal reform, carbon tax policy in northeast Asia and environmental taxation strategies in China, Asia and Australia, as well as many other relevant topics. Written by distinguished environmental taxation scholars from around the world, the emphasis of this book is on finding solutions to environmental problems which merit serious consideration by policy makers as well as academics in environmental law and other academic disciplines.