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Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501143794
Size: 35.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4892
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Now available for the first time in a mass-market premium paperback edition—master storyteller Stephen King presents the classic #1 New York Times bestseller! "Get out. Get out quickly. She's never done anything like this before and I don't know if she can stop." Andy McGee and Vicky Tomlinson were once college students looking to make some extra cash, volunteering as test subjects for an experiment orchestrated by the clandestine government organization known as The Shop. But the outcome unlocked exceptional latent psychic talents for the two of them—manifesting in even more terrifying ways when they fell in love and had a child. Their daughter, Charlie, has been gifted with the most extraordinary and uncontrollable power ever seen—pyrokinesis, the ability to create fire with her mind. Now the merciless agents of The Shop are in hot pursuit to apprehend this unexpected genetic anomaly for their own diabolical ends by any means necessary...including violent actions that may well ignite the entire world around them as Charlie retaliates with a fury of her own....

Godwine Kingmaker

Author: Mercedes Rochelle
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
ISBN: 1782798005
Size: 75.93 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 4979
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Harold Godwineson, the Last Anglo-Saxon King, owed everything to his father. Who was this Godwine, first Earl of Wessex and known as the Kingmaker? Was he an unscrupulous schemer, using King and Witan to gain power? Or was he the greatest of all Saxon Earls, protector of the English against the hated Normans? The answer depends on who you ask. He was befriended by the Danes, raised up by Canute the Great, given an Earldom and a wife from the highest Danish ranks. He sired nine children, among them four Earls, a Queen and a future King. Along with his power came a struggle to keep his enemies at bay, and Godwine's best efforts were brought down by the misdeeds of his eldest son Swegn. Although he became father-in-law to a reluctant Edward the Confessor, his fortunes dwindled as the Normans gained prominence at court. Driven into exile, Godwine regathered his forces and came back even stronger, only to discover that his second son Harold was destined to surpass him in renown and glory.

Flame Of Resistance

Author: Tracy Groot
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781414373775
Size: 11.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 7551
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Years of living in Nazi-occupied Normandy have been hard for Brigitte Durand, but when American fighter pilot Tom Jaeger is shot down over France and is picked up by the Resistance, they work together for a brighter future.

Over The Deep

Author: Samantha Wilcoxson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502928672
Size: 28.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6046
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Ten year old Edwin is surprised to learn that he will be travelling to America on the famous new Titanic. Even more shocking is that he will be going with grandparents he has never known. Why does his mother want to send him away? Edwin explores the ship, meeting men such as Thomas Andrews, Bruce Ismay, and Captain Smith. Along the way, he also learns secrets about his own family's past. When the ship sinks and Edwin ends up in a lifeboat separated from everyone he knows, he wonders if he has survived the worst only to be abandoned in the middle of the Atlantic.

A Love Most Dangerous

Author: Martin Lake
Publisher: Lake Union Press
ISBN: 9781477821923
Size: 32.49 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6891
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As a Maid of Honor at the Court of King Henry VIII, beautiful Alice Petherton receives her share of admirers. But when the powerful, philandering Sir Richard Rich attempts to seduce her, she knows she cannot thwart his advances for long. She turns to the most powerful man in England for protection: the King himself.


Author: Catherine McCarran
ISBN: 9780997264111
Size: 80.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1053
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There are games played only at court for power, love, revenge...Fourteen-year old Mary Shelton must learn to play them all when she enters the cauldron of spite, ambition, and danger that is the court of King Henry VIII. No one in her family expects Mary to go far; she's the middle daughter, sharp-tongued, not the favorite, not pretty. But when her cousin, the new Queen of England, Anne Boleyn invites a Shelton daughter to serve her at court, Mary proves to her parents she's their best choice when she boldly spies on them. Mary needs her penchant for breaking the rules if she's to survive at court.Surrounded by girls desperate for the same prize: a grand marriage--Mary quickly outshines them all when she discovers her talent for flirtation and catches the eye of the reckless yet beguiling Lord John de Vere. Thrilled by his attentions, she falls headlong into a passionate game of Pass-the-Time that promises Mary the love she craves and the advancement her family desires. But Mary's dazzling success brings her dangerous enemies who scheme to ruin her life at court. Mary must win Queen Anne's favor to escape their plots and win her future with Lord John.When Mary forgets that love at court is always a game, she finds herself used in a vicious revenge designed to destroy the most powerful noble in England. With her greatest enemy ready to reveal her worst secret, Mary has just one chance to save her herself from total ruin. It means lying to her family, deceiving Lord John, and defying the Queen. It's the game Mary was born to play...if she dares.

Triumph And Catastrophe

Author: Martin Lake
ISBN: 9781517536794
Size: 20.48 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3732
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The year is 1069. The Norman invaders are stealing the land of the English people, building castles to subdue them and relentlessly making a once free people into serfs. But the English will not submit. Armed resistance flares across the land. Yet, to become effective, it needs a leader who can unite the nation.That leader is Edgar Atheling, heir of Alfred the Great, a young man born to be king.Edgar knows he must defeat William the Conqueror, a ruthless leader and formidable foe. But can a 17 year old boy with an ill-equipped army challenge the Conqueror for his birthright, the throne of England? Edgar's one hope of victory is to forge an alliance with England's ancient Viking enemies and pray that the rest of his people rise up in support.Wasteland tells how the agony of war shapes and matures Edgar and how he learns to inspire loyalty from his allies and respect even from his enemies.Triumph and Catastrophe is book 2 of 'The Lost King' series. It is a fast-moving story of how a young boy comes of age in a time of victory, betrayal and revenge."Every bit as good as its prequel, The Flame of Resistance. Don't be put off if you don't like history. This story will appeal to anyone, whether interested in history or not. ""I heartily recommend this very readable and enjoyable journey into the England's history and look forward with great anticipation to the next volume in the series."

Men Of The Cross

Author: Charlene Newcomb
ISBN: 9780692205945
Size: 56.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 2361
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War, political intrigue and passion... heroes... friends and lovers... and the seeds for a new Robin Hood legend await you... Two young knights' journey to war at Richard the Lionheart's side sweeps them from England to the Holy Land in this historical adventure set against the backdrop of the Third Crusade. Henry de Grey leaves Southampton in high spirits, strong in his faith and passionate about the mission to take Jerusalem back from Saladin's army. Stephan l'Aigle's prowess on the battlefield is well known, as are his exploits in the arms of other men. He prizes duty, honour and loyalty to his king above all else. But God and the Church? Stephan has little use for either. Henry's convictions are challenged by loss and the harsh realities of bloody battles, unforgiving marches, and the politics of the day. Man against man. Man against the elements. Man against his own heart. Survival will depend on more than a strong sword arm.


Author: John Gwynne
Publisher: Orbit
ISBN: 0316386308
Size: 19.49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1534
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The Banished Lands are engulfed in war and chaos. The cunning Queen Rhin has conquered the west and High King Nathair has the cauldron, most powerful of the seven treasures. At his back stands the scheming Calidus and a warband of the Kadoshim, dread demons of the Otherworld. They plan to bring Asroth and his host of the Fallen into the world of flesh, but to do so they need the seven treasures. Nathair has been deceived but now he knows the truth. He has choices to make, choices that will determine the fate of the Banished Lands. Elsewhere the flame of resistance is growing - Queen Edana finds allies in the swamps of Ardan. Maquin is loose in Tenebral, hunted by Lykos and his corsairs. Here he will witness the birth of a rebellion in Nathair's own realm. Corban has been swept along by the tide of war. He has suffered, lost loved ones, sought only safety from the darkness. But he will run no more. He has seen the face of evil and he has set his will to fight it. The question is, how? With a disparate band gathered about him - his family, friends, giants, fanatical warriors, an angel and a talking crow he begins the journey to Drassil, the fabled fortress hidden deep in the heart of Forn Forest. For in Drassil lies the spear of Skald, one of the seven treasures, and here it is prophesied that the Bright Star will stand against the Black Sun.

The Eyes Of The Dragon

Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501141198
Size: 72.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7188
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“It is just not possible to stop turning the pages” (The Washington Post) of this bestselling classic tale—an epic fantasy as only Stephen King could envision it. “Once, in a kingdom called Delain, there was a king with two sons….” Thus begins one of the most unique tales that master storyteller Stephen King has ever written—a sprawling fantasy of dark magic and the struggle for absolute power that utterly transforms the destinies of two brothers born into royalty. Through this enthralling masterpiece of mythical adventure, intrigue, and terror, you will thrill to this unforgettable narrative filled with relentless, wicked enchantment, and the most terrible of secrets….