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The Gift Of Our Compulsions

Author: Mary O'Malley
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 9781577317876
Size: 71.66 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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To some degree we are all compulsive. Our struggles range from overworrying and overworking to overeating and alcohol and drug abuse. When we realize we are compulsive, our main reaction until now has been to try to control our behavior, but when we try to control our compulsions, they control us. If we do manage to stop one, another always seems to take its place. Over the past three decades, Mary O’Malley has developed a revolutionary approach to healing our compulsions. She gently invites us to be curious about them, to engage them and ask ourselves questions that help us understand our behaviors. She shows us how lasting healing can come from being curious and forgiving rather than controlling and shameful. Compulsions then become our teachers. Her book is filled with new perspectives and simple techniques that anyone can easily grasp.

What S In The Way Is The Way

Author: Mary O'Malley
Publisher: Sounds True
ISBN: 1622035550
Size: 15.13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Imagine for a moment that all the pressures in your life were off—no problems to fix, no deadlines to meet, no struggles to overcome. Do you feel that sense of spacious relief? It’s not an illusion, teaches Mary O’Malley. It really is possible to live with that profound openness every moment, even while tending to our everyday tasks and obligations. What’s in the Way Is the Way is the new book from this highly regarded teacher, offering practical guidance for meeting all of our experience with an abiding sense of ease, trust, and peace of mind. This accessible book is divided into 10 phases, featuring inspiring wisdom and step-by-step exercises to heal the core beliefs that keep you stuck With each chapter, Mary invites you to come into the present and see yourself and your circumstances in a different way—with openness and curiosity, unclouded by struggle, judgment, and fear. Discover why Eckhart Tolle calls Mary O’Malley’s work “a treasure of practical wisdom and profound insights, all pointing to one essential Truth: how to awaken into present-moment awareness and live in acceptance of what is.”

Healing Myths Healing Magic

Author: Donald M. Epstein
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing
ISBN: 1934408204
Size: 31.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Healing Myths, Healing Magic examines the deeply ingrained stories, or myths, we commonly hold about how our bodies heal ¿ myths that can actually inhibit healing. In this breakthrough book, Epstein divides the healing myths into four categories: social, biomedical, religious, and new age. He exposes each myth individually, then suggests an alternative, or Healing Magic, to help us reclaim our body¿s natural ability to heal.

Mindful Loving

Author: Henry Grayson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781592400614
Size: 28.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Invites readers to examine their relationships from a non-traditional perspective, drawing on western and eastern philosophy and a range of spiritual traditions to demonstrate how to heal oneself and a relationship, break unhealthy cycles, create a spiritual marriage, and establish healthier beliefs. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

Present Perfect

Author: Pavel G Somov
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 9781608820450
Size: 39.91 MB
Format: PDF
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A revolutionary approach to overcoming perfectionism! A recent, randomized study—published by Mindfulness Journal—shows that Present Perfect is effective as a standalone intervention. The study found that those who had read the book experienced a statistically significant reduction of self-criticalness, a result that was still maintained at a six weeks follow-up (Wimberley, Mintz, & Suh, Mindfulness, Nov. 2015). While there's no doubt that setting high standards for yourself is a good thing, you've probably already noticed that perfectionism can come at a high price. And when you take steps to try to change, it's easy to be too hard on yourself and fall into the same traps that keep you feeling stressed and disappointed. This book presents a revolutionary approach to overcoming perfectionism—a way to transform your need for precision into self-acceptance, compassion, and love for each perfectly imperfect passing moment in our lives. In Present Perfect, you'll use the Buddhist psychology of mindfulness to learn to accept the present moment in all of its ordinary perfection. This book is filled with over 150 exercises and meditations that you can practice to become more flexible toward yourself and others without losing your love of a job well done. With this compassionate approach, you'll soon be able not only to accept life as it is, but also become more accepting and forgiving of yourself and others.

The Slow Down Diet

Author: Marc David
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1620555093
Size: 12.53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A revolutionary approach to enhancing metabolism that enables lasting weight loss and facilitates spiritual well-being • Presents an eight-week weight-loss program • Explains how relaxed eating stimulates metabolic function and how stress hormones encourage weight gain • Shows how fully enjoying each meal is the optimal way to a healthy body Our modern culture revolves around fitting as much as possible into the least amount of time. As a result, most people propel themselves through life at a dizzying pace that is contrary to a healthy lifestyle. We eat fast, on the run, and often under stress, not only removing most of the pleasure we might derive from our food and creating digestive upset but also wreaking havoc on our metabolism. Many of us come to the end of a day feeling undernourished, uninspired, and overweight. In this 10th anniversary edition, Marc David presents a new way to understand our relationship to food, focusing on quality and the pleasure of eating to transform and improve metabolism. Citing cutting-edge research on body biochemistry as well as success stories from his own nutritional counseling practice, he shows that we are creatures of body, mind, and spirit and that when we attend to these levels simultaneously we can shed excess pounds, increase energy, and enhance digestion to feel rejuvenated and inspired. He presents an eight-week program that allows readers to explore their unique connection to food, assisting them in letting go of their fears, guilt, and old habits so they can learn to treat their bodies in a dignified and caring way. He reveals the shortcomings of all quick-fix digestive aids and fad diets and debunks common nutrition myths, such as “the right way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.” He shows instead how to decrease cortisol and other stress hormones and boost metabolic power through proper breathing and nutritional strategies that nourish both the body and soul, proving that fully enjoying each meal is the optimal way to a healthy body. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in nutritional medicine, the psychology of eating, and the science of yoga, Marc David offers readers practical tools that will yield life-transforming, sustainable results.

Belonging To Life

Author: Mary O'Malley
Publisher: Awakening
ISBN: 9780972084802
Size: 14.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 456
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Belonging to Life is an exploration of becoming awake and present for our lives so that we can know - no matter what we are experiencing, the joy and peace that are our birthright. Through stories, ideas and techniques, it explores how to quiet our minds and open our hearts so we can truly belong to ourselves and to life. Mary O'Malley writes from her own personal experience of awakening, having walked through the darkest of times, transmuting pain and wounding into precious treasure.

The Magical Forest Of Aliveness

Author: Mary O'Malley
ISBN: 9780972084857
Size: 64.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6886
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The Magical Forest of Aliveness is a wonderfully wise story which equips the inner child with metaphors to open the way for awakening to one's true nature. It's a sweet, simple, and wise poetic journey into human awakening that calms the mind, warms the heart, and speaks directly to the soul. A marvelous tale about the "stuff no one ever told us," but that would have changed our lives if they had.

Green Your Heart Green Your World

Author: Elizabeth B Hill Msw
ISBN: 9780999197608
Size: 17.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Green¿ ¿Your¿ ¿Heart,¿ ¿Green¿ ¿Your¿ ¿World¿ ¿is¿ ¿a¿ ¿gift¿ ¿to¿ ¿the¿ ¿helpers:¿ ¿nonprofit¿ ¿professionals,¿ ¿teachers, parents,¿ ¿nurses,¿ ¿social¿ ¿workers,¿ ¿caregivers,¿ ¿community¿ ¿leaders,¿ ¿volunteers¿ ¿and¿ ¿anyone¿ ¿who¿ ¿spends their¿ ¿days¿ ¿in¿ ¿service¿ ¿to¿ ¿others.¿ ¿This¿ ¿books¿ ¿contains¿ ¿a¿ ¿wealth¿ ¿of¿ ¿soulful¿ ¿practices¿ ¿to¿ ¿help¿ ¿people¿ ¿avoid burnout,¿ ¿save¿ ¿the¿ ¿world¿ ¿and¿ ¿love¿ ¿their¿ ¿lives.¿ ¿Readers¿ ¿can¿ ¿expect¿ ¿to¿ ¿to¿ ¿be¿ ¿inspired¿ ¿to¿ ¿share¿ ¿their¿ ¿own unique¿ ¿light¿ ¿with¿ ¿the¿ ¿world¿ ¿and¿ ¿be¿ ¿empowered¿ ¿to¿ ¿stay¿ ¿healthy,¿ ¿happy¿ ¿and¿ ¿whole¿ ¿in¿ ¿the¿ ¿process.

Stop Eating Your Heart Out

Author: Meryl Hershey Beck
Publisher: Conari Press
ISBN: 1573245453
Size: 32.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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What to do when food is NOT your best friend. According to a recent Self Magazine, 65% of all women have an unhealthy relationship with food. Often they use food to numb feelings and become binge eaters or overeaters. Food becomes their primary means for coping with everyday stress, anxiety, and other difficult feelings. Drawing on her experience of working with compulsive overeaters and binge eaters for over twenty years, Meryl Beck has developed a revolutionary approach for rewiring your brain that incorporates spiritual, physical and emotional tools for getting healthy. This 21 day plan brings together tools from psychotherapy, the 12 Steps, personal growth, work, and energy healing. Stop Eating Your Heart Out offers a way to rewire the brain to respond differently to the impulses and feelings that create bingeing. Beck, a therapist, and former binge takes an approach to recovery from emotional eating that incorporates spiritual, emotional, and energy work.