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The Grunt Padre

Author: Daniel Lawrence Mode
Publisher: CMJ Publishers and Distrib.
ISBN: 9781891280085
Size: 31.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"The Legacy of Vincent Robert Capodanno lives on in the undying respect and tender compassion he freely gave to each and every soldier with whom he came in contact. His story is the story of the true humanity of the Vietnan soldier's experience." - Frederic Smith, CEO, Federal Express. "I am delighted to find the story of Fr. Vincent R. Capodanno's service and sacrifice so admirably recounted in The Grunt Padre by Fr. Daniel L. Mode. I myself served as a priest and Naval/Marine Corps chaplain in Vietnam. I am both gratified and moved to find that another priest and Naval/Marine Corps chaplain, Fr. Mode, has written so eloquently of yet another priest and Naval/Marine Corps Chaplain - Fr. Capodanno, who died in battle for God and country. For over thirty years, it has been my privilege to know the story of Fr. Capodanno's holiness and heroism. I am thankful that so many others will also come to know that story through Fr. Mode's The Grunt Padre." John Cardinal O'Connor, Archbishop of New York.

Called And Chosen

Author: Zeni Fox
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780742532007
Size: 24.58 MB
Format: PDF
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Radiating Christ

Author: Raoul Plus
Publisher: CMJ Publishers and Distrib.
ISBN: 9781891280016
Size: 53.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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To be a "Christ" is the whole meaning of Christianity. To radiate "Christ" is the whole meaning of the Christian Apostolate. But to be a "Christ" for one's own personal benefit is not enough; we have to Christianize those around us; in a word, we have to radiate "Christ." There are so many holy people that have radiated Christ in our times, but none as powerfully and effectively as Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa of Calcutta. May we be granted the gift to radiate "Christ." This beautiful book lays a foundation to help us to radiate and Christianize our fellow man, especially in these times of decadence and non-believing Christians.

The Miracle Of Father Kapaun

Author: Roy Wenzl
Publisher: Ignatius Press
ISBN: 168149521X
Size: 40.96 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Emil Kapaun-priest, soldier and Korean War hero- is a rare man. He has been awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation's highest military award, and is also being considered by the Vatican for canonization as a saint. As remarkable as this double honor are the non-Catholic witnesses who attest to Father Kapaun's heroism: the Protestants, Jews and Muslims who either served with the military chaplain in the thick of battle or endured with him the unbelievably brutal conditions of a prisoner of war camp. As journalists Roy Wenzl and Travis Heying discovered, all of these Korean War veterans, no matter their religion, agree that Father Kapaun did more to save lives and maintain morale than any other man they know. Then there are the alleged miracles-the recent healings attributed to Father Kapaun's intercession that defy scientific explanation. Under investigation by the Vatican as a necessary step in the process of canonization, these cures witnessed by non-Catholic doctors are also covered in this book. In tracking down the story of Father Kapaun for the Wichita Eagle, Wenzl and Heying uncovered a paradox. Kapaun's ordinary background as the son of Czech immigrant farmers in Kansas sowed the seeds of his greatness. His faith, generosity and grit began with his family's humility, thrift and hard work. Lavishly Illustrated with 32 pages of Photos.

The Story Of Chaplain Kapaun Patriot Priest Of The Korean Conflict

Author: Arthur Tonne
ISBN: 9780615831367
Size: 53.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Daring and devoted, Father Kapaun (pronounced Cape'n) gave his all for the men who were imprisoned with him in North Korea. "He saved my life," was the statement of hundreds who were dragged from the battlefield by him, who were nursed back to health, fed with the food he had "stolen," who were given the will to live and the hope of freedom by this kindly priest. All creeds, colors and classes shared in the kindness and inspiration of this man of God. "100% man," "An inspiration," "A saint." No praise is too great from the men who were with him. Reading the story of Chaplain Kapaun will inspire you. At the time this book was originally published in 1954, The author, Father Arthur Tonne, had authored 22 books, mostly volumes of sermons and collections of stories for preaching and teaching. After five years of teaching, he organized and directed for thirteen years the Newman Club att Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, where he gave more than 300 talks over radio station KTSW. He had preached missions and retreats in 22 states, and had spoken to numerous university, civic, and fraternal groups. As pastor of St. John Nepomucene, the Pilsen Catholic Church, the home parish of Chaplain Kapaun, he was in an ideal position to secure the material and background for this account of an outstanding patriot.

Ethnic And Racial Minorities In The U S Military An Encyclopedia 2 Volumes

Author: Alexander M. Bielakowski Ph.D.
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1598844288
Size: 48.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2785
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This encyclopedia details the participation of individual ethnic and racial minority groups throughout U.S. military history. • More than 300 entries on ethnic and racial minorities in the U.S. military • Perspectives from more than 50 different contributors • Cross-references and books for further reading appended to each entry • Numerous photographs and illustrations bring the experience of ethnic and racial minorities in wartime to life

Bringing God To Men

Author: Jacqueline E. Whitt
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 146961295X
Size: 77.32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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During the second half of the twentieth century, the American military chaplaincy underwent a profound transformation. Broad-based and ecumenical in the World War II era, the chaplaincy emerged from the Vietnam War as generally conservative and evangelical. Before and after the Vietnam War, the chaplaincy tended to mirror broader social, political, military, and religious trends. During the Vietnam War, however, chaplains' experiences and interpretations of war placed them on the margins of both military and religious cultures. Because chaplains lived and worked amid many communities--religious and secular, military and civilian, denominational and ecumenical--they often found themselves mediating heated struggles over the conflict, on the home front as well as on the front lines. In this benchmark study, Jacqueline Whitt foregrounds the voices of chaplains themselves to explore how those serving in Vietnam acted as vital links between diverse communities, working personally and publicly to reconcile apparent tensions between their various constituencies. Whitt also offers a unique perspective on the realities of religious practice in the war's foxholes and firebases, as chaplains ministered with a focus on soldiers' shared experiences rather than traditional theologies.

The Longest Rescue

Author: Glenn Robins
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 081314325X
Size: 51.47 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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While serving as a crew chief aboard a U.S. Air Force Rescue helicopter, Airman First Class William A. Robinson was shot down and captured in Ha Tinh Province, North Vietnam, on September 20, 1965. After a brief stint at the "Hanoi Hilton," Robinson endured 2,703 days in multiple North Vietnamese prison camps, including the notorious Briarpatch and various compounds at Cu Loc, known by the inmates as the Zoo. No enlisted man in American military history has been held as a prisoner of war longer than Robinson. For seven and a half years, he faced daily privations and endured the full range of North Vietnam's torture program. In The Longest Rescue: The Life and Legacy of Vietnam POW William A. Robinson, Glenn Robins tells Robinson's story using an array of sources, including declassified U.S. military documents, translated Vietnamese documents, and interviews from the National Prisoner of War Museum. Unlike many other POW accounts, this comprehensive biography explores Robinson's life before and after his capture, particularly his estranged relationship with his father, enabling a better understanding of the difficult transition POWs face upon returning home and the toll exacted on their families. Robins's powerful narrative not only demonstrates how Robinson and his fellow prisoners embodied the dedication and sacrifice of America's enlisted men but also explores their place in history and memory.

The Light Of Christ

Author: Thomas Joseph White
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813229715
Size: 54.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Light of Christ provides an accessible presentation of Catholicism that is grounded in traditional theology, but engaged with a host of contemporary questions or objections. Inspired by the theologies of Iranaeus, Thomas Aquinas and John Henry Newman, and rooted in a post-Vatican II context, Fr. Thomas Joseph White presents major doctrines of the Christian religion in a way that is comprehensible for non-specialists: knowledge of God, the mystery of the Trinity, the Incarnation and the atonement, the sacraments and the moral life, eschatology and prayer. At the same time, The Light of Christ also addresses topics such as evolution, the modern historical study of Jesus and the Bible, and objections to Catholic moral teaching. Touching on the concerns of contemporary readers, Fr. White examines questions such as whether Christianity is compatible with the findings of the modern sciences, do historical Jesus studies disrupt or confirm the teaching of the faith, and does history confirm the antiquity of Catholic claims. This book serves as an excellent introduction for young professionals with no specialized background in theology who are interested in learning more about Catholicism, or as an introduction to Catholic theology. It will also serve as a helpful text for theology courses in a university context. As Fr. White states in the book’s introduction: “This is a book that offers itself as a companion. I do not presume to argue the reader into the truths of the Catholic faith, though I will make arguments. My goal is to make explicit in a few broad strokes the shape of Catholicism. I hope to outline its inherent intelligibility or form as a mystery that is at once visible and invisible, ancient and contemporary, mystical and reasonable.”