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The Illuminati In Hollywood

Author: Mark Dice
Publisher: The Resistance
ISBN: 0988726874
Size: 57.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The infamous Illuminati secret society represents the pinnacle of power in politics, banking, and the news media; but what about the entertainment industry? Do Hollywood’s elite studios, producers, and celebrities have a secret agenda? Are they part of a covert conspiracy? Media analyst Mark Dice will show you exactly how Hollywood uses celebrities and entertainment as a powerful propaganda tool to shape our culture, attitudes, behaviors, and to promote corrupt government policies and programs. You will see how the CIA and the Pentagon work hand in hand with Hollywood to produce blockbuster movies and popular television shows crafted to paint positive portraits of war, Orwellian government surveillance, unconstitutional agendas, and more. You’ll also learn the strange and secret spiritual beliefs of the stars that fuel their egos and appetites for fame and wealth, making them perfect puppets for the corporate controllers behind the scenes. And you will also discover the rare instances of anti-Illuminati celebrities who have dared to bite the hand that feeds them. Character Howard Beale once warned in the 1976 classic film Network, “This tube is the most awesome God-damned force in the whole godless world, and woe is us if it ever falls in to the hands of the wrong people,” and unfortunately that is exactly what has happened.

Social And Legal Theory In The Age Of Decoloniality

Author: Warikandwa, Tapiwa Victor
Publisher: Langaa RPCIG
ISBN: 9956550124
Size: 15.82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 455
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Right from the enslavement era through to the colonial and contemporary eras, Africans have been denied their human essence – portrayed as indistinct from animals or beasts for imperial burdens, Africans have been historically dispossessed and exploited. Postulating the theory of global jurisprudential apartheid, the book accounts for biases in various legal systems, norms, values and conventions that bind Africans while affording impunity to Western states. Drawing on contemporary notions of animism, transhumanism, posthumanism and science and technology studies, the book critically interrogates the possibility of a jurisprudence of anticipation which is attentive to the emergent New World Order that engineers ‘human beings to become nonhumans’ while ‘nonhumans become humans’. Connecting discourses on decoloniality with jurisprudence in the areas of family law, environment, indigenisation, property, migration, constitutionalism, employment and labour law, commercial law and Ubuntu, the book also juggles with emergent issues around Earth Jurisprudence, ecocentrism, wild law, rights of nature, Earth Court and Earth Tribunal. Arguing for decoloniality that attends to global jurisprudential apartheid., this tome is handy for legal scholars and practitioners, social scientists, civil society organisations, policy makers and researchers interested in transformation, decoloniality and Pan-Africanism.

Inside The Illuminati Evidence Objectives And Methods Of Operation

Author: Mark Dice
Publisher: The Resistance
ISBN: 0988726858
Size: 54.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 6519
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When looking into the existence and alleged activities of the infamous Illuminati secret society, one finds an overwhelming amount of conspiracy theories, hidden history, half-truths and hoaxes. But how much truth is there to some of these claims you keep hearing about? What is the real history of the mysterious group? Do they continue to exist today? What is the evidence? And what are they doing? After a decade of research sifting through the facts and the fiction, secret society expert Mark Dice will help you navigate through the complex maze from the original documents to rare revelations by elite politicians, bankers and businessmen, as he takes you Inside the Illuminati. SUBJECTS INCLUDE: How and when the original writings of Adam Weishaupt and the Illuminati were discovered and what they say. See their own contingency plans showing they were prepared to continue operating in the event that they were discovered. The direct link between the Skull & Bones society at Yale University and the Bavarian Illuminati. The connection to communism and Karl Marx’ admission that he was a member of a secret society which commissioned him to write The Communist Manifesto. How they control the mainstream news media and use blockbuster films as propaganda tools to promote their agenda and shape our culture. How they created various front groups like the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Federal Reserve to carry out their plans. Discover the virtually unknown secret society of secretaries and personal assistants who are trusted to serve elite businessmen and politicians. Investigations into the supposed bloodlines of the Illuminati, the Nephilim, and the Divine right of kings. Uncovering the Zodiac Club and their little-known twelve-member intimate dinner parties in New York. The elite secret society of scientists funded by the Department of Defense who were responsible for creating the atomic bomb. The secret of “sex magic” and its alleged capabilities and perverted practitioners. The Jesuits, the Black Pope, and the Vatican’s child molesting mafia. Looking into allegations of child abuse, murder, and snuff films rumored to have taken place at the Bohemian Grove. The all-female version of the Bohemian Grove consisting of America’s most powerful women. Stunning Rockefeller and Rothschild family admissions and the extent of their power and influence. The secret Jekyll Island meeting that gave birth to the Federal Reserve System. Skull & Bones sister societies Scroll & Key and Wolf’s Head at Yale University and the inter-council meetings these “Big Three” hold. The strange spiritual beliefs, philosophies, and occult symbolism of the Mystery Schools and their offshoots. Investigations into alleged ex-members ‘Doc’ Marquis, Leo Zagami, Kevin Trudeau, Brice Taylor, George Green, Mark Cleminson, and others. The Illuminati’s ultimate goal of creating a New World Order, a cashless society, and soon revealing the “royal secret,” admitting that they do in fact worship Satan. Their Transhumanist dream to become immortal Gods using advanced anti-aging technology, cybernetic neural interfaces, and mind uploading for what they see as the final step in human evolution. Their preparation for the arrival of the Illuminati messiah (the Antichrist), believing that he will finally rule planet earth as a God. How you can work to free yourself from mental, spiritual, and financial enslavement and avoid many of the traps set to ensnare ignorant and uniformed people. By the author of The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

Hexen Hexen

Author: Roald Dahl
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644574618
Size: 50.27 MB
Format: PDF
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Im Märchen haben Hexen immer alberne schwarze Hüte auf, tragen schwarze Umhänge und reiten auf dem Besen. Diese Geschichte ist jedoch kein Märchen. Sie handelt von echten Hexen ... echte Hexen tragen ganz normale Kleider und sehen auch wie ganz normale Frauen aus. Sie wohnen in normalen Häusern, und sie haben ganz normale Berufe. Deshalb ist es so schwer, sie zu erwischen. Großmama erzählte am liebsten von Hexen, den gefährlichsten Kreaturen der Welt. Doch auf die Begegnung mit der Hoch- und Großmeister-Hexe und ihren Plan, alle Kinder Englands in Mäuse zu verwandeln, hatte auch sie mich nicht vorbereiten können. Wir brauchten dringend eine Strategie ...

Illuminati In The Music Industry

Author: Mark Dice
Publisher: The Resistance
ISBN: 0988726823
Size: 25.69 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3610
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Famous pop stars and rappers from Jay-Z and Rick Ross to Rihanna and Christina Aguilera are believed by many to be a part of the infamous Illuminati secret society. These stars allegedly use Illuminati and satanic symbolism in their music videos and on their clothes that goes unnoticed by those not “in the know.” Since these stars appear in our livings rooms on family friendly mainstream shows like Good Morning America, Ellen, and dozens of others—and are loved by virtually all the kids—they couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the infamous Illuminati or anything “satanic,” could they? Some famous musicians have even publicly denounced the Illuminati in interviews or songs. Illuminati in the Music Industry takes a close look at some of today’s hottest stars and decodes the secret symbols, song lyrics, and separates the facts from the fiction in this fascinating topic. You may never see your favorite musicians the same way ever again. Includes 50 photographs. Discover why so many artists are promoting the Illuminati as the secret to success. Why an aspiring rapper in Virginia shot his friend as an “Illuminati sacrifice” hoping it would help him become rich and famous. How and why the founder of BET Black Entertainment Television became the first African American billionaire. Why popular female pop stars like Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Kesha and others are promoting Satanism as cool, something that was once only seen in heavy metal and rock and roll bands. Some musicians like Korn’s singer Jonathan Davis, rapper MC Hammer, Megadeth’s frontman Dave Mustaine, and others have all denounced the Illuminati and artists promoting them. Les Claypool, singer of Primus wrote a song about the Bohemian Grove. Muse singer Matt Bellamy recants his belief that 9/11 was an inside job after getting a taste of mainstream success with his album, The Resistance. Bono said he attended an Illuminati meeting with other celebrities. Was he joking or serious? Why rap and hip hop is filled with Illuminati puppets and wannabes more than other genres of music. Includes detailed profiles on dozens of artists who are suspected of being affiliated with the Illuminati and highlights the handful of musicians who have denounced the secret society and their puppets. Learn about media effects, the power of celebrity, what the externalization of the hierarchy means and how you can break free from the mental enslavement of mainstream media and music. By the author of The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

The True Story Of Fake News

Author: Mark Dice
Publisher: Mark Dice
ISBN: 1943591032
Size: 15.52 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 5385
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Is fake news being spread through social media as part of an information war? Are political operatives publishing disinformation to smear the opposition and help their own agendas? Who creates fake news, how does it spread, and can it be stopped? What are the real world effects of fake news stories that go viral? Did it affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election? Or is ‘fake news’ a fake problem, designed to justify tighter control over the mechanisms of sharing information online to drive audiences back to brand name media outlets because their audiences and influence are dwindling? Media analyst Mark Dice takes a close look at the fake news phenomenon and the implications of mega-corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter becoming the ultimate gatekeepers and distributors of news and information. You will see the powerful and deceptive methods of manipulation that affect us all, as numerous organizations and political activists cunningly plot to have their stories seen, heard, and believed by as many people as possible. The depths of lies, distortions, and omissions from traditional mainstream media will shock you; and now they’re colluding with the top tech companies trying to maintain their information monopolies. This is The True Story of Fake News.

Illuminati Der Kult Der Die Welt Gekapert Hat

Author: Henry Makow Ph. D.
Publisher: Silas Green
ISBN: 9780991821143
Size: 71.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5350
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Die Illuminaten reprasentieren eine jahrhundertealte Ehe zwischen dem judischen Finanzwesen und der nicht judischen Aristokratie, die auf Geld, Macht und dem Okkulten beruht. Diese Banker haben sich der Kontrolle uber Staatskredite bemachtigt und haben somit unbegrenzte Mittel, um ihre schandliche Agenda voranzutreiben. Sie haben alles und jeden gekauft und bedienen sich der Androhung von Erpressung, um ihre Marionetten zu lenken (die unsere Fuhrer" sind). Die meisten Juden und Nicht-Juden wissen nicht, dass das Judentum durch zwei Lehren definiert wird: den xenophoben Talmud und die auf der Idee rassischer Uberlegenheit begrundete Kabbala. Sein geheimes Ziel ist die Weltherrschaft, was bedeutet, dass das Kreditmonopol der Banker auf ein Monopol auf alles, also spirituell, politisch, kulturell und materiell, ausgeweitet werden soll. Die Kabbala ist satanisch, da in ihr behauptet wird, dass Gott formlos und noch nicht einmal im Universum wahrnehmbar ist. Der kabbalistische Jude ist Gottes Sprachrohr. Die Essenz von Religion ist aber, dass Gott erfahrbar ist. Wie sonst konnen wir Ihm gehorchen, anstatt irgendeinem Kabbalisten? Der zweite Weltkrieg war eine Falle, um Deutschland zu zerstoren. In meinem Buch Illuminati, das hier auf Deutsch vorliegt, erbringe ich den Beweis, dass Hitler ein Handlanger der Illuminaten und der Zweite Weltkrieg eine Farce war. Der Vorwurf des Antisemitismus" ist ein hinterhaltiger Trick, der angewandt wird, um jeglichen Widerstand gegen die freimaurerische judische Agenda zu entkraften. Diese Agenda beinhaltet die Umwandlung des Menschseins in ein Sklavendasein durch die Zerstorung unserer menschlichen Identitat, die auf Rasse, Religion (Gott), Nation und Familie (Geschlechterrollen) beruht. Sie wollen eine Rasse (Rassenmischung), eine Religion (Luziferianismus), ein Geschlecht (Bisexualitat) und eine Nation (Weltstaat). Die Beschuldigung des Antisemitismus ist ein Ablenkungsmanover, denn sowohl Juden als auch Nicht-Juden - tatsachlich die Menschheit als Ganzes - wurden in diesen satanischen Kult eingeweiht, ohne sich dessen bewusst zu sein. Wir sind alle Opfer dieser Verschworung. Millionen von nicht judischen Freimaurern kontrollieren Regierungen, Medien, Militar, Unternehmen und Bildung als Marionetten des Zentralbankenkartells. Um heutzutage im offentlichen Leben Erfolg zu haben, muss man Rasse, Religion, Nation und Familie verraten, oder sich zumindest dieser bosartigen Agenda nicht entgegenstellen. Diese Verschworung schurt Terror als Vorwand, um Tag fur Tag ihren Einfluss zu vergrossern. Das Schicksal der Menschheit hangt am seidenen Faden. So bizarr und unglaublich es klingt, wurde die Menschheit von einem satanischen Kult, der als die Illuminaten bekannt ist, kolonialisiert. Dieser Kult reprasentiert freimaurerische und judische Banker, die sich ein Monopol auf Staatskredite erschlichen haben, das ihnen ermoglicht, ein Zahlungsmittel in Form von Schulden bei ihnen zu schaffen und dafur Zinsen zu erheben. Selbstverstandlich wollen sie diese Trophae schutzen, indem sie von ihnen in ein politisches und kulturelles Monopol umgewandelt wird. Dieses tritt in Gestalt einer totalitaren Weltregierung in Erscheinung, die Luzifer gewidmet ist, der ihre Missachtung von Gott verkorpert. Demzufolge verschworen sich die Personen gegen uns, die uns finanziell unter Kontrolle haben. Um uns abzulenken und zu steuern, bedienen sie sich eines ausgedehnten okkulten Netzwerks (Freimaurerei), um die meisten Einrichtungen zu unterwandern, insbesondere die Regierung, die Geheimdienste, das Bildungswesen & die Massenmedien. Wir werden umprogrammiert, um den Illuminaten zu dienen. Sie untergraben Institutionen wie die Ehe und Religion und fordern Verdorbenheit, Personlichkeitsstorungen, Korruption und Spaltungen. Sie inszenierten zwei Weltkriege und planen den 3. Weltkrieg. Henry Makow legt diese Verschworung dar und zeigt auf, wie die Geschichte der Mens"