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The Incas

Author: Terence N. D'Altroy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118610598
Size: 39.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Incas is a captivating exploration of one of thegreatest civilizations ever seen. Seamlessly drawing onhistory, archaeology, and ethnography, this thoroughly updated newedition integrates advances made in hundreds of new studiesconducted over the last decade. • Written by one of the world’s leading expertson Inca civilization • Covers Inca history, politics, economy, ideology,society, and military organization • Explores advances in research that includepre-imperial Inca society; the royal capital of Cuzco; the sacredlandscape; royal estates; Machu Picchu; provincial relations;the khipu information-recording technology; languages, timeframes, gender relations, effects on human biology, and dailylife • Explicitly examines how the Inca world view andphilosophy affected the character of the empire • Illustrated with over 90 maps, figures, andphotographs

Native Peoples Of The Americas

Author: James Green
ISBN: 9780199171941
Size: 24.26 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1756
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Inuit - North-East Indians - Iroquois and the Algonquian tribes - Incas - Houses in Ancient America - Inuit hunters - Food and communications (travel and trade) in Ancient America - Gods, myths and superstitions - Impact of Europeans - Exploration - Settlement - Aztecs.

First Americans A History Of Native Peoples Combined Volume

Author: Kenneth Townsend
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351665189
Size: 31.67 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2771
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First Americans provides a comprehensive history of Native Americans from their earliest appearance in North America to the present, highlighting the complexity and diversity of their cultures and their experiences. Native voices permeate the text and shape its narrative, underlining the agency and vitality of Native peoples and cultures in the context of regional, continental, and global developments. This updated edition of First Americans continues to trace Native experiences through the Obama administration years and up to the present day. The book includes a variety of pedagogical tools including short biographical profiles, key review questions, a rich series of maps and illustrations, chapter chronologies, and recommendations for further reading. Lucid and readable yet rigorous in its coverage, First Americans remains the indispensable student introduction to Native American history.

Indigenous Peoples Of South America

Author: Source Wikipedia
ISBN: 9781230573861
Size: 70.32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 256. Chapters: Circum-Caribbean tribes, Inca, Indigenous people of South America, Indigenous peoples of Eastern Brazil, Indigenous peoples of South America topics, Indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Indigenous peoples of the Andes, Indigenous peoples of the Gran Chaco, Indigenous peoples of the Guianas, Indigenous peoples of the Southern Cone, Indigenous topics of South America, Paleoindian period, Post-Classic period in the Americas, Quechua, South American mythology stubs, Aztec, Inca Empire, Indigenous peoples in Brazil, Arawak peoples, Machu Picchu, Awa, Banawa people, Xucuru, Guarani people, Enxet, Apocatequil, Supay, Sara Mama, Uku Pacha, Ka-Ata-Killa, Mama Ocllo, Urcaguary, Pariacaca, Paricia, Hanan Pacha, Vichama, Settlement of the Americas, Genetic history of indigenous peoples of the Americas, Iroquois, Clovis culture, Paleo-Indians, Pre-Columbian Ecuador, Indigenous peoples in Ecuador, Inca civilization, Mapuche, Quipu, Barasana, Hupda, Inca society, Inca plan, Calico Early Man Site, Wichi people, Ya nomamo, Aguaruna, Paititi, Wapishana, Indigenous Territory, Rikbaktsa people, Chicha, History of the Incas, Kali'na people, Shuar people, Quechua people, Inca architecture, Aymara people, Inca road system, Indigenous peoples in Peru, Origins of Paleoindians, Cofan, Selknam people, Conacami, Achuar people, Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, Tapirape, Sacsayhuaman, Querandi, Incan agriculture, Yaghan people, Indigenous peoples in Colombia, Slavery among the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Machiguenga people, Ashaninka, Indigenous peoples in Venezuela, Q'ero, Inca rope bridge, Akuntsu, Wari', Pishtaco, Yagua, Zapara, Uru people, Botocudo people, Luzia Woman, Warao people, History of Mesoamerica, Ayoreo people, Matses, Orealla, Bororo people, Pijao people, Handbook of South American Indians, Korubo, Choquequirao, ..

Indians In The Americas

Author: William Marder
Publisher: Book Tree
ISBN: 9781585091041
Size: 77.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3728
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Many books over the years have promised to tell the true story of the Native American Indians. Many, however, have been filled with misinformation or derogatory views. Finally here is a book that the Native American can believe in. This well researched book tells the true story of Native American accomplishments, challenges and struggles and is a gold mine for the serious researcher. It includes extensive notes to the text and over 500 photographs and illustrations -- many that have never before been published. The author, after 20 years of research, has attempted to provide the world with the most truthful and accurate portrayal of the Native American Indians. Every serious researcher and Native American family should have this ground-breaking book.

The Complete Illustrated History Of The Inca Empire

Author: David M. Jones
Publisher: Lorenz Books
ISBN: 9780754823582
Size: 44.72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 484
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This is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the Incas and other ancient people of South America with more than 1000 photographs. It provides an exploration of the political and social history, art, architecture and mythology of the lost cultures of the Andes. It presents an in-depth history of the ancient people of South America including the Paracas, Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Wari, Lambayeque-Sipan, Tiwanaku, Chimu and Inca. Discover the breathtaking developments in Andean art, from the mysterious lines etched in the Nazca desert to the lovely temples erected at Kotosh, La Galgada and Aspero. Over 1000 colour photographs, paintings, artefacts, maps and artworks bring the ancient cultures of the South America to vivid life. The history of the Incas fascinates the modern world. This groundbreaking book separates fact from fiction, exploring the native people of Peru and the Andes, their mythologies and ancient belief systems, and the amazing beauty of Inca art and architecture. It opens with the culture and history of its many kingdoms and their mythological rituals and beliefs. The second half of the book focuses on the day-to-day lives of ordinary people and the beautiful art they created, such as ceramics, gold- and silverwork and fabrics. This authoritative volume combines over 1000 striking illustrations with lively and engaging text.


Author: Bobbie Kalman
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780778793427
Size: 50.42 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1983
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Examines the history, people, culture, and traditions of the Peruvian people.

Spirit Of The Incas

Author: Gary Underwood
Publisher: Blake Education
ISBN: 9781741641080
Size: 63.86 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Rosamel is a musician. He plays Incan music, which comes from his homeland in South America. Music reflects respect for the environment - from how instruments are made to the songs that are sung. In all Rosamel's music, the spirit of the Inca's lives on. Ages 8+.