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The Integrated Nervous System

Author: Walter J. Hendelman
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466595957
Size: 13.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This innovative textbook is modelled on problem-based learning. It bridges the gap between academic neuroanatomy and clinical neurology and effectively takes the reader from the classroom to the clinic, so that learning can be applied in practice. This second edition has been updated and expanded to include many more clinical cases within both the book and the accompanying Wweb site. Significant additions include abbreviated presentation of the history and neurologic examination of all the cases on the web site (now numbering over 50) within the text at the end of each of the clinical chapters. new ‘maps’ -- visual representations of the clinical motor, sensory and reflex findings. the web site further expands the cases – presenting them in detail, and providing an ‘expert’ commentary to discuss the reasoning for the localization and etiological diagnosis. This book and the associated Web site will be of practical value to all the professionals who deal with people who have neurological conditions, as well as being invaluable to medical students and residents. This includes physiatrists (rehabilitation medicine specialists), physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists, and nurses who specialize in the care of neurological patients. We think that this text will also be of value for family physicians and specialists in internal medicine and pediatrics, all of whom must differentiate between organic pathology of the nervous system and other conditions.

Integrated Neuroscience And Neurology

Author: Elliott M. Marcus
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199744432
Size: 63.84 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2801
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Integrated Neuroscience argues that in order to make an intelligent diagnosis and provide a rational treatment nervous system disorders, it is necessary to answer the basic questions of clinical neurology. Where is the disease process located, and what is the nature of the disease process? For students to answer these questions, the authors first review the makeup of the cells within the central nervous system and the development of the regions within the central nervous system. A detailed anatomical overview of the nervous system, starting at the spinal cord, proceeding to the brain stem, diencephalon and cerebrum follows. This textbook focuses not only on localized diseases caused by infectious diseases, trauma, tumors, and vascular lesions within the central nervous system, but also these diseases within the systems of the brain and spinal cord. Over 250 real cases with associated MRI or CTs and any pathological findings from these patients illustrate numerous disorders and fully explain the nature of the pathology. The authors have also included six problem solving sessions in which the student must identify the ongoing disease process, what caused it, and how best to treat it. Throughout the discussion in this text the authors also correlate the neurological findings to the underlying anatomy of the region.

Neuroanatomical Basis Of Clinical Neurology Second Edition

Author: Orhan E. Arslan
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439848343
Size: 68.81 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Bridging the gap between the peripheral and central nervous systems, the second edition of Neuroanatomical Basis of Clinical Neurology enriches understanding of neurological conditions through a conceptual approach to neuronal circuitry. The book retains the basic outline of contents from the first edition, integrating structural organization with pertinent clinical disorders, while reflecting the substantial growth and ever-changing information in neuroscience After an introduction to the developmental and cellular aspects of the nervous system, the book discusses in depth the morphology and internal organization of the central nervous system. It examines the somatic and autonomic components of the peripheral nervous system, emphasizing nerve entrapments and neuropathies. The author describes various dysfunctions by demonstrating the neuronal interconnectivity between higher and lower autonomic centers and the mediation of visceral reflexes. The Second Edition incorporates and highlights common and relevant clinical conditions. Topics include: Various forms of cortical dysfunctions, such as seizures, disconnection syndrome, coma, and dementia The role of prefrontal cortex in behavior and attention, introducing the topic of autism Up-to-date information on the auditory, vestibular, gustatory, and limbic systems The neurochemistry of the limbic system, memory and associated disorders, and the structural and neuronal circuitry of the hippocampal gyrus Structural organization and associated pathways of the extrapyramidal system, demonstrating the neurochemical basis of movement disorders This new edition skillfully integrates over a decade of discovery in neuroscience since the publication of the first edition, and introduces deepened insights into the neuronal synaptic connectivity and the mechanisms that underlie neurologic disorders. The book remains an essential source of information for medical and allied health students, practitioners of neurology, and students of neuroscience.

Practical Surgical Neuropathology A Diagnostic Approach E Book

Author: Arie Perry
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323508669
Size: 41.87 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1355
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Part of the in-depth and practical Pattern Recognition series, Practical Surgical Neuropathology, 2nd Edition, by Drs. Arie Perry and Daniel J. Brat, helps you arrive at an accurate CNS diagnosis by using a pattern-based approach. Leading diagnosticians in neuropathology guide you from a histological (and/or clinical, radiologic, and molecular) pattern, through the appropriate work-up, around the pitfalls, and to the best diagnosis. Almost 2,000 high-quality illustrations capture key neuropathological patterns for a full range of common and rare conditions, and a "visual index" at the beginning of the book directs you to the exact location of in-depth diagnostic guidance. Instructive algorithms provide detailed guidance based on 8 major (scanning magnification) patterns and 20 minor (high magnification) patterns – helping you narrow the range of diagnostic possibilities. A user-friendly design color-codes patterns to specific entities, and key points are summarized in tables, charts, and graphs so you can quickly and easily find what you are looking for. Sweeping content updates keep you at the forefront of recent findings regarding gliomas, embryonal neoplasms, meningiomas, pituitary region and pineal tumors, epilepsy pathology, peripheral nerve sheath tumors, neurodegenerative disorders, tumor predisposition syndromes, and much more. Improved pattern call-outs are now linked directly within the chapter, reinforcing the patterns for more efficient and complete understanding.

Immune Mediated Disorders Of The Central Nervous System In Children

Author: Lucia Angelini
Publisher: John Libbey Eurotext
ISBN: 9780861966318
Size: 46.76 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Immunopathogenesis has recently been receiving increased interest from researchers, leading to a better understanding of the mechanisms of neurological disorders and consequently to new diagnostic approaches and therapeutic perspectives. Clinical neuroimmunology in childhood is the focus of the present volume. This book is divided into three sections. The first part deals with the relationship between the immune and the nervous systems, from antigen presentation to autoimmunity and its role in neurological disease. In the second part, the nosography of immune-mediated neurological diseases in children is described, including those primarily involving the central nervous system and those secondary to systemic immunological disorders. The last part of the book is devoted to diagnostic and therapeutic criteria.

Atlas Of Functional Neuroanatomy Third Edition

Author: Walter Hendelman, M.D.
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466585358
Size: 66.14 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4130
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Understanding how the brain is organized and visualizing its pathways and connections can be conceptually challenging. The Atlas of Functional Neuroanatomy, Third Edition addresses this challenge by presenting a clear visual guide to the human central nervous system (CNS). This edition has been completely reorganized to facilitate learning the structure and function of the CNS. The material provided gives you a solid understanding of the brain. This edition: Presents an instructive format that fosters a thorough understanding of complex neuroanatomy, emphasizing the functional perspective and supplemented with clinical aspects Incorporates enhanced illustrations, retaining the selective labeling of the nuclei and tracts (pathways) Includes new material explaining the visual system, meninges, venous system, and limbic system Features a substantial increase in the number of neuroradiological (CT and MRI) images An accompanying Web site ( includes the book’s illustrations along with rollover labeling, animation of the pathways and connections, a glossary, and narrated video demonstrations of the brain.

The Central Nervous System

Author: Per Brodal
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190228970
Size: 15.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 372
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The Fifth edition finds the text of The Central Nervous System thoroughly updated and revised, better equipping students with essential information in the field of clinical neuroscience. This text, reviewed to reflect new information as well as understanding of student needs for critical thinking, contains the systematic, in-depth coverage of topics of great clinical interest. This text seamlessly integrates data from all fields of neuroscience as well as clinical neurology and psychology. This textbook presents the functional properties of clinically-relevant disorders by incorporating data from molecular biology to clinical neurology. Key Features of the Fifth Edition Include... ? Chapters knit together by numerous cross-references and explanations, helping the reader to connect data. ? Carefully selected full color line drawings of the complexities of the nervous system. ? Extensive use of text-boxes provides in-depth material without disturbing the flow of reading. ? Provides a crucial list of references for further reading. While most neurological textbooks are cobbled together by multiple authors on a variety of topics within the field, Dr. Brodal pulls together a cohesive and comprehensive guide to neuroscience. This book reflects Dr. Brodal's concise and easy-to-read style, encouraging reflection and critical thinking in established facts and scientific conjecture. This is the perfect reference for medical, graduate, and undergraduate students alike.

Hutchison S Clinical Methods E Book

Author: Michael Glynn
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702067415
Size: 20.21 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2815
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Hutchison’s Clinical Methods, first published more than a century ago, is the classic textbook on clinical skills. It provides an outstanding source of learning and reference for undergraduate medical students and postgraduate doctors. It seeks to teach an integrated approach to clinical practice, so that new methods and investigations are grafted onto established patterns of clinical practice, rather than added on as something extra. The text is organised so that both system-related and problem-oriented chapters are included. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of the doctor-patient relationship, the essential skills needed for clinical examination, and for planning the appropriate choice of investigations in diagnosis and management. Hutchison’s Clinical Methods is an invaluable resource for all those learning and training in medicine and is an essential adjunct to a standard textbook of medicine, surgery or other specialty. The book provides a comprehensive account of the traditional methods of patient history-taking and examination but is updated with a full account of the role of modern investigative techniques. This is a book for students of all ages and all degrees of experience. This established textbook of clinical methods has been thoroughly reviewed by an international group of students and trainee doctors to ensure the text concentrates on the basic principles of history and examination in all the various clinical settings which medical students need to master. The global perspective of the book has been enhanced with a new International Advisory Board recruited from South Asia and the Middle East.

Cancer In The Nervous System

Author: Victor A. Levin
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195137286
Size: 26.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 3601
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Cancer in the Nervous System, Second Edition is a unique text for practicing physicians, physicians-in-training, and other health care professionals who work with cancer patients. It is an edited book composed of integrated chapters on the management of specific cancers that affect the brain and spinal cord, the secondary effects of systemic cancers on the central and peripheral nervous system, the effect of radiation and chemotherapy on the central and peripheral nervous system, the psychosocial impact on cancer and approaches to its management, the physical and cognitive rehabilitation of the cancer patient, and approaches to the control of pain in the cancer patient. The decision to make this textbook broad in scope was purposeful. It was developed on the premise that no one individual could be truly "expert" in all the diverse fields that impinge on the nervous system and psyche as well as clinical and experimental oncology. With that purpose in mind, this textbook brings together the expert opinion and clinical guidelines from basic cancer biology, neurology, neurosurgery, pathology, radiology, radiation therapy, medical oncology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, pain and symptom management, and rehabilitative medicine.

Neuroanatomy E Book

Author: Alan R. Crossman
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702054062
Size: 21.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1205
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This is a short highly illustrated textbook of neuroanatomy that throughout makes clear the relevance of the anatomy to clinical neurology. It avoids overburdening the reader with topographical detail that is unnecessary for the medical student. Minimum assumptions are made of existing knowledge of the subject. 'Key point' boxes for reinforcement and quick revision Glossary of important terms 'Clinical detail' boxes closely integrated with relevant neuroanatomy Complete revision and updating of text. Revision nad expansion of summary chapter, providing overview of entire subject. Clinical material updated to reflect current prevalence of neurological disease. Artwork entirely redrawn for improved clarity and closer integration with text.