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The Kid S User Guide To A Human Life

Author: Rebecca Brenner
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1614489246
Size: 26.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Kid’s User Guide to a Human Life is an enlightening series for kids (and inner kids) about mindfulness.

The Kid S User Guide To A Human Life

Author: Rebecca Brenner
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1614489238
Size: 21.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6766
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The Kid's User Guide to a Human Life Book One: An Open Mind offers ten- to fifteen-year-olds fun, practical information and skills on how to live a life with less stress and more joy. Through educational illustrations and inspiring text, kids are encouraged to take control of their own mental and emotional wellbeing. Rebecca Brenner has spent the last fourteen years, personally and professionally, doing just this. Through her integrative health consulting business she works with individuals, families, and community organizations to create lasting wellness plans that encourage healthy, happy living. In her popular yoga and meditation classes she teaches mindfulness techniques to everyone from nine to eighty-nine years old. She also consults with parents on how to develop and encourage healthy habits for their children and families. The Kid's User Guide to a Human Life Book One: An Open Mind is short, inspiring, and fun to read. With fifty illustrations, it focuses on how the brain and nervous system take in information and directions from the internal chatter of the mind. Most kids (and adults) are unaware of how repetitive and negative their own internal chatter can be. When left unchecked, this internal chatter can wreak havoc on their health and life. The Kid's User Guide to a Human Life Book One: An Open Mind will share how easy it is to be mindful of habitual mind chatter and how doing so creates a spacious, open quality of mind and life. Kids will learn to question what their mind is saying about themselves and others and how to hold lovingly what they find in the clearness of their own open mind. There is no better way to throw open the doors and adventure confidently and joyously into a happy and healthy life!

The User S Guide To Being Human

Author: Scott Edmund Miller
Publisher: SelectBooks
ISBN: 1590792122
Size: 35.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The author examines eight human inner capacities by which people shape their lives. He outlines a step-by-step program to harness this great potential freely available within people to bring out the best in themselves and create the life they dream of leading" --Provided by publisher.

The User S Guide To The Human Mind

Author: Shawn Smith
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
ISBN: 160882053X
Size: 80.70 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Your mind is not built to make you happy; it’s built to help you survive. So far, it’s done a great job! But in the process, it may have developed some bad habits, like avoiding new experiences or scrounging around for problems where none exist. Is it any wonder that worry, bad moods, and self-critical thoughts so often get in the way of enjoying life? The User’s Guide to the Human Mind is a road map to the puzzling inner workings of the human mind, replete with exercises for overriding the mind’s natural impulses toward worry, self-criticism, and fear, and helpful tips for acting in the service of your values and emotional well-being—even when your mind has other plans. Find out how your mind tries to limit your behavior and your potential Discover how pessimism functions as your mind’s error management system Learn why you shouldn’t believe everything you think Overrule your thoughts and feelings and take charge of your mind and your life

Life A User S Manual

Author: Georges Perec
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher
ISBN: 1567923739
Size: 59.59 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5651
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Over twenty years ago, Godine published the first English translation of Georges Perec's masterpiece, Life A User's Manual, hailed by the Times Literary Supplement, Boston Globe, and others as "one of the great novels of the century." We are now proud to announce a newly revised twentieth-anniversary edition of this classic. Structured around a single moment in time - 8:00 PM on June 23, 1975 - Perec's spellbinding puzzle begins in an apartment block in the XVIIth arrondissement of Paris where, chapter by chapter, room by room, the extraordinarily rich life of its inhabitants is marvelously revealed.

The Great Outdoors A User S Guide

Author: Brendan Leonard
Publisher: Artisan Books
ISBN: 1579657826
Size: 16.48 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4524
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“Leonard’s durable tome (seriously, the cover is rubber) is stuffed with so many tips about surviving in the wild, you’ll be able to leave your smartphone behind.” —Entertainment Weekly, Best New Books This easy introduction to outdoor life will ensure that even a novice won’t get lost in the woods while finding an activity he loves to do in the great outdoors--whether it’s hiking a 14er or camping on ice. With 400 strategies for engaging in the outdoors, and expert tips and tricks, The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide makes Mother Nature easier to understand than ever before. Brendan Leonard, writer, filmmaker, and outdoor adventurer, shows the reader how rewarding it can be to live life away from the computer and get outside. From mountain climbing, to skiing, sledding, and sailing, Leonard shows that you don’t need to be a risk taker to enjoy the outdoors. And if the reader does find himself at the point of man vs. nature, Leonard shares survival skills from how to bandage a wound and read a topographical map, to how to drive on sand and remove a tick from your skin—all organized thematically and written in short takeaway entries with helpful line drawings. Bound in a uniquely rugged (and waterproof!) PVC cover material, The Great Outdoors: A User’s Guide is a friendly way into the outdoor lifestyle, whether you're looking to dabble or go all in.

The Intelligent Heart

Author: Dzigar Kongtrul
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0834840138
Size: 53.13 MB
Format: PDF
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Compassion arises naturally when one comes to perceive the lack of solid distinction between self and other. The Buddhist practice known as tonglen—in which one consciously exchanges self for other—is a skillful method for getting to that truthful perception. In this, his commentary on the renowned Tibetan lojong (mind training) text the Seven Points of Mind Training, Dzigar Kongtrul reveals tonglen to be the true heart and essence of all mind-training practices. He shows how to train the mind in a way that infuses every moment of life with uncontrived kindness toward all.

The Meaning Of Human Existence

Author: Edward O. Wilson
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 087140480X
Size: 19.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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National Book Award Finalist. How did humanity originate and why does a species like ours exist on this planet? Do we have a special place, even a destiny in the universe? Where are we going, and perhaps, the most difficult question of all, "Why?" In The Meaning of Human Existence, his most philosophical work to date, Pulitzer Prize–winning biologist Edward O. Wilson grapples with these and other existential questions, examining what makes human beings supremely different from all other species. Searching for meaning in what Nietzsche once called "the rainbow colors" around the outer edges of knowledge and imagination, Wilson takes his readers on a journey, in the process bridging science and philosophy to create a twenty-first-century treatise on human existence—from our earliest inception to a provocative look at what the future of mankind portends. Continuing his groundbreaking examination of our "Anthropocene Epoch," which he began with The Social Conquest of Earth, described by the New York Times as "a sweeping account of the human rise to domination of the biosphere," here Wilson posits that we, as a species, now know enough about the universe and ourselves that we can begin to approach questions about our place in the cosmos and the meaning of intelligent life in a systematic, indeed, in a testable way. Once criticized for a purely mechanistic view of human life and an overreliance on genetic predetermination, Wilson presents in The Meaning of Human Existence his most expansive and advanced theories on the sovereignty of human life, recognizing that, even though the human and the spider evolved similarly, the poet's sonnet is wholly different from the spider's web. Whether attempting to explicate "The Riddle of the Human Species," "Free Will," or "Religion"; warning of "The Collapse of Biodiversity"; or even creating a plausible "Portrait of E.T.," Wilson does indeed believe that humanity holds a special position in the known universe. The human epoch that began in biological evolution and passed into pre-, then recorded, history is now more than ever before in our hands. Yet alarmed that we are about to abandon natural selection by redesigning biology and human nature as we wish them, Wilson soberly concludes that advances in science and technology bring us our greatest moral dilemma since God stayed the hand of Abraham.

The User S Guide To Spiritual Teachers

Author: Scott Edelstein
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0861716108
Size: 49.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A wise and practical quickstart guide for anyone who wants—or already has—a spiritual teacher. The User’s Guide to Spiritual Teachers is a necessary book for anyone who has, or wants to have, a spiritual teacher—regardless of faith or tradition. This book addresses concerns that many of us have on the spiritual path, including how to find a spiritual teacher, how to manage expectations about what they can do, and what to do when you realize you’re in a dangerous relationship with one. Spiritual teachers of all traditions will themselves find this book incredibly useful as they reflect on how they benefit their students or may be overstepping their boundaries and actually creating harm. This is your place to look for information, inspiration, sanity, and words of caution.

The News A User S Manual

Author: Alain De Botton
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307911721
Size: 20.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 7457
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The news is everywhere. We can’t stop constantly checking it on our computer screens, but what is this doing to our minds? We are never really taught how to make sense of the torrent of news we face every day, writes Alain de Botton (author of the best-selling The Architecture of Happiness), but this has a huge impact on our sense of what matters and of how we should lead our lives. In his dazzling new book, de Botton takes twenty-five archetypal news stories—including an airplane crash, a murder, a celebrity interview and a political scandal—and submits them to unusually intense analysis with a view to helping us navigate our news-soaked age. He raises such questions as Why are disaster stories often so uplifting? What makes the love lives of celebrities so interesting? Why do we enjoy watching politicians being brought down? Why are upheavals in far-off lands often so boring? In The News: A User’s Manual, de Botton has written the ultimate guide for our frenzied era, certain to bring calm, understanding and a measure of sanity to our daily (perhaps even hourly) interactions with the news machine. (With black-and-white illustrations throughout.) From the Hardcover edition.