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The Last Full Measure

Author: Richard Moe
Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
ISBN: 9780873517393
Size: 27.84 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The definitive history of the First Minnesota Regiment and one of a handful of classic regimental histories of the Civil War.

The Last Full Measure

Author: Ann Rinaldi
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547505442
Size: 16.69 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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As Confederate and Union soldiers take over their town, the local residents can do little more than hunker down in their homes while cannon and gunfire explode around them. But the battles are not only fought between soldiers. At home, fourteen-year-old Tacy and her disabled brother lock horns as David struggles with his desire to go to war. He has strong principles, and it tortures him to allow others to fight while he does nothing. In the aftermath of this great and terrible battle, in which so many soldiers sacrifice their lives for their beliefs, David gives his last full measure…and leaves Tacy struggling to make sense out of it all.

The Last Full Measure

Author: Michael Stephenson
Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co
ISBN: 0715647113
Size: 61.39 MB
Format: PDF
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In this brilliantly researched, deeply humane work of history, Michael Stephenson traces the paths that have led soldiers to their graves over the centuries, revealing a wealth of insight about the nature of combat, the differences among cultures, and the unchanging qualities of humanity itself. Behind every soldier's death lies a story, a tale not just of the cold mathematics of the battlefield but of an individual human being who gave his life. What psychological and cultural pressures brought him to his fate? What lies - and truths - convinced him to march towards his death? Covering warfare from prehistory through to the present day, The Last Full Measure tells these soldiers' stories, ultimately capturing the experience of war as few books ever have.

The Last Full Measure

Author: Jeff Shaara
Publisher: Birlinn
ISBN: 0857907484
Size: 34.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The moving story of the tragic trail from the carnage of Gettysburg to the emotional drama of Lee's surrender at Appomattox, The Last Full Measure concludes the masterwork begun more than two decades ago by Michael Shaara, Jeff's father, in his classic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Killer Angels (1974). The basis for the movie Gettysburg, The Killer Angels, a #1 New York Times bestseller, went on to sell more than two million copies in paperback and spend thirteen weeks on the Times list. In 1996, Michael Shaara's vision was enhanced by Jeff Shaara's own New York Times bestselling novel tracing the road to that fateful battle, Gods and Generals. The story of the war concludes in The Last Full Measure. Battle by staggering battle, Jeff Shaara dramatizes the escalating confrontation between Lee and Grant - complicated, heroic, and deeply troubled men. In the final two years of the war, the stunned Army of Northern Virginia, forced into retreat after its loss at Gettysburg, once again defends its own soil as Grant leads the Union armies ever farther into the South. THE LAST FULL MEASURE resonates with the bloody Battle of the Wilderness, after which rivers ran red for days with the blood of the wounded and dead; the destruction of the Stonewall Brigade at Spotsylvania; the Union Army disaster at Cold Harbor; and the agonizing siege of Petersburg which led to the unmitigated slaughter known as the Battle of the Crater. The drama ends in April 1865 when Robert E. Lee accepts Ulysses S. Grant's terms of surrender at Appomattox, where college professor-turned-soldier General Joshua Chamberlain, receiving the stacked arms of the ragged Confederate army, gallantly orders his men to salute their returning countrymen.

The Last Full Measure

Author: Jack Campbell
Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
ISBN: 1625673612
Size: 22.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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From the New York Times bestselling author of the epic Lost Fleet series comes a story of a nightmarish America that could have been—and the Civil War that would set her free once more... America, 1863: the dream of the Founding Fathers has become a nightmare. The ideals of freedom and individualism have fallen to tyranny, corruption and greed. Wealthy industrialists of the North and slave-holding plantation owners of the South now hold power through the might of the military and puppet politicians—and all who defy them are declared traitors to the United States of America. Condemned for daring to speak against the government, Prof. Joshua Chamberlain is on his way to a penal plantation when his prison train is captured by the Army of the New Republic—a growing force of courageous soldiers who wish to restore the United States to its original righteous path. Joining a company of heroes with names such as Hancock, Longstreet and Armistead, Chamberlain finds himself joining the fight for freedom. But to win that freedom—and keep it—the rebellion needs a leader who is not a soldier, but a living symbol of the cause with the wisdom and fortitude to lead America back into the light. Chamberlain knows exactly where to find such a leader. A man who is currently being held in the most secure and dangerous prison in the country, where his treasonous ideals cannot be heard. A man whose refusal to bow to those who proudly claim slavery as a way of life has already made him a legend. A man they must rescue at all costs... A man called Lincoln.

The Last Full Measure Divided We Fall Book 3

Author: Trent Reedy
Publisher: Divided We Fall
ISBN: 9780545548786
Size: 38.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In a YA trilogy like no other, Trent Reedy has raised the most primal questions of our national existence: Do we owe our greatest loyalty to our friends? Our state? Our country? Our party? How do we reconcile our individual rights and common needs? What keeps us all united -- and what happens if we fall apart? Now, in this third book, the Second Civil War has come to an end in Idaho. The Feds have taken the fight to other fronts, and Danny and his friends are free of U.S. dominance. But that freedom comes with considerable costs, from Danny's disturbing flashbacks to the war, to the Brotherhood of the White Eagle, whose "security" for Freedom Lake looks more like outright thuggery. After Danny makes a shocking discovery about the Brotherhood's final aims, he and his friends lead a group of townspeople on a dangerous journey across a ravaged Idaho, hoping to build a better society of their own, and fulfill the dreams they had in what once was the United States.

Star Trek Enterprise 1

Author: Michael A. Martin
ISBN: 9783942649414
Size: 75.29 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Noch vor Captain Kirk gingen Captain Archer und die U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01, das erste Warp-fünf-Schiff der Flotte, dahin, wo noch nie ein Mensch zuvor gewesen ist. Nach dem Abschluss der TV-Serie bekommt die Serie nun eine Romanfortsetzung. Ohne Warnung oder Provokation erscheint eine Xindi-Waffe über der Erde und entfesselt eine Explosion, die auf zwei Kontinenten Millionen Lebewesen tötet. Es ist nur die erste Waffe dieser Art: Eine zweite wird noch gebaut, und dieses Mal könnte sie sogar den gesamten Planeten zerstören. In einem verzweifelten Versuch, die Erde und ihre Bewohner zu retten, muss die Sternenflotte innerhalb von kürzester Zeit ihre Mission ändern: aus friedlicher, wissenschaftlicher Erforschung wird Militärdienst. Es gibt nur ein Schiff, dass schnell genug ist, um den Bau dieser neuen Waffe aufzuhalten: das Raumschiff Enterprise. Doch seine Mannschaft kann diese Aufgabe nicht allein bewältigen. Captain Jonathan Archer willigt ein, eine Truppe militärischer Spezialisten mit an Bord zu nehmen: kampferprobte Soldaten, genannt MACOs. Die Sternenflotte und die MACOs sind zwei unterschiedliche Gruppen, die nun ein gemeinsames Ziel haben. Über die Methoden, wie sie dieses Ziel erreichen können, sind sie sich allerdings uneinig. Zwei Kulturen prallen aufeinander, doch die Männer und Frauen an Bord der Enterprise wissen, dass sie erfolgreich zusammenarbeiten müssen, denn andernfalls werden Unschuldige des Preis für ihren Misserfolg bezahlen. Sie können es sich nicht leisten, zu versagen.

Star Trek Enterprise Last Full Measure

Author: Michael A. Martin
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781416544456
Size: 61.80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Without warning or provocation an alien weapon appears above Earth and unleashes a blast that kills millions across two continents. A second such weapon could destroy the entire planet. In a desperate bid to save Earth and its people, Starfleet must change its mission from one of peaceful exploration to one of military service. Only the Starship Enterprise is fast enought to stop the production of a second Xindi weapon. But the crew cannot do it alone, and Captain Jonathan Archer accepts a contingent of Military Assault Command Operations personnel -- battle-hardened soldiers known as MACOs -- on board his ship. Starfleet and the MACOs are two very different services sharing a common goal, but divided in their views of how to attain it. It is a culture clash that echoes across centuries of military service. The men and women on board the Enterprise understand that somehow they must succeed in working together or the price will be paid in blood -- failure is not an option.