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Stealing Rembrandts

Author: Anthony M. Amore
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230337428
Size: 66.30 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5399
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A spellbinding journey into the high-stakes world of art theft Today, art theft is one of the most profitable criminal enterprises in the world, exceeding $6 billion in losses to galleries and art collectors annually. And the masterpieces of Rembrandt van Rijn are some of the most frequently targeted. In Stealing Rembrandts, art security expert Anthony M. Amore and award-winning investigative reporter Tom Mashberg reveal the actors behind the major Rembrandt heists in the last century. Through thefts around the world - from Stockholm to Boston, Worcester to Ohio - the authors track daring entries and escapes from the world's most renowned museums. There are robbers who coolly walk off with multimillion dollar paintings; self-styled art experts who fall in love with the Dutch master and desire to own his art at all costs; and international criminal masterminds who don't hesitate to resort to violence. They also show how museums are thwarted in their ability to pursue the thieves - even going so far as to conduct investigations on their own, far away from the maddening crowd of police intervention, sparing no expense to save the priceless masterpieces. Stealing Rembrandts is an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind look at the black market of art theft, and how it compromises some of the greatest treasures the world has ever known.

An Unyielding Woman

Author: Ron Emond
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1426983867
Size: 22.59 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Antoinette, the unyielding woman, nicknamed Toni by her older brother, was born to a patriarch father and a subservient mother. She grew up on a New England farm where the test of her character to face down trials put upon her by her father and later in her married life would have been to much for many young woman to overcome. Her father had fled France with his parents and brothers during WW1 and setteled in Canada. After a brief marriage to a French Canadian, he moved to the United States where he settled in Rhode Island and became a citizen. It was in South County, Rhode Island where he met Emily and had seven children, one of them died at child birth. Toni was number four of the six who lived. There were four girls, but Toni was singled out to be abused mentally and was treated like a farm laborer. Later as a young attractive single adult and then as a widow with three children, the challenges on her character and patience seemed as if they would never stop. For a short while after Toni met an old boyfriend, a swave world traveller by the name of Whitey and married him, life seemed as it was going to finally be worth living, but that was not to be. This story also takes the reader through the period of WW11 and her"s and her two brother's contributions.

Pool Fun Times Four

Author: Nicola Diaz
Publisher: Nicola Diaz
Size: 28.38 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1965
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One Woman. Four Men. A Pool. And A Whole Lot Of Fun! Pool fun ensues when Jana gets drunk at a pool party. And when all the ladies but her leaves ……. ……...she’s faced with four hunks who have eyes only for her! This 3000 word short story contains adult themes including MMFMM, a submissive woman who shared her body with four men in the pool and should be read by adults only!

Vietnam The Medal Of Honor

Author: C. D. Wilson
Publisher: Clark Douglas Wilson
ISBN: 1452376077
Size: 62.68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Medal of Honor Reg O "Brien dreamed of being a Navy Pilot. He achieved his dream and flew directly into the Vietnam War, in his Phantom F-4B fighter. Shot down over North Vietnam by a Surface to Air Missile S.A.M., he fights for survival in the jungle while aiding his wounded Radar Intercept Officer. Will they survive or die in a fight to the death? In the Vietnam War, young men went to the other side of the world to fight in a small county most Americans had never heard of before the daily news started to report American soldiers killed in battle. Those that survived came back either physically or mentally scarred for life. The Medal of Honor is a portrayal of ordinary Americans, doing their duty, under extraordinary circumstances; some survive. The description of the intense horror of their experiences and unflinching courage to duty, for both their country and their fellow man is outstanding.Sample random paragraphs follow: SMAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY! Saber Tooth hit! Right wing damaged! Fire indicator is on! Feet wet in Halong Bay, ETA twelve minutes!" Chuck transmitted continuously in a clear calm voice that did not exemplify his true inner turmoil. SEJECT, EJECT! shouted Reg. He waited for Chuck to clear the plane. He gripped his ejection seat handle and pulled. Everything happened in a flash as the canopy flew off. The seat shot up the rail. At that speed, the force threw his body back into the seat. The screaming air blocked out all other sounds. His eyes bulged! His vision blurred as he tried hard to focus. Dizzy, from a momentary blackout, he had trouble isolating a focal point.Reg climbed the tree, secured Chuck "s chute with his own harness; he then cut Chuck "s parachute cords with his survival knife. The combined chute harnesses allowed him to lower the semiconscious Chuck from the tree. Chuck had a slash across his cheek through the eye area into the scalp. Flies gathered around the wound area; seeing that made Reg nauseous. Blood from the face injuries had solidified into a scab, which would help protect the wound. Reg "s main concern was Chuck "s eye. He applied first aid bandages from his first aid kit.The Indianapolis "s mission was secret; therefore, no one knew that she had gone down. Nine hundred men went into the water, most of them with only life jackets; many were nude not having time to put on their clothing. They floated for five days locking arms together in a square. Every few hours each man had to work his way to the outer edge of the square to act as shark bait.The Tiger sharks had a weeklong feast. One hundred and eighty men survived but none of them would ever forget the horrors they went through. Every sailor gets the chills when you mention the sinking of USS Indianapolis in 1945, and how the sharks disseminated the crew piece by piece. Reg felt he was going to die as he looked into the barrel of the rifle, seeing the abyss of death, just as a blurred image caught his peripheral vision, hitting the soldier from behind, knocking him off balance, as his finger pulled the trigger. The bullet creased Reg "s forehead, causing him to drop his weapon and fall backward onto the deck. Reg then saw a young, black pajama clad adolescent, who was on all fours beside him. He heard the soldier cursing the kid. It had been the youngster who had rushed the soldier a moment before.The soldier turned his gun toward Reg, just as Chuck screamed from between the two boats. The VC soldier looked down for a split second, giving Reg the opportunity to reach for his Colt. The soldier saw Reg move and pointed the rifle at him. Reg "s reaction was a split second faster as he shot the Vietcong soldier pointblank in the face. Part of the face disappeared in a gruesome spray of bloody grey matter that flew from the top of the soldier "s head.

The Beat

Author: Kip Lornell
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781604733433
Size: 63.93 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6520
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The Beat! was the first book to explore the musical, social, and cultural phenomenon of go-go music. In this new edition, updated by a substantial chapter on the current scene, authors Kip Lornell and Charles C. Stephenson, Jr., place go-go within black popular music made since the middle 1970s--a period during which hip-hop has predominated. This styling reflects the District's African American heritage. Its super-charged drumming and vocal combinations of hip-hop, funk, and soul evolved and still thrive on the streets of Washington, D.C., and in neighboring Prince George's County, making it.

Single Woman Of A Certain Age

Author: Jane Ganahl
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1577316649
Size: 66.41 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 4036
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A poignant and witty collection of essays from women flying solo at midlife

Happy Herbivore Light Lean

Author: Lindsay Nixon
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1937856976
Size: 63.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 2048
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Serving up filling, flavorful, plant-based recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, this healthy cookbook also features basic workouts that, like the author's recipes, are quick, easy and produce great results. Original.

Enter Helen

Author: Brooke Hauser
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 006234269X
Size: 12.20 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5040
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This cinematic story about legendary Cosmopolitan editor and champion of the single girl Helen Gurley Brown chronicles her rise as a cultural icon who redefined what it means to be an American woman. In 1965, Helen Gurley Brown, author of the groundbreaking bestseller Sex and the Single Girl, took over an ailing Cosmopolitan and soon revamped it into one of the most bankable—and revolutionary—brands on the planet. At a time when women’s magazines taught housewives how to make the perfect casserole, Helen spoke directly to the single girl next door, cheekily advising her on how to pursue men, money, power, pleasure, and, most of all, personal happiness. In this retro romp that will appeal to fans of Mad Men, journalist Brooke Hauser reveals how a self-proclaimed “mouseburger” from the Ozarks became one of the most influential women of her time. Though she was married (to the renowned movie producer David Brown), no one embodied the idea of the Cosmo Girl more than Helen, who willed, worked, and flirted her way to the top. Bringing New York City vibrantly to life during the sexual revolution and the women’s movement, and featuring a rich cast of characters, including Hugh Hefner and Gloria Steinem, Enter Helen is the riveting story of a polarizing pioneer who bucked convention to define her own destiny, baiting a generation that both revered and rejected her.