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The Psalms Of Israel Jones

Author: Ed Davis
Publisher: Vandalia Press
ISBN: 9781940425139
Size: 58.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Secrets and snakes, rock and gospel, guilt and grace. The Psalms of Israel Jones is the story of a father and son's journey towards spiritual redemption. This novel tells the tale of a famous father trapped inside the suffocating world of rock and roll, and his son who is stranded within the bounds of conventional religion. When Reverend Thomas Johnson receives an anonymous phone call, he learns his Dylanesque rock star father is acting deranged on stage, where he's being worshipped by a cult of young people who slash their faces during performances. In his declining years, Israel Jones has begun to incite his fans to violence. They no longer want to watch the show?they want to be the show. Eager to escape troubles with his congregation as well as gain an apology from his dad for abandoning his family, Reverend Johnson leaves town and joins Israel Jones's Eternal Tour. This decision propels him to the center of a rock and roll hell, giving him one last chance to reconnect with his father, wife, congregation?and maybe even God. The Psalms of Israel Jones is the 2010 Hackney Literary Award winner for an unpublished manuscript.

The David Story A Translation With Commentary Of 1 And 2 Samuel

Author: Robert Alter
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393070255
Size: 80.38 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7584
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"A masterpiece of contemporary Bible translation and commentary."—Los Angeles Times Book Review, Best Books of 1999 Acclaimed for its masterful new translation and insightful commentary, The David Story is a fresh, vivid rendition of one of the great works in Western literature. Robert Alter's brilliant translation gives us David, the beautiful, musical hero who slays Goliath and, through his struggles with Saul, advances to the kingship of Israel. But this David is also fully human: an ambitious, calculating man who navigates his life's course with a flawed moral vision. The consequences for him, his family, and his nation are tragic and bloody. Historical personage and full-blooded imagining, David is the creation of a literary artist comparable to the Shakespeare of the history plays.

Some Are Sicker Than Others

Author: Andrew Seaward
Publisher: Andrew Seaward
ISBN: 0615624502
Size: 47.28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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ADDICTION: CUNNING, BAFFLING, & POWERFUL In this gripping debut novel by Andrew Seaward, the lives of three addicts converge following an accidental and horrific death. Monty Miller, a self-destructive, codependent alcoholic, is wracked by an obsession to drink himself to death as punishment for a fatal car accident he didn't cause. Dave Bell, a former all-American track star turned washed-up high school volleyball coach, routinely chauffeurs his bus full of teens on a belly full of liquor and head full of crack. Angie Mallard, a recently divorced housewife with three estranged children, will go to any lengths to restore the family she lost to crystal meth. All three are court-mandated to a secluded drug rehab high in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. There, they learn the universal truth among alcoholics and addicts: Though they may all be sick...SOME ARE SICKER THAN OTHERS. Based on the author's own personal experience with substance abuse and twelve-step programs, Some Are Sicker Than Others, transcends the cliches of the typical recovery story by exploring the insidiousness of addiction and the harrowing effect it has on not just the afflicted, but everyone it touches. With the harsh realism of Brett Easton Ellis and the dark, confrontational humor of Chuck Palahniuk, Mr. Seaward takes the reader deep inside the psyche of the addict and portrays, in very explicit details, the psychological and physiological effects of withdrawal and the various stages of recovery.

The New Sense

Author: John B. Dutton
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781491259849
Size: 18.47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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What if the man you love isn't who he says he is? Or worse... he really is. Summer, 2002. Single, carefree Montreal waitress Sara meets an intriguing out-of-towner whom she calls B- in her quirky private journal. They hang out. They get close. He's like no one she's ever met. In fact... there's something very strange about him, almost as though he's psychic. She probes deeper. He finally opens up to her: he's a genetic oddity with an extra sense acquired through a twist of evolutionary fate. Although initially skeptical, she soon falls in love with him and starts to believe his story.Shortly after Sara unexpectedly becomes pregnant, B- reveals that a former friend is pressuring him to undergo genetic testing at a pseudo-governmental research lab outside Chicago. B- is tempted to go there. What if there are others like him? Could their unborn child have the same “new sense”?Suddenly, B- disappears without a trace. Sara puts her journal online as a blog in the desperate hope that someone, somewhere can help her find him. As her pregnancy progresses and the days turn into weeks, she is forced to ask herself if anything she knows about him is really true, and whether their son will ever know his father. Realizing that the lab's shady operatives are now following her every move, Sara begins to fear for her own safety. The suspense mounts as she wonders: is it me they're after... or my baby?Part journal, part blog, part email chain, The New Sense is an unusually structured page-turner with a unique mystery told from the perspective of an engaging female character.

The Literary Imagination In Jewish Antiquity

Author: Eva Mroczek
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190279834
Size: 31.27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed a world of early Jewish writing larger than the Bible: from multiple versions of biblical texts to 'revealed' books not found in our canon. But despite this diversity, the way we read Second Temple Jewish literature remains constrained by two anachronistic categories: a theological one, 'Bible,' and a bibliographic one, 'book.' 'The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity' suggests ways of thinking about how Jews understood their own literature before these categories had emerged.

The Survival Of Thomas Ford

Author: John Logan
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781511527149
Size: 64.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Thomas Ford is the only survivor of the car crash which killed his wife. He is also the only witness willing to identify the young, reckless driver who caused the crash. But the driver has no intention of ever letting himself be identified, not to mention what his powerful father has planned... In the end, destiny pulls them all far from the city, to a moonlit hillside, where white butterflies and mysterious gas fill the air, a place where death can come stalking in the form of a white wolf, but perhaps also redemption can appear. By then, though, the young driver will already have taken his destiny into his own hands, and the life of a second young woman hangs in the balance.

30 Days In The Land Of The Psalms

Author: Charles H. Dyer
Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 0802495540
Size: 18.48 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Read Psalms in full color. The psalms are among the church’s finest treasures, a collection of writings where many find solace, comfort, and hope. Yet some psalms remain “locked” in a sense, containing references to places and objects modern readers have never seen and can’t picture. Until now. From author and renowned Israel expert Dr. Charles H. Dyer comes a devotional that brings selected psalms to life. Each entry features a beautiful, full-color photo of a Holy Land site, a suggested reading from Scripture, and a reflection that incorporates Dr. Dyer's knowledge of the land. Plus, the hardcover binding and ribbon marker make it a wonderful gift or bedside read. Some selections include: God Is My Masada (Psalm 18) The City of Our God (Psalm 46) A Song from the Wilderness (Psalm 90) A Song for the Mount of Olives (Psalm 118) Solitary Prayers in Lonely Places (Psalm 120) 30 Days in the Land of the Psalms is a one-month devotional that will take readers on an extended journey to Israel . . . and into the book of Psalms.

Taking Flight

Author: Adrian R. Magnuson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781514353639
Size: 54.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Jeremy Walsh's parents assume he's been abducted by the elderly man he met on a cross-country flight, but it's the other way around. Two unlikely companions meet in midair: 13-year-old Jeremy, sent against his will by his career-absorbed father to spend the summer with his bipolar mother, and Harry, one-legged and afflicted with mid-stage Alzheimer's, who escapes the confinement of home for what may be his last adventure. Their journey begins, trailed by Harry's wife and Jeremy's parents, who threaten to cut it short. It's a race against time and circumstance. "In Adrian Magnuson's Taking Flight a curmudgeon losing his memory and a snarky teen fleeing his parents find a common passion in bird watching. Endearing characters, delightful story and a poignant final scene give this book wings along with the beautifully depicted birds." -Frances Wood, author of Brushed by Feathers: A Year of Birdwatching in the West "Taking Flight is an evocative and moving contemporary novel. It is, at every level, a story about love. For one character it is a coming of age tale, for the other the end of an age. Both are runaways, yet each ultimately is searching for home. I highly recommend this heart-touching, beautifully written book." -Andrea Hurst, president of Andrea Hurst Literary Management "Filled with well-developed, real-life characters, Taking Flight's heart-breaking but satisfying story hits on all cylinders: action, comedy, and emotion." -Terry Persun, award winning author of Sweet Song

The Measure Of Everything

Author: Ed Davis
ISBN: 9781891386510
Size: 13.84 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"A well crafted fictional account of a real life situation too common in the USA, the prospect of losing a small town's ambiance along with its farm lands. The truth of this story made my heart sing."--Phyllis Wilson Moore, Independent Researcher, West Virginia.