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The Sap Hana Deployment Guide

Author: Bert Vanstechelman
Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH
ISBN: 3960122926
Size: 37.68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5192
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This book provides system architects, technical consultants, and IT management the tools to design a system architectures to deploy SAP applications on SAP HANA. Explore production and non-production systems, deployment options, backup and recovery, data replication, high-availability, and virtualization in detail. Dive into on-premise deployment options and data provisioning scenarios. Walk through scale-up and scale-out options and data partitioning considerations. Review the advantages and disadvantages of storage and system replication options and when to use each. Clarify how to leverage HANA for single node and distributed systems. Dive into a discussion on software and hardware virtualization. Compare the options available and guide your decision using flowcharts your organization can leverage to choose the proper technology for your environment and specific needs. This book enables readers to carefully evaluate and implement a well-considered SAP HANA scenario. - SAP HANA sizing, capacity planning guidelines, and data tiering - Deployment options and data provisioning scenarios - Backup and recovery options and procedures - Software and hardware virtualization in SAP HANA

Sap Bw 4hana And Bw On Hana

Author: Frank Riesner, Klaus-Peter Sauer
Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH
ISBN: 3960121504
Size: 53.99 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 330
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SAP BW/4HANA has introduced a new era in data warehousing at SAP. Further steps towards simplification, flexibility, and performance are now possible with SAP HANA as the proven technological basis. SAP BW/4HANA offers modern concepts for data management, operation, and modeling and thus opens the door for fully innovative application scenarios. This book will show you how the SAP HANA database influences the Business Warehouse and how you can optimize your system. As a practical guide, the book is aimed at experienced SAP BW experts as well as decision makers who need a well-grounded overview. The authors address the versions SAP BW/4HANA 1.0 and SAP BW 7.5 in equal measure, highlighting new functions and differences. The book also focuses on the migration options and conversion tools for moving to SAP BW/4HANA. Use this reference book to enter the world of SAP BW with SAP HANA as the database platform! - Migration, sizing, operation, data management with SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BW 7.5 on HANA - The new central source Systems SAP HANA and ODP - New modeling options, mixed scenarios, LSA++, and differences compared to SAP BW 7.5 - The role of BW in operational SAP reporting

The Sap Hana Project Guide

Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH
ISBN: 3943546322
Size: 66.71 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 1791
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SAP HANA is the SAP product for in-memory computing. It streamlines transactions, analytics, planning, and data processing on a single in-memory database allowing businesses to operate in real-time. Over the course of the last few years, the authors have led many diverse SAP HANA projects with extraordinary success resulting in 10,000, or in some cases even 100,000, times improvement of system performance. In this book, the authors share their findings from SAP HANA projects to help ensure the success of your SAP HANA project. The SAP HANA project guide will also help you identify suitable scenarios for your company to get started with in-memory computing, while sketching out a long term plan to provide innovation to your entire business using SAP HANA. We’ll cover the following key topics: - Delivering innovation with SAP HANA - Creating a business case for SAP HANA - Thinking in-memory - Managing SAP HANA projects

First Steps For Building Sap Ui5 Mobile Apps

Author: Robert Burdwell
Publisher: Espresso Tutorials GmbH
ISBN: 3960126840
Size: 23.15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 859
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Overwhelmed with the options for building mobile apps with SAP UI5? This guide offers a comprehensive introduction to SAP UI5 mobile apps in Eclipse, SAP Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Visual Studio. Explore how to build business and data-driven applications using different platforms to deploy hybrid applications to multiple devices. Walk through the different environments that can be used with SAP UI5. Review best practices for leveraging the Model View Controller (MVC). Examine the advantages of development in an Eclipse environment, along with how to leverage SAP Mobile SDK and the SAP Gateway. By using detailed examples, tips, and screenshots, the author brings readers quickly up to speed on the fundamentals of building mobile apps: - Introduction to mobile and SAP UI5 development - Steps for building mobile apps in Eclipse, SAP Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Visual Studio - How to deploy apps to multiple devices - Advantages and disadvantages of using different environments

Ibm Geographically Dispersed Resilience For Sap Hana And Sap Netweaver

Author: Katharina Probst
Publisher: IBM Redbooks
ISBN: 0738456829
Size: 21.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 6287
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This IBM® RedpaperTMchapter publication explains the configuration, relocation, and verification of the IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency on IBM Power SystemsTM solution to protect SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver applications. This is a supplemental guide to IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency for IBM Power Systems, SG24-8382, which outlines the specifics when using Geographically Dispersed Resilience for SAP applications, including SAP HANA. Business continuity is a part of business operations. Downtime and disruptions can cause financial losses and impact public relations and trust in your business. Also, governments in many countries require businesses to have disaster recovery (DR) plans demonstrate regularly that the recovery plan tests successfully. IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency for IBM Power Systems is a DR solution that covers servers but can include business applications. In particular, this solution provides features to support the high availability (HA) of logical partitions (LPARs) running SAP HANA and SAP NetWeaver applications. IBM Geographically Dispersed Resiliency enables simplified DR management for IBM Power Systems servers. In fewer than 10 steps, administrators can deploy and configure the solution. This is the only solution on IBM Power Systems that offers nondisruptive DR testing.

Sap Hana And Ess A Winning Combination

Author: Olaf Weiser
Publisher: IBM Redbooks
ISBN: 0738456063
Size: 76.60 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5011
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SAP HANA on IBM® POWER® is an established HANA solution with which customers can run HANA-based analytic and business applications on a flexible IBM Power-based infrastructure. IT assets, such as servers, storage, and skills and operation procedures, can easily be used and re-used instead of enforcing more investment into dedicated SAP HANA only appliances. In this scenario, Spectrum Scale as the underlying block storage and files system adds further benefits to this solution stack to take advantage of scale effects, higher availability, simplification, and performance. With the IBM Elastic StorageTM Server (ESS) based on Spectrum Scale, RAID capabilities are added to the file system. By using the intelligent internal logic of the IBM SpectrumTM Scale Raid code, reasonable performance and significant disk failure recovery improvements are achieved. This IBM Redbooks® publication focuses on the benefits and advantages to implement a HANA solution on top of Spectrum Scale storage file system. This book is intended to help experienced administrator and IT specialists to plan and setup a Spectrum Scale cluster and configuring an ESS for SAP HANA workloads. It provides important hints and best practices about how to manage Spectrum Scale's availability and performance. If you are familiar with ESS, Spectrum Scale, and Spectrum Scale RAID and you need only the pertinent documentation about how to configure a Spectrum Scale cluster with an ESS for SAP HANA, see Chapter 5, "Spectrum Scale customization for HANA" on page 27. Before reading this IBM RedpaperTM publication, you should be familiar with the basic concepts of Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Scale RAID. This IBM Redbooks publication can be helpful for architects and specialists who planning an SAP HANA on POWER deployment with the IBM Spectrum ScaleTM file system. For more information about planning considerations for power, see the SAP HANA on Power Planning Guide.

Sap Bw 4hana

Author: Jesper Christensen
Publisher: SAP Press
ISBN: 9781493215317
Size: 43.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 3755
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What is SAP BW/4HANA? More importantly, what can it do for you? Between these pages, you'll explore the answers to these questions, from simplified data models and SAP BW/4HANA Analytics to automated data lifecycle management. You'll find step-by-step instructions for installation and setup, a guide to administrative tasks to keep your SAP BW/4HANA system in tip-top shape, and the low-down on security in your new system. Explore the data warehouse of the future! Highlights: -SAP HANA -SAP BW/4HANA Analytics -Installation and deployment -Data modeling -Reporting and analytics -Data lifecycle management -Administration -Security -Data warehousing solution

Sap On The Cloud

Author: Michael Missbach
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662474182
Size: 53.82 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2004
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This book offers a comprehensive guide to implementing SAP and HANA on private, public and hybrid clouds. Cloud computing has transformed the way organizations run their IT infrastructures: the shift from legacy monolithic mainframes and UNIX platforms to cloud based infrastructures offering ubiquitous access to critical information, elastic provisioning and drastic cost savings has made cloud an essential part of every organization’s business strategy. Cloud based services have evolved from simple file sharing, email and messaging utilities in the past, to the current situation, where their improved technical capabilities and SLAs make running mission-critical applications such as SAP possible. However, IT professionals must take due care when deploying SAP in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. As a foundation for core business operations, SAP cloud deployments must satisfy stringent requirements concerning their performance, scale and security, while delivering measurable improvements in IT efficiency and cost savings. The 2nd edition of “SAP on the Cloud” continues the work of its successful predecessor released in 2013, providing updated guidance for deploying SAP in public, private and hybrid clouds. To do so, it discusses the technical requirements and considerations necessary for IT professionals to successfully implement SAP software in a cloud environment, including best-practice architectures for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS deployments. The section on SAP’s in-memory database HANA has been significantly extended to cover Suite on HANA (SoH) and the different incarnations of HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) and Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI). As cyber threats are a significant concern, it also explores appropriate security models for defending SAP cloud deployments against modern and sophisticated attacks. The reader will gain the insights needed to understand the respective benefits and drawbacks of various deployment models and how SAP on the cloud can be used to deliver IT efficiency and cost-savings in a secure and agile manner.

Sap Gateway And Odata

Author: Carsten Bönnen
Publisher: Rheinwerk Publishing
ISBN: 9781493212637
Size: 67.35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 5774
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Connect your SAP system and the world of OData with this comprehensive guide to SAP Gateway! Begin with the basics, then walk through the steps to create an OData service. Expand your skills further, with how-tos on developing SAPUI5 apps with the SAP Web IDE; building SAP Fiori, mobile, and enterprise applications; and performing administrative tasks for lifecycle management and security. Explore the latest trends and technologies, and map out your OData future! a. Deployment, Installation, Configuration Get started! Discover the various deployment options for SAP Gateway, and get step-by-step instructions for installation and configuration. b. OData Services Create! Walk through the specific tools for and steps in creating OData services. Then learn how to extend your existing OData services, including redefining services and customizing SAP Fiori apps. c. Application Development Develop! Learn how OData and SAP Gateway are used in SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, mobile, social media, and enterprise applications. Highlights: SAP Gateway installation and deployment OData service creation and deployment Mobile development Social media development Security Lifecycle management SAPUI5 SAP Web IDE SAP Fiori SAP HANA Galileo Press heißt jetzt Rheinwerk Verlag.

Sap Lumira Essentials

Author: Dmitry Anoshin
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785285629
Size: 70.63 MB
Format: PDF
View: 5999
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Discover how to make your business data more interactive and engaging with SAP Lumira About This Book Create a powerful data discovery experience with the advanced capabilities of SAP Lumira Find business insights in your data through data blending, wrangling, transformation, and visualization A fast-paced guide packed with hands-on practical examples, real-world solutions, and best practices to get you started with SAP Lumira Who This Book Is For If you are a SAP user, business analyst, BI developer, or a junior data engineer who wants to use SAP Lumira to build creative visualizations, this book is for you. You should have a reasonable level of knowledge of SAP Business Objects and its components. What You Will Learn Deploy SAP Lumira on your computer and learn more about the SAP Lumira interface Extract data from different sources using SAP Lumira's data connecters Prepare, filter, clean, and format your data Discover visualization techniques and data discovery methods Administrate and customize SAP Lumira to get basic knowledge of its SDK Create various charts to deliver fantastic data visualizations Connect to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform and SAP HANA to extract, prepare, and visualize data In Detail SAP Lumira allows you to combine data from multiple sources into a single view and create engaging visualizations quickly and easily. It is a reporting platform that helps users access data and independently perform analysis. With the increasing interest in data discovery, self-service BI, and visualization around the world, tools like SAP Lumira help to eliminate the complexities of analyzing and discovering data. Learn data discovery techniques, build amazing visualizations, create fantastic stories, and share your visualizations through an electronic medium with one of the most powerful tools around—SAP Lumira. You will begin with an overview of the SAP Lumira family of products. You will then go through various data discovery techniques using real-world scenarios of an online e-commerce retailer through detailed recipes on the installation, administration, and customization of SAP Lumira. Next, you will work with data, starting from acquiring data from various data sources, then preparing and visualizing it using the rich functionality of SAP Lumira. Finally, you will present data via a data story or infographic and publish it across your organization or on the World Wide Web. Style and approach This is a step-by-step guide to learning SAP Lumira essentials packed with examples on real-world problems and solutions.