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The Seven Stages Of An Enlightened Teacher

Author: Christine Jax
Publisher: R&L Education
ISBN: 1610480767
Size: 56.39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In The Seven Stages of an Enlightened Teacher, Dr. Christine Jax presents a path to great teaching that shows how and why teaching is 'a calling' in the true sense of the words.

A Language Of Freedom And Teacher S Authority

Author: Fatma Mızıkacı
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498524664
Size: 64.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This collection combines the perspectives of Turkish and U.S. teacher educators regarding autonomy in the teacher’s profession. With methodologically diverse research approaches, it depicts changing conditions in Turkey and in the U.S. from the unique perspective of professional communities creating an international network of study and writing.

How To Attain Enlightenment

Author: James Swartz
Publisher: Sentient Publications
ISBN: 1591810949
Size: 26.90 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Enlightenment has been eagerly sought for generations as a means to remove the limitations that compromise one's happiness. Vedanta, the science of self-inquiry, has been described as the grandfather of all enlightenment traditions. James Swartz explains and unfolds the methods of Vedanta in his direct style, while unravelling the myths and mysteries behind the enlightened state. But this book does not simply present one more set of spiritual techniques; it presents a comprehensive body of knowledge and practice that has successfully directed the inquiry into the nature of reality by untold thousands of enlightened beings. The author starts from the point of view of any individual seeking happiness and logically walks the seeker through the whole spiritual path. The book explains how self-inquiry affects the lives of those who practice it, including its effects on personality, relationships, and the mind. The book considers the qualifications necessary for enlightenment, as well as the obstacles encountered on all spiritual paths, and unfolds proven methods. The ancient teachings of Vedanta, once available only to those who could receive them directly from the sages of India, are now accessible to anyone with a hunger for freedom and enlightenment.


Author: Ramaji
ISBN: 9781497433403
Size: 33.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"1000" is the complete guide to LOCs (Levels of Consciousness) and the revolutionary new Map of Awakening. It answers the common question "How can I tell if a teacher is enlightened?"A list of the LOCs of more than 200 contemporary non-duality and Advaita teachers is included in the text. Curious about how enlightened Gangaji or Mooji or Byron Katie or Jeff Foster are? Now you can find out. It's all answered by their LOCs. Ramaji also provides a list of LOCs for more than 101 famous spiritual personalities such as Jesus, Buddha, Papaji, Osho, Pope Francis and Mother Theresa.1000 explains how to evaluate teachers by knowing what stage of enlightenment they are at. It accounts for the misconduct of teachers who otherwise appear to be enlightened persons."1000" is a unique breakthrough book that explains in simple terms the complete spiritual path from beginning to end. Students of meditation, prayer, enlightenment, non-duality, Advaita, yoga, Eastern religion and other spiritual disciplines will find it most illuminating.Serious students of Self-inquiry and Ramana Maharshi will find Ramaji's revelatory experiences of Amrita Nadi and starving the I-thought illuminating. Dedicated devotees of Nisargadatta Maharj and "I Am That" will enjoy new insights into Nisargadatta's distinction between Brahman ("universal consciousness") and Parabrahman ("the Absolute").Entries from Ramaji's spiritual journals highlight the book. Ramaji never intended for his private diaries to be made public. In order to make "1000" as helpful and powerful as possible, he decided to leave no secrets hidden. All is exposed in the hope that it might help to clear up confusion for the earnest sincere seeker or established spiritual teacher.Ramaji has been able to assist many seekers via his RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening. He documents some of the RASA recipients who have stabilized in non-duality and successfully attained enlightenment after receiving RASA in person or via Skype. He also shares reports from happy recipients of the gentle Grace that flows down from Divine Mother during the effortless RASA Grace transmission experience.Ramaji gives an overview of the lower levels of consciousness (LOC 30 through LOC 499). He explains the emergence of pure spirituality (as opposed to conventional religion) at LOC 500 through LOC 559. He describes advanced seeker stages (LOC 560 through LOC 589) ready to leap into non-duality.Ramaji covers the non-dual stages in considerable depth. The new non-dual sage goes from local space spontaneity (LOC 600s) to cosmic or universal consciousness (LOC 700s) to divine unknowing (LOC 800s) to, for a few, the hesitant hermit (LOC 900s). Then the sage arrives at and stabilizes in the Self or Absolute (LOC 1000).Ramaji offers case studies, quotes and in-depth research to show how each major non-dual stage is different from the others. He does all he can to describe the nature and experience of the Absolute, helped by quotes from Meister Eckhart, Francis Lucille and Karl Renz.There has never been a book like "1000" before. If you are on the spiritual path in any way, this is a book that you simply cannot be without. Ramaji also points you to his website where you can listen for free to high-energy music he has programmed to support your enlightenment.The complete Map of Awakening with Levels of Consciousness and a condensed Map are included. Complementing the Map of Awakening are studies of 7 traditional spiritual maps of awakening: the Seven Valleys of Sufism, the Five Ranks of Tozan, the 10 Zen Oxherding Pictures, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, Stages of Advaita Vedanta, the Major Arcana of the Tarot and the Hero's Journey."1000" is an unusually spirited, fiercely candid and passionately comprehensive major work. One of Ramaji's students jokingly referred to "1000" as the "Bible 2.0." You may not agree, but one thing is for sure. You cannot afford to be without YOUR copy of "1000" by Ramaji!

The Wisdom Of Balsekar The World S Leading Teacher Of Advaita

Author: Ramesh S. Balsekar Author
Publisher: Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN: 178028246X
Size: 37.14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Ramesh Balsekar is widely regarded as the world's greatest living sage. He has said on many occasions that his primary inspiration for exploring the spiritual life came from Ramana Maharshi; he takes up Ramana's teaching and enlightens questioners from the advanced level of his Advaitic teaching, the teaching of non-duality. This anthology of the writings of Ramesh Balsekar gives thematic extracts from all of his own written works to date and is approved by the sage himself, as well as his leading disciple, Wayne Liquorman, and will serve to stimulate its readers to study more of his books and edited talks - and indeed to meet him in Mumbai.

Das Tibetische Buch Vom Leben Und Vom Sterben

Author: Sogyal Rinpoche
Publisher: O.W. Barth eBook
ISBN: 3426413523
Size: 66.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Der tibetische Meditationsmeister Sogyal Rinpoche führt uns an eine Lebenspraxis heran, durch die der Tod seinen Schrecken verliert und der Alltag an Freude gewinnt. Seine zeitgemäße Auslegung der buddhistischen Lehren des berühmten »Tibetischen Totenbuchs« hat weltweit einen maßgeblichen Rang erlangt. Sie ist zu einer unentbehrlichen Hilfe in der Krankenbetreuung und Sterbebegleitung geworden. Doch jeder Mensch kann durch dieses Buch nicht nur »die Kunst zu sterben«, sondern auch die »zu leben« lernen. Beide sind nach tibetischer Auffassung nur die zwei Seiten einer Medaille.

The Esoteric Path

Author: Luc Benoist
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9781597310130
Size: 71.61 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Traditional esoterism, though capable of the highest degree of elaboration, is based on a few first principles - Absolute Reality, hierarchical manifestation, the necessity for initiation, the centrality of the spiritual Heart, etc.-which can be stated simply. In The Esoteric Path, Luc Benoist does just this for the monumental writings of the great metaphysician Ren Gunon. If ever there was a 'primer' on traditional metaphysics and esoterism, one that does not dumb down its subject but rather opens a door to profound spiritual depths waiting to be explored, it is this book. The first section deals in a general way with metaphysical principles, their modes of transmission and the spiritual practices based upon them. The second presents the central principles of such Eastern traditions as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Islam, and also various forms of Western Esoterism, including Eastern Orthodox Hesychasm, Freemasonry, Hermeticism, the Templars, Dante and the Fedeli d'Amore, Meister Eckhart and his 'school', etc. Far more than a bouquet of mystical teachings plucked from various sources, designed to titillate the reader's spiritual sensibilities, The Esoteric Path firmly situates that Path in its appropriate, traditional context, so that the seeker's first steps on the 'path to the Path' will be firm and confident, and point him or her in the right direction, away from the time- and soul-consuming attractions of those 'paths' that exhibit (in the author's words) 'the confusion between the spiritual and the psychic., the identification of the spiritual with what is most inferior in the psyche, the identification of religion with magic, totemism, and even sorcery, the popular dissemination of pseudo- or counter-initiatic rituals. A worthy companion to the biographical Ren Gunon and the Future of the West by Robin Waterfield and the Collected Works of Ren Gunon, also published by Sophia Perennis, The Esoteric Path will be of great value to scholars, seekers, and anyone searching for a clearer understanding of the great spiritual traditions. 'Luc Benoist is generally considered the most balanced and authentic exponent of Gunon's teaching. I know of no work in which true scholarship is combined so well with conciseness and comprehensiveness.' -Robin Waterfield

Knowing And Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Author: Liping Ma
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135149496
Size: 69.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1862
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Studies of teachers in the U.S. often document insufficient subject matter knowledge in mathematics. Yet, these studies give few examples of the knowledge teachers need to support teaching, particularly the kind of teaching demanded by recent reforms in mathematics education. Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics describes the nature and development of the knowledge that elementary teachers need to become accomplished mathematics teachers, and suggests why such knowledge seems more common in China than in the United States, despite the fact that Chinese teachers have less formal education than their U.S. counterparts. The anniversary edition of this bestselling volume includes the original studies that compare U.S and Chinese elementary school teachers’ mathematical understanding and offers a powerful framework for grasping the mathematical content necessary to understand and develop the thinking of school children. Highlighting notable changes in the field and the author’s work, this new edition includes an updated preface, introduction, and key journal articles that frame and contextualize this seminal work.