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The Steel Shark

Author: Rebecca Cantrell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781547206438
Size: 14.83 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1600
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His dog. His computer. The tunnels under New York City. That's all Joe Tesla's agoraphobia has left him with-the inside world, the dark world-and now the black depths of the sea. In the latest book in this award-winning thriller series, Joe Tesla ventures out into the ocean depths in an underwater scavenger hunt. The competition turns deadly when a mystery sub rams Joe's and leaves him for dead on the ocean floor. Joe survives and his search for answers leads into a web of international intrigue and enigmatic weapons. When he shares his knowledge with the authorities, they bury his information and threaten to bury him as well. After a drone attack drives him out to sea, he realizes that he alone can discover the truth hidden in a rogue submarine... ...and save the city he loves from annihilation. But can a man trapped inside by his own fears ever save the larger world above?

Sharks Skates And Rays Of The Gulf Of Mexico A Field Guide

Author: Parsons, Glen R.
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 9781578068272
Size: 51.15 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 5586
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A guidebook for the naturalist, commercial or recreational fisher, outdoor enthusiast, or beachgoer covers almost all species of sharks and rays that can be found in Gulf waters, and includes information on reproduction, sensory systems, feeding, and more.

The Mayan Secrets

Author: Clive Cussler
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101600543
Size: 49.88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 157
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Treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo must protect a book that could help locate lost Mayan cities in this adventure in the #1 New York Times bestselling series. Husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo are in Mexico, packing medical supplies in the wake of an earthquake, when they come upon a remarkable discovery—the mummified remains of a man clutching an ancient sealed pot. Within the pot is a Mayan book, a codex larger than any known before. The book contains astonishing information about the Mayans, their cities, and about mankind itself. The secrets are so powerful that some people would do anything to possess them—as the Fargos are about to find out. Many men and women are going to die for that book.

Hunters Of The Steel Sharks

Author: Todd A. Woofenden
ISBN: 9780978919207
Size: 23.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The history of the United States 110' submarine chasers in World War I. Heavily illustrated. 224 pages. See

The Basking Shark In Scotland

Author: Denis Fairfax
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 9781862320949
Size: 28.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Basking Shark in Scotland is based on archival sources, early historical works and interviews with surviving shark hunters. This 'gentle giant' of the seas, the largest fish in Scottish waters, is nowadays often in the news as conservationists press for its legal protection. Denis Fairfax provides a full history of the fishery for the shark, its anatomy and its biology. The basking shark's scientific history is treated extensively, including the Loch Ranza specimen featured by Thomas Pennant in his British Zoology. Shark incidents are recounted, including the famous Carradale incident of 1937 when an encounter with a basking shark led to the drowning of three people.


Author: James Clavell
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
ISBN: 1982537736
Size: 66.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3006
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Tehran, Iran 1979: Simmering religious tensions finally explode, and the Iranian people rise up against the Shah. The country, once secular, is now thrown back into an orthodoxy that threatens to tear it apart. The United States and Russia go on high alert, with warships heading to the Middle East. The region becomes a powder keg, waiting to explode. Caught up in the revolution are a British helicopter company and its pilots. The oil fields of Iran need helicopters to ferry workers and administrators, and when the main US aviation company pulls out of Iran fearing what might come next, S-G Helicopters steps in to fill the void. Soon they realize that they, too, must leave or risk losing all their machines to whomever takes control of the country. The company risks bankruptcy if that happens—which would ruin Andrew Gallavan and reveal that the company is actually owned by a secret Hong Kong-based consortium: Noble House, controlled by the Struan family. Caught in between is his son, Scot, a pilot in Iran who must help save his father’s company, but also the other pilots and their families. In a risky move, the pilots concoct a plan to get their choppers out of Iran. But will they be able to escape a country crumbling around them before it’s too late? A rich panoply of characters brings to life the events of forty years ago, events that even now have ramifications throughout the Middle East and beyond. Fast-paced and full of action and intrigue, Whirlwind is an intricately plotted and detailed tale of war, love, and the ingenuity of the human spirit, told by James Clavell, the unparalleled master of historical fiction.

Phantom Prospect

Author: Marie Ferrarella
Publisher: Gold Eagle
ISBN: 9781426875175
Size: 15.73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 912
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Intrepid treasure hunters believe they have discovered the final resting place of Fantome, a legendary warship that wrecked off Nova Scotia almost two hundred years ago. She was rumored to have gone down with an extraordinary treasure. But circling beneath the ocean's surface waits something unbelievable… and terrifying. Some unfortunate divers have encountered a massive, thought-to-be-extinct shark known as the megalodon. Archaeologist Annja Creed has always had a healthy respect for sharks. But when a researcher friend asks for her help, Annja braves the deep, cold waters of the Atlantic, determined to discover the truth. Instead she finds herself hunting an unknown traitor on a sabotaged ship. With death waiting both above and below the ocean's surface, Annja must battle her most dangerous enemy yet.

The Shark Mutiny

Author: Patrick Robinson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1409036375
Size: 72.76 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 6276
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It is 2007, and three supertankers are ablaze in the Strait of Hormuz. World oil prices skyrocket. US Military Intelligence concludes that behind this catastrophe at the gateway to the Persian Gulf stands Iran, assisted by an expansionist China. Joined by new, young naval intelligence officer Lt. Jimmy Ramshawe, Admiral Arnold Morgan threatens the Iranian Navy with annihilation, deploying the US Navy to Hormuz along with the nuclear submarine, USS Shark, carrying two teams of Navy SEALS. With the US Navy distracted, China is able to unleash an attack on Taiwan, America's weak ally. The situation is critical as mutiny occurs onboard the USS Shark, jeopardising the entire operation by preventing the SEALS from assisting the increasingly desperate Taiwanese Air force ...

Steel Shark In The Pacific

Author: Walter W. Jaffee
ISBN: 9781889901169
Size: 61.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Powerful. Formidable. Sinister. The World War II fleet submarine was a near perfect blend of design, form, and function. This is the story of the USS Pampanito (SS-383): enemy attacks, crash-dives, depth charges, missed targets, kills -- and a daring rescue. Part of a U.S. Navy wolf pack that sank a Japanese convoy, she returned later and discovered thousands of Allied prisoners of war abandoned by their captors to die. At great risk, Pampanito's crew rescued as many POWs as they could.Today, part of San Francisco's museum fleet, she is a portal to World War II's Silent Service. Pampanito earned six battle stars.

Close To Shore

Author: Michael Capuzzo
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 9780767912549
Size: 78.58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 7039
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Combining rich historical detail and a harrowing, pulse-pounding narrative, Close to Shore brilliantly re-creates the summer of 1916, when a rogue Great White shark attacked swimmers along the New Jersey shore, triggering mass hysteria and launching the most extensive shark hunt in history. In July 1916 a lone Great White left its usual deep-ocean habitat and headed in the direction of the New Jersey shoreline. There, near the towns of Beach Haven and Spring Lake--and, incredibly, a farming community eleven miles inland--the most ferocious and unpredictable of predators began a deadly rampage: the first shark attacks on swimmers in U.S. history. For Americans celebrating an astoundingly prosperous epoch, fueled by the wizardry of revolutionary inventions, the arrival of this violent predator symbolized the limits of mankind's power against nature. Interweaving a vivid portrait of the era and meticulously drawn characters with chilling accounts of the shark's five attacks and the frenzied hunt that ensued, Michael Capuzzo has created a nonfiction historical thriller with the texture of Ragtime and the tension of Jaws. From the unnerving inevitability of the first attack on the esteemed son of a prosperous Philadelphia physician to the spine-tingling moment when a farm boy swimming in Matawan Creek feels the sandpaper-like skin of the passing shark, Close to Shore is an undeniably gripping saga. Heightening the drama are stories of the resulting panic in the citizenry, press and politicians, and of colorful personalities such as Herman Oelrichs, a flamboyant millionaire who made a bet that a shark was no match for a man (and set out to prove it); Museum of Natural History ichthyologist John Treadwell Nichols, faced with the challenge of stopping a mythic sea creature about which little was known; and, most memorable, the rogue Great White itself moving through a world that couldn't conceive of either its destructive power or its moral right to destroy. Scrupulously researched and superbly written, Close to Shore brings to life a breathtaking, pivotal moment in American history. Masterfully written and suffused with fascinating period detail and insights into the science and behavior of sharks, Close to Shore recounts a breathtaking, pivotal moment in American history with startling immediacy. From the Trade Paperback edition.