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The Teacher S Survival Guide

Author: Marc R. Major
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1578868157
Size: 33.11 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3889
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Based on extensive research as well as the author's own teaching and mentoring experience, this lively book covers best practices in the essentials of teaching-from organizational tips to proven pedagogic and classroom management techniques. It combines insights from some of the most respected psychologists and educational thinkers with hundreds of firsthand discussions. In style, the book combines the intellectual rigor of a college textbook with the readability, practical relevance, and appropriate humor common to bestselling how-to manuals. While avoiding oversimplification, the author has distilled this vast reservoir of expert wisdom into an easily-digestible guidebook packed with diagrams, interviews, anecdotes, and case studies. The result is both enlightening and enjoyable to read.

Fun Learning Activities For Modern Foreign Languages

Author: Jake Hunton
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
ISBN: 1845909577
Size: 30.61 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1034
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The whole philosophy behind students learning a Modern Foreign Language is based around the following techniques which aim to provide learning and engagement: Word Recognition & Key Vocabulary, Paragraph-Building. Jake Hunton includes Vocab Fun-Learning Activities (VFLAs) - suggested teaching & learning strategies based on how to engage students in learning vocabulary. They are all in-class strategies that directly impact on students' engagement & their recall & recognition of vocabulary in the modern foreign language. A number of these strategies are based around students having access to the vocabulary in the lesson and encouraged to learn (through recognition and recall) any vocabulary that the teacher chooses. A key issue with these strategies is that students struggle or are disengaged from the outset at having to learn lists of vocabulary. Using these strategies students' learning of vocabulary is made active in the lesson by the teacher.

Practical Solutions To Practically Every Problem

Author: Steffen Saifer
Publisher: Redleaf Press
ISBN: 1605545139
Size: 51.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3646
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An encyclopedic how-to guide for the universal early childhood program problems. Practical Solutions to Practically Every Problem attempts to provide solutions to every possible problem faced by early childhood teachers—before teachers encounter them. This classic resource has been updated to focus on current issues faced by educators, including teaching twenty-first century life skills, technology, and cultural responsiveness. This easy-to-use guide gives you quick practical help, now! Educators will save time and energy with over eight hundred solutions to two hundred problems, including: Daily dilemmas and classroom issues Partnering with families to raise happy children Dealing with problematic behaviors from co-workers Learning to take care of yourself to prevent burn-out Steffen Saifer, EdD, a former early childhood teacher and Head Start director and trainer, is currently an international consultant and writer based in Spain. He has worked on projects for the Open Society Foundation, The World Bank, and UNICEF, in many countries including Bangladesh, Russia, and Zimbabwe. Dr. Saifer works with programs on culturally responsive curriculum development and implementation and with universities to develop graduate programs for ECD teachers, administrators, and leaders. When in the United States, Saifer resides in Portland, Oregon

An Engaged Learner A Pocket Resource For Building Community Skills

Author: Rebecca Nthogo Lekoko
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1490700382
Size: 39.65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 173
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Not many of us get a chance to share their teaching-learning experiences with others. Here I am, sharing my experiences by focusing on a fact, that, students we teach are on transit; they eventually leave schools and proceed with their lives in their respective communities. Our social and pedagogical obligation as educators is to teach them skills to use after exiting educational institutions, that is, helping them gain community skills. The development of community skills starts with an understanding that communities and schools interlink. That is, learners who go to school expect to use the knowledge they gain to serve their communities. This calls for a broader vision of learning that goes beyond the four walls of classrooms. It is an ideology that persuades educators to produce graduates with apposite levels of academic achievements as well as broad community skills like ability to think, be responsible, make decision and solve problems. Everyone, almost every day, uses these skills. Educators thus are pressed to think of ways to knit together learning and community's aspirations. This can be done by engaging learners in activities that help build their community skills. Every educator teaches these skills, consciously and unconsciously. This resource contributes some ideas and processes that can enhance educators' role of imparting community development skills.

That S Special

Author: Dan Henderson
ISBN: 9781478752455
Size: 33.68 MB
Format: PDF
View: 2619
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Have you ever had a student pretend to bring in Cocoa Puffs and instead she fed the whole class dog food? Have you ever had a kid threaten to take his clothes off if you asked him to read? Do you have a student who thinks he is Michael Jackson and grabs his crotch saying "hee, hee" instead of raising his hand? Follow these real life stories of an inner city teacher's struggle to instruct unruly kids and find simple solutions a teacher or parent can use to manage children. When you have children of your own, you realize the struggle of preoccupying one child. Add 20 or more children into the mix and you have teaching. How are you going to keep every child occupied and group different learners? How are you going to manage the kid who jumps out of windows? Instead of writing a textbook, Dan Henderson decided to write a compilation of teachable moments. That's Special is arranged with each chapter starting with how the situation went awry. The tension builds, and the student pushes the teacher to the inevitable standoff. Are you going to issue a consequence, or will you chicken out? The book relays the importance of standing up to threats during child rearing. Incorporating recent research, these stories relay a lesson behind the calamity. Dan presents teaching tools that anyone can use to improve their teaching. Dan's experiences can help you better ward off teaching mistakes before they happen, such as responding calmly to kids who claim they have seen the devil. While holy water is not included, it is recommended while reading this book. When Dan saw his students doing something strange, he would think "That's Special," as a cue to not take his job too seriously. It is his inspirational mantra for his mental health. He used it to remind himself to get back in the saddle, laugh it off, and develop one of life's greatest skills, perseverance. From the Author: Layered in all the ridiculous stories are real experiences you might encounter, which I

The First Year Teacher S Survival Guide

Author: Julia G. Thompson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119470412
Size: 12.84 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6413
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Thoroughly revised edition of the bestselling resource for new teachers--complete with discussion questions, downloadable handouts, and a staff development guide This award-winning book gives beginning educators everything they need to survive and thrive in the classroom. The fourth edition covers new and updated material on: classroom management--including how to prevent or minimize disruptions, differentiated instruction, nurturing a growth mindset, how to develop and maintain positive relationships with students, and much more. A revised edition of a trusted resource, offering solutions to challenges and typical scenarios encountered by new teachers Downloadable versions of the book's checklists, forms, worksheets, and self-assessments are available online Includes Discussion Questions and a handy training guide for Professional Development providers This popular resource offers teachers an essential guide for knowing what to expect when they begin their career and ideas for solving classroom problems.

Teaching Kids To Thrive

Author: Debbie Silver
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1506381588
Size: 21.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 5836
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There’s more to student success than standards and test scores… Integrating Social and Emotional Learning into a curriculum has been shown to increase personal and school-wide growth. With lifelong success the goal over simply meeting academic thresholds, Teaching Kids to Thrive presents strategies, activities, and stories in an approachable way to develop responsible, self-motivated learners. Uniting social, academic, and self-skills this instrumental resource offers benefits to students such as: Using mindfulness strategies to help students tap their inner strengths Learning to self-regulate and control other executive brain functions Developing growth mindsets along with perseverance and resilience Cultivating a sense of responsibility, honesty, and integrity Encouraging a capacity for empathy and gratitude

What Successful Teachers Do

Author: Neal A. Glasgow
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1632209918
Size: 32.90 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1911
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Written for novice and seasoned professionals alike, this updated edition of a powerful bestseller provides research-based best practices and practical applications that promote strong instruction and classroom management. The authors translate the latest research into 101 effective strategies for new and veteran K–12 teachers. Updated throughout, and with an entirely new chapter on supporting reading and literacy, this edition presents the strategies in a user-friendly format: The Strategy: a concise statement of an instructional strategy What the Research Says: a brief discussion of the research to provide readers with a deeper understanding of the principles involved Classroom Application: how each strategy can be used in instructional settings Precautions and Possible Pitfalls: caveats to help teachers avoid common problems Sources: a reference list for further reading What Successful Teachers Do is a valuable resource for strengthening teachers' professional development and improving student performance.