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The Uncertain Digital Revolution

Author: Andr? Vitalis
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1786300869
Size: 75.68 MB
Format: PDF
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Digital information and communication technologies are seen as a threat to privacy, a step forward for freedom of expression and communication, a tool in the fight against terrorism or the source of a new economic wealth. This book revisits the major issues that have emerged with the progress of computerization by describing the context, finding the terms in which these issues were formulated and to mobilize the theoretical grids for a better understanding. It reflects on the various questions asked regarding the freedoms of individual. Between individualism and reinforced pervasive control, it allows a better understanding of the essential issues of the current "digital revolution".

Handbook Of The Uncertain Self

Author: Robert M. Arkin
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1136950567
Size: 69.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This Handbook explores the cognitive, motivational, interpersonal, clinical, and applied aspects of personal uncertainty. It showcases both the diversity and the unity that defines contemporary perspectives on uncertainty in self within social and personality psychology. The contributions to the volume are all written by distinguished scholars in personality, social psychology, and clinical psychology united by their common focus on the causes and consequences of self-uncertainty. Chapters explore the similarities and differences between personal uncertainty and other psychological experiences in terms of their nature and relationship with human thought, emotion, motivation, and behavior. Specific challenges posed by personal uncertainty and the coping strategies people develop in their daily life are identified. There is an assessment of the potential negative and positive repercussions of coping with the specific experience of self-uncertainty, including academic, health, and relationship outcomes. Throughout, strategies specifically designed to assist others in confronting the unique challenges posed by self-uncertainty in ways that emphasize healthy psychological functioning and growth are promoted. In addition, the contributions to the Handbook touch on the psychological, social, and cultural context of the new millennium, including concepts such as Friedman’s "flat world," confidence, the absence of doubt in world leaders, the threat of terrorism since 9/11, the arts, doubt and religious belief, and views of doubt as the universal condition of humankind. The Handbook is an invaluable resource for researchers, practitioners, and senior undergraduate and graduate students in social and personality psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, educational psychology, and developmental psychology.

Digital Organizations Manufacturing

Author: Maryse Carmès
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119527481
Size: 78.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In what sort of assemblages, the strategies and digital policies in organization are made? Beyond digital mantras and management slogans/fictions, what is the concrete factory of information management system? What are the parts of the human and no human actors? Is it possible to create a new approach to understand how work change (or not), to explore the potential for a social and cognitive innovation way, considering simultaneously the increase of Data Management and the organizational analytics?

The Digital Revolution

Author: Jack Challoner
Publisher: Dk Pub
ISBN: 9780789484178
Size: 31.77 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Explains, in layman's terms, how digital technology works.

Deep In Crisis The Uncertain Future Of The Quality Profession

Author: Mohamed Zairi
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781720143826
Size: 44.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The "Deep In Crisis" book describes the malaise that currently exists in the Quality Profession and examines in a rigorous way the emerging challenges, the characteristics of the new global business world greatly facilitated by the digital revolution.The quality profession is currently in turmoil. It is searching for a new form of impetus, whilst also trying to tackle the deep crisis it finds itself in. Indeed, immediately after celebrating a century of great impacts at all levels, in a consistent and highly innovative manner, the quality revolution seems to have dried up, and is struggling to cope with the various radical changes surrounding us at the political, economic and social level. The legacy of the quality revolution is undoubtedly extremely vivid in the minds of top executives, quality managers, scholars and experts in the quality field. The problem, however, has been the inability to challenge the relevance of specific tools and techniques, concepts and theories in light of the wider macro changes that have taken place at an unprecedented pace. Certainly, if one looks at the macro changes that are constantly redefining the business world and also our lives, none of the suppositions assumed by the quality professions have been evidently present in the new and modern world. Furthermore, none of the experiences which have been cumulatively delivered to a stellar standard in all walks of life can be made adaptable and relevant in the context of a digital world where the emphasis on value creation has radically changed. The obsession with products and services in terms of developing them, improving the processes for manufacturing or production and expediting delivery to the end customer, can now be viewed as a naive and narrow way of looking at value creation. The envelope for this value creation has been to minimize variation, optimize performance, tackle costs through lean and Six Sigma principles, and assume that the impact generated will lead to superior excellence standards and enable the organisations concerned to feel that they are competing at a high level. Product orientation has in fact been superseded by a significant focus on services and even service orientation has been superseded by customer orientation, where the emphasis on customer experience has become the norm. Furthermore, customer orientation is now being superseded by market orientation, where business models themselves are being redefined in order to adapt to significant changes taking place, particularly through disruptive technologies in the form of smart mobile and the advent of the internet. It is therefore relevant and appropriate to ask several questions about the lack of clarity of the quality profession, in terms of validating the relevance of the philosophies, principles and tools being advocated. Further questions relate to the kind of contribution that the profession is expected to make, can make, and will confidently deliver in light of the various transformations taking place, in particular within the industrial revolutions. Q1. To what extent has the quality profession managed to adapt its concepts and principles by placing the shift away from products to services? Q2. Has the quality profession realised that the pursuit of measuring customer satisfaction maybe futile and limiting at best? Q3. In light of the recent development in customer experience as the holy grail for focusing on customers, what has the quality profession developed in terms of concepts, philosophies and tools that will help organisations develop their capability to get closer to their customers and understand their needs and requirements in a much better way, and therefore, impact on them much more significantly than in the context of product or service orientated eras?

The Computer Culture Reader

Author: Joseph R. Chaney
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443806668
Size: 24.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 3992
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The Computer Culture Reader brings together a multi-disciplinary group of scholars to probe the underlying structures and overarching implications of the ways in which people and computers collaborate in the production of meaning. The contributors navigate the heady and sometimes terrifying atmosphere surrounding the digital revolution in an attempt to take its measure through examinations of community and modes of communication, representation, information-production, learning, work, and play. The authors address questions of art, reality, literacy, history, heroism, commerce, crime, and death, as well as specific technologies ranging from corporate web portals and computer games to social networking applications and virtual museums. In all, the essayists work around and through the notion that the desire to communicate is at the heart of the digital age, and that the opportunity for private and public expression has taken a commanding hold on the modern imagination. The contributors argue, ultimately, that the reference field for the technological and cultural changes at the root of the digital revolution extends well beyond any specific locality, nationality, discourse, or discipline. Consequently, this volume advocates for an adaptable perspective that delivers new insights about the robust and fragile relationships between computers and people.

The Essential Manager

Author: James W. Cortada
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119004934
Size: 10.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book discusses the evolution of management as a professionover the past two decades and how it continues to evolve. It goeson to describe the new style of management and makesrecommendations for what today’s and tomorrow’smanagers must know and how to work. Offers ways to think about your role as a manager in order tooptimize your effectiveness toward uncertain and turbulentchanges Discusses current realities in which management currentlyoperates Provides a historical background of managerial practices andhow they’ve evolved in the present workplace

Global Business Strategy

Author: Hwy-Chang Moon
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814273201
Size: 54.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Given the rise of Asia in the global economy in recent decades, it is important to understand the uniqueness of Asian business. This book first introduces the core strategies prevalent in Western business, and then explains how they can be applied or adapted to Asian business. When necessary, modified or new business models (as developed by the author) are utilized to better explain Asian business. Furthermore, this book deals not just with the theory, but also with practice. Several real-life case studies and examples are discussed in order to compare and contrast the Asian and Western perspectives on global business strategy. Readers will therefore gain an enhanced understanding of Asian business and formulation of Asian business strategy.