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The Way The World Is

Author: Yael Politis
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781496138859
Size: 55.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Detroit, Michigan - 1842 After the devastating trauma she suffered in Olivia, Mourning and finally knowing the reality with which she must contend, Olivia strives to rebuild herself – emotionally, socially, and financially. She starts a new life in Detroit, the young and exciting city on a river where she has come to feel at home. New friends help the healing process, while she continues her search for the two people she loves, who have disappeared from her life. She finds the greatest solace in helping fugitive slaves escape over the river to Canada. She believes, as one of her new friends says, “In this time and place it is the most worthy thing a person can do.” Olivia remains a compelling protagonist on a journey to find a way to do the right thing in a world in which so much is wrong.

Whatever Happened To Mourning Free

Author: Yael Politis
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502591524
Size: 43.67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Book 3 of The Olivia Series Vintage Contemporary, United States (1967) Historical Fiction, United States (1840s) Women's Fiction Note from the Author Book 3 answers the question asked in its title and provides a narrative account of what happened to Olivia, Mourning, and Little Boy, but it is not a continuation of Book 2 in the same sense that Book 2 continues Book 1.Whatever Happened to Mourning Free? skips forward three generations and focuses on descendants of the Killion and Free families, who still face many of the problems with which Olivia and Mourning contended. Readers who are impatient to find out what happened to Olivia and Mourning can feel free to skip ahead to that section, and then come back to the beginning section about Charlene, Reeves, and Charlie. Just turn to page 66. Book Description It's 1967 and Charlene Connor has just graduated from the University of Michigan, without her "Mrs." Her mother recently passed away and soon afterwards her father fled the silence to a new job on the other side of the state. So Charlene is going "home" to what is now an empty house. Two things make this long, hot summer bearable: Reeves Valenti – the high school sweetheart she left behind – and the lawyer who unexpectedly knocks on her door, bringing information about the woman she idolizes - her great-great-great Aunt Olivia Killion. Charlene can't wait to get Olivia's journals from him and finally learn what happened to Olivia and her friend and partner Mourning Free; she doesn't know that the answer to that question will deepen the connection she feels to Olivia and bring a new person -- and a fundamental change -- into her life. Is It Autobiographical? No. Just for fun, I gave Charlene the shell of my life. I grew up in the Foundation, attended Edsel Ford High School, and began my college education in Ann Arbor. So on paper, Charlene and I have a lot in common. In fact, am I anything like her? No. Is my life anything like hers? In my dreams.

The Dilemma Of Charlotte Farrow Avenue Of Dreams Book 2

Author: Olivia Newport
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441240616
Size: 73.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Charlotte Farrow, maid in the wealthy Banning household on Chicago's opulent Prairie Avenue, has kept her baby boy a secret from her employers for nearly a year. But when the woman who has been caring for her son abruptly returns him, Charlotte must decide whether to come clean and face dismissal or keep her secret while the Bannings decide the child's fate. Can she face the truth of her own past and open her heart to a future of her own? Or will life's tragedies determine the future for her? This compelling story set against the glittering backdrop of the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition captures the tension between the wealthy class and the hardworking servants who made their lives comfortable. Author Olivia Newport expertly portays social classes while creating a story of courage, strength, and tender romance.

Santa Olivia

Author: Jacqueline Carey
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0446551414
Size: 45.23 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Lushly written with rich and vivid characters, SANTA OLIVIA is Jacqueline Carey's take on comic book superheroes and the classic werewolf myth. Loup Garron was born and raised in Santa Olivia, an isolated, disenfranchised town next to a US military base inside a DMZ buffer zone between Texas and Mexico. A fugitive "Wolf-Man" who had a love affair with a local woman, Loup's father was one of a group of men genetically-manipulated and used by the US government as a weapon. The "Wolf-Men" were engineered to have superhuman strength, speed, sensory capability, stamina, and a total lack of fear, and Loup, named for and sharing her father's wolf-like qualities, is marked as an outsider. After her mother dies, Loup goes to live among the misfit orphans at the parish church, where they seethe from the injustices visited upon the locals by the soldiers. Eventually, the orphans find an outlet for their frustrations: They form a vigilante group to support Loup Garron who, costumed as their patron saint, Santa Olivia, uses her special abilities to avenge the town. Aware that she could lose her freedom, and possibly her life, Loup is determined to fight to redress the wrongs her community has suffered. And like the reincarnation of their patron saint, she will bring hope to all of Santa Olivia.

Olivia Brophie And The Sky Island

Author: Christopher Tozier
Publisher: Pineapple PressInc
ISBN: 9781561646807
Size: 28.18 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Olivia has accidentally frozen all of the world's water. Worse, her aunt and uncle have been kidnapped by the nefarious Wardenclyffe thugs. With the help of Doug and Gnat, Olivia must fight the forces of evil to save the entire world"--

I Will Not Kill Myself Olivia

Author: Danny Baker
ISBN: 9780994320407
Size: 45.41 MB
Format: PDF
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First love never dies, but can depression bury it alive? Like most young adults, Jimmy Wharton is trying to carve out a happy, successful life for himself. It's hard enough to do under any circumstances, but when he starts suffering from depression, becoming the person he wants to be feels overwhelmingly unachievable, as his illness seems destined to shatter his world. Olivia, Jimmy's high school sweetheart and long-term girlfriend, initially tries to support him in every way she can. But as Jimmy spirals downwards, their relationship begins to break at the seams, and they are forced to face the devastating reality that as strong as they know their love is, the force of Jimmy's depression could be even stronger. Set against the backdrop of Sydney's iconic Manly Beach, "I Will Not Kill Myself, Olivia" is a tale about the intoxicating, heartbreaking, unforgettable experience of first love; about all the mistakes we make on the road to adulthood; and about an illness that afflicts 350 million people worldwide. You'll find this book appealing if: You're a fan of gritty, passionate love stories You want to relive the highs, the lows and the intoxicating rush that's unique to first love You're a young adult wanting to read about another young adult striving for the same things you are You're interested in understanding depression better; you suffer from depression yourself and you want to feel like you're not alone; or you want to see how you can better support a loved one with depression You're a parent of a young adult wanting to understand how easily your child can tumble into depression, and wanting to prepare yourself to be able to recognise the symptoms if they ever do (tragically, depression strikes about 20% of teens). You're unlikely to enjoy this book if you: Despise swearing Are put off by explicit sex scenes Are after a light-hearted story Editorial Reviews "Centred around Jimmy and Olivia's heartfelt, passionate and troubled love, I WILL NOT KILL MYSELF, OLIVIA is a painfully honest, authentic and provocative novel ... one that presents a mesmerising portrayal of the all-consuming force of depression that dominates the main character ... one that takes the reader on a highly emotional journey ... and one that achieves a perfect balance of emotions, action and drama." The Columbia Review "A modern day Romeo and Juliet - a powerful, heartwrenching story that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride as Jimmy and Olivia try to hang on desperately to love in the face of Jimmy's mounting depression." Nick Bleszynski, bestselling author "An explicitly realistic, absolutely intriguing and stunningly gritty novel ... one that snatches the reader's attention right from the start ... and one that provides fantastic food for thought for all young adults." Pacific Book Review "A romance story that tugs at the heart, and entices readers with pure raw emotion ... from steamy, unadulterated throes of passion to being tossed into the deepest, darkest depths of despair, Baker creates an immersive world for Jimmy and Olivia ... you will feel their love, experience their torment, and empathize with their pain." San Diego Book Review "While the protagonist's story can help people with depression to face their own problems and help non-sufferers understand the illness, I WILL NOT KILL MYSELF, OLIVIA will also appeal to a much broader audience - including young adults, who can view typical young adult behaviour from a different perspective; and parents, who after reading this book, may choose to become more attentive to their children." Portland Book Review "One of the most singularly powerful books about depression on the market." Midwest Book Review

The Last One

Author: Alexandra Oliva
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 1101965096
Size: 36.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2021
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Survival is the name of the game as the line blurs between reality TV and reality itself in Alexandra Oliva’s fast-paced novel of suspense. She wanted an adventure. She never imagined it would go this far. It begins with a reality TV show. Twelve contestants are sent into the woods to face challenges that will test the limits of their endurance. While they are out there, something terrible happens—but how widespread is the destruction, and has it occurred naturally or is it man-made? Cut off from society, the contestants know nothing of it. When one of them—a young woman the show’s producers call Zoo—stumbles across the devastation, she can imagine only that it is part of the game. Alone and disoriented, Zoo is heavy with doubt regarding the life—and husband—she left behind, but she refuses to quit. Staggering countless miles across unfamiliar territory, Zoo must summon all her survival skills—and learn new ones as she goes. But as her emotional and physical reserves dwindle, she grasps that the real world might have been altered in terrifying ways—and her ability to parse the charade will be either her triumph or her undoing. Sophisticated and provocative, The Last One is a novel that forces us to confront the role that media plays in our perception of what is real: how readily we cast our judgments, how easily we are manipulated. Praise for The Last One “[Alexandra] Oliva brilliantly scrutinizes the recorded (and heavily revised) narratives we believe, and the last one hundred pages will have the reader constantly guessing just what Zoo is capable of doing to find her way back home.”—Washington Post “A high-concept, high-octane affair . . . The conceit is undoubtedly clever and . . . well executed, but what makes The Last One such a page-turner is Zoo herself: practical, tough-minded and appealing.”—The Guardian “Oliva takes this (possibly) post-apocalyptic setting, grafts on a knowledgeable skewering of the inner workings of reality television and gives us a gripping story of survival. . . . This is the genius of Oliva’s storytelling. . . . [She] makes a stunning debut with this page turner, and becomes a writer to watch.”—Seattle Times “Oliva delivers a pulse-pounding psychological tale of survival. . . . [She] masterfully manipulates her characters and the setting, creating a mash-up of popular TV genres: Survivor meets The Walking Dead.”—Bookpage “The TV show Survivor meets Cormac McCarthy’s The Road in Oliva’s stellar debut. . . . Fueled by brilliantly intimate and insightful writing as well as an endearing and fully realized female lead, this apocalyptic novel draws its power from Zoo’s realizations about society and herself as she struggles to survive long enough to somehow make it back to her home.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “The Last One seamlessly melds two of our contemporary obsessions—the threat of global catastrophe and the staged drama of reality TV—into a fiercely imagined tale of the human psyche under stress. This is an uncompromising, thought-provoking debut.”—Justin Cronin “Like The Hunger Games, Alexandra Oliva’s novel is page-turning and deeply unsettling.”—Rosamund Lupton “Tense and gorgeous and so damn clever . . . I loved every second.”—Lauren Beukes From the Hardcover edition.

Olivia And The Fairy Princesses

Author: Ian Falconer
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857079069
Size: 10.63 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In her newest hilarious endeavour, Olivia embarks upon a quest for identity and individuality. It seems there are far too many pink and sparkly princesses around these days and Olivia has had quite enough! She needs to stand out. And so, in typical 'Olivia' style, she sets about creating a whole array of fantastically dressed princesses… and shows us that everyone can be individual and special.

Olivia Joules And The Overactive Imagination

Author: Helen Fielding
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101200919
Size: 77.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6620
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At the close of the last millennium, Helen Fielding debuted the irrepressible (and blockbuster-bestselling) Bridget Jones. Now, Fielding gives us a sensational new heroine for a new era...Move over 007, a stunning, sexy-and decidedly female-new player has entered the world of international espionage. Her name is Olivia Joules (that’s "J.O.U.L.E.S. the unit of kinetic energy") and she's ready to take America by storm with charm, style, and her infamous Overactive Imagination. How could a girl not be drawn to the alluring, powerful Pierre Ferramo-he of the hooded eyes, impeccable taste, unimaginable wealth, exotic international homes, and dubious French accent? Could Ferramo really be a major terrorist bent on the Western world’s destruction, hiding behind a smokescreen of fine wines, yachts, and actresses slash models? Or is it all just a product of Olivia Joules’s overactive imagination? Join Olivia in her heart-stopping, hilarious, nerve-frazzling quest from hip hotel to eco-lodge to underwater cave, by light aircraft, speedboat, helicopter, and horse, in this witty, contemporary, and utterly unputdownable novel deluxe.

A Conspiracy Of Stars

Author: Olivia A. Cole
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062644238
Size: 75.68 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 2578
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Enter the vivid and cinematic world of Faloiv in the first book of this dazzling YA sci-fi/fantasy duology, perfect for fans of Carve the Mark, Red Rising, and These Broken Stars. Octavia has always dreamed of becoming a whitecoat, one of the prestigious N’Terra scientists who study the natural wonders of Faloiv. So when the once-secretive labs are suddenly opened to students, she leaps at the chance to see what happens behind their closed doors. However, she quickly discovers that all is not what it seems on Faloiv, and the experiments the whitecoats have been doing run the risk of upsetting the humans’ fragile peace with the Faloii, Faloiv’s indigenous people. As secret after disturbing secret comes to light, Octavia finds herself on a collision course with the charismatic and extremist new leader of N’Terra’s ruling council. But by uncovering the mysteries behind the history she’s been taught, the science she’s lived by, and the truth about her family, she threatens to be the catalyst for an all-out war.