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Thinking Comprehensively About Education

Author: Ezekiel Dixon-Román
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415894921
Size: 61.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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While much is known about the critical importance of educative experiences outside of school, little is known about the social systems, community programs, and everyday practices that can facilitate learning outside of the classroom. Thinking Comprehensively About Education sheds much-needed light on those systems, programs, and practices; conceptualizing education more broadly through a nuanced exploration of: the various spaces where education occurs; the non-dominant practices and possibilities of those spaces; the possibilities of enabling social systems, institutions, and programs of comprehensive education. This original edited collection identifies and describes the resources that enable optimal human learning and development, and offers a public policy framework that can enable a truly comprehensive educational system. Thinking Comprehensively About Education is a must-read for faculty, students, policy analysts, and policymakers.

Social Policy And Social Justice

Author: John L. Jackson Jr
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 1512821462
Size: 71.75 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Penn School of Social Policy and Practice enjoys a reputation as Penn's social justice school, for its faculty actively strives to translate the highest ideals into workable programs that better people's lives. In this election year, as Americans debate issues like immigration, crime, mass incarceration, policing, and welfare reform, and express concerns over increasing inequality, tax policy, and divisions by race, sex, and class, "SP2," as the school is colloquially known, offers its expertise in addressing the pressing matters of our day. The practical solutions on offer in this volume showcase the judgment and commitment of the school's scholars and practitioners, working to change politics from blood sport to common undertakings. Contributors: Cindy W. Christian, Cynthia A. Connolly, Dennis Culhane, Ezekiel Dixon-Román, Malitta Engstrom, Kara Finck, Nancy Franke, Antonio Garcia, Toorjo Ghose, Johanna Greeson, Chao Guo, David Hemenway, Amy Hillier, Roberta Iversen, Alexandra Schepens, Phyllis Solomon, Susan B. Sorenson, Mark Stern, Allison Thompson, Debra Schilling Wolfe.

People Of Color In The United States Contemporary Issues In Education Work Communities Health And Immigration 4 Volumes

Author: Kofi Lomotey
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 161069855X
Size: 53.83 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1613
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This expansive, four-volume ready-reference work offers critical coverage of contemporary issues that impact people of color in the United States, ranging from education and employment to health and wellness and immigration. • Offers comprehensive coverage of contemporary issues for people of color in the United States that meets the needs of secondary librarians, teachers, and students for a variety of classes and standards • Presents A–Z entries within four broad themes that explore the social and economic issues that will support readers' understanding of the experiences of people of color in the United States • Includes debate essays highlighting a variety of viewpoints on key issues from scholars that provide readers with models of critical thinking • Contains up-to-date information appropriate for classes on history, sociology, psychology, geography, economics, urbanization, immigration and industrialization, and contemporary American society

Race Religion And Late Democracy

Author: John L. Jackson
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1452218250
Size: 36.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Introduction : Democracy's anxious returns / David Kyuman Kim and John L. Jackson, Jr. - "Look, baby, we got Jesus on our flag" : robust democracy and religious debate from the era of slavery to the age of Obama / Edward J. Blum -- Forerunner : the campaigns and career of Edward Brooke / Jason Sokol -- Iran's French Revolution : religion, philosophy, and crowds / Roxanne Varzi - Democracy's new song : Black reconstruction in America, 1860-1880 and the melodramatic imagination / Marina Bilbija - Habits of the heart : youth religious participation as progress, peril, or change? / Monica R. Miller and Ezekiel J. Dixon-Roman - Populism and late liberalism : a special affinity? / Jean Comaroff -- Chadors, feminists, terror : the racial politics of U.S. media representations of the 1979 Iranian women's movement / Sylvia Chan-Malik -- The end of neoliberalism : what is left of the left / John Comaroff - Religion as race, recognition as democracy : Lemba "Black Jews" in South Africa / Noah Tamarkin - The race toward caraqueño citizenship : negotiating race, class, and participatory democracy / Giles Harrison-Conwill - The racialization of Islam in American law / Neil Gotanda

Inheriting Possibility

Author: Ezekiel Dixon-Román
ISBN: 9781517901264
Size: 76.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How has the dominant social scientific paradigm limited our understanding of the impact of inherited economic resources, social privilege, and sociocultural practices on multigenerational inequality? In what ways might multiple forces of social difference haunt quantitative measurements of ability such as the SAT? Building on new materialist philosophy, Inheriting Possibility rethinks methods of quantification and theories of social reproduction in education, demonstrating that test performance results and parenting practices convey the impact of materially and historically contingent patterns of differential possibility. Ezekiel J. Dixon-Román explores the dualism of nature and culture that has undergirded theories of inheritance, social reproduction, and human learning and development. Research and debate on the reproduction of power relations have rested on a premise that nature is made up of fixed universals on which the creative, intellective, and discursive play of culture are based. Drawing on recent work in the physical and biological sciences, Dixon-Román argues that nature is culture. He contends that by assuming a rigid nature/culture binary, we ultimately limit our understanding of how power relations are reproduced. Through innovative analyses of empirical data and cultural artifacts, Dixon-Román boldly reconsiders how we conceptualize the processes of inheritance and approach social inquiry in order to profoundly sharpen understanding and address the reproducing forces of inequality.

Stayin Alive

Author: Jefferson R. Cowie
ISBN: 1459604237
Size: 27.86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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An epic account of how working-class America hit the rocks in the political and economic upheavals of the '70s, Stayin' Alive is a wide-ranging cultural and political history that presents the decade in a whole new light. Jefferson Cowie's edgy and incisive book - part political intrigue, part labor history, with large doses of American music, film, and TV lore - makes new sense of the '70s as a crucial and poorly understood transition from the optimism of New Deal America to the widening economic inequalities and dampened expectations of the present. Stayin' Alive takes us from the factory floors of Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Detroit to the Washington of Nixon, Ford, and Carter. Cowie connects politics to culture, showing how the big screen and the jukebox can help us understand how America turned away from the radicalism of the '60s and toward the patriotic promise of Ronald Reagan. He also makes unexpected connections between the secrets of the Nixon White House and the failings of the George McGovern campaign, between radicalism and the blue-collar backlash, and between the earthy twang of Merle Haggard's country music and the falsetto highs of Saturday Night Fever. Cowie captures nothing less than the defining characteristics of a new era. Stayin' Alive is a book that will forever define a misunderstood decade.

The Role And Impact Of Public Private Partnerships In Education

Author: Harry Anthony Patrinos
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821379038
Size: 47.19 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The book offers an overview of international examples, studies, and guidelines on how to create successful partnerships in education. PPPs can facilitate service delivery and lead to additional financing for the education sector as well as expanding equitable access and improving learning outcomes.

Multiculturalism In Art Museums Today

Author: Joni Boyd Acuff
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0759124116
Size: 25.13 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Aimed at museum educators, Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today seeks to marry museum and multicultural education theories. It reveals how the union of these theories yields more equitable educational practices and guides museum educators to address misrepresentation, exclusivity, accessibility, and educational inequality. This contemporary text is directive; it encourages museum educators to consider the critical multicultural education theoretical framework in their day-to-day functions in order to illuminate and combat shortcomings at the crux of museum education: Museum Educators as Change Agents Inclusion versus Exclusion Collaboration with Diverse Audiences Responsive Pedagogy This book adopts a broad definition of multiculturalism, which names not only race and ethnicity as concerns, but also gender, sexual orientation, religion, ability, age, and class. While focusing on these various facets of identity, the authors demonstrate how museums are social systems that should offer comprehensive, diverse educational experiences not only through exhibitions but through other educational activities. The authors pull from their own research and practical experiences which exemplify how museums have been and can be attentive to these areas of identity. Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today is hopeful and inspiring, as it identifies and commends the positive and effective practices that some museum educators have enacted in an effort to be inclusive. Museum educators are at the front-line interacting with the public on a daily basis. Thus, these educators can be the real vanguard of change, modeling critical multicultural behavior and practices.

Values Education And Lifelong Learning

Author: David N. Aspin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402061838
Size: 27.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Aims to provide an easily accessible, practical yet scholarly source of information about the international concern for the nature, theory and practices of the ideas of values education and lifelong learning. Aspin from Monash University and Chapman from Australian Catholic University.