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Transfusion Medicine And Hemostasis

Author: Beth H. Shaz
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128137274
Size: 13.86 MB
Format: PDF
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Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis: Clinical and Laboratory Aspects, Third Edition, is the only pocket-sized, quick reference for pathology and transfusion medicine residents and fellows. It covers all topics in transfusion medicine and clinical and laboratory-based coagulation. Chapters are organized by multiple hierarchical headings and are supplemented with up to 10 suggested reading citations. This single handbook covers all the topics required to meet the goals of a major program in transfusion medicine and clinical coagulation. Changes to this edition include the latest AABB standards and new chapters focused on a wider range of specific populations requiring blood and related products. Coverage includes essential updates on peripheral blood and bone marrow hematopoietic progenitor cells, as well as cord blood banking and regenerative medicine. The authors also examine advances in therapeutic apheresis and new cellular therapies. Includes new chapters on blood products, new methods for product modification, and an expanded section on clinical settings, including new chapters on a wider range of patient populations Teaches through a new case study format with concise bullet points, essential tables, and further reading lists Presents information in a standardized format throughout, allowing each chapter to be focused on a well-defined subject consisting of less than 6 pages

Surgical Intensive Care Medicine

Author: John M. O'Donnell
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319196685
Size: 69.40 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 3914
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This third edition text has been largely rewritten to include the many important advances that have been made and the controversies that have arisen in the past years. New topics have been added including Oxygen Transport, Tissue Oxygenation Evaluation, Echocardiography in the Critically Ill, Bedside Ultrasonography, Critical Care Issues in Oncological Surgery Patients, Long-Term Outcome after Intensive Care, Therapeutic Hypothermia, Delirium, and Post-Operative Gastrointestinal Dysfunction. Chapters are written by high-quality contributors, many of whom are nationally and internationally recognized researchers, speakers, and practitioners in Critical Care Medicine. Another important feature of this edition is the geographical diversity of its authors, including notable contributions from colleagues in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Surgical Intensive Care Medicine, Third Edition provides a comprehensive, state-of-the art review of the field, and will serve as a valuable resource for medical students, residents, critical care fellows in training, surgeons, anesthesiologists and physicians caring for the critically ill. ​

Transfusion Medicine Apheresis And Hemostasis

Author: Huy P. Pham
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128040300
Size: 56.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Hemostasis: Review Questions and Case Studies is the collaborative effort that spanned a time period of 2 years and included 50 experts, many whom are national leaders in their respected fields. It also represents the passion and privilege we feel to teach the next generation of physicians in Transfusion Medicine and Apheresis. The main goal for this book is to help the readers build a solid foundation of both basic and advanced conceptual knowledge to prepare for the American Board of Pathology (ABP) certification exam in Transfusion Medicine. This book is not intended to be a substitute for textbooks, original research or review articles, and/or clinical training. Further, since the field of medicine, both from a scientific and regulatory perspective, rapidly changes, the readers are advised to continuously update their knowledge by attending national meetings and reading clinical journals. To equip the readers with the basic knowledge in critical reading and data analysis, which is an essential skill in daily medical practice, a novel chapter titled “Data Interpretation in Laboratory Medicine was included in this book. In this chapter, the readers are asked to make logical conclusions based on the given data and/or statistical results. Moreover, there is also a chapter on “Practical Calculations in Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Hemostasis to help consolidate all the necessary formulas commonly used in daily practice for easy reference. These chapters are unique to our book and will not be found in any other currently on the market. All of the questions in this book were originally created by the authors of each chapter. Each question can either be standalone or part of a case scenario representing challenge cases in Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Hemostasis. These questions often represent both rare and common clinical scenarios that the authors have seen during their clinical practice. Each question is then followed by 5 possible answers, with only one being correct (or the best answer). After the question, there is a conceptual explanation followed by a more factual explanation of the right and wrong answers. We gave the individual authors the freedom to choose how they explained the wrong answer choices. Some authors chose to be more direct (e.g. Answer A is incorrect because...), while other authors chose a more conversational style (e.g. Human resources (answer A) includes staffing, selection, orientation, training, and competency assessment of employees). This format is designed to help the student linking the conceptual and factual knowledge together to form a solid foundation for use in clinical practice. At the end of each chapter, there is a list of articles and textbooks that will prove useful to the motivated student who wishes to become an expert in the field. Another special feature to our textbook is the presence of a pre-test and post-test, which are provided to help the readers with self-assessment. As stated above, the main focus of this book is to help the readers preparing for the ABP certification exam in Transfusion Medicine. However, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the field of Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Hemostasis, we believe that this book is also beneficial to and can be used by all clinicians involved in the management of complex transfusion, apheresis, and hemostasis issues, such as hematologists, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and critical care physicians. We further believe that it is a helpful guide for these specialists to prepare for their own specialty certification exam, when the topics are related to Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Hemostasis.

Harrisons H Matologie Und Onkologie

Author: Dan L. Longo
Publisher: ABW Wissenschaftsverlag
ISBN: 3864741017
Size: 61.37 MB
Format: PDF
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Die Behandlung maligner Tumoren hat sich in den letzten zehn Jahren rasant und ganz entscheidend verändert. Spätestens seit der Einführung von Herceptin reden wir von der personalisierten onkologischen Therapie, inzwischen wird das bereits Präzisionsmedizin genannt. So ist die Hämatologie/Onkologie inzwischen sicher das innovativste Fachgebiet, was die Neueinführung potenter Therapeutika angeht. Harrisons Hämatologie und Onkologie bietet jetzt auf aktuellster Basis für alle Beteiligten an den interdisziplinären Tumorkonferenzen das notwendige Wissen. Checkpoint-Inhibitoren und Tyrosinkinase-Inhibitoren sind jüngste Beispiele, gefolgt von: PARB-Inhibitoren beim Ovarialkarzinom, anti-EGFR-Antikörper beim Dickdarmkarzinom, Tyrosinkinase-Inhibitoren beim Lungenkarzinom, BRAF-Inhibitoren beim malignen Melanom, anti-CD20 beim malignen Lymphom. Die Palette der neuen therapeutischen Ansätze ist groß. Das Buch vermittelt als weltweit gültiger Standard das aktuellste Wissen aus der Feder von internationalen Spezialisten sowie Experten der Charité und anderer wissenschaftlicher Institutionen im deutschsprachigen Bereich. Die relevanten aktuellen Leitlinien finden Aufnahme und werden entsprechend interpretiert.

Hematologic Problems In The Critically Ill

Author: Giorgio Berlot
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 8847053013
Size: 63.67 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 4744
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This book covers a wide array of hematologic problems commonly encountered in the daily practice of critical care and emergency medicine. Unfortunately, the symptoms and signs associated with underlying hematologic disorders are frequently rather unspecific and confounding; furthermore, the clinical course of patients admitted to intensive care units with such disorders can be fulminant, warranting prompt diagnosis. This book recognizes the importance of accurate and speedy interpretation of symptoms in that the text is symptom oriented rather than disease oriented. Put another way, the reader confronted with a particular clinical problem or symptom will be guided step by step to the possible underlying disorder(s). The scenarios considered include critical illness in patients with anemia, leukopenia, leukocytosis, abnormal platelet count, and severe transfusion reactions. For each circumstance, factors relevant to symptom interpretation are fully discussed. In addition, helpful diagnostic algorithms are presented in the form of flow charts that will assist in decision making regarding the need for further investigations. The closing chapter is devoted to the drug-induced hematologic disorders. Although the book is intended mainly for intensivists, other specialists will find much information of value for their daily practice.

Molekulare Biotechnologie

Author: David Clark
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3827421896
Size: 15.47 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 3804
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Grundlage aller biotechnologischen Prozesse sind molekularbiologische und genetische Regelmechanismen. Deshalb behandelt dieses neuartige Lehrbuch beides: die molekularbiologischen Grundlagen und die Anwendungen. Spannend und aktuell werden die Teilgebiete der Biotechnologie und das jeweils erforderliche molekularbiologische Grundwissen beschrieben. Der Bogen wird gespannt von der Nanobiotechnologie über Stoffwechseltechnologie, Genomics und Umweltbiotechnologie bis hin zur Gentherapie.


Author: Claus-Peter Adler
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662121603
Size: 30.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 6774
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Dieses interdisziplinäre Nachschlagewerk bietet Ihnen das Fundament für Ihre exakte Diagnose und gezielte Therapie-Planung. o Sie erhalten einen praxisorientierten Überblick über alle modernen und etablierten Diagnostik-Verfahren. o Didaktisch übersichtlich stehen die jeweiligen radiologischen und pathologisch-anatomischen Strukturen dem Text gegenüber. o Kurzgefaßte Therapievorschläge ergänzen die diagnostischen Richtlinien. => Das aktuelle Nachschlagewerk für die multidisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit von Orthopäden, Radiologen, Rheumatologen und Pathologen. Schnell * präzise * praxisgerecht

Point Of Care Medicine

Author: Anthony Slonim
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071762981
Size: 20.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 7153
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The newest and best ultra-concise guide to wards-based patient care An essential companion for residents on the wards, Point of Care Medicine delivers the most patient-care information in the least amount of words possible. Designed for speed and accessibility, the book features numerous algorithms and decision trees and is presented in a way that mimics the way medical information is entered into a patient's chart. Features Ring-binder allows readers to include their own notes in the book Greater coverage of essential clinical procedures and problems/presenting complains than the competition Includes specific evidence-rating for diagnosis and treatment recommendations, not found in competitive books

Laboratory Hemostasis

Author: Sterling T. Bennett
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319089242
Size: 79.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1720
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Coagulation testing is the basis for the diagnosis of bleeding and thrombotic disorders, as well as the mainstay of anticoagulant monitoring and management. This handbook provides practical information and guidance on topics relevant to directing a coagulation laboratory, filling a void in the literature. Since the first edition, all chapters have been updated and an entirely new chapter is included on pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics. The book will aid pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists and other physicians serving as laboratory directors to understand and carry out their responsibilities. It will also assist residents and fellows in learning the basics of coagulation testing and serve as a useful day-to-day reference for coagulation laboratory supervisors, technologists, and technicians. Finally, clinicians may find aspects of the book helpful in understanding the role of the coagulation laboratory in patient evaluation and monitoring.