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Turning Points 2000

Author: Anthony W. Jackson
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807775223
Size: 50.43 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This seminal volume, written by the principal author of the original report (Anthony W. Jackson) along with one of the main leaders in implementing its principles (Gayle A. Davis): Synthesizes crucial lessons learned from educators attempting to improve middle grades education across the country over the past decade.Bridges the gap between education researchers and practitioners by translating a wealth of recent research into practical guidance for front-line educators.Signals a new generation of thinking about middle grades education by emphasizing that, in addition to structural changes in classrooms and schools, educators must also make substantial, far-reaching changes in curriculum, student assessment, and instruction in order to improve student learning.Directly confronts critical questions such as how heterogeneously grouped (i.e., untracked) students can be successfully educated, why middle grades teachers must be specially licensed to teach young adolescents, and why middle grades instruction must include instruction in reading Carnegie Corporation’s landmark 1989 report, Turning Points: Preparing American Youth for the 21st Century, focused national attention on the long-neglected needs of adolescent youth. In the following decade, hundreds of middle grades schools implemented Turning Points principles and many others adopted similar and complementary measures. Based on these experiences, Turning Points 2000 refines the ideas contained in the original report by blending the wisdom of both the latest research and the best practice. “If [the authors’] deep understanding of what's needed and what works for adolescents were shared by every policy maker and educator, we would indeed see a major trans-formation in the education of our young. This book is a must-read for everyone who works with children and youth. For that matter, it's essential for everyone who cares about the health of our young people and our society....” —Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University “Turning Points 2000 provides a perfect blend of practical guidance and grand vision, looking with hope toward a day when the developmental needs of all children are met. The authors skillfully bridge the gap between research and practice as they share strategies for families, communities, and institutions to collaboratively prepare adolescents for life success.” —Dr. James P. Comer, Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry,Yale Child Study Center

Encyclopedia Of Educational Reform And Dissent

Author: Thomas C. Hunt
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412956641
Size: 57.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The history of American education is replete with educational reform, and to a lesser extent, educational dissent. Consider the present: you have various forms of privatization, school choice, the 'No Child Left Behind' act, home schooling, 'value-added' accountability, alternative teacher preparation programs, on-line instruction, etc. This range of activity is not exceptional. For instance, consider the past: progressive education, open education, the junior high school, the middle school, Life Adjustment education, career education, vocational education, the comprehensive high school, school-to-work, year-round schooling, behavioral objectives, proficiency exams (high-stakes testing), whole language, learning packages and self-paced instruction, modular scheduling, site-based management, all presented as the way to reform American schools, at least in part. Then you have the reformers themselves, such as John Dewey, George Counts, Herbert Kohl, John Holt, Charles Silberman, Admiral Hyman Rickover, James Bryant Conant, all the way back to Horace Mann himself. Dissenters, and dissenting movements, while not as numerous and certainly not as well known in educational circles, count the various faith-based schools and individuals such as Archbishop Hughes of New York.Clearly, this is an area rich in ideas, rife with controversy, and vital in its outcome for individuals and the nation as a whole. And yet, strangely enough, there exists no major encyclopedia bringing the varied strands together in one place as a ready reference for scholars, teachers, school administrators, and students studying to enter the educational profession. This two-volume work is intended to be that authoritative resource. Key themes and topics include: " biographies of reformers and dissenters " theoretical and ideological perspectives " key programs and legislation " judicial verdicts impacting educational change in America " the politics and processes of educational reform and policy making " dissent and resistance to reform " technology's impact on educational reform. A Reader's Guide in the front matter groups entries around such themes to help readers find related entries more easily.

Sexual Misconduct In The Schoolhouse

Author: William L. Fibkins
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1475822014
Size: 69.99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book seeks to educate principals, counselors, teachers, coaches, and support staff about sexual misconduct, while providing a training model to prepare school staff to avoid sexual misconduct, to encourage school leaders to upgrade their supervision efforts, and to provide needed outreach and intervention before sexual misconduct occurs.

The Modern Middle School

Author: Gilbert Hunt
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
ISBN: 0398084343
Size: 18.26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Middle school educators are facing many challenges in todayOCOs educational and political environment due to the focus on excellence as measured by achievement tests. It is the purpose of this book to provide a discussion of how middle schools can provide a strong standards-based academic program while, at the same time, remaining focused on the student-centered principles upon which the middle school experience should be based. The text is intended to aid readers in the development of the teaching philosophies, behaviors, and skills relevant to effective instruction in the unique middle school environment. This emphasis reflects the philosophy that teachers ultimately determine the quality of schooling and that the learning environment should be student-centered while maintaining a strong academic foundation. The text begins with an overview of the origins and essential elements of middle schools; proceeds through discussions of middle school teachers, students, schooling structures, and teaching strategies; and concludes with a view of the future. Specifically, chapters offer suggestions for teaching and learning in the middle school environment, for developing essential teaching characteristics, for creating a positive middle school climate, for planning the curriculum, for providing developmentally appropriate instruction, and for assessing and reporting student progress. This outstanding new edition provides a comprehensive, current, and cohesive text that allows the reader to more clearly understand the nature and importance of significant standards issues and developments within the ongoing evolution of the modern American middle school."

This We Believe And Now We Must Act

Author: National Middle School Association
Publisher: National Middle School Association
ISBN: 9781560901679
Size: 74.63 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In 1995, the National Middle School Association published a position paper defining foundational characteristics of developmentally responsive middle schools and program components that would create the kind of schools young adolescents need and deserve. This book provides a comprehensive, whole vision of schooling for the middle grades and makes more practical and accessible the basic concepts set forth in the 1995 position paper. The chapters are: (1) "The Imperative to Act" (Thomas O. Erb); (2) "Educators Committed to Young Adolescents" (C. Kenneth McEwin and Thomas S. Dickinson); (3) "Developing and Implementing a 'Shared Vision'" (Sue Swaim); (4) "High Expectations for All" (John Arnold); (5) "Advisory: Advocacy for Every Student" (Ross M. Burkhardt); (6) "School, Family, and Community Partnerships" (Joyce L. Epstein); (7) "A Positive School Climate" (Marion Johnson Payne); (8) "Curriculum That Is Challenging, Integrative, and Exploratory" (Chris Stevenson); (9) "Varied Teaching and Learning Approaches" (Barbara L. Brodhagen); (10) "Assessment and Evaluation that Promote Learning" (Gordon F. Vars); (11) "Flexible Organizational Structures" (Deborah Kasak); (12) "Programs and Policies that Foster Health, Wellness, and Safety" (Jean Schultz); and (13) "Comprehensive Guidance and Support Services" (Sherrel Bergmann). All chapters contain references. (KB)

Learning To Lead Together

Author: Janet H. Chrispeels
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761928863
Size: 44.95 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Through real-life single and multiple case studies, Learning to Lead Together addresses how principals and their staffs struggle with the challenge of shared leadership, how they encourage teacher growth and development, and how shared leadership can lead to higher levels of student learning. The cases show how shared leadership, a powerful adaptive change, is socially constructed across contexts and evolves as teachers and principals learn how to work together. The book also illustrates how principal preparation and professional development programs that utilize problem-based learning and provide opportunities for genuine collaboration with colleagues can provide school leaders with the skills they need to share leadership and accountability effectively.

Turning Points 2000

Author: Anthony Wells Jackson
ISBN: 9780807742839
Size: 36.45 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book expands on the ideas contained in the landmark 1989 Carnegie Report on improving education for young adolescents by blending the wisdom of both the latest research and the best practice. Touching on everything from curriculum and instruction to engaging families and empowering teachers and administrators, this publication synthesizes lessons learned from educators attempting to improve middle grade education across the country.

Innocence Denied

Author: William L. Fibkins
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc
ISBN: 9781578863136
Size: 56.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sexual misconduct does occur in many secondary schools, and in most cases the response is limited to warning teachers and coaches about the legal aspects and liabilities involved. This book provides step-by-step training procedures that can be used as part of the schools' staff development program to teach educators about the importance of setting boundaries. Real-life case studies documenting inappropriate teacher-student relationships are included.