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Walking The Warzones Of Pakistan One Woman S Journey Into The Shadow Of The Taliban

Author: Ruth Anne Kocour
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1483433463
Size: 54.22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Trek to K2 and Pakistan's tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, Kashmir, Tajikistan, and China. See topography that has led to isolation–physical and cultural–of tribes blocked for centuries by natural barriers, lack of infrastructure and communication. Ruth Anne Kocour's tale of travel and adversity lends a face to today's news and a glimpse into what we all have in common–our humanity.

Facing The Extreme

Author: Ruth Anne Kocour
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250135923
Size: 48.41 MB
Format: PDF
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She stepped into a death zone. The climbers on Alaska's Mt. McKinley called her "the woman." Ruth Anne Kocour, a world-class mountaineer, wasn't bothered. It was part of the challenge she faced as she joined an all-male team to conquer North America's highest peak...the mountain the Indians called Denali, or God. Faced the extreme. But nine days into this ascent, a forty-fifth birthday present to herself, the most violent weather on record slammed into the mountain. Ruth Anne and her group would be trapped on an ice shelf at 14,000 feet for the deadliest two weeks in Denali history. Pinned down by blinding snows, unable to help other teams dying around her, and her own feet freezing solid, Ruth Anne tells of a wind chill of minus 150 degrees, deadly hidden crevasses, and being trapped in a place so violent and unforgiving that it threatened to push her over the edge and into a place of no return. And yet, in prose as crystalline as the ice around her, she tells, too, of beauty, courage, and the spirit that drives true mountaineers higher, as she risks all to go for the summit...and perhaps, for a transcendent moment, touch heaven. And lived to tell about it ... in Facing the Extreme.

A Different Kind Of Daughter

Author: Maria Toorpakai
Publisher: Twelve
ISBN: 1455591408
Size: 23.12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Amazon Best Book of the Month "Maria Toorpakai is a true inspiration, a pioneer for millions of other women struggling to pave their own paths to autonomy, fulfillment, and genuine personhood." --Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and And the Mountains Echoed Maria Toorpakai hails from Pakistan's violently oppressive northwest tribal region, where the idea of women playing sports is considered haram-un-Islamic-forbidden-and girls rarely leave their homes. But she did, passing as a boy in order to play the sports she loved, thus becoming a lightning rod of freedom in her country's fierce battle over women's rights. A DIFFERENT KIND OF DAUGHTER tell of Maria's harrowing journey to play the sport she knew was her destiny, first living as a boy and roaming the violent back alleys of the frontier city of Peshawar, rising to become the number one female squash player in Pakistan. For Maria, squash was more than liberation-it was salvation. But it was also a death sentence, thrusting her into the national spotlight and the crosshairs of the Taliban, who wanted Maria and her family dead. Maria knew her only chance of survival was to flee the country. Enter Jonathon Power, the first North American to earn the title of top squash player in the world, and the only person to heed Maria's plea for help. Recognizing her determination and talent, Jonathon invited Maria to train and compete internationally in Canada. After years of living on the run from the Taliban, Maria packed up and left the only place she had ever known to move halfway across the globe and pursue her dream. Now Maria is well on the way to becoming a world champion as she continues to be a voice for oppressed women everywhere.

Afghanistan S Endless War

Author: Larry P. Goodson
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295801581
Size: 44.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Going beyond the stereotypes of Kalashnikov-wielding Afghan mujahideen and black-turbaned Taliban fundamentalists, Larry Goodson explains in this concise analysis of the Afghan war what has really been happening in Afghanistan in the last twenty years. Beginning with the reasons behind Afghanistan�s inability to forge a strong state -- its myriad cleavages along ethnic, religious, social, and geographical fault lines -- Goodson then examines the devastating course of the war itself. He charts its utter destruction of the country, from the deaths of more than 2 million Afghans and the dispersal of some six million others as refugees to the complete collapse of its economy, which today has been replaced by monoagriculture in opium poppies and heroin production. The Taliban, some of whose leaders Goodson interviewed as recently as 1997, have controlled roughly 80 percent of the country but themselves have shown increasing discord along ethnic and political lines.

Inside Al Qaeda And The Taliban

Author: Syed Saleem Shahzad
ISBN: 9781420256710
Size: 71.57 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This is a version of the "war on terror" that has never been told. It will fascinate anyone concerned with the strategy and tactics of the most controversial Islamic movement.

Decade Of Fear

Author: Michelle Shephard
Publisher: D & M Publishers
ISBN: 1553656598
Size: 73.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Decade of Fear is a darkly entertaining journey through the complicated, often bizarre world of national security since 9/11. On that night, Toronto Star journalist Michelle Shephard watched the remains of New York’s World Trade Center fall from the sky, wondering what much of the world was asking: “Why?” So began a ten-year search for answers that took her through the streets of Mogadishu and Karachi, into the mountains of Waziristan and behind the wire of Guantanamo Bay two dozen times. Shephard conducted hundreds of interviews worldwide, and with sharp insight and an appreciation for the absurd, she weaves together stories of warlords, presidents, spies, grieving widows and global terrorists, to describe the historic decade where often the West’s “solutions” for terrorism only served to exacerbate the problem. She cruises with former CIA bosses, runs alongside protestors in the streets of Sanaa to escape fire from Yemen’s security services during experience the Arab Spring, meets victims of terrorism who leave her devastated, and earns enough stamps on her Gitmo Starbucks card for a free latte. Gripping, heartbreaking and infuriating, Decade of Fear broadens our understanding of a decade that was all too often described through panicked rhetoric.

On The Road To Kandahar

Author: Jason Burke
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 146686060X
Size: 24.17 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A daring reporter's quest through the "living history" of Islam amid the War on Terrorism. In 1991, a British university student spent his summer break fighting alongside Kurdish guerrillas in northern Iraq. Now a prize-winning reporter and author of a book on al Qaeda, Jason Burke travels from the Sahara to the Himalayas and meets with refugees, mujahideen, and government ministers in a probing search to understand Islam, and Islamic radicalism, in the context of the "War on Terrorism." Praised by London's Daily Mail as "intensely personal and accessible," On the Road to Kandahar is the gripping story of a search for answers to some of the most urgent questions of our time: What drives Islamic fundamentalism, and how should the West respond? Are we so fundamentally different that we can't coexist? Although much of his book concerns war and violence, Burke reaches the optimistic conclusion that extremist violence alienates its populations and so is doomed to fail and wither away.

The Dust Of Kandahar

Author: Jonathan Addleton
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 1682470806
Size: 51.36 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Dust of Kandahar represents a unique contribution to USNI’s growing number of books on the conflict in Afghanistan, largely because it views events primarily from a civilian perspective. Attached to the Third Infantry Division based in Kandahar during its year-long deployment in southern Afghanistan, the author served as a link between the Embassy in Kabul and military leaders in Regional Command-South (RC-South). He was also heavily involved in outreach aimed at Afghan government officials, tribal and religious leaders and others during a time of transition marked by a significant drawdown in the size of the international military presence across the country. Few such books view the war through a civilian lens and even fewer forego the usual political or policy analysis to instead focus on the human dimensions of it. By taking this approach, the author advances the USNI’s mission of presenting alternative perspectives, in this case one that adopts a literary approach to advance a deeper professional understanding of the conflict. In effect, it complements the various military memoirs by offering a civilian perspective; and it complements the more detailed military, political and policy assessments by examining the interior lives of those directly involved, reflecting instead on the human costs of war. Emerging as one of the most important post 9/11 battle zones, US engagement in Afghanistan has become an important part of the country’s national defense strategy over the last decade and a half. While the international presence has significantly diminished during the last couple of years, Afghanistan remains an area of interest and concern. Even as the United States faces growing challenges in other parts of the world, a better appreciation for “lessons learned” from the Afghan experience will help further our own approach to global issues while also strengthening the national defense. Finally, the role of civilians in insurgencies and stabilization programs is often not very well understood; this book will help fill that gap.