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Wealth And Families

Author: Howard Stevenson
ISBN: 9780983748670
Size: 54.59 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Wealth and Families: Lessons from My Life Journey traces its roots to a family member's request that Howard Stevenson share what he has learned from experience about investing, wealth, and life. It offers thoughtful reflections, guiding principles, practical advice, and lots of stories. Written by a leading business educator, Wealth and Families will be of interest to people just beginning their wealth journey, people who already have achieved some wealth and are trying to manage it, wealthy parents needing a framework for talking to their children about wealth, and wealth management professionals aspiring to better serve their clients. Topics include six truths gleaned from a life journey; the nature and dynamics of wealth; how to build and manage wealth; lessons learned about investing; how to get and use professional help; a rebuttal to family wealth models; a philosophy of family wealth; and challenges for wealthy parents and how to address them.

A Wealth Of Family

Author: Thomas Brooks
Publisher: Alpha Multimedia, Inc.
ISBN: 0977462935
Size: 74.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This inspiring adoption and reunion saga delivers provocative viewpoints on multicultural families and powerful insights on overcoming racism and poverty. Brooks was the only child of a struggling African-American single mother in inner-city Pittsburgh. Then he learned at age eleven that he was adopted. He did not know it at the time, but Brooks had actually been born to a white biological mother who descended from Lithuanian Jews and a black Kenyan foreign student father.

Your Journey Is Preparing You For Something Great Life Lessons Of A Career Coach

Author: Michelle A. Skipper
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1483448622
Size: 67.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Have personal issues impacted your performance at work? Are you frustrated with where you are in your career? Are your past disappointments impacting your future career goals? Have you felt stuck in your career? Michelle Skipper, Master Career Specialist, shares her own obstacles and personal setbacks and provides tips on how to overcome them.This book will help you realize that your current position doesn't have to be the end position! A story of hope, endurance and courage that led a teen mom to rise to CEO of her own company and the life lessons that got her there.

Life Lessons For The Christian Journey

Author: Margaret Burroughs
Publisher: Margaret Burroughs
ISBN: 1411608402
Size: 51.87 MB
Format: PDF
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Life Lessons for the Christian Journey are biblically based inspirational life lessons designed to help the new or mature Christian obtain a better understanding of God's Word that you may live an abundantly blessed life. If you have a true desire to live holy for Christ, open your mind, your heart and your spirit, and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through each of these God-inspired lessons.

The Journey Through Four Seasons Of Life

Author: Sin Mong Wong
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1503506967
Size: 43.10 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This is a success story about the journey of life of a village boy from a poor big family. The three stages of life are classified as the learning stage, working phase and yearning or retiring stage. These three stages of his life can be compared to the four seasons. The book has seven chapters. The first chapter consists of the author’s general philosophy of life, his habits of meditation, his drill strategy to enhance skills of his game, basketball, his secrets of his study strategy, his discoveries of his talents as a writer, investor and entrepreneur, his financial planning, his family achievements and his super physical health. The second chapter provides the necessary ingredients, information and knowledge that help him in building his financial security. It gives a full description of his strategies building many linear incomes as well as residual income. All these efforts make him a wealthy man. The third chapter is full of information and knowledge to help him living a healthy and fulfilled life. They are plenty examples of life-style for anyone who cares to live healthily. The fourth chapter gives a full description of his three stages of life including his family history, his struggle from birth to fifteen years old. The experiences of a terrible childhood and child labor. This is comparable to the winter season of his life. His spring season of life begins when his sister gave him the opportunity to study secondary school in the city of Penang. He made full use of the period moving from secondary school to teacher training college and the university. His interest in his game propels him to be a basketball star player. Chapter five gives an account of his working life. After graduating from the university, he begins his summer season of his life. His chosen career as a professional teacher becomes his calling and he makes full use of available talents in writing to secure his financial security. His motivation, experiences and contribution give him an edge and he moves up the ladder of success. He was not only a successful mathematics teacher and an excellent administrator as his school principal; he is also a successful writer, investor and entrepreneur, making him a wealthy man. At the age of fifty-one, he accomplished his mission seeing all his projects completed, he took his optional retirement. He left for Australia to pursue his doctoral study. Chapter six gives an account of the autumn season of his life. He continues to write, invest and learn. He keeps fit and continues playing his game, tennis. He keeps fit and enjoys his retirement. Chapter seven tells a new story. He embarks on a new adventure called Quantum Jumping. He provides many successful quantum jumps to heal his headache, to learn new concept, to achieve new abundance, wealth, to gain happiness, to increase his excitement in happy marriage, and finally acquiring joy of his life. The journey is well-travelled.

An Diesem Tage Lasen Wir Nicht Weiter

Author: Will Schwalbe
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843703914
Size: 57.51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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„Was liest du gerade?“ So beginnt das Gespräch zwischen Will Schwalbe und seiner Mutter Mary Anne. Sie ist todkrank, doch anstatt zu verzweifeln, widmet sie sich ihrer großen Leidenschaft, dem Lesen. Über ein Jahr begleitet Will seine Mutter bis zum Ende ihres Lebens – und durch eine Welt von Büchern, die sie gemeinsam erkunden: Joseph und seine Brüder, Die Eleganz des Igels, Der Vorleser ... Am Ende erkennt Will: Lesen ist nicht das Gegenteil von handeln – es ist das Gegenteil von sterben. Will Schwalbe erzählt die Geschichte jenes Jahres. Er erzählt von den Büchern, die ihrer beider Leben geprägt haben. Und er erzählt von Trauer, Angst und der Erkenntnis, dass das Glück ganz unerwartet aus dem Moment heraus entsteht.

Life Lessons Learned

Author: Francis X. Ryan
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1514419432
Size: 74.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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My faith commands me to take care of those in need, particularly the children. Then in 2008, our nation faced a serious financial crisis. During that crisis, funding for mental health became disrupted, and children suffered. The crushing need to help our children led me to walk across America to tell everyone who would listen about the needs of children with emotional issues, behavioral issues, and developmental disabilities. Little did I know at the outset of my walk that it would become a walk of life’s lessons learned about the beautiful, decent, caring people in our nation. During my walk, my cynicism was replaced with hope, with gratitude, and with renewed faith in mankind. I was renewed spiritually and emotionally by the people I met along my journey. My walk started as a spiritual journey. It was a walk of atonement and a walk of gratitude. I always told people that I came from a very poor family. My mom struggled. Years later, after seeing what many of the children at Good Shepherd have gone through, I realized that I was not poor at all. In fact, I came from an extremely wealthy family who just happened to not have any money. I never once doubted that my mom and my brothers and sisters and family loved me. The children of Good Shepherd and the sisters have taught me to be grateful for the wonderful gifts that I have been granted caretaker of. The walk of atonement was a time to reflect and ask those people that I have hurt in my life to forgive me, those people in my life whom I have disappointed to pray for me, and those people in my life that I have helped that they would help another. I realized later in life that I learned much more from my mistakes than I had from my successes. The walk was an opportunity to write about, pray about, and seek forgiveness for. Atonement goes well beyond being forgiven. As a Catholic, I know that my Savior forgives my sins, but that does not alleviate my responsibility to atone for what I have done or what I have failed to do. When atonement is sought, behaviors change. The cycle of forgiveness is then complete, and true family healing can occur. I was hoping that during my walk, the Holy Spirit would guide me and give me the wisdom that I would need to develop a program to help children in need. Little did I know that the lessons I had hoped to learn were overwhelmed by the life’s lessons learned while I walked across America. Join me in reliving the amazing stories of my walk across America for children. It’s all good!

The 10 Principles Of Wealth For Black People And Other Folks Too

Author: Al Perkins
Publisher: Urban Media Publishing Incorporated
ISBN: 0972908706
Size: 54.52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A story told: From the streets of one of the toughest places in America to the halls of the Pentagon, and Wall Street, a story of one man's journey to wealth. Along the way the author learned life lessons and powerful principles that took him from rags to riches. A riveting insight into how people like Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela, Anthony Robins, Bill Gates, P. Diddy, T.D. Jakes, and Oprah Winfrey all have drawn upon Universal Wealth Principles to overcome obstacles taking them to amazing heights of success and unmatched wealth. The author tells how he used these same principles to achieve wealth, and happiness. In less than one year he acquired 46 single family homes. Working with these principles he landed millions of dollars in contracts, partnered with Fortune 100 companies, and founded several businesses. Most importantly, he gives easy steps that you can follow to achieve the same results. The book is an easy read and provides techniques that are simple to learn and provide results - fast! Before reading the book, you're asked to check your stuff at the door. Your age, race, religion, creed, sex, color, and economic status aren't important here. Anyone can use The Principles to take them where they want to go. So can you. It doesn't matter, if you make $1.50 an hour or $1,000,000 plus a year, these principles apply. "The 10 Principles of Wealth for Black Folks and Other People Too!" - Gives time tested techniques on how to make money, save money, invest money, overcome fear, and get what you really want. - Gives two very special gifts that we all possess, yet rarely use. - Shows how success leaves clues. They're all around. Find them, and you unlock the doors to riches andhappiness. - Gives a compelling alternative for change within the minority community or any community. - Takes an insightful look at the debate within the Black Community spearheaded by Bill Cosby over education, personal and community responsibility. - Challenges the prevalent thought within the community to grow up and get an education, and then a good job, and asks is that enough. - Provides clear steps and an action plan to get what you really want and desire. - Challenges you to find your life's purpose. - Shows you how to give great value so that in return you can receive great value. - Shows you how much money you really have left in "Life's Bank." "The 10 Principles of Wealth are simple. You can use them to immediately turn your situation around. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired because you can't make this month's car payment or your bills are stacking up like Mount Everest, keep reading. People with money have used these rules and techniques virtually throughout time to create wealth, passing it on for generations. You can do the same - not someday - but today." The book goes far beyond, just how to make money. Here's the author's take on: "Reverend Al Sharpton" "Armstrong" On the media On Justice Clarence Thomas "Reverend T. D. Jakes" On people of the cloth On love, faith, and sex On prayer About trying, "Bill Cosby, Johnny Cochran, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Frederick Price, and Aretha Franklin don't try .... Is it luck or just a coincidence that these folks don't try - they just are? Could it be that by either design or accident they've found out why they're here?" On Wynton Marsalis On Magic Johnson and Earl Graves On P.Diddy On building a better place Findout three reasons why people like Denzel Washington, Montel Williams, Bryant Gumble, Mike Wilborn, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Angela Bassett, Tom Joiner, Hank Aaron, Maya Angelou and many others make it to the top. "The 10 Principles of Wealth for Black Folks and Other People Too!" is powerful. It's packed with clear illustrations and examples on how to make money and create wealth. But it's much more than a book about making money, it's a wake-up call to the community and it speaks directly to your soul.

Crossing Boundaries In The Americas Vietnam And The Middle East

Author: Ron Young
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1625647654
Size: 25.82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 2167
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Crossing Boundaries in the Americas, Vietnam, and the Middle East is the personal, yet profoundly political first-person account of one man's unique interracial and interfaith leadership roles over five decades in movements for civil rights, against the Vietnam War, and for Arab-Israeli-Palestinian peace. Ron Young's story, told with honesty, humility, and humor, gives an insider view of key events in these movements and personalizes a significant strain of modern American history not often afforded sufficient attention in either the textbooks or the mainstream press. This book is an important read for anyone interested in these issues and movements. It should be recommended reading for students in colleges and high schools.