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Weather To Fly

Author: Christopher D. Legras
Publisher: Vireo Book, A
ISBN: 9781942600183
Size: 25.53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Weather to Fly is a collection of adventure stories, tall tales in the great American tradition. Inspired equally by Mark Twain, Amelia Earhart, Pancho Barnes, and P. T. Barnum, they are war stories, ghost stories, and love stories. There's a World War II warbird that may or may not have a soul or a conscience; in an Alaska saloon a bush pilot who thinks he's dying reveals a long-hidden secret; and the unlikeliest of pairs fall in love in an airport terminal. By turns whimsical and heart-wrenching, like the best adventures, these stories never end up where you expect.

Second Wind

Author: Dick Francis
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101007228
Size: 47.17 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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When a hurricane-chasing plane is downed on a Caribbean island, TV meteorologist Perry Stuart barely escapes with his life. But he can't escape what he saw on the island--and if the people who've tracked him back to England have their way, Stuart will have a zero percent chance of survival.

Red Weather

Author: Pauls Toutonghi
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0307381552
Size: 17.35 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The setting is Milwaukee, Wisconsin—if not America’s heart, then at least its liver—home to an array of breweries and abandoned factories and down-on-their-luck Eastern European immigrants. The year is 1989. Revolutions are sweeping through the nations of the Eastern Bloc. Communism is unraveling. And nobody feels this unraveling more piquantly than Yuri Balodis—a fifteen-year-old first-generation American living with his Latvian-immigrant parents in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. It’s a turbulent time. And when Yuri falls in love with Hannah Graham—the daring daughter of a prominent local socialist—chaos ensues. Within weeks, Yuri is ensnared by both Hannah and socialism. He joins the staff of the Socialist Worker. He starts quoting Lenin and Marx indiscriminately. His parents, of course, are horrified and deeply saddened. They try to educate him, to show him why, in their opinion, communism has ruined so many lives. But Yuri is stubborn. And his ideological betrayal will have more serious consequences than breaking his parents’ hearts. Red Weather is by turns funny and bittersweet, tinged with a rueful comic sense that will instantly remind you of the absurd complications of love. Pauls Toutonghi’s stunning debut novel is at once reminiscent of Michael Chabon’s The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. From the Hardcover edition.

Stormchasers The Hurricane Hunters And Their Fateful Flight Into Hurricane Janet

Author: David Toomey
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393345297
Size: 62.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fifty years after Isaac's Storm, a riveting story of the first Hurricane Hunters, and the one crew who paid the ultimate price. "In a virtual age when tempests are monitored by global positioning and The Weather Channel, Stormchasers reminds us that our first understanding of hurricanes was directly built on the risks and sacrifices of living, breathing heroes," writes Hampton Sides (author of Ghost Soldiers). In September 1955, Navy Lieutenant Commander Grover B. Windham and a crew of eight flew out of Guantánamo Bay into the eye of Hurricane Janet swirling in the Caribbean: a routine weather reconnaissance mission from which they never returned. In the wake of World War II, the Air Force and the Navy had discovered a new civilian arena where daring pilots could test their courage and skill. These Hurricane Hunters flew into raging storms to gauge their strength and predict their paths. Without computer, global positioning, or satellite support, they relied on rudimentary radar systems to locate the hurricane's eye and estimated the drift of their aircraft by looking at windblown waves below. Drawing from Navy documents and interviews with members of the squadron and relatives of the crew, Stormchasers reconstructs the ill-fated mission of Windham's crew from preflight checks to the chilling moment of their final transmission.

High Flight

Author: Linda Granfield
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 088776469X
Size: 13.91 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The life story of John Magee is interwoven with the story of his famous poem, "High Flight," and the events of World War II.

Flying Shoes

Author: Lisa Howorth
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408845210
Size: 14.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Thirty years ago, on Mother's Day, Mary Byrd Thornton's nine-year-old stepbrother was murdered. His killer was never found. At the time, Mary Byrd had been fifteen: in love and caught up in the excitement of the Sixties, but when Stevie died, her family and her life fell apart. For years she has struggled with the knowledge that the murderer is still out there, as well as her own nagging guilt over Stevie's death. Yet she has built a life for herself in Mississippi: she has married a Southern gentleman and has two children she adores. With her ramshackle house, her teeming garden and her menagerie of animals, she is immersed in a comfortable, if somewhat eccentric and occasionally restless day-to-day existence. When a journalist chances upon the mystery of Stevie's death and begins to dig into it, Mary Byrd suddenly finds herself on a reluctant journey back to her childhood home in Virginia. Along the way she encounters help from unexpected quarters and finds herself confronting not only her family's story but the stories of many others ? both the living and the dead.

Stormy Weather

Author: Carl Hiaasen
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
ISBN: 0307767418
Size: 36.31 MB
Format: PDF
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When a ferocious hurricane rips through southern Florida, the con artists and carpetbaggers waste no time in swarming over the disaster area. Among the predators are Edie Marsh, an entrepreneurial young woman whose scheme to sleep with a Palm Beach Kennedy has fizzled, freezing her to concoct a colossal insurance rip-off; Lester Maddox Parsons, a murderous ex-con whose violent encounter with a game warden has left him with the fitting name of “Snapper”; and Avila, a crooked building inspector-turned-roofer who dabbles somewhat unsuccessfully in the occult. Caught in the middle are Max and Bonnie Lamb, newlyweds torn in wildly different directions by the storm. It is Max’s fateful decision to abort their Disney World honeymoon and race to Dade County to see the terrible devastation. Armed with a video camera, the ambitious young advertising executive can’t wait to show his hurricane tapes to his buddies back in New York. Over Bonnie’s objections, Max eagerly sets out through the rubble, debris and mayhem—and promptly vanishes. The only clue to his whereabouts: a runaway monkey. The only person who can help Bonnie’s search: a mysterious young man with a tranquilizer gun and a roomful of human skulls. But there’s also a man called Skink who has devoted his very strange existence to saving Florida from the kinds of people blown in by the hurricane. It is he, crazed and determined, who prowls the swath of the storm and forever changes the lives of Max, Bonnie, Edie and the others. Their paths—tangled before they even know it—come together in a novel that continues the hilarious and scathing muckraking tradition that Carl Hiaasen has so mercilessly made his own. In Stormy Weather, there is no calm eye. BONUS: This edition includes an excerpt from Carl Hiaasen's Bad Monkey.

A Field Guide To Murder Fly Fishing

Author: Tim Weed
ISBN: 9780997452846
Size: 23.28 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A high mountain lake in the Colorado Rockies is the point of departure for these wide-ranging stories of dark adventure. From the tidal waters of Nantucket to the ancient cobblestones of Europe, from the Orinoco Basin to Cuba and the high-altitude summit of an Andean volcano, A FIELD GUIDE TO MURDER AND FLY FISHING speaks to the inextricability of exterior and interior experience and to the conflicting magnetism of solitude versus friendship, brotherhood, and love.

Flying With Confidence

Author: Captain Steve Allright
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448118980
Size: 44.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4000
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Does the thought of flying fill you with dread? Do panic attacks leave you feeling scared and vulnerable? If so, this book could change your life. Written by top flying experts from British Airways’ Flying with Confidence course, this reassuring guide explains everything you need to know about air travel alongside techniques for feeling confident and in control from take off to landing. In easy-to-follow sections, you'll learn how to recognise cabin noises, manage turbulence and fly in bad weather conditions. As your knowledge grows, so will your confidence, with the fear of the unknown removed. · Takes the terror out of common flight fears · Includes techniques for controlling anxiety, claustrophobia and panic · Will help you feel safe, calm and secure when you next take to the skies.

Night Flying

Author: Rita Murphy
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
ISBN: 9780330398954
Size: 63.25 MB
Format: PDF
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From a talented new author - a short, magical and very beautiful novel about a girl who can fly. Georgia Hansen is nearly 16 - the sixth generation of Hansen women who can fly. Stifled by the rigid rules of grandmother Myra (no men can join the household, anyone caught flying during the day will be cast out of the family), Georgia's mother and aunts live in fear, keeping to themselves. But as Georgia's birthday approaches when she will fly solo for the first time and undergo rituals of initiation, her Aunt Carmen - herself cast out years before - flies in, stirring up secrets from the past. Rebellious and determined to discover the truth, Georgia commits the one unforgivable sin. But can she find the strength and courage to face up to her grandmother - and, in so doing, find not only herself but also the true freedom of flying?