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When Children Became People

Author: Odd Magne Bakke
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Publishing
ISBN: 9780800637255
Size: 63.87 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Bakke paints a fascinating picture of children's first realemergence as people against a backdrop of the ancientworld. Using theological and social history research, Bakkecompares Greco-Roman and Christian attitudes towardabortion and child prostitution, pedagogy and moralupbringing, and the involvement of children in liturgy andchurch life. He also assesses Christian attitudes towardchildren in the church's developing doctrinal commitments. Today, growing numbers of children are impoverished,exploited, abandoned, orphaned, or killed. Bakke's insightfulwork begins to untangle the roots of their complex plight.

Children In Early Christian Narratives

Author: Sharon Betsworth
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567657353
Size: 69.39 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sharon Betsworth examines the narratives, parables, and teachings of and about children in the gospels and the literature of Early Christianity. Betsworth begins with a discussion of the social-historical context of children and childhood in the first century before discussing the role of children in all four gospels. She shows that for Mark and Matthew, children are integral to understanding each evangelist's perspective on the reign of God and on Jesus' identity in each Gospel. In the Gospel of Luke the childhood of Jesus is shown to be crucial to the broader themes of the Gospel. In the Gospel of John, Betsworth examines the metaphorical use of the word 'children' looking at 'children of light' and of 'darkness'. She then explores stories of Jesus' childhood in the non-canonical Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas, as well as the childhood of his mother, Mary in the latter shedding light upon views of children, discipleship, and the person of Jesus in early christianity and in the ancient world more generally.

Ethics Of Everyday Life

Author: Michael Banner
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198722060
Size: 46.30 MB
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The moments in Christ's human life noted in the creeds (his conception, birth, suffering, death, and burial) are events which would likely appear in a syllabus for a course in social anthropology, for they are of special interest and concern in human life, and also sites of contention and controversy, where what it is to be human is discovered, constructed, and contested. In other words, these are the occasions for profound and continuing questioning regarding the meaning of human life, as controversies to do with IVF, abortion, euthanasia, and the use of bodies or body parts post mortem plainly indicate. Thus the following questions arise, how do the instances in Christ's life represent human life, and how do these representations relate to present day cultural norms, expectations, and newly emerging modes of relationship, themselves shaping and framing human life? How does the Christian imagination of human life, which dwells on and draws from the life of Christ, not only articulate its own, but also come into conversation with and engage other moral imaginaries of the human? Michael Banner argues that consideration of these questions requires study of moral theology, therefore, he reconceives its nature and tasks, and in particular, its engagement with social anthropology. Drawing from social anthropology and Christian thought and practice from many periods, and influenced especially by his engagement in public policy matters including as a member of the UK's Human Tissue Authority, Banner aims to develop the outlines of an everyday ethics, stretching from before the cradle to after the grave.

Becoming Byzantine

Author: Αριέττα Παπακωνσταντίνου
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780884023562
Size: 30.97 MB
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Despite increased interest over the last fifty years in childhood in Byzantium, the bibliography on this topic remains rather short and generalized. Becoming Byzantine: Children and Childhood in Byzantium presents detailed information about childrenâe(tm)s lives, and provides a basis for further study. This collection of eight articles drawn from a May 2006 Dumbarton Oaks symposium covers matters relevant to daily life such as the definition of children in Byzantine law, procreation, death, breastfeeding patterns, and material culture. Religious and political perspectives are also used to examine Byzantine views of the ideal child, and the abuse of children in monasteries. Many of these articles present the first comprehensive accounts of specific aspects of childhood in Byzantium.

The Vocation Of The Child

Author: Patrick M. Brennan
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802862403
Size: 16.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The calling of the child has been a perennial puzzle for the Christian community. What is childhood for? Is its main purpose play, work, growth, or some combination of the three? Most discussions of childhood tend to center on a child's rights or duties, marginalizing the child as an incomplete adult, insignificant until grown into independence. But if we believe that God has a vocation for every person, must we not also apply this to children?

Children Of God

Author: Edmund Newey
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317167805
Size: 14.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Children of God uncovers the significant, but largely unnoticed, place of the child as a prototype of human flourishing in the work of four authors spanning the modern period. Shedding new light on the role of the child figure in modernity, and in theological responses to it, the book makes an important contribution to the disciplines of historical theology, theology and literature and ecumenical theology. Through a careful exploration of the continuities and differences in the work of Thomas Traherne, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Friedrich Schleiermacher and Charles Péguy, it traces the ways in which their distinctive responses to human childhood structured the broader pattern of their theology, showing how they reached beyond the confines of academic theology and exercised a lasting influence on their literary and cultural context.

The Routledge History Of Childhood In The Western World

Author: Paula S. Fass
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415782325
Size: 14.51 MB
Format: PDF
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The Routledge History of Childhood in the Western World provides an important overview of the main themes surrounding the history of childhood in the West from antiquity to the present day. By broadly incorporating the research in the field of Childhood Studies, the book explores the major advances that have taken place in the past few decades in this crucial field. The volume is composed of three parts. The first part explores childhood from the Ancient World through to the Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe. The second part examines the fundamental aspects of childhood and the life of children in the West since 1600. The essays address issues such as family, work, law, sexuality, and consumption. The chapters think beyond national and continental boundaries so that readers are informed about general trends in the West, while still alert to differences in gender, class, race, and time. The final part focuses on aspects of children's experiences in the modern world. This section explains how childhoods have developed in distinct contexts and among specific children by using the growing literature on modern childhoods in various locales and at particular historical moments. Including essays on all the key topics and issues, The Routledge History of Childhood in the Western World will define how the history of children and childhood can best be understood, in the longue durée and comparatively, while still acknowledging the importance of and encouraging scholarship on specific groups, periods, places, and life course divisions. This important collection from a leading international group of scholars presents a comprehensive survey of the current state of the field. It will be essential reading for all those interested in the history of childhood.

Understanding Adolescents For Helping Professionals

Author: Dr. Avidan Milevsky, PhD, LCPC
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826125077
Size: 66.62 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Promotes an in-depth understanding of adolescent development that can be immediately applied to effective treatment Adolescence is a distinct and complex stage of development, and successful interventions with this population require an in-depth understanding of the many forces affecting them. This is a practical, thorough, yet concise survey of adolescent development for early career professionals in psychology, mental health counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, education, and nursing. Based on in-depth theoretical and empirical understanding of adolescent physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, the text demonstrates how this knowledge can be applied immediately to treating adolescents in any setting. The only book of its kind, it is a welcome alternative to purely clinical books because its strategic focus is on understanding normal adolescent development and appreciating the crucial difference between adolescent developmental issues versus clinical issues. Comprehending this important difference is an integral aspect of successful interventions with adolescents. The book provides an overview of historical perspectives, major theories and research, and current best practices in the profession. It addresses topics in adolescent development, with a particular emphasis on how physical, cognitive, and socioemotional developments interact in an integrative process. Particularly helpful features include a section in each chapter, "Adolescent Development in the Real World," which highlights interviews with professionals who, in their daily work, apply the concepts discussed in the text. The "In Their Own Words" feature provides interviews with adolescents from various gender and ethnic groups, providing first-person accounts of how specific issues are manifested in life. Other hallmarks of this text include easy-to-understand language, discussion-oriented critical thinking tasks, and suggestions for further reading. Readers will come away with a deep theoretical and empirical understanding of adolescent development, as well as how to apply and implement these concepts in any adolescent or adolescent-related mental health setting. KEY FEATURES: Presents concise yet in-depth coverage of adolescent development with a focus on applying this knowledge in practice Facilitates a deep theoretical and empirical understanding of the key concepts in physical, cognitive, and socioemotional adolescent development Emphasizes the interaction of physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development Includes interviews with professionals who demonstrate how they apply the book's concepts in their work with adolescents Provides first-person accounts from adolescents from different cultural, ethnic, and sexual orientations

The Reign Of God Is Such As These

Author: Sharon Betsworth
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567113639
Size: 75.92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This is a new analysis of the 'daughters' in the Gospel of Mark. Betsworth analyzes the 'daughters' in the Gospel of Mark : the woman from the crowd - whom Jesus calls daughter, Jairus' daughter (5:21-43), Herodias' daughter (6:14-29), and the daughter of the Syro-Phoenician woman (7:24-30). To demonstrate how the Gospel's first century audience may have heard these stories, Betsworth begins by examining 'daughters' in their ancient Mediterranean context. Betsworth then considers representations of daughters in select texts from the Septuagint and Greco-Roman literature - from the seventh and sixth centuries B.C.E. to the second century C.E. Although these depictions seem to be in contrast to the social-historical construction of daughters, Betsworth shows that in many ways the literary portrayals of daughters function to uphold the values of Greco-Roman culture - especially those of virginity before and faithfulness in marriage. These two lines of inquiry undergird Betsworth's investigation. From it she is able to show that the 'daughters' in the Gospel uphold the values of the 'reign of God', as an integral part of the Gospel's inclusive social vision of God's reign. This title was formerly the Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement, a book series that explores the many aspects of New Testament study including historical perspectives, social-scientific and literary theory, and theological, cultural and contextual approaches.

The Spiritual Condition Of Infants

Author: Adam Harwood
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 1621892980
Size: 64.47 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What is the spiritual condition of infants? According to the Augustinian-Calvinist view, all people inherit from the first Adam both a sinful nature and his guilt. The result is that all infants are subject to the judgment of God against their nature before they knowingly commit any sinful actions. But is this the clear teaching of Scripture? In The Spiritual Condition of Infants, Adam Harwood examines ten relevant biblical texts and the writings of sixteen theologians in order to clarify the spiritual condition of infants. Although no passage explicitly states the spiritual condition of infants, each text makes contributions by addressing the doctrines of man, sin, the church, and salvation. If this biblical-historical analysis exposes the traditional Augustinian-Calvinist view to be inadequate, then is it possible to construct an alternate view of the spiritual condition of infants? Such a view should remain faithful to the biblical emphasis on humankind's connection to Adam and his sin but also recognize the guilt and condemnation of an individual only in the manner and time that God does in Scripture. That is the aim of this book. "Through extensively examining relevant biblical and historical sources, two major questions with profound pastoral consequences are answered in this important book: Do infants inherit a sin nature from Adam? Although utilizing different models, most theologians agree that infants inherit a sin nature. However, are infants, therefore, guilty before God? In answering this second question, Adam Harwood challenges the dominant systematic discourse and properly reorients our understanding of infant salvation. Harwood's careful thesis will stand." --Malcolm B. Yarnell III Associate Professor of Systematic Theology Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary "This is a first-rate treatment of a knotty problem. Since the Scripture does not settle this issue, Harwood has mined the Church's best thinkers for their insights." --Charles White Professor of Christian Thought and History Spring Arbor University "Harwood addresses thoroughly a significant pastoral and family issue by examining the pertinent biblical texts and representative theologians. Although some readers will hold to alternative understandings of Augustine and Luther and may question why Arminian theologians are not examined, such factors do not diminish the tenability of Harwood's exegetically based argument or the great usefulness of the book, as it points, especially in its conclusion, to the companion issue, the salvation of infants. --James Leo Garrett Jr. Distinguished Professor of Theology, Emeritus Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary "Dr. Harwood has written a wonderful book that will be of great benefit to the academic world as scholars struggle with the theoretical implications of the issue of infants and salvation, but more importantly, it will be of greater benefit to those who not only struggle with the theoretical issue, but are on the front lines ministering to grieving people who have lost beloved infants. This book lays out in a clear, intelligent, and accessible manner the issues surrounding the eternal destiny of those who die in infancy. Dr. Harwood is to be commended for his work." --Rustin J. Umstattd Associate Academic Dean and Assistant Professor of Theology Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Adam Harwood is Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Truett-McConnell College at Cleveland, Georgia.