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William Osler

Author: Michael Bliss
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802085412
Size: 65.99 MB
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In his time the most famous physician in the world, Canadian-born William Osler (1849-1919) is still the best-known figure in the history of medicine. This new, definitive biography by Michael Bliss is the first full-scale life of Osler to appear since 1925. An award-winning medical historian, Bliss draws on many untapped sources to recreate Osler's life and medical times for a new generation of readers. Born at Bond Head, north of Toronto, Osler rose from obscurity to become the greatest medical teacher and writer in three countries. At Canada's McGill University, America's Johns Hopkins University, and finally as regius professor at Oxford, Osler was idolized by two generations of medical students and practitioners, for whom he came to personify the ideal doctor. His quest was to bring high standards and scientific methods into general practice in the medical world and to give teaching hospitals a solid place in the education of doctors. The publication of his book, The Principles and Practice of Medicine (1892), established him as the authority of modern medicine, a position he held well into the new century. Osler was revered as the high priest of the advent of twentieth-century medicine. In this fine biography, Michael Bliss animates the epic quality of Osler's life - not only in telling his personal story, but in setting that story against the dramatic backdrop of the coming of modern medicine. Winner of the Jason A. Hannah Medal, awarded by the Royal Society of Canada and the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine

The Life Of Sir William Osler

Author: Harvey Cushing
Publisher: SEVERUS Verlag
ISBN: 3863474864
Size: 27.47 MB
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William Osler (1849-1919) is widely regarded as one of the most influential physicians of the late 19th and early 20th century and a key figure in the history of medicine. Besides his research activities and his dedicated scientific work, Osler’s greatest contribution to the medical world has been the system of residency which he developed at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, thus introducing a new and deeply humanistic approach to the strictly scientific realm of traditional medicine. Harvey Cushing (1869-1939), a former student and close friend of Osler’s and a pioneer of neurosurgery, has himself become an icon of modern medicine. He was one of the first physicians to use X-rays for diagnosing brain tumours and he developed revolutionary methods of blood pressure measurement. He also discovered Cushing’s syndrome, the first autoimmune disease identified in a human being. This monumental biography earned him the Pulitzer Prize in 1926.


Author: Bryan, Charles S
Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195112511
Size: 10.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Sir William Osler (1849-1919), one of the world's most influential physicians at the turn of the twentieth century, remained popular long after his death largely due to his inspirational texts. Regretfully, changing times and literary tastes have lessened the impact of Osler's addresses despite the timelessness of his ideals and practical advice. Charles Bryan has successfully mended the disfavor in the present volume. Framing the great physician's message in contemporary, easily accessible terms, he allows modern readers to rediscover the immense appeal and pragmatism of Osler's invigorating writings. This volume is based on the author's conviction that Osler was, above all, a motivator. He set high personal goals, achieved them, and inspired others to do the same. Bryan merges what Osler wrote, said, and did with the main themes of today's motivational literature--time management, mentoring, positive thinking, and seeking a balanced life are some examples. He also draws upon the great writers--Shakespeare, Cervantes, Montaigne, Plutarch, and others--whom Osler prescribed as bedside reading for his medical students. Osler emerges as a real-life human being, not a paper saint, but a person who sought the best from his culture and knowledge, and managed to give his best in return. Readers will find this book useful not only as an index to Oslerian thought but also as a guide to principle-based yet pragmatic everyday living.

The Quotable Osler

Author: Mark E. Silverman
Publisher: ACP Press
ISBN: 9781934465004
Size: 28.54 MB
Format: PDF
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This newly revised and updated paperback edition features the addition of fifty new quotes, forty of which have never before been published, as well as a chronology of Oslers life! The Quotable Osler is the ideal resource for those seeking an apt quote for an article, presentation, or for those wanting to sample Oslers thought-provoking and uplifting messages. Oslers meaningful and valuable teachings are timeless, and this new paperback edition would make a fine gift for a fellow physician, medical student, or a graduating resident.

The Evolution Of Modern Medicine

Author: William Osler
ISBN: 9781409941644
Size: 58.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sir William Osler, 1st Baronet (1849-1919) was a Canadian physician. He has been called one of the greatest icons of modern medicine and described as the Father of Modern Medicine. Osler was a physician, clinician, pathologist, teacher, diagnostician, bibliophile, historian, classicist, essayist, conversationalist, organizer, manager and author. After two years at the Toronto School of Medicine, he came to McGill University in Montreal where he obtained his medical degree (MDCM) in 1872. Following post-graduate training in Europe, Osler returned to McGill University as a professor in 1874. In 1884 he was appointed Chair of Clinical Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He was a prolific author and a great collector of books and other material relevant to the history of medicine. He was instrumental in founding the Medical Library Association in North America and served as its second President from 1901-1904. Perhaps Osleras greatest contribution to medicine was to insist that students learned from seeing and talking to patients and the establishment of the medical residency. His works include: Aequanimitas (1904) and The Evolution of Modern Medicine (1921).

Harvey Cushing

Author: Michael Bliss
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195329619
Size: 64.57 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The author of The Discovery of Insulin chronicles the professional and personal life of Harvey Cushing, a giant of American medicine and the greatest figure in the history of brain surgery.

Sir William Osler

Author: Philip W. Leon
Publisher: Heritage Books
ISBN: 0788433970
Size: 19.46 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Sir William Osler (1849-1919) was the most famous medical doctor in the world at the turn of the last century. His textbook, Principles and Practice of Medicine, placed his medical knowledge before his colleagues worldwide. As a clinician and teacher he w

A Way Of Life

Author: William Osler
Publisher: Ravenio Books
Size: 39.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sir William Osler (1849 – 1919) was a Canadian physician, one of the founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the "Father of Modern Medicine". In this, his famous address to his students, he sets out his philosophy of life. "My message is but a word, a Way, an easy expression of the experience of a plain man whose life has never been worried by any philosophy higher than that of the shepherd in As You Like It. I wish to point out a path in which the wayfaring man, though a fool, cannot err; not a system to be worked out painfully only to be discarded, not a formal scheme, simply a habit as easy—or as hard! —to adopt as any other habit, good or bad."


Author: William Osler
Publisher: Ravenio Books
Size: 58.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sir William Osler (1849 – 1919) was a Canadian physician, one of the founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the "Father of Modern Medicine". This classic work includes the following addresses and essays: I. Aequaminitas II. Doctor and Nurse III. Teacher and Student IV. Physic and Physicians as Depicted in Plato V. The Leaven of Science VI. The Army Surgeon VII. Teaching and Thinking VIII. Internal Medicine as a Vocation IX. Nurse and Patient X. British Medicine in Greater Britain XI. After Twenty-Five Years XII. Books and Men XIII. Medicine in the Nineteenth Century XIV. Chauvinism in Medicine XV. Some Aspects of American Medical Bibliography XVI. The Hospital as a College XVII. On the Educational Value of the Medical Society XVIII. The Master-Word in Medicine XIX. The Fixed Period XX. The Student Life XXI. Unity, Peace, and Concord XXII. L’Envoi

Osler S A Way Of Life And Other Addresses With Commentary And Annotations

Author: Sir William Osler
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822326823
Size: 22.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sir William Osler (1849–1919) had a long and distinguished career as a physician and professor at McGill University, the University of Pennsylvania, the Johns Hopkins University, and finally, as the Regius Chair in Medicine at Oxford University. Over the course of his professional life, Osler gave many addresses—mostly to medical students—on medical ethics, medicine and the humanities, the relationship between the medical practitioner and the patient, and, as the titular essay makes clear, on the “way of life” he advocated for the ethical physician. He remains an inspiration to many contemporary medical practitioners; there are active Osler Societies throughout the world. While Osler's talks were frequently published during his lifetime and they have been published individually and in different compilations since his death, none contain the over 1500 annotations that appear here, notes that serve to explain the many philosophical, biblical, historical, and literary allusions contained in Osler's writings. This thoroughly explicated selection of Sir William Osler's writings will be cherished by physicians, medical students, nurses, philosophers, theologians, and ethicists in this—and future—generations.