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A Tale Out Of Luck

Author: Willie Nelson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1599951762
Size: 25.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Retired Texas Ranger Captain Hank Tomlinson intends to spend the rest of his days raising cattle on his Broken Arrow Ranch, and nurturing his frontier town of Luck, Texas. But when the brutal murder and scalping of a mysterious drifter leads to a clash between cavalry soldiers and a band of Comanche Indians suspected of the killing, a full-scale Indian uprising seems likely. Worse yet, the murder of the drifter bears a disturbing resemblance to a string of killings Hank remembers from his distant and violent past as a Texas Ranger. Meanwhile, Hank's twenty-year-old son, Jay Blue, and his adoptive brother, Skeeter, find themselves on the trail of a valuable Kentucky mare who vanished under their watch. The trail leads them into the dangerous haunts of outlaws and vengeful Comanche warriors. Now Hank must attempt to keep his sons safe while trying to catch a murderer who he knows will soon strike again. His ace-in-the-hole is beautiful Flora Barlow, the tavern owner with a knack for detective work. Though rival lawman, Matt Kenyon, and competing rancher, Jack Brennan, complicate Hank's investigation, he and Flora slowly begin to uncover a crooked web of crime, deception, and murder. Dark secrets emerge, and everyone must choose sides as lawmen, outlaws, soldiers, and Indian warriors converge for a final, bloody confrontation.

Hard Luck And Trouble A Landlord S Tale

Author: Gammy L. Singer
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758286759
Size: 69.10 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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From one of today's most compelling writers comes this unforgettable novel set in legendary Harlem, New York--a place brimming with vitality, tarnished glory, and new beginnings. . . Amos Brown knows trouble comes in threes. First off, he's got a notorious West Indian drug lord on his back. Amos isn't into drugs, but he's got a nasty gambling habit. After losing at poker, he owes the drug lord big-time. Second, Amos's bride of six months disappeared when his numbers running business went down the drain so he's out everything except the kitchen sink. The luck that's forced him to sell off his worldly possessions has also made him the owner of two Harlem brownstones, inherited from the father he met only once in his life. . . So while Amos is waiting for the third axe to fall, he'll have to settle into his new life as a landlord. That means dealing with some of 128th Street's most colorful and intriguing characters. Amos has heard of skeletons in the closet, but apparently he's got one in his basement. Resolving to put together the pieces of the mysterious discovery, Amos has no idea that he will also be putting together the puzzle of his past--and working out his future. . . "A suspenseful and emotional ride full of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat." --The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers on A Landlord's Tale Gammy L. Singer is an actress who has appeared on Broadway, in movies, and television. She is also the author of A Landlord's Tale.

A Tale Out Of Season

Author: E. Mei Shen
Publisher: Fulton Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1633383733
Size: 68.18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The author was born in Indonesia of Chinese parents. She grew up in different countries in Southeast Asia and received her medical degree in the Philippines. She came to the US for her postdoctoral training in Massachusetts lasting five years. After which she left the United States for two years, returning to the US as an immigrant to begin a career in pathology lasting more than thirty years. Within these years, she details her experience in a field dominated by men, learning how to compete with them, and to fit in amiably. She was also a witness to the convulsive changes in healthcare. Her personal life involved marriage, three children raised in the turmoil of finding reliable babysitters, managing different school schedules, and the emergence of the first-ever latchkey kids. Despite the trials and tribulations of work and family, the journey has been worthwhile and gratifying.

The Laird S Luck And Other Fireside Tales

Author: Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1465594078
Size: 37.83 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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I had the honour of commanding my Regiment, the Moray Highlanders, on the 16th of June, 1815, when the late Ensign David Marie Joseph Mackenzie met his end in the bloody struggle of Quatre Bras (his first engagement). He fell beside the colours, and I gladly bear witness that he had not only borne himself with extreme gallantry, but maintained, under circumstances of severest trial, a coolness which might well have rewarded me for my help in procuring the lad's commission. And yet at the moment I could scarcely regret his death, for he went into action under a suspicion so dishonouring that, had it been proved, no amount of gallantry could have restored him to the respect of his fellows. So at least I believed, with three of his brother officers who shared the secret. These were Major William Ross (my half-brother), Captain Malcolm Murray, and Mr. Ronald Braintree Urquhart, then our senior ensign. Of these, Mr. Urquhart fell two days later, at Waterloo, while steadying his men to face that heroic shock in which Pack's skeleton regiments were enveloped yet not overwhelmed by four brigades of the French infantry. From the others I received at the time a promise that the accusation against young Mackenzie should be wiped off the slate by his death, and the affair kept secret between us. Since then, however, there has come to me an explanation whichÑthough hard indeed to creditÑmay, if true, exculpate the lad. I laid it before the others, and they agreed that if, in spite of precautions, the affair should ever come to light, the explanation ought also in justice to be forthcoming; and hence I am writing this memorandum. It was in the late September of 1814 that I first made acquaintance with David Mackenzie. A wound received in the battle of SalamancaÑa shattered ankleÑhad sent me home invalided, and on my partial recovery I was appointed to command the 2nd Battalion of my Regiment, then being formed at Inverness. To this duty I was equal; but my ankle still gave trouble (the splinters from time to time working through the flesh), and in the late summer of 1814 I obtained leave of absence with my step-brother, and spent some pleasant weeks in cruising and fishing about the Moray Firth. Finding that my leg bettered by this idleness, we hired a smaller boat and embarked on a longer excursion, which took us almost to the south-west end of Loch Ness.

Touch A Chinaman For Luck

Author: Bing Chen Ren Ching
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483649628
Size: 14.12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book is a reflection on what is was like to grow up in a traditional Chinese family in Malaya and Singapore in the l930's and 1940's and the cultural differences between that environment and life in Australia after moving there in 1954 for further education and employment, especially as Australia had then the White Australia policy, and was not the multicultural society it is today. It also comments on life and experiences working as an Australian Trade Commissioner in China in the 1980's and early 1990's when the People Republic of China began to open up to the West . His knowledge of the Chinese language and of the differences between Chinese and Australian cultures allowed him to have a more intimate insight into the so-called inscrutable Chinese thinking.

The Good Luck Girls Of Shipwreck Lane

Author: Kelly Harms
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1250022649
Size: 29.75 MB
Format: PDF
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A debut novel about luck and love, and winning a sweepstakes, with a cast of characters who will charm readers from the very first page The HomeSweetHome Network has just announced this year's lucky winner of a brand-new, fully loaded dream home: Janine Brown of Cedar Falls, Iowa. For Janine "Janey" Brown, hearing her name called on the TV has the hallmarks of one of her aunt Midge's harebrained plans designed to bring Janey into a world outside the one she once shared with her fiancé. Janey, however, is reluctant to give up the safety and sanctity she finds in her tiny kitchen, submerging her anxiety and grief in the pursuit of the perfect pot-au-feu. Meanwhile, across town, Janine "Nean" Brown just knows that this house is her destiny. Good fortune took its sweet time showing up in her life, but better late than never. And now that it's here, the house promises an escape from the latest in her revolving door of crappy jobs and drunk boyfriends. This house will turn her into someone the world sees, instead of the bedraggled girl who others look past without a thought. Both Janine Browns head for Christmas Cove, Maine, to claim the prize they both rightfully think is theirs. When their lives and personalities intersect, however, they discover that more than just a million-dollar dream home awaits them at the water's edge. These three women (oh yes, Aunt Midge comes along for the ride!) arrive at their newfound mansion only to uncover what exactly it means to truly be "home." Filled with wit and charm, The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane is Kelly Harms's enchanting and heartfelt debut--a testament to the many, many ways love finds us, the power of a home-cooked meal, and just what it means to be lucky.

The Luck Of Politics

Author: Andrew Leigh
Publisher: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1863957553
Size: 51.83 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A delightful look at chance and outrageous fortune In 1968, John Howard missed out on winning the state seat of Drummoyne by just 420 votes. Howard reflects: ‘I think back how fortunate I was to have lost.’ It left him free to stand for a safe federal seat in 1974 and become one of Australia’s longest-serving prime ministers. In The Luck of Politics, Andrew Leigh weaves together numbers and stories to show the many ways luck can change the course of political events. This is a book full of fascinating facts and intriguing findings. Why is politics more like poker than chess? Does the length of your surname affect your political prospects? What about your gender? And who was our unluckiest politician? Charles Griffiths served as the Labor member for Shortland for 23 years. It was an unusually long career, but alas, his service perfectly coincided with federal Labor’s longest stint out of power: 1949 to 1972! From Winston Churchill to George Bush, Margaret Thatcher to Paul Keating, this book will persuade you that luck shapes politics – and that maybe, just maybe, we should avoid the temptation to revere the winners and revile the losers.

Hansel And Gretel

Author: brothers Grimm
Publisher: Tom eMusic
ISBN: 1623210240
Size: 72.14 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Hansel and Gretel is the classic tale of a brother and sister who get lost in the forest with some surprising results. After being abandoned by their wicked stepmother in the forest, the two children try to find their way home. Suddenly they stumble upon every child's dream: a cottage made of candy! But inside lives a wicked witch who she is not as nice as she at first pretends to be and has an evil plan! Can Hansel and Gretel escape from the dastardly witch and find their way home? Packed with adventure and thrills, this is one story children won't forget in a hurry!

Dragons Luck

Author: Robert Asprin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9781101046357
Size: 47.76 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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New York Times bestselling author Robert Asprin scales new heights in his series of Big Easy-dwelling dragons… Griffen McCandles is adjusting well to running his gambling operation in the French Quarter of New Orleans and to his newfound status as head dragon. But he still doesn’t know much about dragon protocol—or what he’s really capable of. Other dragons are getting a whiff of his reputation, though, and they’re not happy about it. Which is why there’s suddenly a hit out on Griffen. And, just in time for Halloween, the ghost of a voodoo queen wants Griffen to moderate a supernatural conclave. And though the strange goings-on will barely be noticed in a city used to drunken conventioneers and wild revelers, it’s Griffen’s chance to spread his wings—or crash and burn…


Author: Ken Smith
ISBN: 1257752138
Size: 51.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 1865, two boys stole a locked iron box from the empty Springfield home of Abraham Lincoln, not suspecting that it would be one hundred thirty-seven years before anyone discovered what it contained. In 2002, Springfield, Illinois engineer Rob Voyles found that the box concealed a cache of ancient Spanish silver that would lead him on a long and ultimately deadly path from the deserts of Arizona and Baja to the MIT campus and on to the Florida Everglades.