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Advanced Educational Foundations For Teachers

Author: Donald K. Sharpes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135720657
Size: 59.22 MB
Format: PDF
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Sharpes' approach synthesizes historical, philosophical, and cultural standpoints. The text contains practical teaching applications alongside theory and an integrated emphasis of diversity and other multicultural themes. It also covers the history of schooling from ancient times to the present, including biographies of major non-Western figures as well as the canon of educational innovators.

Encyclopedia Of Education And Human Development

Author: Stephen J. Farenga
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317471822
Size: 26.63 MB
Format: PDF
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This comprehensive and exhaustive reference work on the subject of education from the primary grades through higher education combines educational theory with practice, making it a unique contribution to the educational reference market. Issues related to human development and learning are examined by individuals whose specializations are in diverse areas including education, psychology, sociology, philosophy, law, and medicine. The book focuses on important themes in education and human development. Authors consider each entry from the perspective of its social and political conditions as well as historical underpinnings. The book also explores the people whose contributions have played a seminal role in the shaping of educational ideas, institutions, and organizations, and includes entries on these institutions and organizations. This work integrates numerous theoretical frameworks with field based applications from many areas in educational research.

Philosophy Of Education

Author: Joseph James Chambliss
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780815311775
Size: 75.49 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This first-of-its-kind Encyclopedia charts the influence of philosophic ideas that have had the greatest influence on education from ancient Greece to the present. It covers such classical thinkers as Plato, Augustine, Hypatia, Locke, and Rousseau, as well as such recent figures as Montessori, Heidegger, Du Bois, and Dewey. It illuminates time-honored ideas and concepts such as idealism, practical wisdom, scholasticism, tragedy, and truth, as well as such modern construct as critical theory, existentialism, phenomenology, Marxism, and post-colonialism. The Encyclopedia also examines contributions from politics, religion, poetry, rhetoric, the social sciences, and other fields. The coverage consists of 228 articles by 184 contributors, who survey the full spectrum of the philosophy of education. While the emphasis is on theory, many articles show how theory works in practice. For students and general readers, the Encyclopedia demonstrates the influence of philosophic points of view on the practice of education. For scholars and other researchers, it is a useful tool for exploring the relationship of the philosophy of education to philosophy, the philosophy of science, the social sciences, and the history of education. Classroom teachers and administrators in elementary and secondary schools will find helpful the Encyclopedia's discussions of the interplay between classroom practices and educational theory. Internal cross-references and a comprehensive index are included, and each article is followed by a bibliography.

Wheels In The Head

Author: Joel H. Spring
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Assoc Incorporated
ISBN: 9780805861310
Size: 33.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this popular text, Joel Spring provocatively analyzes the ideas of traditional and non-traditional philosophers, from Plato to Paulo Freire, regarding the contribution of education to the creation of a democratic society. Each section focuses on an important theme: “Autocratic and Democratic Forms of Education;” “Dissenting Traditions in Education;” “The Politics of Culture;” “The Politics of Gender;” and “Education and Human Rights.” This edition features a special emphasis on human rights education. Spring advocates a legally binding right to an education that includes an education in human rights. His argument is that until schools are required to fulfill a duty to protect human rights and teach others to protect human rights, government-operated schools will remain authoritarian rather than democratic institutions. Wheels in the Head: Educational Philosophies of Authority, Freedom, and Culture From Socrates to Human Rights, Second Edition, a critically original work, is widely used as a text for courses across the fields of philosophical, social, political, and historical foundations of education, and critical issues in education. Reflecting its global relevance, a Chinese translation was published by the University of Peking Press in 2005.

Science Teaching

Author: Michael R. Matthews
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415908993
Size: 46.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Acknowledgments. . . Preface. . 1. The Rapprochement Between History, Philosophy and Science Education. 1. 2. Historical Debates About the Science Curriculum. 11. . Natural Philosophy in the Curriculum. 12. . US Science Education to the 1950s. 13. . 1950s National Science Foundation Curricula. 15. . British Curricular Reform. 20. . Inquiry Learning and the Need for History and Philosophy of Science. 25. 3. Contemporary Curricular Developments. 29. . Science Literacy and the 1980s Crisis. 29. . The Responsibility of Schools. 33. . Project 2061. 35. . British National Curriculum. 45. . Science-Technology-Society Curricula. 46. 4. History of Science in the Curriculum. 49. . Reasons for History. 49. . History in US Science Curricula. 54. . History in British Science Curricula. 57. . History in Continental Science Curricula. 59. . Teaching About Air Pressure: The Contrast Between Historical and Professional Approaches. 60. . Metaphysics and Physics in the Science of Air Pressure. 64. . How to Introduce History. 70. . Opposition to History. 71. . A Defense of History. 77. 5. Philosophy in the Curriculum. 83. . Science and Philosophy. 84. . Philosophy in the Science Curriculum. 86. . Logic and Scientific Reasoning. 88. . Rationality in Science and in Science Classrooms. 93. . Ernst Mach: Philosopher, Scientist and Educator. 95. . Thought Experiments in Science. 100. . Thought Experiments and Science Education. 103. . Ethics and Science Education. 105. . Feminism and Science Education. 106. 6. History and Philosophy in the Classroom: The Case of Pendulum Motion. 109. . The Pendulum and the Science of Motion. 109. . Galileo and the Textbook. 110. . Galileo's Account of Pendulum Motion. 112. . Empirical Problems with Galileo's Account. 116. . Philosophical Problems with Galileo's Account. 118. . Post-Galileo Developments. 121. . A Comparison: Millikan and Ehrenhaft. 123. . Some Epistemological Lessons. 124. . Some Pedagogical Lessons. 131. 7. Constructivism and Science Education. 137. . What is Constructivism?. 138. . Epistemological Commitments. 139. . Ontological Commitments. 141. . Constructivist Teaching Practice. 143. . Constructivism and Inquiry Learning. 146. . Radical Constructivist Theory. 148. . Constructivism and Relativism. 158. 8. What is Science? Realism and Empiricism. 163. . Platonic Empiricism and Aristotelian Realism. 164. . Copernican and Galilean Realism and Osiander's Empiricism. 165. . Newton's Realism and Berkeley's Empiricism. 167. . Planck's Realism and Mach's Empiricism. 170. . Some Philosophical Considerations. 174. 9. Multicultural Science Education. 179. . Criticism of Science Education. 179. . The Universalist Tradition. 181. . Epistemology and Multicultural Science Education. 184. . Some Traditional Non-Western Metaphysics. 186. . What is Good Science?. 190. . History of Science and Multiculturalism. 192. . The Multiscience Thesis. 195. 10. Teacher Education. 199. . History and Philosophy of Science in Teacher Education. 200. . What Type of Course?. 202. . Teachers' Epistemology. 204. . Analogy, Metaphor and Scientific Thinking. 205. . History of Science and the Psychology of Learning. 208. . Idealizations in Science and the Learning of Science. 211. . Notes. 215. . References. 235. . Further Reading. 273. . Addresses. 275. . Index. 277.

Cultural Diversity And Education

Author: James A. Banks
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
ISBN: 9780205308651
Size: 37.53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1973
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Much more than a "how-to/activities" book, this textbook gives students a strong background in the conceptual, theoretical, and philosophical issues in multicultural education. Cultural Diversity and Education is designed to help pre-service and in-service educators clarify the philosophical and definitional issues related to pluralistic education, derive a clarified philosophical position, design and implement effective teaching strategies that reflect ethnic and cultural diversity, and prepare sound guidelines for multicultural programs and practices. This book describes actions that educators can take to institutionalize educational programs and practices related to ethnic and cultural diversity. Whereas previous editions focused largely on ethnic diversity, this fourth edition has been substantially revised to give more attention to other cultural groups. Also, the scope has been broadened to include content on gender, disability, and giftedness. The significant changes made in this edition necessitated that the title be changed from Multiethnic Education: Theory and Practice to Cultural Diversity and Education: Foundations, Curriculum, and Teaching to better reflect the broader coverage of its content.

The Evolution Of The Social Sciences

Author: Donald K. Sharpes
Size: 44.18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book charts the development of the main social sciences_religion, history, philosophy, law, sociology, anthropology, and economics_through an examination of the lives and works of each discipline's key historical figures.