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The Reading Nation In The Romantic Period

Author: William St Clair
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521810067
Size: 24.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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During the four centuries when printed paper was the only means by which texts could be carried across time and distance, everyone engaged in politics, education, religion, and literature believed that reading helped to shape the minds, opinions, attitudes, and ultimately the actions, of readers. In this 2004 book, William St Clair investigates how the national culture can be understood through a quantitative study of the books that were actually read. Centred on the Romantic period in the English-speaking world, but ranging across the whole print era, it reaches startling conclusions about the forces that determined how ideas were carried, through print, into wider society. St Clair provides an in-depth investigation of information, made available here for the first time, on prices, print runs, intellectual property, and readerships gathered from over fifty publishing and printing archives. He offers a picture of the past very different from those presented by traditional approaches. Indispensable to students of English literature, book history, and the history of ideas, the study's conclusions and explanatory models are highly relevant to the issues we face in the age of the internet.

Clair What Intuitive Development

Author: Phd April Lugo
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449075568
Size: 73.60 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Do you question 'reality', know the phone is going to ring before it rings, or know you will be seeing someone you haven't seen for sometime? Or wonder why do you smell flowers when there is no physical reason to be smelling them? Have you ever seen movement from the corner of your eye and then when you turn to look at it, nothing is there? Clair... What? Helps bring insight and wisdom into understanding these and many more occurrences that happen to all of us on a daily basis. Explore the mysteries, learn what they mean, and how to work with them!

Lake Erie And Lake St Clair Handbook

Author: S. J. Bolsenga
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814324707
Size: 57.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learn about the wonders of Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair in this fascinating and readable book. The most comprehensive reference source available about the lakes, Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair Handbook is an ideal guide for anglers, boaters, swimmers, beach walkers—anyone who uses and enjoys the lakes. The handbook explains, in simple terms, the reasons for the scenic beauty and the natural events that occur in the coastal and offshore waters of Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair, including the St. Clair, Detroit, and Niagara rivers extending from Sarnia, Ontario, to Niagara-on-the-Lake, New York. Individual chapters focus on the land, air, water, and life forms that comprise the natural history and environment of the region—the shoreline topography, wind and weather patterns, water temperature cycles and water level changes, the ecology, and indigenous animal life. Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair Handbook enhances our understanding and appreciation of the lakes and their surroundings by addressing fundamental questions about the Lake Erie region: • how Lake Erie was formed through glacial processes • why daily and seasonal weather patterns occur • causes of the water currents and waves • causes of temperature patterns in the lakes • the location of productive reef features • the species of fish and birds found in the area • the importance of the wetlands • the effect of current and past pollution on the aquatic life in the lakes

Frankie And Johnny In The Clair De Lune

Author: Terrence McNally
Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc
ISBN: 9780822204206
Size: 61.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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THE STORY: The setting is a walk-up apartment on Manhattan's West Side where, as the curtain rises, Frankie (a waitress) and Johnny (a short-order cook who works in the same restaurant) are discovered in bed. It is their first encounter, after havi

St Clair

Author: Anthony Wallace
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0307826104
Size: 10.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Located near the southern edge of the Pennsylvania anthracite, the town of St. Clair in the early half of the 19th century seemed to be perfectly situated to provide fuel to the iron and steel industry that was the heart of the Industrial Revolution in America. It was a time of unprecedented promise and possibility for the region, and yet, in the years between 1830 and 1880, only grandiose illusions flourished there. St. Clair itself succumbed early on to a devastating economic blight, one that would in time affect anthracite mining everywhere. In this dramatic work of social history, Anthony F. C. Wallace re-creates St. Clair in those years when expectations collided with reality, when the coal trade was in chronic distress, exacerbated by the epic battles between the forces of labor and capital. As he did in his Bancroft Prize-winning Rockdale, Wallace uses public records and private papers to reconstruct the operation of an anthracite colliery and the life of a working-man’s town totally dependent upon it. He describes the labor hierarchy of the collieries, the communal spirit that sprang up in the outlying mine patches, the polyglot immigrant life in the taverns and churchs, and the workingmen’s societies that provided identity to the miners and gave relief to families in distress. He examines the birth of the first effective miners’ union and documents the escalating antagonism between Irish immigrant workers—mostly Catholic—and the Protestant middle classes who owned the collieries. Wallace reveals the blindness, greed, and self-congratulation of the mine owners and operators. These “heroes” of the entrepreneurial wars disregarded geologists’ warnings that the coal seams south of St. Clair were virtually inaccessible and, at best, extremely costly to mine, and then blamed their economic woes on the lack of a high tariff on imported British iron. To cut costs, they ignored the most basic and safety engineering practices and then blamed “the careless miner” and “Irish hooligans” for the catastrophic accidents that resulted. In thrall to a great dream of wealth and power, they plunged ahead to bankruptcy while the miners paid with their lives. St. Clair is a rich and illuminating work of scholarship—an engrossing portrait of a disaster-prone industry (a portrait that stands as a sober warning to the nuclear-power industry) and of the tragic hubris of a ruling class that brough ruin upon a Pennsylvania coal town at a crucial moment in its history.

The St Clair River

Author: Michael W. R. Davis
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738582832
Size: 80.48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The St. Clair River, separating Michigan from Ontario, is one of the world's greatest natural waterways. The 40-mile strait connects Lake Huron with Lake St. Clair, northeast of Detroit, as a key link in the Great Lakes chain of mid-North America. Effectively, the St. Clair drains Lakes Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and their tributaries, pouring billions of gallons of freshwater into the lower Great Lakes over the Niagara Falls and out through the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic Ocean. Its recorded history dates from the earliest French fur trappers of the 17th century to the ultramodern ocean freighters connecting the world directly with inner America. This photographic record of the St. Clair River relates the common historical experiences of the major communities along the American side of the waterway--from south to north, the St. Clair Flats, Algonac, Marine City, St. Clair, Marysville, and Port Huron.


Author: Alexander Cockburn
Publisher: Verso
ISBN: 9781859841396
Size: 34.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A shocking expose of the CIA's role as drug baron. On March 18, 1998, the CIA's Inspector General, Fred Hitz, told astounded US Reps that the CIA had maintained relationships with companies and individuals that the Agency knew to be involved in the drug business. More shocking was the revelation that the CIA had received from Reagan's Justice Department clearance not to report any knowledge it might have of drug-dealing by CIA assets. Many years' worth of CIA denials, much of it under oath to Congress, were sunk. Hitz's admissions made fools of some of the most prominent names in US journalism and vindicated others that had been ruined. Particularly resonant was the case of the San Jose Mercury News, which published a sensational series on CIA involvement in the smuggling of cocaine into black urban neighborhoods, and then under pressure conspired in the destruction of its own reporter, Gary Webb. In Whiteout, Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair finally put the whole story together, from the earliest days, when the CIA's institutional ancestors cut a deal with America's premier gangster and drug trafficker, Lucky Luciano. This is a thrilling history that stretches from Sicily in 1944 to the killing fields of Laos and Vietnam, to CIA safe houses in Greenwich Village and San Francisco where CIA men watched Agency-paid prostitutes feed LSD to unsuspecting clients. We meet Oliver North, as he plotted with Manuel Noriega and Central American gangsters. We travel to little-known airports in Costa Rica and Arkansas. We hear from drug pilots and accountants from the Cali Cartel. We learn of DEA agents whose careers were ruined because they tried to tell the truth. Cockburn and St. Clair show how the CIA's complicity with drug-dealing criminal gangs was part and parcel of its attacks on labor organizers, whether on the docks of New York, Marseilles, or Shanghai. They trace how the Cold War and counter-insurgency led to an alliance between the Agency and the vilest of war criminals like Klaus Barbie, or fanatic opium traders like the mujahedin in Afghanistan. Cockburn and St. Clair horrifyingly affirm charges of outraged black communities that the CIA had undertaken enduring programs of experiments on minorities. They show that the CIA imported Nazi scientists straight from their labs at Dachau and Buchenwald and set to work, developing chemical and biological agents, tested on blacks, some of them in mental hospitals. Cockburn and St. Clair dissect the shameful way American journalists have not only turned a blind eye to the Agency's misdeeds, but also helped plunge the knife into those who tried to tell the truth. Fact-packed and fast-paced, Whiteout is a richly detailed excavation of the CIA's dirtiest secrets. For anyone who wants to know the real truth about the Agency, this is the book to start with.