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ISBN: 9781518759499
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Lets go Foraging! Have you been wanting to go foraging, but don't really know how or think it's to hard to learn? Then this book is for you. Foraging sometimes referred as Wildcrafting can be just for fun, a hobby or even for the purpose of actually harvesting edible plants for their medicinal properties. Maybe your even interested in improving your health and diet with eating organic medicinal plants. This book is great for the beginner forager who wants to learn how to find wild edible plants, safely pick them, learn how to consume them and the many health benefits of eating wild medicinal plants. In this book you will learn... What plants are safe to eat so you don't get sick The benefits of foraging wild edible plants How to harvest each part of the plant The different ways you can use edible flowers How to store, consume, prepare & eat your finds Plants to avoid Safety rules Growing plants in your garden Plant edibility testing Harvesting food for foraging Recipes for preparing wild edibles What flowers and weeds you can eat The best medicinal recipes and so much more... This is truly the Ultimate Guide to Foraging Wild Edible Plants & Medicinal Herbs. This book has it all, even tons of pictures just for you.

Foraging For Beginners Your Simplified Guide To Foraging Edible Plants For Survival In The Wild

Author: Lonnie Carr
Publisher: Guava Books
ISBN: 1386678597
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Simplified Guide To Foraging Edible Plants For Survival in the Wild If you get stranded, are you ready? It can happen to anyone. Your car can break down, a natural disaster can hit, and you're stuck in the wild with no idea how to survive. This can be one of the most dangerous situations a person can get in. Most people could never make it out alive. They simply don't know how easy it is to survive in the wild, or how easy it is to find food. If you're going to survive in the wild, you are going to have to have some knowledge about what it takes to get the things you need to survive. This guide will help you do that. Inside You Will Learn: · A Variety of Poisonous Plants · Signs that a Plant is Poisonous · How to Find Edible Plants · How to Test to See Whether or not a Plant is Edible · How to Recognize Certain Edible Plants · How to Spot a variety of Medicinal Plants · How to Treat Lacerations With Natural Antiseptic · And Much More This valuable information could easily mean the difference between life and death, whether you're stranded or just taking a hike. Ou can't undermine the importance of valuable information on foraging. It won't just give you knowledge that could save your life, it could save somebody else's. Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now. ​

Foraging For Beginners

Author: Kristen Barton
Publisher: PublishDrive
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Get Ready To Enjoy The Pleasures Of Eating From The Wild. Foraging For Beginners contains all you need to start foraging wild edible plants and herbs. Many people have discovered the flavors, textures and elemental vitality of wild plants. Eating wild edibles will introduce a new dimension to your diet and you will develop a deeper connection with the environment. Whether it is fruit, vegetable or nuts, the bounty is sustainable and it is completely free. In this book, 39 wild plants are presented with pictures and descriptions for proper identification. You don't have to go too far to start foraging. Some of these wild edibles are likely to exist in your backyard, in fields and places you walk every day. Now, you can gain the skills for surviving if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to live on foraged food. Just some of what you will learn are: * Foraging basics and rules * Foraging safety * Foraging tools * Proper plant identification with photographs * Medicinal information * A few recipes with wild edibles. And much more. Download you copy today and step into a new and rewarding adventure!

Foraging For Beginners Cracking The Foraging Secret The Ultimate Guide To Foraging Wild Healthy Plants Berries And Herbs Wildcrafting Drying Herbs Edible Flowers Spices And Their Usage

Author: Jessie Moss
Publisher: Amazing Publisher
ISBN: 1386209430
Size: 42.15 MB
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Imagine what it would be like to know all about the wild plants surrounding your rural area. Imagine what it would be like if you knew how to tell them apart, when to harvest them and how to use them in a large variety of ways to your own liking. Imagine what it would be like to tear away from this digital world and to step into an all-natural surroundings without feeling like an outsider. Imagine what it would be like to feel one with nature. “FORAGING FOR BEGINNERS: Cracking the Foraging Secret! The Ultimate Guide to Foraging Wild Healthy Plants, Berries and Herbs (Wildcrafting, Drying Herbs, Edible Flowers, Spices and their Usage and Storage)”will teach you not only about the various wild plants, berries and herbs out there. It will help you develop the foraging skill and slowly improve it. This book will help you find peace and knowledge in nature and will teach you how to get the most out of nature’s gifts while still cherishing them to the fullest. Start your own journey as a wild forager today and change your life for better and for good!


Author: Stephen Henderson
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781517780227
Size: 47.42 MB
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Start Foraging Wild Edible Plants TodayThis book contains proven steps and strategies on how to forage wild edible plants and how to identify plants. It will be helpful to recognize the plants for beginners and for all. This book also includes the proper time period description to plants. How you can check the environment to grow plants is also described in this book. The proper method of preparation is also nicely written here. Some general principles of foraging also containing in this book so that planting edible plants can be appropriate. What you should do after assembling wild edible plants is written easily for beginners. It will be helpful for your guidance. Conservation and the safety measure is of foraging wild edible plants are included in this book. For a beginner it's highly beneficial. Tips for beginner foragers are very simply written so that the total guidance can be fulfilled properly. Last but not the least benefits of foraging wild edible plants you'll get in this book. This book is written specially for beginners, for their guidance. It's an overall package foraging wild edible plants.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... How to Identify Plants You'll Learn About Checking The Environment The Proper Method of Preparation General Principles of Foraging The Benefits of Foraging Wild Edible Plants Much More Download your copy today!tags: medicinal herbs, herbalism, herbs and spices, medicinal plants, forage, home remedies, homeopathy, foraging guide, foraging, edible plants, ethnobotanical, plants to survive, plants to eat, organic, medicinal herbs, herbalism, herbs and spices, medicinal plants, forage, home remedies, homeopathy, foraging guide, foraging, edible plants, ethnobotanical, plants to survive, plants to eat, organic

The Prepper S Guide To Foraging

Author: David Nash
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1634508424
Size: 64.34 MB
Format: PDF
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The Prepper's Guide to Foraging is not a plant identification guide in the traditional sense. It is instead a guide to using plants to supplement other means of food production and subsistence living. Author David Nash believes that there is not enough land available for to support a large scale return to the hunter/gatherer lifestyle in the event of a large-scale disaster, but that botanical knowledge does provide an edge to the well prepared. This book advocates the acquisition of knowledge to allow its reader to safely identify, harvest, and use common North American plants. Wild plants can provide shelter, material, medicine, and food to help the reader extend stored food as well as to create items that may be otherwise unavailable during a crisis. Twenty-five easily identified plants common to the United States are described and illustrated with notations for their common usage. Each plant described in this book comes with one recipe for food as well as detailed instructions for at least one alternative use. Additional instructions for the preparation of standard medicinal items like tinctures, creams, and infusions are listed as well as botanical guides to help identify other plants is included. Special emphasis has been added for North American trees.

Foraging Wild Edible Plants Of North America

Author: Christopher Nyerges
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1493014994
Size: 40.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Edible wild plants are nature’s natural food source, growing along roadsides, sprouting in backyards, and blooming in country fields. North America’s diverse geography overflows with edible plant species. From alyssum to watercress, chicory to purslane, Foraging Wild Plants of North America provides everything you need to know about the most commonly found wild greens with over 200 mouth-watering recipes. This full-color field and feast guide with images to the most common edible wild plants is the ideal companion for hikers, campers, and anyone who enjoys eating the good food of the earth. Look inside to find recipes such as: Stirfry Amaranth Yellow Pollen Pancakes Chickweed Deluxe Nettle Soup Root Coffee Earth Bread Cattail Stew Fennel Crunch Prickly Pear Ice Cream

Midwest Foraging

Author: Lisa M. Rose
Publisher: Timber Press
ISBN: 1604697024
Size: 68.96 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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“This full color guide makes foraging accessible for beginners and is a reliable source for advanced foragers.” —Edible Chicago The Midwest offers a veritable feast for foragers, and with Lisa Rose as your trusted guide you will learn how to safely find and identify an abundance of delicious wild plants. The plant profiles in Midwest Foraging include clear, color photographs, identification tips, guidance on how to ethically harvest, and suggestions for eating and preserving. A handy seasonal planner details which plants are available during every season. Thorough, comprehensive, and safe, this is a must-have for foragers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

When Technology Fails

Author: Matthew Stein
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603580956
Size: 58.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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There’s never been a better time to “be prepared.” Matthew Stein’s comprehensive primer on sustainable living skills—from food and water to shelter and energy to first-aid and crisis-management skills—prepares you to embark on the path toward sustainability. But unlike any other book, Stein not only shows you how to live “green” in seemingly stable times, but to live in the face of potential disasters, lasting days or years, coming in the form of social upheaval, economic meltdown, or environmental catastrophe. When Technology Fails covers the gamut. You’ll learn how to start a fire and keep warm if you’ve been left temporarily homeless, as well as the basics of installing a renewable energy system for your home or business. You’ll learn how to find and sterilize water in the face of utility failure, as well as practical information for dealing with water-quality issues even when the public tap water is still flowing. You’ll learn alternative techniques for healing equally suited to an era of profit-driven malpractice as to situations of social calamity. Each chapter (a survey of the risks to the status quo; supplies and preparation for short- and long-term emergencies; emergency measures for survival; water; food; shelter; clothing; first aid, low-tech medicine, and healing; energy, heat, and power; metalworking; utensils and storage; low-tech chemistry; and engineering, machines, and materials) offers the same approach, describing skills for self-reliance in good times and bad. Fully revised and expanded—the first edition was written pre-9/11 and pre-Katrina, when few Americans took the risk of social disruption seriously—When Technology Fails ends on a positive, proactive note with a new chapter on "Making the Shift to Sustainability," which offers practical suggestions for changing our world on personal, community and global levels.

Healing Herbs

Author: Tina Sams
Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)
ISBN: 1592336507
Size: 32.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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An essential reference for the beginning herbalist, featuring 20 common herbs, many of which are considered weeds, that can often be found in hedgerows, meadows, and wild places.