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Freedom From Fear

Author: Pauline Creeden
ISBN: 9781720196372
Size: 21.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fear is a cage. It closes us in and keeps us from living in freedom.Some people get so overcome by fear that they cannot even leave their house. Phobias have become almost fashionable. We label our fears and hug them tightly to us as if they are things we need. We coddle them and keep them happy so they don't destroy us, and the last thing we want to do is provoke them. That powerlessness is what keeps us from accomplishing great things in our lives, whether personally or for God's kingdom.In Freedom from Fear, we explore the keys to our freedom through faith and obedience to God's word. With this book, you'll learn to put your trust in God's character and turn to him when you feel out of control.

Facing Fears Quenching Flames

Author: Virginia Grounds
Publisher: WestBowPress
ISBN: 1490802320
Size: 27.23 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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No one is immune to grief and the emotions that follow it. All of us will experience it at some point in life. To grieve is to experience such intense sorrow and anguish that you feel as if it will never end. Along with grief comes an extensive list of emotions, one right on top of the other—fear and anger among them. Grief can be caused by any type of loss, from the loss of a loved one to loss of a job. How can we cope? How can we get past the emotions that drag us down? The focus of this book is on two of the most difficult emotions to overcome: fear and anger. My heart grieves for those who suffer loss and cannot get past these emotions to a state of peace and joy once again. God inspired the devotionals of this book to help hurting hearts overcome the impact of negative emotions that arise out of grief and loss. These are not your typical devotionals. They can be very convicting and can require action. By picking up this book, you are beginning a journey to guide you through the emotions that follow your difficulty and loss. Section one is written to help you overcome the paralyzing fear that has resulted from whatever sorrow you have experienced. Section two is a guide through overcoming anger to find the freedom and peace you long for. To read Virginia's monthly blogs please visit

The Life Recovery Devotional

Author: Stephen Arterburn
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 9781414370934
Size: 66.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Inspired by the Life Recovery Bible, The Life Recovery Devotional takes readers on a devotional journey through the Twelve Steps, with thirty inspiring and encouraging meditations from Scripture for each step along the road to recovery. Opens with a complete listing of the Twelve Steps. Also features helpful and encouraging Bible verses from the New Living Translation.

The Complete Girls Of Grace

Author: Point Of Grace
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439110050
Size: 45.11 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6206
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Devotionals using Bible verses and applying them to a girl's life.

No More Fear

Author: JoHannah Reardon
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781537433714
Size: 12.56 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do you battle fear and worry? Do such emotions dominate your life? No More Fear offers a way out of the cycle of anxiety that permeates many believers' lives. Because fear is an emotion, we must engage our emotions when thinking about God. It has to go from head knowledge to something we truly experience. By taking 40 days to examine God's attributes, you can find freedom from fear in the knowledge and experience of who God is and how he wants to care for you.

Believe 365 Day Devotional

Author: Randy Frazee
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310359805
Size: 53.82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Go from knowing the story of the Bible to living it. God invites us to be shaped through His Word. And so we look to Scripture and spend devotional time searching for answers to these three crucial questions: What do I believe? What should I do? Who am I becoming? Let God guide you in thinking, acting, and becoming like Jesus through these 365 powerful devotions. Randy and Rozanne Frazee walk you through the key beliefs, practices, and virtues of the Christian faith, and help you along the journey to renew your mind, practice your faith, and be transformed—to live more like Jesus. This devotional is a great standalone devotional or a wonderful companion to the Believe campaign.

Bible Study Comprehensive Review Devotional Readings From Jesus Calling Selected Passages Of Scripture For Reflection Bible Study Questions And Additional Questions And Activities

Size: 67.33 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Chapter 1 YOU CAN USE THE BIBLE. 4 Why study books of bible?. 4 Bible books help us to grow well: 4 Bible helps us to grow our souls well: 4 Bible helps us to Learn GOD’s Future Plan for our lives: 5 Bible helps us to know about GOD’s love for us: 5 The Bible builds the foundation of our lives: 6 The Bible books inspire our faith for salvation: 6 Bible instructs us to obey truth: 8 Old Testament: 9 The complete list of Old Testament Books with Inside Phrases: 9 New Testament: 17 The complete list of New Testament Books with Inside Phrases: 17 Be a Detective?. 23 Interpret the Bible on Basis of Context: 23 Interpret the Bible on Basis of Cultural Context: 24 Interpret the Bible on Basis of Genre: 24 Study the Bible: 26 Make your Observation (What does the Passage Say): 26 Make an Interpretation (What does the Passage mean): 26 Apply Bible to your Life (What does the Passage mean): 26 Verses of the Bible: 26 Verses of Bible regarding GOD’s protection: 26 Verses of Bible regarding GOD’s help: 27 Verses of Bible regarding GOD’s love: 27 Verses of Bible regarding future hope: 27 Verses of Bible regarding peace: 27 How to Memorize Verses of Bible: 28 Reasons to memorize Bible books: 28 How to memorize Bible: 29 Write the verses in your record: 29 Incorporation of verses into your prayers: 29 Repeat the verses in your free time: 29 Say the verses out loud: 29 Time for the Bible: 29 Chapter 2 THE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST. 30 A true story. 30 GOD made a promise to send Jesus to earth: 30 Jesus will be sent as Human & Divine: 31 Jesus will be born in Bethlehem: 33 Jesus will be sent as a Prophet, Priest, and King: 33 The angel Visits Mary and Joseph: 34 Jesus is born: 37 Different People witnessed Jesus after birth: 37 Geographic & Historical overview of few cities described in the current chapter: 37 Bethlehem: 37 Jerusalem: 38 Judaea: 41 Samaria: 42 Jesus as a boy: 43 Teachers at the temple: 44 Story behind the temple: 44 Jesus grew up with an increased in wisdom and stature in favor of GOD and man: 45 Jesus as a man: 45 The Importance of Jesus Baptism: 46 Jesus shows us how to live: 47 Jesus saves people: 47 Salvation to save people: 47 Why we all deserve to die: 48 Jesus is the son of GOD: 48 Jesus Died on the Cross: 49 Jesus died on the cross to fulfil the process of atonement: 50 Why people crucified Jesus: 51 Bible verses about Jesus Crucifixion: 52 Jesus lives again: 53 Jesus came back to life again after being crucified: 53 Jesus made a visit to the hell afterwards: 53 GOD proclaimed His victory over Satan, death, and sin: 53 Jesus came back to life (rose from the dead): 53 Jesus ascended up into the heaven: 53 Jesus will come back again: 54 Jesus is now at the right hand of GOD: 54 Jesus definitely lived again after death: 54 Chapter 3 JOSEPH! WHAT WAS GOD'S PLAN?. 54 Meet Joseph. 54 A Deep, Dark Pit: 55 Traders: 56 Life in Egypt: 57 Bible Explains about the Joseph’s life in Potiphar’s house. 57 Bible Explains that GOD never left Joseph alone: 57 Prison: 58 Still More Dreams: 59