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The Darkroom

Author: Anne Marsh
Publisher: Macmillan Education AU
ISBN: 9781876832780
Size: 37.73 MB
Format: PDF
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Anne Marsh's treatise on the art of photography traces its theoretical underpinning from the early debates between the rationalists and the fantasists, through psychoanalytical interpretations, to the theatre of desire. She investigates the role of photography in ghostly performances', the masking of desire' and high camp aesthetics' - through to performance art' and the role of the photographer as a gender terrorist' - as in the work of Del LaGrace Volcano. The study concludes with notable examples of postmodern photography as they have occurred in the Australian context. This ground-breaking work by a leading Monash University academic will interest all students of photography and followers of recent trends in art and art theory.

The New Darkroom Handbook

Author: Joe DeMaio
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780240802602
Size: 31.68 MB
Format: PDF
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The Darkroom Handbook, Second Edition, is a completely revised and updated version of a classic guide to the best design, construction, and equipment to use when setting up a darkroom. This book features ideas and money-saving tips on how to put a darkroom almost anywhere in your home or apartment. It takes you inside darkrooms of photographers around the world including those of famous photographers such as, Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, Berenice Abbott, and W. Eugene Smith. In addition, it contains detailed do-it-yourself plans for the most essential darkroom components, cutouts and design grids to plan that "dream" darkroom, and special sections on the color darkroom and the digital darkroom. The most comprehensive book on the darkroom. A step-by-step guide to help anyone plan and build a photo lab. Illustrated with an abundance of photos and sketches.

Out Of The Darkroom Into The Light

Author: Tracey Casciano
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1512714682
Size: 46.73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Imagine being a young child trapped in a seemingly hopeless situation with a sexually abusive father and alcoholic mother—with no one to tell and no place to go. This true story is a testimony of God’s grace. As she shares her story, Tracey Casciano provides encouragement and inspiration to readers with real examples of faith, reinforced by scripture. Her hope is that this book will touch the heart of anyone who has felt lost or without hope and confirm the need to trust God.

The Darkroom Cookbook

Author: Steve Anchell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317337611
Size: 32.91 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 2565
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This is the classic guide for analog photography enthusiasts interested in high-quality darkroom work. The fourth edition from darkroom master Steve Anchell is packed with techniques for silver-based processing. In addition to "recipes" for darkroom experiments, this book contains invaluable information on developers, push-processing, reversal processing, enlarged negatives, pyro formulas, printing, and toning prints. The Darkroom Cookbook also offers advice about where to get darkroom equipment, how to set up a darkroom, safe darkroom working spaces, and more. Key features of this revised edition include: Over 200 step-by-step or do-it-yourself formulas Tips for mastering the "ingredients" of analog photography processing, namely the chemicals used to develop, fix, stop and tone Special technique contributions and stunning black and white imagery by professionals such as Bruce Barnbaum, Tim Rudman, John Sexton, and more.

The Darkroom Cookbook

Author: Steve Anchell
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0240810554
Size: 17.57 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7046
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This book shares tried-and-true techniques for the silver-based process and provides the keys to unlocking creativity through the mastery of the 'ingredients' of photography - namely the chemicals used to develop, fix, stop and tone. The Darkroom Cookbook, 2nd Edition offers 170 photographic formulas, 20 of which are new to this edition, that cover film developing, paper developing, toners, stop baths, fixers, negative reductions, print reductions, negative intensifiers, paper intensifiers, and more. New information has been added on pyro developer, amidol developer, monobaths, pushing film, and low contrast development. Sections on safety and darkroom planning, as well as a listing of chemical suppliers, complete this book.

In The Darkroom

Author: Susan Faludi
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
ISBN: 0805095993
Size: 68.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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PULITZER PRIZE FINALIST ONE OF THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW'S 10 BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR WINNER OF THE KIRKUS PRIZE From the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author of Backlash, comes In the Darkroom, an astonishing confrontation with the enigma of her father and the larger riddle of identity consuming our age. “In the summer of 2004 I set out to investigate someone I scarcely knew, my father. The project began with a grievance, the grievance of a daughter whose parent had absconded from her life. I was in pursuit of a scofflaw, an artful dodger who had skipped out on so many things—obligation, affection, culpability, contrition. I was preparing an indictment, amassing discovery for a trial. But somewhere along the line, the prosecutor became a witness.” So begins Susan Faludi’s extraordinary inquiry into the meaning of identity in the modern world and in her own haunted family saga. When the feminist writer learned that her 76-year-old father—long estranged and living in Hungary—had undergone sex reassignment surgery, that investigation would turn personal and urgent. How was this new parent who identified as “a complete woman now” connected to the silent, explosive, and ultimately violent father she had known, the photographer who’d built his career on the alteration of images? Faludi chases that mystery into the recesses of her suburban childhood and her father’s many previous incarnations: American dad, Alpine mountaineer, swashbuckling adventurer in the Amazon outback, Jewish fugitive in Holocaust Budapest. When the author travels to Hungary to reunite with her father, she drops into a labyrinth of dark histories and dangerous politics in a country hell-bent on repressing its past and constructing a fanciful—and virulent—nationhood. The search for identity that has transfixed our century was proving as treacherous for nations as for individuals. Faludi’s struggle to come to grips with her father’s metamorphosis takes her across borders—historical, political, religious, sexual--to bring her face to face with the question of the age: Is identity something you “choose,” or is it the very thing you can’t escape?

In The Darkroom

Author: Sarah Kennel
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Size: 53.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Presents alphabetical entries on the photographic processes used before the rise of digital photography and technology, with a description, dates of duration, inventor's name, synonyms, and representative images for each entry.

Surviving A Darkroom

Author: Marvin McKelvey
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781462049615
Size: 62.25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 1935
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When Marvin McKelvey was just forty-seven-years-old, he suffered a stroke—an unusual occurrence for someone his age. This major stroke dramatically changed the way he would live the rest of his life. In this memoir, McKelvey tells his personal story of how he recovered from this severe mid-life emergency. Surviving a Darkroom provides intimate details of the dark void of his stroke, the critical surgery that followed, the paralysis in his left side, the pain of physical therapy, and the long process of recovery. McKelvey shares how his Christianity and his relationship with God helped him cope with the aftermath of his stroke. A story of determination, Surviving a Darkroom shows how McKelvey’s faith in God provided the impetus for recovering from a stroke that left him feeling alone in a very dark room. It demonstrates how he saw the light and crawled out of the tunnel to lead an independent life.

The Darkroom Of The Map

Author: Yi Sang
Publisher: Literature Translation Institute of Korea
ISBN: 8993360677
Size: 79.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“The Darkroom of the Map” (1931), Yi Sang’s first Korean short story, is often considered to be his most difficult work. As the text opens, we are led into the labyrinthine mind of an insomniac named “Ri Sang,” but the prose is extremely experimental, even by Yi Sang’s iconoclastic standards. Most notably, the use of pronouns is highly ambiguous throughout. As a result, the narrator, the character Ri Sang, and his friend “K” often become impossible to distinguish. A sentence might begin with the narrator speaking, but by the end, the apparent words of the narrator have become Ri Sang’s thoughts.